[The CLEVER, CREATIVE, LIVELY and COMMUNICATIVE, but SENTIMENTAL EDWIN P. DAIWEY, my fraternity brother and friend; is shown in the photo above. Brod EDWIN is happily married to the gracious and beauteous OFELIA LEYRAN ROSES, a former airline stewardess who is a native of Alfonso, Cavite.  The marital consortium of Brod EDWIN and his wife OFELIA have brought forth into this world, their only son, KARL CHRISTIAN R. DAIWEY who works as Manager for Mobilization at ACCENTURE with work assignment in Chengdu, China. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROD EDWIN!!!!]



With flowing salt-and-pepper locks and bristle which EDWIN now sport,

EDWIN almost resembles the Chinese DESHUN WANG1, of sort;

He has become a physical fitness buff,

Still sage and bright; he could write HAIKUs2 off the cuff!


[The photo above shows the octogenarian DESHUN WANG, the hottest Grandpa in Beijing, China nowadays. The resemblance with BIRTHDAY BOY, BROD EDWIN DAIWEY, seems not much odd. Well, Brod EDWIN perhaps must turn much more hirsute to ascend to the title of becoming PH’s DESHUN WANG with such a sinewy and sexy physique.] 



Am sure Brod Romy Matias3 won’t let go off his ROMANTIC moniker;

That would leave LOVING & SINCERE as Edwin’s signature TRAITS —

Brod Romy could hold on to his TITLE   and keep it in his CRATES!




EDWIN is a topnotch and excellent WRITER,

Snagged lots of awards, feathers unto his MITER;

He was NEDA’s ACE on Communications DEVELOPMENT4,

Wrote a lot of publications5 for our nation’s UPLIFTMENT!




EDWIN is a BAGUIO Boy and he truly loves NATURE,

Wont to savoring breeze and gallivants at lands of PASTURE;

Loves to snap those quaint SELFIES,

As though carving nice woodcraft with sharp-edged EPEES!





He would not just accept a situation; he’s quite INVESTIGATIVE—

But when a consensus is born after much INVESTIGATION,

EDWIN will raise his hands up without HESITATION!



It’s an ARIES nature, to make sacrifices for his offspring,

It’s part of his character, and of his inner wellspring;

But more than that — he loves, adores his WIFE…

Perhaps would love her forever, even in the AFTERLIFE!




As those born in the YEAR of the SNAKE6,

They’re much DETERMINED– for FAILURE they HATE;

They’re CLEVER, CREATIVE and truly LIVELY,





[Legend: 1 – Mr. DESHUN WANG is an octogenarian Chinese from Beijing, who really was so determined at  avoiding mental and physical stagnation. For which reason; he explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. At 80, he walked the runway for the first time, and his physique caused a  national sensation. He takes obvious joy in subverting China’s image of what it means to be old. He was born in the northeastern city of Shenyang in 1936, one of nine children of a cook and a stay-at-home mother. At 14, a year after the Communist Party came to power in 1949, he began working as a streetcar conductor.
2 – HAIKU is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme.
3 – Brod ROMY R. MATIAS is acknowledged as the MOST ROMANTIC brod during our college days in UP Diliman as members of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY. Well, I am sure Brod ROMY would not want that TITLE as the MOST ROMANTIC brod wrested from him. And Brod EDWIN P. DAIWEY would surely allow Brod ROMY to continue holding on to that TITLE.
4 – Brod EDWIN P. DAIWEY retired as one of the top officers of the COMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT Department of NEDA in 2013. NEDA is acronym for the National Economic Development Authority. The NEDA is the Philippines’ independent economic development and planning agency.
5 – Among the publications written by Brod Edwin P. Daiwey are as follows:
 Title:    Agrarian reform: sustaining productivity and improving incomes
 Source:  Dev Mag   26(1):10-15
 Date of Pub: 01/99
 Title:    Are we ready for the global trade wars?
 Source:  PG   9(14):26-27
 Date of Pub: 09/07/1998
 Subjects:  COMMERCE
 Title:    Clark, Subic bases eyed as towns of the future
 Source:  Malaya   8(363):1+
 Date of Pub: 01/15/1990
 Title:    Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): doomed to failure?
 Source:  PFP   85(10):16
 Date of Pub: 03/05/1994
 Title:    Decentralization and development : Letting the people in the grassroot chart their own future
 Source:  Phil Dev   17(3):7-12
 Date of Pub: 05/01/1991
 Title:    Devaluation : a prescription for growth?
 Source:  PFP   84(46):14+
 Date of Pub: 11/13/1993
 Title:    Economic growth, not population control
 Source:  MT   34(214):A5
 Date of Pub: 08/08/1992
 Title:    Economy : shortcuts to growth
 Source:  PFP   85(28):14+
 Date of Pub: 07/09/1994
 Title:    Empowering poor fisher folk toward global competition.
 Source:  Dev Mag   25(6):26-28
 Date of Pub: 11/99
 Subjects:  FISHERIES
 Title:    Full speed ahead
 Source:  PFP   85(8):12
 Date of Pub: 02/19/1994
 Title:    Government lists priority programs for 1990-94
 Source:  Phil Dev   18(6):20-22
 Date of Pub: 01/01/1991
6 – Being born in 1953 which is the Year of the Water Snake,  Brod Edwin P. Daiwey (like all the other SNAKE people) is regarded as CLEVER, CREATIVE, LIVELY and COMMUNICATIVE but SENTIMENTAL.]



