Daddy Max Young’s Speech at the 66th Anniversary of the Battle of Yuldong


[Daddy Max, at extreme left photo, is shown delivering this SPEECH by way of WELCOME REMARKS at the WREATH LAYING Ceremonies held on April 26, 2017 at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani in Taguig City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Middle photo shows the start of the WREATH LAYING Ceremonies as part of the commemoration of the 66th Anniversary of the famous Battle of Yuldong (From R-L: a South Korean guest who heads the United Korean Association in the Philippines, Daddy Max, Col. Paterno Viloria, Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, LtGen. Glorioso Miranda who is Commanding Gen. of the Phil. Army atop the mounting stand together with GUEST OF HONOR,  USEC Arthur Tabaquero, Presidential Assistant of Military Affairs; and PVAO Administrator Ernesto Carolina). Extreme right photo shows Daddy Max doing the march to the KOREAN WAR Memorial Pylon with TWO (2) Filipino soldiers preceding him in the march donned in RAYADILLO uniforms as they carried the wreath to be offered by Daddy Max.]

A pleasant Good Morning to you all.  Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat.

I wish to most respectfully greet our honored guests;  my fellow veterans from PEFTOK, officially known as the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Sixty-six (66) years ago is a very distant time replete with age-old memories. Indeed, memories fade but heroism endures forever.

Sixty-six (66) years ago, in the morning of April 22, 1951, the 900 men of the 10th   Battalion Combat Team of the PEFTOK were digging in on a three mile-long sector in a place inside North Korea whose name most of them did not even know.

I was a member of the 10th BCT. My unit, like the other combat arms of the 10th BCT, found itself preparing for another battle with an enemy we knew well — the communist Chinese.

There was a small village some distance from where we were digging our foxholes and examining and sighting our machine guns, as we anxiously waited for the enemy.

As we slumped ourselves into the grubby foxholes, we felt so forlorn and did not know what tomorrow will bring us. Fear haunted us all as we thought of our families that we have left behind, our loved ones, our country, the Philippines. Varied morbid thoughts crossed our minds. Though we all know that we have defeated the enemy not once but in various occasions, we truly felt that they will attack us with ferocious vengeance. And we can only tell ourselves then; will this be our last battle– will this be the prelude to our end or will this signal the end of the Korean War.  

We did not know the name of the place at that time, but we all realized the significance of our mission.

The communist Chinese were about to launch a great summer offensive which they expectantly hoped would carry them to final victory by overwhelming the United Nations Command.

It was PEFTOK’s job to blunt that great offensive, along with its allies in the United Nations Command.

We knew the Chinese would attack at night. As they had so often in the past.

We knew they would hurl wave after wave of frenzied men at our rifles, machine guns, mortars and artillery. As they had so often in the past.

And we knew the only way to defeat a Chinese human wave attack was to kill as many of them as we could. And this we had done so often in the past.

It was the same old enemy using the same old tricks. And we would beat them in the same old way.

We had beaten them in the past. And we were confident we would do so again at this hilly and God forsaken stretch of terrain whose name escaped us then.

As expected, the Chinese came at night. They struck in the early morning hours of April 23, in a vast human wave.

The 10th BCT held its ground in those hours of ferocious fighting.

In a night battle, the only things you clearly see is the flash of your rifle.

And the flashes of your comrades’ rifles. And the flashes of the rifles and machine guns of the Chinese enemy shooting at you.

As dawn broke, we were surprised that most of us were still alive. We joyfully thanked Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary for our deliverance.

But in front of us were the dead bodies of hundreds upon hundreds of Chinese military force.

We were victorious. This we knew, because we were still alive.

Unable to overrun us, the Chinese avoided us altogether, leaving us in possession of the battlefield.

We counted our dead. Tended our wounded. And resupplied our machine guns and rifles with ammunition.

It was only later that we learned the name of that blood-soaked ground where so many lives were lost.

The place was called Yuldong.

It was only later that we learned that we had stopped the advance of an entire Chinese communist army– in the largest communist offensive of the Korean War.

And it was only very much later that historians determined that our victory at Yuldong helped deny the Chinese the decisive victory they needed to win the Korean War.

Today, on this hallowed ground of the Libingan ng mga Bayani, we commemorate the great Filipino victory at the Battle of Yuldong. And the valiant Filipinos who won that great victory.

