[Top left photo shows ALLISON together with her male playmates during a Christmas party held at her Aunt Alma Esconde’s home in 2016. Bottom left photo shows ALLISON with her Dad Archie and Mom Kitz in their respective WACKY poses. Right photo shows the MOM and CHILD duo: Mom Kitz and the pretty birthday girl and future Miss UNIVERSE, ALLISON COURTNEY. This 8-year old grand-niece of mine is truly SMART. While on board with my Daddy Max, in their Nissan Altima Car in August 2015 which Car was being driven by her Dad, Archie; the father and daughter got into some kind of petty wrangling as Allison was trying to convince her Dad to buy her some kind of an expensive trinket. Casually and perhaps to stop ALLISON from distracting him from his driving, Archie declared with some air of authority: “WE ARE POOR  ALLISON AND WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT.” To this, ALLISON (then about 6 years old) made this quick repartee while ending it with a pout: “HOW   CAN YOU SAY THAT WE ARE POOR, WHEN WE CAN AFFORD TO EAT AT MACDONALDS ALMOST EVERYDAY!”]



You’re the first kid to be subject of my BLOG,

I hope that I would not turn into some kind of a CROG 1;

But as you’re the child of AMAZING ARCHIE 2,

You’re SMART and you too are a REAL TECHIE!




I know that ALEE 3 is your IDOL,

She’s TECHIE too since playing with a DOLL;

That’s the problem with us SENIORS 4,

We knew no gadgets during our PRIORS 5 !




I first learned your name from my daughter SHAYNA 6,

Since SHAYNA’s been a frequent guest of your PAPA;

SHAYNA has been competing in WORLD  HIPHOP 7,

And your home at San Diego was her usual STOP 8.




I’ve learned too that you love DANCING,

And in school you did some kind of PRANCING;

But what I look forward into the FUTURE,

To see you on stage in HAUTE COUTURE 9!




Not just a HIPHOP Queen — you know,

I’d love to see you as a FASHION QUEEN—that’s TRUE!

I could see that you either will be a RAMP MODEL,







When we were at your family’s home in 2015,

That was in August and the contest was KEEN 10  

You went with your DAD to visit the teens 11 

Your DAD brought the juicy STEAKS 11,

And you generated the laughter SHRIEKS 12 !



Those positive traits with your SMARTNESS on top,

Will surely bring you to the summit atop;

And my prognostication could prove to be TRUE,

You could truly even be a UNIVERSE QUEEN on CUE 13!




[Legend: 1 – To turn into a CROG is to be not attuned with the language of the youth or to be illogical in language.
2 – ARCHIE LLORCA is a nephew of mine. I wrote an earlier BLOG where I referred to ARCHIE as AMAZING ARCHIE.
3 – ALEE is my youngest daughter and when they (i.e. ALEE and ALLISON) are together they would BOND and PLAY along so seamlessly.
4 – SENIORS means SENIOR CITIZENS who have matured and aged like WINE.
5 – PRIORS means PRIOR YEARS or those yesteryears.
6 – My eldest daughter SHAYNA has started competing in the World Hiphop International contest in 2006 and thereafter.
7-  SHAYNA is still at it as she and her boyfriend VIMI RIVERA are the moving personalities in the quest of the LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Dance Team to bag  the Championship title of the WHHI. They will endeavor to compete anew this August 2017 at the Phoenix, Arizona WHHI contest.
8 – After every competition at the WHHI usually at Las Vegas, SHAYNA with her team mates (i.e. the UP STREET DANCE TEAM and the CREW, then) would usually visit the San Diego home of my nephew ARCHIE.
9 – HAUTE COUTURE means expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.
10 – The 2015 WHHI contest which was held at the HARRAH’s Resort in San Diego was truly KEEN then as the LEGIT STATUS fielded compete teams for both the MEGACREW and the VARSITY divisions. The hard work proved truly rewarding as the LEGIT STATUS Varsity Team bagged the SILVER Medal while the LEGIT STATUS MEGACREW Team landed 4th Runner-Up in a field of hiphop teams from 57 competing countries.
11 – The term “TEENS” refers  to the more than 45 teen-aged participants to the 2015 WHHI of the LEGIT STATUS Team. They rented a big house in San Diego and on their first night upon their arrival, ARCHIE brought them lots of STEAK to nourish and energize them all.
12 – The SHRIEKS were the SHRIEKS of laughter which Allison generated while playing and horsing around with the female teen-aged participants and members of the LEGIT STATUS Dance Team on that first night of their arrival in San Diego in August 2015.
13 – The term “ON CUE” means at the right and correct time.]

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