[My friend and Kumpadre, Dr. NOEL “BIBS” CARILO is shown in this photo doing the “THUMBS-UP” sign with his former patient MANUEL “MANNY” LOBRIGO. Seventeen (17) years ago, MANNY who figured in a vehicular accident in the province and who was then suffering from an OPEN TYPE III-C Tibia fracture was operated on by BIBS on a Christmas day. BIBS said that if MANNY would have been late for another day (the operation was done actually after 48 hours from the time of the accident), such could have cost MANNY’s life as MANNY’s leg was gangrenous already. After that successful operation, MANNY traveled to AUSTRIA and got educated therein. MANNY has just finished his MASTERAL and is now pursuing his PhD. Now, MANNY who just passed by BIBS’ clinic to thank BIBS, is actually a TRIATHLETE, while he is profuse with similar thanks to AUSTRIA’s excellent sports program. CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU…MANNY and BIBS.]

The name NOEL is absolutely enticing,

For it means CHRISTMAS with such  wondrous TIDING1;

It even is derived from the name  EMMANUEL,

…which means “GOD IS WITH US”, ‘tis truly so well!



It would not be therefore surprising,

That my friend NOEL would be laboring;

On a CHRISTMAS day– if it is to CARE,

For a hurting patient, who could have been a GONER 2 !





Indeed, my friend BIBS is NURTURING  and CARING,

“Tis as though the first letters of his names were put coinciding;

The N and the C are for NOEL and CARILO,

Even his surname CARILO fits with the word CARING too!




And a couple of days past, BIBS’ past patient arrived,

Not for consultation for he’s well and so ALIVE;

It was indeed so gratifying — said NOEL,

It fattened BIBS’ heart, it’s as though he uttered a magic spell3!




Seemed like magic; for Manny was with a broken shin-bone,

That was 17 years ago, when it seemed a hopeless condition;

As it was CHRISTMAS then, and a long HOLIDAY—

A time when most doctors would usually be FAR AWAY4!





When Manny emerged recently at BIBS’5 clinic,

It’s as though Manny never suffered a nick6 ;

Except for the lower left limb with a PROSTHETIC,

Manny could even pass as a champion- athletic!



But alas and ahoy; Manny is indeed a TRIATHLETE,

After the operation, he went to OSTERREICH7;

Educated therein up to his MASTERAL,

He’s now pursuing PhD, ‘tis so PHENOMENAL!



It is good to have a friend like NOEL,

He is a true physician of the uppermost SCALE;

He’s an EXPERT — and he’ll never ever forsake ANY ONE,

For he indeed, is a TRUE SON OF A GUN8!





[Legend: 1 – TIDING means NEWS and that WONDROUS TIDING on Christmas day is the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
2 – It was the very word used by MANUEL “MANNY” LOBRIGO, BIBS patient who was brought for a surgical operation under BIBS’ care. Indeed, BIBS told me that if MANNY could have been one more day late, it could have cost his life (as he would have suffered from septic shock and he would have expired), as MANNY’s leg was then gangrenous already.
3 – BIBS said that when MANNY showed up at his clinic, a couple of days past; BIBS asked MANNY what was his problem as BIBS actually never recognized MANNY. In BIBS’ subconscious – it is as though he struck a magic wand, and in his inner vision, BIBS saw a quick metamorphosis  from the bloodied and gashed youthful MANNY of 17 years ago and the full-grown man teeming with confidence and pride of MANNY  today — a triathlete laboring hard for his PhD.
4 – FAR AWAY – usually during the Christmas holidays, most professionals such as doctors would schedule a family escapade or a trip either out-of-town or out-of-the-country to serve as time to unwind and relax and/or refresh.
5 – BIBS is Dr. NOEL B. CARILO’s  nickname.
6 – NICK is a gash or a wound. 
7 –OSTERREICH is the former name of AUSTRIA.
8 – SON OF A GUN is an exclamation or a noun in American and British English. It can be used encouragingly or to compliment, as in “You son of a gun, you did it!” Or may be used sarcastically, as in “You son of a gun, that’s not how you do it!” The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Webster’s Dictionary both define “son of a gun” in American English as a euphemism for son of a bitch. Encarta Dictionary defines the term in a different way as someone “affectionately or kindly regarded”. The term is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG as a compliment and as an affectionate and kind regard for my friend and KUMPADRE, Dr. NOEL B. CARILO, a savior himself like OUR LORD!]