It is a great victory for Filipino arms. It was a great victory in a Forgotten War. But the victory at Yuldong might one day become a Forgotten Victory.

It is the task of younger Filipinos to ensure they do not forget their great victory at Yuldong.

And is the task of the few remaining PEFTOK veterans of the Korean War to remind them of that glorious past.

Let us always remember.

Thank you.


[After the WREATH LAYING Ceremonies, a sumptuous meal courtesy of the South Korean Embassy and the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) was served at the BULWAGAN within the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LNMB) premises. Shown in this photo is Daddy Max at center with: (L-R) My brother WARREN, PVAO Administrator Ernesto Carolina, Mr. Eddie Quirino (son of the late President Elpidio Quirino who issued in 1950 that Presidential edict which authorized the sending of the PEFTOK to the Korean War) and Gen. Miguel Villamor, who introduced the guest speaker, USEC Arthur Tabaquero, Office of the President and Presidential Assistant on Military Affairs.]



***Happy birthday Ms. HANNAH!!!!***

 [Ms. Hannah Y. Kim embarked on a private enterprise to visit all those ALLIED nations (25 in all) which sent armed contingents to the 1950 KOREAN WAR to rescue South Korea from the threat of a communist take-over. Arriving here in the Philippines, Hannah conducted a LIVE interview of Daddy Max on April 12, 2017 at the UERM Medical Center as Daddy Max got confined thereat due to a bout with PNEUMONIA.  As and by way of showing much gratitude and respect to Daddy Max’s daring efforts during the 1950 KOREAN WAR, Hannah lied prostrate on the ground and bowed down before Daddy Max. After which, Hannah announced that she has adopted Daddy Max as his GRANDPA. Hannah worked as Chief of Staff of retired Congressman Charlie Rangel, former US Representative of the District of Manhattan-New York.] 


It was as though a breath of fresh air ARRIVED,

As Daddy Max recounted the persistent plea for an INTERVIEW… LIVE;

‘Twas apt and timely, as Daddy Max was then feeling WEARIED1,

The plea for INTERVIEW cause Daddy’s doctors to be WORRIED2!




And the appointed time for the TALK CAME,

HANNAH Y. KIM went to see Daddy Max, she was GAME3;

Despite the requirement to wear a FACE MASK4,

HANNAH pushed her luck and took the risk to TASK!



HANNAH was indeed a pretty LADY,

She was statuesque and truly DANDY;

She could even pass for a Hollywood STAR,

She felt so INVINCIBLE as though shielded with KEVLAR5!



And that interview animated our DADDY,

As though DADDY MAX popped an energy pill…so FUNNY;

Daddy Max’s answered in STENTORIAN MANNERS,

As though he’s not sick in  his tired TUBERS6!




But what really amazed us is HANNAH’s  PRONE POSE,

She lied flat on the ground almost touching her NOSE;

Thereafter she knelt and bowed down to DADDY,

Showing much respect to a GRANDPA7…DADDY felt so HAPPY!



Found out thereafter that HANNAH was past PEACE CORPS,

She was Congressman Rangel’s8 Chief COMMUNICATOR;

Graduated HIGH SCHOOL at Seoul’s National University,

Pursued thence a course in LITERATURE— she’s quite LITERARY!



She’s got a MASTERAL at George Washington U,

It’s a topnotch school available only to a FEW;

A certificate in ENTREPRENEURSHIP at UCLA,

At JOHN HOPKINS,  scored a course on foreign relations’ CONSORTIA!




But HANNAH’s quest has now become HISTORIC,

She has retraced  and reminisced a WAR EPIC;

Visiting and giving warm greetings to KOREAN WAR VETS,

It’s a PASSION, as she’s keen too on lifetime learning and FITNESS!