[On Saturday, March 18, 2017; the ASPAC (acronym for ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL)  officers trekked to ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite for a TEAM BONDING escapade. The joiners among the EXECOM  were as follows: Prexy Doc Andy K. Tan, VP Katty Ngsuy Sy, Sec. Isa B. Concepcion, Treasurer Juliet P. Remorque and IPP Raul B. Panlasiqui. Board members who joined were: Mes. Tess Cordero, Rosalia M. Lim, Edna B. Natividad, Marylou D. Castillo, Cathy N. Perez, Malou Ozaeta, Emily dela Cruz; and Messrs. Nap G. Quejada,  and Joselito B. Reyes. Among the YEAR LEVEL Representatives, the joiners were: Mes. Cindy Franco, Rose Roque, Digna B. Gavina, Cynthia L. Ong; and Messrs. Andy F. Puen, Chris A. David and Wally T. Young; and last but not the least, ASPAC Secretary, Ms. Joan Nette Laurente.]

Itong araw ng Sabadong nakaraan,

Dalawampu’t dalawang ASPAC members ay naglaan;

Oras at panahon para sa naka-sked na TEAM BONDING,

Nauwi itong panimula sa masayang GROUP JUMPING!




Sa ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary,

Isang EVENTS PLACE sa Silang, Cavite;

Sumugod ang ASPAC council members,

…ang mga ladies-parents mistulang naging GIRLS!





Wika nga ni Prexy Doc Andy Tan,

Parang nakawala sa kani-kanilang tahanan;

At sa animo’y tuktok ng isang HILL,

Naglundagan ang GIRLS nang GIGIL na GIGIL!




At hindi pa nasiyahan sa iisang LUNDAG,

Patuloy silang nagkakawag-kawag;

Animo’y mga pang-POCHERONG DALAG1,

Kaya’t si RAUL1a  ay nagutom kaagad!

aspac-solo-jump[Ms. EDNA NATIVIDAD while doing a SOLO JUMP.] 



Matapos mag-lundagan ala GROUP JUMPING1b,

Pumasok naman si EDNA2 sa kanyang SOLO JUMPING;

Aba at may hamon pa kung anong lundag ang mas-mataas,

Kaya naman ang BOYS tumalon nang LAGASLAS!3




Nang inihain na ang BUFFET4 na pananghalian,

Una’y ang PRUTAS at LETTUCE salad ang syang nilantakan;

Ang galing na recado ang giniling na danggit5,

Si TESS6 at si DIGNA7   sa SALAD ay nagpa-ulit-ulit!




Masarap at malasa ang SALPICAO TUNA,

Kaya pati ako syang aking ini-UNA;

Nang inilabas ang CHEESECAKE na siyang naging special DESSERT,

Nilantakan naman ito ni CYNTHIA8 at ni NETTE9!


[At the ITALIAN cuisine restaurant, the BUON GIORNO RESTO.] 

Pagkatapos makapamasyal sa loob ng ANGELFIELDS,

At nadalaw na rin ang CASITAS10 sa may western fringe;

Nagmeryenda naman sa BUON GIORNO RESTO11,

PASTA, PIZZA at PAN na masarap isawsaw sa PESTO!




Ginampanang TUNAY ng PREXY12 na sobrang GENEROUS;

Naging matagumpay ito at pasasamaha’y naging BIBO13,

Sa susunod naman daw ay sa DAET14 ang syang DESTINO15.


[ASPAC Prexy Doc Andy K. Tan photographed with the ASPAC girls at the viewing deck inside the Food Park near the BUON GIORNO Restaurant at the Cavite Cliffhouse, Aguinaldo Avenue, Tagaytay City.]


[Legend: 1 – POCHERONG DALAG is a delicious dish of stewed medium-sized and fresh mudfish with tomato sauce, saba bananas or plantain bananas, sweet potatoes and cabbage. The special cooking method of  this pocherong dalag dish is via frying the fish first before stewing it. By analogy, the ASPAC girls are deemed as MEDIUM-SIZED and FRESH, whatever that term means…MEDIUM-SIZED perhaps; but Atty. Raul B. Panlasiqui will surely OBJECT to using the term FRESH especially if that would include Ms. Cindy Franco…well, good Cindy is not in the photo…he,he,he…  
1a- RAUL is Atty. Raul Zosimo B. Panlasiqui who is ASPAC’s Immediate Past President and member of ASPAC’s Executive Committee.
1b- This craze of GROUP JUMPING where the JUMP is caught on camera (while the “jumpers” are up in the air) has somewhat become a trend in the metropolis.
2 – EDNA is Ms. Edna B. Natividad who is currently board member of ASPAC.
3 – LAGASLAS is a Tagalog term which means NOISY or not attuned or not so precise or not in complete harmony. The term is used here to describe the BOISTEROUS and AWRY manner by which the ASPAC Boys did their GROUP JUMP for  photo-taking. Andy Puen got caught as merely faking a JUMP…it was excusable as Andy was in fact nursing an injured leg. On the GIRLS side, Ms. Juliet Remorque was nursing a slight fever; but then when the JUMPING started, it would seem the FEVER jumped out of Ms. Juliet…he,he,he…  
4 – The BUFFET which was that lunch-buffet served and had at the Café Bernardo of ANGELFIELDS consisted of the following: ASSORTED FRUITS, ROMAINE and ANCHOVY SALAD, CHICKEN LEMONGRASS, TUNA SALPICAO, KARE-KARE and PARSLEY RICE. For the special dessert, it was CRÈME BRULEE and CHEESECAKE.
5 – The ground and almost powdery –toasted DANGGIT was used as ingredient for the salad. As I am unaware of the English equivalent of DANGGIT, I used the term ANCHOVY (i.e. DILIS) as the taste of both DANGGIT and DILIS is almost the same.
6 – TESS is Ms. Maritess  S. Cordero who is currently board member of the ASPAC. 
7 – DIGNA is Dr. Digna L.B. Gavina who is currently a Year Level Representative of the ASPAC.
8 – CYNTHIA is Ms. Cynthia L. Ong who is currently a Year Level Representative of the ASPAC.
9 – NETTE is Ms. Joan Nette Laurente who is the Secretary of the ASPAC.
11 – BUON GIORNO is an Italian-cuisine restaurant situated within a virtual FOOD PARK at the Cavite Cliffhouse, Aguinaldo Avenue, Tagaytay City. The FOOD PARK features a viewing deck which affords the customers-guests a scenic view of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake from up and afar.
12 – PREXY is ASPAC’s generous President, Doc Alejandro “Andy” Tan.
13 –     BIBO is a Tagalog term actually, a corruption of the Spanish word “VIVO” which means LIVELY and FUN-FILLED.
14 – DAET – refers to the hometown of Atty. Marylou D. Castillo who is presently a member of the Board of Directors of ASPAC.
15 – DESTINO is a Tagalog term and corruption of the Spanish word DESTINO which refers to a DESTINATION. The term is used herein as referring to a tourist destination as Atty. Castillo made an open invitation, inviting the whole of the ASPAC to a holiday trip to DAET ( ASPAC’s next tour destination) as ASPAC’s next TEAM BONDING destination trip/escapade.]


 [Left photo shows the TROIKA of Marbella 1-seen at extreme left is ELVIRA (“ELVIE”) VALMEO, Administrator of First Marbella Condominium Association, Inc. (“FMCAI”), at middle seated is MARIA EVA “CHINGBEE” KALAW, the President of FMCAI and at extreme right is BAYANI “HERO” NITO, the Chairman of FMCAI. Right photo shows the TROIKA together with other officers of the FMCAI – Standing at middle is HERO, seated adjacent to each other at the right end of the dining table are: ELVIE and CHINGBEE. The photos were taken during the joint birthday celebration of the celebrants – the TROIKA which has made MARBELLA 1 to regain its past glory and fame. This FUN-RHYME blog is an advance gift to the TROIKA who will be respectively celebrating their birthdays as follows: ELVIE on March 29; HERO on April 1; and, CHINGBEE  on April 4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!!!!]   


At first,  I got swayed to call them  MARBELLA 1 TRIAD1

But it seems to me it would really sound BAD;

I hesitated too to call them a TRIUMVIRATE2,

It sounds too elitist and it won’t be APPROPRIATE…




Thus, I have chosen the apt word TROIKA3,

For it’s  anti-elitist, as it’s a word from RUSSIA;

Undoubtedly too, RUSSIA’s leader VLADIMIR PUTIN4 ,

Is acknowledged as MOST POWERFUL LEADER5…his name is truly IN!


[Bayani “HERO” Nito]  

Our Chairman BAYANI NITO who’s called as HERO,

Seems to me like PUTIN who’s been snapped like a VAQUERO6;

But more than that; HERO like PUTIN has that innate love for order,

And HERO truly works with much more ardor!

 photo 2

[Maria Eva “CHINGBEE” Kalaw]  

Our PREXY who remains to be truly SEXY,

Is a scion of the famous KALAWs, that’s our coy CHINGBEE7;

She has shown the same ardor and zeal,

Performing with efficiency  in FMCAI’s8 every deal!


[Elvira R. “ELVIE” Valmeo]

Our ADMINISTRATOR9 who has worked like a tractor,

Has hauled off the dirty/shady past and a couple of malefactor;

She has renovated the condo building with ZING,

Those who’ve seen the condo before, would now sigh: “’TIS AMAZING”!




Now the condo lobby is gleaming,

Even wondrous paintings10 are there adorning;

And the LIFT11 too  has been replaced,

It has truly set Marbella 1 into modern pace!





Has made delinquency in arrears a NO-NO;

For the unit owners have seen the changes,

They’re now happy in fact, doing pleasant  exchanges.




The MARBELLA 1 community ought to know,

That the work of this TROIKA has enhanced MARBELLA 1’s value;

Let’s all be united in maintaining the ZEAL,

We must keep MARBELLA 1 clean & green with a SEAL15!




[The overall superb performance of the aforestated FMCAI officers (i.e. ELVIE, CHINGBEE and HERO) would have not been made realizable/attainable if not for the dedicated service and industriousness of the FMCAI staff and the maintenance crew. Photos above show the maintenance crew together with the female office staff featuring Royda and Roselyn.]   