[Legend: 1 – Daddy Max was hospitalized at the UERM Medical Center for over two (2) weeks due to a bout with PNEUMONIA and he was getting bored and wearied by that unwanted episode of inactivity and dormancy.
2 – Daddy Max’s doctors got so very worried as the strict directive was to limit visitors to Daddy Max’s room. But as the President of the UERM knew fully well the passionate feeling of Daddy Max about the KOREAN WAR, UERM’s Prexy, Dr. Romeo A. Divinagracia,  yielded and acquiesced to the requested LIVE interview. Actually, the doctors who were medically attending to Daddy Max’s needs were somewhat adverse to allowing the LIVE interview.
3 – HANNAH was truly GAME as she actually risked her health in going into a LIVE interview with a hospital patient who just had a recent bout with such a deadly illness, PNEUMONIA.
4 – Most people would certainly think twice in cases where a visit to a hospital patient would be required to go through the sanitary practice of wearing a FACE MASK.
5 – Kevlar is a well-known component of personal armor such as combat helmets, ballistic face masks, and ballistic vests.
6 –  TUBERS is a term used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean the LUNGS.
7 – HANNAH announced during the LIVE interview and  after lying prostrate on the ground and bowing thereafter unto Daddy Max that she has adopted Daddy Max as her GRANDPA.
8 – Congressman Rangel is former U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel of New York.]



[Daddy Max as President of the PEFTOK-10th BCT Chapter is shown at top photo delivering the WELCOME REMARKS at the 66th Anniversary of the BATTLE OF YULDONG which was held at 7:30 AM this morning (April 26, 2017) at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, Taguig, Metro-Manila. The BATTLE OF YULDONG is a great battle of the KOREAN WAR that chronicled the heroism and bravery of the Filipino soldier. Following the entry of Communist China into the fray in November 1950, the joint North Korean and communist Chinese militia forces composed of 250,000 ferocious warriors planned the launching of their GREAT SPRING OFFENSIVE to purportedly attain for themselves their desired VICTORY. At the early dawn of April 23, 1951; a  horde of 40,000 of this 250,000 communist force which was  designated to penetrate the FILIPINO DEFENSE LINE (manned by close to 1,000 10th BCT PEFTOKERS) attacked. After the smoke of the shooting war cleared up which ultimately ended in bloody hand-to-hand combat, the 10th BCT PEFTOKERS held their ground and totally vanquished the communist forces. The yearly anniversary to commemorate this victory of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY is aimed at keeping the memory of FILIPINO HEROISM and to avoid this BATTLE OF YULDONG relegated into the dustbin of history.]



With the odds at FORTY to ONE1,

Our PEFTOK2 soldiers fought with a PLAN;

To kill as many of the ENEMIES,

End the WAR…to be with their FAMILIES!




Though with casualties brought in BIERS3;

MacArthur praised & commended the PEFFTOK,

It was a recognition of heroism with such great TALK 4!



As they were holed up in those grubby FOXHOLES,

They were thinking of their wives & BOYS;

And those girls among their cute little CHILDREN,

Brought them tears; the officers and  their SUBALTERNS!



And waves of communist warriors ARRIVED,

As though they’re cats with their fabled NINE LIVES;

But as the FILIPINO soldiers were so PASSIONATE,

Every adversary’s soul turned so very UNFORTUNATE…



When the dust of the gun smoke CLEARED,

The communist warriors eventually VEERED5;


Except for over a score6, the FILIPINOS were FINE!



And it was the 10th7 which went on a shooting WAR,

The other BCTs8 were still away…miles AFAR;

Still it was the FILIPINO SPIRIT that emerged as HERO,

A brand of BRAVERY championed by LAPU-LAPU9!




And the SOUTH KOREANS have been very GRATEFUL,

For the help of the FILIPINOS…an AID so WONDERFUL;

In fact, the PHILIPPINES sent the FIRST TROOPS10,

And the severe WINTER11 brought them fever and COLDS!




Posterity must treasure this memory for LONG;

If not indeed, it could turn into a FORGOTTEN WAR —

A victorious TRIUMPH that has raised the FILIPINO SOLDIER above PAR!!!!



[Legend: 1 – At the BATTLE OF YULDONG which happened on April 23, 1951, less than 1,000 Filipino soldiers of the PEFTOK squared it off with over 40,000 Chinese communist warriors. But despite the massive superiority in number of the Chinese militia, which was ostensibly aimed to AWE and TERRIFY the Filipino soldiers; the communist forces were successfully vanquished by our brave and daring PEFTOKERS.
2 – PEFTOK is acronym for PHILIPPINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE TO KOREA.  This army contingent was sent via the
edict of former President Elpidio Quirino to Korea in September 1950 with the arrival in the Korean Peninsula of the 10th Battalion Combat Team. After the great Battle of Yuldong, the 10th BCT was relieved by the 20th BCT in September 1951.
3 – BIERS are coffins.
4 –  General Douglas MacArthur was compelled to declare in virtual acknowledgment of the BRAVERY of the FILIPINO SOLDIERS, following the BATTLE OF YULDONG, through this resounding statement – “Give me 10,000 Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the WORLD.”
5 – As the FILIPINO DEFENSE LINE seemed impenetrable, the Chinese communist warriors veered away from this DEFENSE LINE in sheer exhaustion and consequent diminution.
6 – During the Battle of Yuldong 10 Filipinos soldiers got killed and another 14 were declared missing in action.
7 – 10th is the 10th Battalion Combat Team which was the first combat battalion sent by the Philippines to the Korean War as it arrived in the Korean Peninsula on September 19, 1950. 
8 – BCT is acronym for Battalion Combat Team.
9 – Lapu-lapu is the FIRST FILIPINO HERO who is acknowledged as having killed the Portuguese Fernao Magallanes aka Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle of Mactan.
10 – Among the ALLIED NATIONS, it was the Philippines among those nations which quickly reacted in the call for help aired by South Korea government and eventually, the Philippine government was among the  first to send its combat troops to the Korean War.
11 – That November in 1950 was recorded as the coldest WINTER ever in the Korean Peninsula.]









 [Here is my son TONTON walking the ramp (acting out as though a topnotch ramp MODEL) during the 2016 CHRISTMAS party at the REED ELSEVIER company (a British-Australian multinational firm) where TONTON is currently employed. Well, the photo seems too apt to show in light of my prognostication in this FUN-RHYME BLOG that TONTON will in the future become a GREAT and AFFLUENT person. Take note of the NUMBER 8 ( a very lucky number indeed, in Chinese belief).HAPPY BIRTHDAY TON!!!!] 



You’re a child born in the year of the DRAGON,

And eventually you’ve been nicknamed as TONTON;

Your nickname evokes such massiveness & weight,

Not just one TON but twice the freight1!




 Thus, I truly feel you’ll soon be great,

For those DRAGON born would gladly state:

“Our luck and fortune are bright in gaze,

They come in great number even through a haze…”2




When you were an infant in your nonage,

Your Mom and I hired a female page3;

She was a nursemaid with Visayan accent,

Taking  care of you like crazy sans any dent4!




That nursemaid even prohibited us;

Your Mom, myself; she would even cuss;

As though she’s your mom, and us just like none,

No chance to be near you, when twilight has come!



 On hindsight now, I feel and think—

That nursemaid might have thought & cringed;

That she was nursing5 some kind of royalty,

Perhaps not yet; sort of  some  destiny!




And now on your way to full adulthood,

You’ll soon perhaps attain affluent livelihood;

Could it be some fortune in the MEGALOTTO,

I’ll cross my fingers; I still don’t know…




But with your diligence, industry and ken…

I’ll hope and pray just like any fatherly kin;

That you’ll be great and even massive…

Oh not your weight— I am thinking of wealth!



And if you’ll truly win the MEGALOTTO,

Be truly generous and don’t be LOCO6;

Though wealth is good, it sparks some kind of ROCOCO7

Just stay as SIMPLE, WISE and GOD-FEARING; it’s truly a great MOTTO!


[Here’s a wacky photo of TONTON with his GF, Aly Duyan.] 





[Legend: 1 – FREIGHT is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean VALUE and/or VOLUME.
2 – Those born in the YEAR of the DRAGON are customarily regarded as very LUCKY and BLESSED persons.
 3 – PAGE is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean an attendant; actually a nursemaid in fact.
4 – That nursemaid whom we hired (who was then about 40 years old) was so caring and so very strict that she would not want Tonton to be touched or caressed while Tonton, during his infancy, was sleeping or past asleep.
5 – NURSING is used here to mean taking care of an infant.
6 – LOCO is used here to mean FOOLISH.
7 – ROCOCO is used here to mean as a sign of LAVISHNESS.]



[Left photo shows the tandem of ANDREW PUEN and EDNA NATIVIDAD at the BACKCOURT while the tandem of ROBERT TAN and DIGNA GAVINA awaits the shuttlecock at the FORECOURT, from a service tendered by ANDREW. Right photo shows the tandem of RACHELLE TAN and ROSIE ROQUE as they await the shuttlecock during the training-play being provided them by my brother WARREN (not seen in the photo) who intended to do a long serve from the BACK PORTION of the opposite court.]




Sa TOURNAMENT naman ang laban ay kung sino ang PRIMERO;

May SAMPUNG LIBONG PISONG tumataginting,

Sa KOPONAN na siyang magiging WINNING!