[Legend: 1 – TRIAD is actually a term which means a group or a set of THREE (3) people working together. But currently, the term TRIAD has been used to refer to also, a transnational criminal organization that is based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore among many other countries.
2 – The term TRIUMVIRATE originated in Ancient Rome, and it means a group of three (3) persons, actually men, when  the term was first used; holding power. In Ancient Rome, it refers to in particular ( the First Triumvirate ) which is the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC and ( the Second Triumvirate ) another coalition formed by Mark Anthony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 BC.
3 – TROIKA is a term which originated in RUSSIA and it means a group of three (3) people working together, especially in an administrative or managerial capacity. 
4 – VLADIMIR PUTIN is a Russian politician who is the current President of the Russian Federation, holding the office since  May 7, 2012. He was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000, President from 2000 to 2008, and again Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012. During his second term as Prime Minister, he was the Chairman of the ruling United Russia Party. Vladimir Putin is Forbes magazine’s most powerful person in the world. Vladimir Putin has been named the world’s most powerful person for the second year running by Forbes magazine.
5 – Russian President Vladimir Putin topped Forbes’ list of the Most Powerful People. For all of those out there who thought it would have been US President Barack Obama, note that Obama is the runner up. What made Forbes magazine chose Putin as the Most Powerful Man in the world? According to Forbes, they follow a process: “The list represents the collective wisdom of top FORBES’ editors, who consider hundreds of nominees before ranking the planet’s 72 power brokers — one for every 100 million on Earth. We measure their power along four dimensions,” explains Forbes’ Caroline Howard. These are: (1)   Does the candidate have power over lots of people?; (2)  What are the financial resources controlled by the person?; (3) Is the candidate powerful in multiple spheres?; and, (4)  Does the candidate actively use his or her power?” While Putin may not possess the same financial resources or be as powerful in multiple spheres as Obama, there is little doubt that he is one of those individuals that has the ability to transcend man-made rules and boundaries.
6 – VAQUERO is actually Spanish term for “cowboy”. There was one photo which got circulated in the INTERNET where PUTIN was snapped riding a horse like a “cowboy”. In the Philippine setting, a “KOBOY” which is a corruption of the term “COWBOY” would mean friendly and sociable, which are those inherent traits of Bayani Nito aka Chairman HERO. 
7 – CHINGBEE is FMCAI’s efficient President, Maria Eva (“CHINGBEE”)  Kalaw.
8 – FMCAI is acronym for First Marbella Condominium Association, Inc. which is the condominium corporation required under the law to be organized to manage the affairs of the condominium community of the Marbella Condominium 1 (“Marbella 1”).  Marbella 1 is the very first condominium building which was built along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City and inaugurated by former President F.E. Marcos in 1974. The Marbella 1 building was designed by world-renowned architect Leandro Locsin and that in putting up the structure, Architect Locsin adopted what he called as the FLOATING DESIGN. Indeed from afar, one would easily view the building as somewhat FLOATING as there are no supporting columns in its laterals.   I have been a retained counsel of FMCAI since 2000 but was cut short for a term, after a change of administration at the Marbella 1  community then. I eventually resumed acting as FMCAI’s Legal Counsel in 2012.
9 – ADMINISTRATOR is FMCAI’s Administrator, Madame ELVIRA R. (“ELVIE”) VALMEO.
10 – PIERRE PATRICIO, unit owner of Marbella 1’s Unit 712, has agreed to display his “wondrous” paintings at the Marbella 1 condo lobby for FREE. He is a contemporary painter, sculptor and illustrator from Western Visayas. The second of four siblings, he has shown interest in the visual arts scene from an early age competing in major art competitions throughout his elementary and secondary school years. He has been painting professionally since 1993. Having lived and worked as an expatriate artist in Greece, Germany, Ireland and Singapore, he has exhibited in major cities across Europe and Asia. Since his first exhibition in Athens (1995), his artworks have been showcased in venues such as the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (in cooperation with the National Centennial Commission) in 1998, the Philippine Embassy Chancery in Brussels (2000), the University of Hamburg (2002), the Kurhaus in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse, Germany (2003), Museo Iloilo (2006), Bacolod City’s Museo Negrense De La Salle (2008), Dublin’s Hainault House (2010), Latvia’s Art Museum Riga Bourse and the Philippine Embassy Chancery in Stockholm (2011), Singapore’s The Arts House at the Old Parliament (2013) and Seoul’s The Space Gallery (2014).
11 – LIFT is another term for ELEVATOR.
12 – ELVIE is FMCAI Administrator Elvira R.(“ELVIE”) Valmeo.
13 –     CHINGBEE is FMCAI Prexy Maria Eva (“CHINGBEE”) Kalaw.
14 – HERO is FMCAI Chairman Bayani (“HERO”) Nito.
15 – SEAL as used in this BLOG would mean CLEANLINESS of Marbella 1 of that desired caliber, as that TOP QUALITY level of cleanliness.]