Dahil last term na ito ng mahal nating si  DOC ANDY TAN;

Dapat lamang na si DOC ANDY ay PARANGALAN,

Sa SERBISYO nyang halos ay mukhang WALANG HANGGANAN!



Kaya dapat tayong lahat ay dumating ng MAAGA,

Para wala pong magiging DISGRASYA,

Baka mayroon diyang mag-O-OVER-HEAT,

Naku baka magalit dahil COCK ‘di nya MA-HIT!



Pero mas maganda talagang mas MAAGA,

Para sobrang init ng ARAW di tayo MALANTA;

Meron nga namang ELECTRIC FAN na MALAKI,




At bigyan din nating ng magalang na PAGPUPUGAY,

Yaong mga NON-ASPAC na aking KINARAY2;

Syempre MAAGA din silang DARATING,

Huwag naman sanang tayo pa ang syang AANTAYIN!




Yong NAME TAGS natin ay iyong  dapat PASAN3;

Syempre meron ding NAME TAGS ang mga NON-ASPAC…

Upang ang NAME-CALLING naman ay di PUMALPAK!



At may  praktis pa rin tayo sa SABADO,

Siyempre dahil SIGNATURE YELL meron ding PAPREMYO;

Kaya LIGHT-TRAINING na lang ang training na YAON,

Para hindi na tayo magtagal sa HALL ng MALAON4!



Kaya si ROBERT TAN tila’y nag-IISIP,

Magtatayo na lang daw siya ng TENT sa PREMISES;

Doon sa HALL na daw silang mag-asawa’y MAIIDLIP5,



[Legend: 1 – PAWARDI-WARDI is Filipino/Tagalog slang which means no specific direction or something which is topsy-turvy or awry. Indeed, if the BIG FANS will be turned on and directed into the COURTS, the shuttlecocks will FLY LIKE CRAZY.
2 – KINARAY is a Filipino/Tagalog term which means INVITED using some kind of enticement or intimidation.
3 – PASAN means to bring or something which denotes as a responsibility.
4 – MALAON means to stay for LONG.
5 – MAIIDLIP means to SLEEP.]












[On the second day of the practice-session of the ASPAC officers/staff held at the Badminton Hall on April 22, 2017; TWELVE (12) players-participants were in attendance and the LEVEL 1 players among the ASPAC officers/staff were accorded specialized training by my brother WARREN, myself and by ANDREW PUEN.]




OKEY na OKEY ang praktis noong SABADO,

Si DIGNA1 may dala pang DRINKS — ang akala ko’y SAGO;

Pero mas masarap pa sa SAGO DRINK na bitbit nya DATI…




Si EMILY2 naman ay bumili  pa nang BIKO,

Na LATE tuloy sya sa special training na na-sked KO;

Pero OKEY din naman ang SERVICE3 ni EMILY,

COOL na COOL siya at hindi nagmama-DALI4!



Galing pala ni ANDREW5 , kala ko’y BAGITO—

Mukhang malakas ang TANDEM ng BLUE Team na ITO;

Sorry na lang sa lahat …na-publish na ang PAIRING

Ang tunay na importante, lahat tayo’y MAG-BA-BONDING!



Eto namang si CINDY6, may DRAMA pa KUNWARI —

Baka daw di makapaglaro at mayroong INJURY;

Aba noong natikman ang PANCIT na binili sa PARES-PARES7,

Biglang lumakas ang ENERGY at nawala po ang STRESS!



Si ROSIE8 naman ng WHITE TEAM na pang-huling TAMPOK,

Aba INTERESADO talagang sa SERVICE maging PATOK…

Nag-sarili ng TRAINING at siya’y  nag-FOCUS sa dulong COURT—

Animo’y si BILBONG9 PANDAK; and SERVICE nama’y puro SHORT!



Ang isang REVELATION noong Sabadong TRAINING,

Itong si YSA10 na sumulpot at bigla ding nag-LEAVING11;

Pero ang dali nyang natutong mag-SERVE12,

Magaling siyang PUMITIK at mukhang may ENERGY pa syang RESERVED!



Si EDNA13 namang talagang malakas HUMAMPAS,

Maliksi pang kumilos, tunay na PAGASPAS;

Malakas din ang ka-TANDEM nitong si EDNA…

Partner niya si JING14, na expert sa BOLA15!