 [Left photo is that of JOHARI ISMAIL who took a selfie of himself inside a tourist bus during one of the NDCP’s class excursion to various destinations in the country. Left photo is the group photo taken before the badminton tourney held on March 12, 2017 (Sunday morning) at the Badminton Hall located at No. 6, 2oth Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.]



On Thursday, as I was presiding over the YOGA practice1,

I saw JOHARI from afar as though a badminton novice2;

He looked as though a provinciano3 from his naïve looks,

Could be an ILOCANO or perhaps in a town up the boondocks4!



But when I was introduced to him,

I was amazed to know and learn;

He is a top military officer of Malaysia5,

Still young,  he’ll  have a future of euphoria!




And when he played and smashed the cock,

JOHARI6 was really strong, as hard as rock;

I played a round of singles with him,

The score was not even tied, ‘twas uneven!



And when we had our weekly tourney,

JOHARI emerged co-champ7, ‘twas an easy journey;

He was fantastic and truly energetic,

He’s a scoring machine, almost like scoring automatic!





And he loves our Filipino food,

He craves for cuchinta8, he said– it’s good!

And even eats our bread, the pan de sal9,

Lugs it in his  bag and offers it to a pal.





He’s a devout Muslim and prays at the mosque at Greenhills10,

And has travelled a lot– even at Bacolod up to the Victorias Mills11;

He’ll stay for a year in our beloved country,

Schooling at the NDCP12 honing his career in the army!



He’ll now be a regular player at the Hall13,

We’ll have a skilled player to add to our roll;

Thus, we’ll always have a quorum of FOUR,

For our doubles game, we’ll have a quick SCORE!





[Legend: 1 – Every Thursdays and Saturdays, I preside over a YOGA practice which I started about 7 years ago. It was a Thursday, on March 9, 2017 at the Badminton Hall located at No. 6 2oth Avenue,Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines when I first had a glimpse of him. The YOGA practice was being done at the eastern end of the Badminton Hall, actually at the inner court, as that inner court is reserved for YOGA practice  from 6:30 PM till 8:00 PM on Thursdays while badminton playmates are still few. JOHARI arrived while we were in the middle of the YOGA practice as he sat thereafter in one of the monobloc chairs located near the inner gate leading to the Hall.
2 – Novice means a BEGINNER.
 3 – Provinciano is a term which means coming from the province, a rural folk.
4 – Boondocks originated from an original Filipino word, BUNDOK, and which got assimilated into the English language and which means the hills or a rural area near the hills.
5 – JOHARI ISMAIL is a Lieutenant-Colonel with the Malaysian Army and is in the Philippines for schooling at the NDCP which college is located within the Camp Aguinaldo grounds. JOHARI started with his NDCP course in September 2016 and will graduate in September 2017.
7-  JOHARI emerged as co-champ with Mandaluyong City Fiscal, Wally Francisco as his team-mate in the team-pairing tandem.
8 – Cuchinta or kutsinta is a native cake made of ground rice and coconut milk. Cuchinta or kutsinta is actually a type of steamed rice cake  and is allied to puto. Puto is colored white while cuchinta or kutsinta is colored red or reddish-brown.
9-  Pan de sal is the usual  table fare bread in the Filipino household during breakfast.
10 – The Muslim mosque is located at the GREENHILLS shopping center at Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro-Manila.
11-  Victorias Mills is the VICTORIAS MILLING CORPORATION, a corporate entity which owns the sugar milling factory, which is located at Victorias City about 44 kilometers distant from Bacolod City in Negros Occidental. Earlier, and most coincidentally so, (even before I met JOHARI) my brother WILSON, who is himself a graduate and alumnus of the NDCP, and being the incumbent Chairman of the VICTORIAS MILLING CORPORATION; conveyed an invitation to the current NDCP class to visit the VICTORIAS MILLS, when the group had an excursion/field trip to Bacolod City in Negros Occidental. To this, JOHARI himself sighed: “‘TIS REALLY A SMALL WORLD!”
12 –  NDCP is the National Defense College of the Philippines. The National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP) (Filipino: Dalubhasaan ng Tanggulang Pambansa ng Pilipinas) is an educational, training, and research agency of the Philippine government located inside Camp Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It is responsible for providing continued and intensive studies of the diverse problems relating to national defense and security. It is under the Department of National Defense.
13 – HALL is the Badminton Hall consisting of TWO (2) badminton courts with wooden flooring located at No. 6 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.]


 [At left photo is the tarpaulin used as backdrop at the stage put up at the UP Bahay ng Alumni during the March 11, 2017 72nd birthday celebration of my Kumpadreng MON MARONILLA which cockily proclaimed: “THE COCK IS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!”. Top right photo is a group photo with WILLIENEP and Kumpadreng MON.  Bottom right photo is WILLIENEP, the master impersonator.] 



At the newly renovated U.P. BAHAY ng ALUMNI1,

We trekked on to it last Saturday, though traffic2 was  HIGH;

It was Kumpadreng MON’s3  birthday celebration,

It was  a night of FUN & JUBILATION!



The tarpaulin as backdrop to the stage was titillating,

It talked about a COCK in white silhouette as though roosting4;

As the caption on the tarp as written averred,

It read: “The cock is alive more than ever!”



I was a bit doubtful which COCK — MON was referring to,

Though I know that MON is a cockfight aficionado;

But as he neither have nor rent a COCK farm,

He could be referring to a COCK of a friend in San Juan5!



But alas as I remembered, MON’s birth was in ’456,

In a month when the Japs in Manila have finally fortified7;

For which reason the GIs bombed and the Japs then got girthed8,

The shelling & bombing, like fireworks, seemed to herald MON’s birth!





Indeed MON was born in the Year of the COCK,

Though the usual name is ROOSTER,  COCK is lingo for the CROCK9;

But COCK or ROOSTER or could be FOWL,

The use of the word COCK ought not to bring any HOWL…





Thus, Mon Junior10 started the festivity,

As he recited out a prayer with much formality;

Thereafter some singing wafted in the air,

As the feasting begun with so much flair!




And the hall thereafter was filled,

With angelic voices of singers who really are skilled!

As to the feast– I loved the LECHON11 with its sauce,

As the skin was crispy and shiny with gloss…



But the exciting thing that happened,

Is that we got seated with MON’s comic friend;

It was WILLIE NEP12, the grand comedian and  the best in IMPERSONATING,

With  hearty laughs, my belly turned out  OSCILLATING13!






[Legend: 1 – The University of the Philippines-Bahay ng Alumni is a commodious events place which is located along R. Magsaysay Street in U.P.’s Diliman campus. It was actually put up on June 19, 1992. It is also home to several business establishments such as 3 restaurants, travel agent, a bank, law firms, a review center, and an art gallery.
2 – Traffic was heavy along the Katipunan Avenue as reportedly, there was an affair too at the ATENEO.
 3 – Mon is my kumpadre and friend, Atty. Ramon M. Maronilla, the incumbent President of the UP Alumni Association, Inc.
4 – Roosting means resting, the usual term for a rooster or a cock on perch while resting.
5 – One time, I was brought by my Kumpadreng Mon to a place in San Juan City in Metro-Manila, know as the Barasoain area where the former stately residence of the family of my Kumpadreng Mon was  located. We went to a seemingly slum area where we visited a host of his friends among the hoi polloi such as the lowly bystander, a street hawker, a barangay tanod, a cockfight owner, etc.
6 – In March 1945, the City of Manila was heavily bombed and strafed by the US fighter planes as those Japs who were holding out in the city then. 1945 was Year of the Rooster.
7- The Japs  considered Manila as their  last  fortified stronghold and it was then at the verge of being overtaken and re-conquered by the US-Allied forces which eventually materialized.
8 – Girth has that archaic meaning of being encircled.
9-  Crock is slang term which means a drunkard.
10 – Mon Maronilla, Jr. is Kumpadreng Mon’s eldest son, RAMON F. MARONILLA, Jr.,  who is a top officer of the J. P. Morgan Bank based in Hongkong.
11-  LECHON is the Filipinos’ popular feast food, a roasted pig with an attendant sauce with ingredients consistin of ground liver, etc.
12 –  WILLIE NEP is Willie Nepomuceno who is a comedian-actor, known for Ispup (2000), The Guerilla Is a Poet (2013) and Black Mamba (1974). He is a comic impersonator whose skill as such impersonator was recognized during the anti-Marcos rallies. WILLIENEP is now considered as the country’s master impersonator as among the Filipino personalities he impersonates include the following:  the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Joseph Estrada, Fidel V. Ramos, Dolphy, Gringo Honasan, Ping Lacson, German Moreno, Nur Misuari, and Fernando Poe Jr. In the international front, he usually copies Stevie Wonder, Paul Anka, Tony Bennett, ‘Nat ‘King’ Cole’ , Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis Presley, Bruce Lee, and even Superman.]


 [CONDER is shown at left photo with his usual mischievous smile, quite puzzling and titillating. Right photo shows the whole PAGUNURAN family posing for a group picture during the twin-celebrations of a birthday party for their kin. At front row for the photo at RIGHT: L-R – Karlo, Kyle, Natasha, and Mico; at back row (standing): Evelyn, Conder’s beauteous wife and the BIRTHDAY BOY, CONDER.]





As in fact CONDER still speaks  the ITAWES2 LINGO;

For love of his town in CAGAYAN at PIAT3,

He fervently swayed his son to run as a KAGAWAD 4!




I rubbed elbows with him in the UNIVERSITY5,

He was a student assistant at the LIBRARY6;

He’s a member of the ALPHA PHI BETA FRATERNITY7,

He’s a true paragon of pure HUMILITY!



At the UP College of Law in DILIMAN,

He became a personality, sort of a mimic-MAN;

He earned the sobriquet of CARALE JUNIOR,8

It’s not because Prof. CARALE is SUAVE, it’s because of the COLOR9!