Si JOAN NETTE16 naman ay masayang-MASAYA,

Ang HENERAL17 na ka-TANDEM ‘di na ikahihiya SIYA;

Kabado si NETTE na kapag sila’y NATALO,

Baka daw PUTUKAN ang lahat ng PANALO!




Ito namang si TESS18 nagkaroon na nang IMPROVEMENT,

Magaling nang mag-SERVE, bago pa ang EQUIPMENT19;

Pero dahil SPIRITUAL at sagradong RELIGIOUS,

Bantulot pa ring HUMATAW, dahil sya’y  MAKADIYOS!



Pero ang SORPRESANG dumating TALAGA…







[Legend: 1 – Digna is Dra. Digna Batoon-Gavina who is currently a Year Level Representative of ASPAC.
2 – Emily is Emily de la Cruz who is currently Board Member of ASPAC.
3 – SERVICE or TENDER is the act of a badminton player to bring the SHUTTLECOCK into the opposite court to start the play.
4 –  What is nice about the SERVICE of Emily is that she is not rushing the SERVICE as she takes time to make the SERVICE perfect.
5 – Andrew is Andrew Puen who is currently a Year Level Representative of ASPAC. I thought all along that Andrew is a BEGINNER; anyway as I have already published the TEAM PAIRING, we just have to stick to the TEAM PAIRING, as it stands now. Indeed, BADMINTON is not PURE SKILLS; it also involves LUCK…LUCK on having a skilled partner.
6 – Cindy is Cindy Franco who is currently a Board Member of  ASPAC. Earlier, Cindy was complaining of an injury but after a while, she slipped on her playing shorts and grab a racket to practice and play.
7 – PARES-PARES is the name of the restaurant along 20th Avenue almost near the P. Tuazon Avenue which sells delicious-tasting PANCIT MIKI-BIHON GUISADO.
8 – Rosie is Rosalinda Roque who is currently a Year Level Representative of ASPAC.
9 – BILBONG is a reference to BILBO BAGGINS of the HOBBIT novel series who is SHORT.
10 – Ysa is Maria Luisa B. Concepcion who is currently the Corporate Secretary of ASPAC.
11-  As Ysa had a priorly scheduled engagement, Ysa left the training/practice session at around 6:00 PM.
12 – Ysa showed a quick inclination to master the trick on making a correct SERVICE; just a little above the net and on the LINE, not before and not even after…truly on the LINE (as in ON THE DOT).
13 – Edna is Edna Natividad who is currently a Board Member of ASPAC.
14 – Jing is the nickname of my brother WINSTON who is with the UNILAB/UNAHCO group and who donated the playing t-shirts.
15 – BOLA refers to the SHUTTLECOCK. Jing aka WINSTION is one of the highly-skilled badminton players in the fold of the regular players at the Badminton Hall. Jing is also skilful in MAHJONG which speaks of STICKS and BALLs, etc.
16 –  Joan Nette is Joan Nette Laurente who is currently the Secretary-Admin Assistant of ASPAC.
17 –    HENERAL refers to PNP General George Piano who is Nette’s tandem-mate.
18 –  Tess is Maritess Cordero who is currently Board Member of ASPAC.
19 –  Tess told me that she was able to purchase ON SALE, a new gum-soled pair of rubber shoes which is ideal for a badminton match.
20 – Robert is Robert  Tan who is currently a Board Member of ASPAC.
21 – Rachelle is Dra. Rachelle Tan and who is  Robert Tan’s gracious and lovely wife.]








[Doc Andy Tan is shown here being provided PERSONALIZED style of training by my brother WARREN T. YOUNG in the SERVICE or TENDER of the SHUTTLECOCK, by striking the COCK seamlessly in bringing the same unto the opposite court. It was indeed a unique show of humility and exemplary leadership on the part of Doc Andy to be there on the FIRST DAY of practice which was held on April 15, 2017. ASPAC Board Member Cindy Franco is shown at the extreme right portion doing the role of a “PULOT-GIRL” for Doc Andy as can be seen from the clump of COCKS which Cindy collected on the floor then being clutched by her on her left hand. ]