His co-tandem and chum then, is his frat brod LUDGI10,

They’re both upright and diligent assistants at the Law LIBRARY;

Those who wanted to have law books reserved for PERUSAL,

They need to  talk to them right after the class’ DISMISSAL11





Despite having some control in the BOOKs’ DISPOSITION 12,

They never misused their clout, a sign of sincere VOCATION;

Indeed, a lot of us commended their SINCERITY,

Their help aided us all, to graduate in LAW  with  such  FACILITY13!



CONDER is a brilliant writer and of course, a convincing PLEADER —

He imparts the message with not much


His style is plain, terse and truly LACONIC,

I am sure, with his prose — he convinces

 in a way, that’s truly MAJESTIC!!!





And now after years of his lawyering PRACTICE14,

CONDER seems to look unto the future  with  quietude and PEACE;

He has put up a farm in his province with poultry and LIVESTOCK15,

It’s a dream,  an aspiration with a noble mission which is to feed his own FLOCK16!


[This SELFIE with his fraternity brothers in the ALPHA PHI BETA Fraternity, was taken by his Brod Joel Erestain (at extreme left). His Brod Ludgi is shown second from LEFT; while CONDER is at extreme RIGHT. The other fraternity brother shown in the photo above is his Brod Simeon Dumandan, second from RIGHT. The photo was taken at the facade of the SENATE building in Pasay City, Metro-Manila.] 







[Legend: 1 – CONDER hails from the north, in the Cagayan Valley of the NORTH.
2 – ITAWIS is the dialect spoken in that part of the Cagayan Valley in the northern part of Luzon particularly in Conder’s hometown in PIAT, CAGAYAN.
3 – PIAT is a town is located in the south-west part of Cagayan Province and is popularly known as the Itawis Region, along which town, the Rio Chico runs west, south, and north-west of the town until it debouches into the Rio Ibanag somewhere near Nasiping town. The town of Piat is dubbed as the “Pilgrimage Center of Cagayan Valley” because of the thousands of devotees and tourists who come there to pay homage. It is the home of the Our Lady of Piat which continues to be the source of inspiration and object of devotion of many Catholics in the region.
4 – KAGAWAD is a Tagalog term which means COUNCILMAN. Conder’s  2nd son, KARLO MIKHAEL PAGUNURAN, ran in the local elections in PIAT, CAGAYAN for a slot in the Municipality’s council.
5 – The UNIVERSITY referred to is the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES particularly its COLLEGE OF LAW.
6 – The LIBRARY referred to is the UP COLLEGE OF LAW LIBRARY.  
7 – The ALPHA PHI BETA Fraternity is actually some kind of an acronym for the first letters of the title: A, P & B, as ASSOCIATION OF PHILIPPINE BARRISTERS. The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity maintains its singular existence as a UP College of Law-based fraternity, with no recognized chapters outside the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Its present roster of Lords hails from the UP College of Law and from pre-law colleges in the University. The ALPHA PHI BETA fraternity is one of THREE (3) COLLEGE OF LAW Greek-lettered fraternities in UP; the other TWO (2) are  the SIGMA RHO Fraternity and the SCINTILLA JURIS Fraternity. However, there are students at the UP College of Law who are members of UNIVERSITY FRATERNITIES such as the UPSILON SIGMA PHI, BET SIGMA, PI OMICRON, ALPHA SIGMA, etc.
8 – CARALE is the surname of former UP College of Law Dean and professor, BARTOLOME CARALE. Prof. CARALE is somewhat TALL, somewhat HANDSOME and DARK.
9 – COLOR – It was actually the HUE and COLOR, as both Prof. CARALE and CONDER are DARK in complexion, CONDER got eventually referred to during our UP Law days as CARALE Junior.
10 – LUDGI is the nickname of incumbent Assistant Director of the NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, Asst. Director MEDARDO DE LEMOS. LUDGI and CONDER are fraternity brothers and both worked as student assistants with assignment at the UP Law Library.
11 – Immediately at DISMISSAL time, students then at the UP College of Law (because of the sheer limited number of law books particularly the SCRA and the PHILIPPINE REPORTS; both of which are compendiums of Supreme Court decision) would race up the Library to grab a book particularly those of limited number of stocks. If not lucky, the very next thing to do is to ask the student assistants for help to reserve the book for some future time, usually on the following class day.
12 – As student assistants, both LUDGI and CONDER have the power to reserve a book for a FRIEND or a BROD or a CLASSMATE especially during the period prior to the grueling examination days.
13 –     The BOOKS at the UP Law Library truly accord tremendously help (which could spell a PASSING grade) among those diligent students who really took time then, even on Sundays, to be there at the UP Law library doing either reading and/or copying court decision from the SCRA or jotting down notes from the readings.
14 – CONDER has been into active law practice since May 1983 after taking his oath on May 2, 1983.
15 – CONDER in his modest farm located in PIAT, CAGAYAN, has been raising some chickens, and hogs.
16 – One of the other principal objectives of CONDER in putting up the FARM is to create job opportunities for his kin as well as to have some source of food to feed his kin and kith alike.]