Ngayong ang syang IKALAWANG ARAW1,

PRACTICE ng mga ASPAC Parents, pero KWIDAW—

Merong ganadong darating ng MAS MAAGA2

Magandang pangitain ito, bilang pagpapakita ng TIYAGA…



Ang sabi nga ng mga MATATANDA,

Na tunay na kumita na nang swak na PRUWEBA…

Kung walang TIYAGA, ay walang NILAGA…

Tugon naman ni TESS: “Nasa DIYOS ang AWA, nasa TAO ang GAWA!”…



Bilang pangalawang POINTERS sa mga BEGINNER…

Dapat pag-aralan ang SERVICE o TENDER3;

Yan ang tawag sa PAG-UMPISA ng SET4

Pag-aralan ng HUSTO at huwag PONG MABUWISET5



Ganito ang dapat para ang SERVICE ay SWAK,

Hawakan nang mabuti ang COCK6 sa may PAKPAK;

Hawak ng KALIWA, at KANAN naman ang syang RACKET,

Pitikin7 lamang ito para dumausdos OVER THE NET!




Ang sabi nga ay ganito mga PANYERAS y PANYEROS…

HALF OF THE BATTLE ay siguradong LOST —

Kapag nagmintis ang SERVICE o kaya ay TENDER…





Kapag SWAK ang SERVICE, bubuka ang BUNGANGA…

Nang KALABANG BEGINNER na mag mumukhang KAWAWA…

Kapag PUNTOS na naman …malapit na GANTIMPALA!



Kaya pati si DOC ANDY TAN9 ,

Minabuting mauna sa PRACTICE ng PALIGSAHAN…

Makikita sa PROFILE PHOTO10 sa itaas PO NITO…

Aba ang galing ng FORMA, parang ‘di BAGITO11!


Kaya dapat magdatingan ang mga BEGINNER,

Para maganda ang LARO lalo na ang TENDER12;

Kasi nga kapag sa TENDER ay PUMALPAK…

KNOCK-OUT13 tiyak kayo dahil tuwina’y PALPAK!!!!



[Legend: 1 – Today, April 22, 2017 is the SECOND DAY of practice sessions for the scheduled FIRST EVER ASPAC BADMINTON TOURNAMENT.
2 – The PRACTICE SESSION is set to start at 4:00 PM today (April 22, 2017), but earnest ASPAC parents who want to learn more, may opt to come as early as 3:00 PM to start their personalized practice.
3 – SERVICE or TENDER is the act of a badminton player to bring the SHUTTLECOCK into the opposite court to start the play.
4 –  SET refers to a BADMINTON PLAY.
5 – Doing the SERVICE may become a BORING thing for a BEGINNER to practice as it would be a monotonous skein of bringing the SHUTTLECOCK seamlessly (to be repeated over and over again) into the opposite court via the striking of the COCK with the PADDLE or RACKET. So, please do not get BORED…Huwag pong ma-BUWISET!
6 – COCK refers to the SHUTTLECOCK.
7 – PITIKIN is a term used in BADMINTON of serving the COCK via a mere quick movement of the hand which handles the PADDLE by means of a quick hand-twisting movement from the waist.
8 – The SHUTTLECOCK upon the SERVICE of the same must not go beyond the SECOND LINE of the opposite court.
9 – DOC ANDY TAN is Doctor Alejandro K. Tan who is the incumbent President of the Ateneo Schools Parents Council (“ASPAC”). It was indeed a distinct and humble show of leadership when Doc Andy appeared at the FIRST DAY of PRACTICE SESSION on April 15, 2017.
10 – The PROFILE PHOTO referred to is the PHOTO introducing this FUN-RHYME BLOG.
11-  BAGITO is a Filipino slang which means BEGINNER.
12 – TENDER is another term for SERVICE.
13 – The TOURNAMENT will use the KNOCK-OUT system of ELIMINATION meaning, ONE LOSS would spell exclusion from the sequel plays. But not in the BOODLE FIGHT certainly.]



[On May 1, 2017; the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL (ASPAC) will hold its first ever BADMINTON TOURNAMENT-DOUBLES at the BADMINTON HALL located at No. 6 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City. Games start at 7:30 AM after the registration and an opening ceremony; with assembly and roll-call time at 7:00 AM.  It will be a unique tournament as the tandem of players will consist of a BEGINNER and a PRO-PLAYER.  By way of guide to the BEGINNERS who truly are RARING to “RUMBLE”, I thought of writing this FUN-RHYME BLOG. Indeed, the best game plan is for the BEGINNER to quickly glide into the BACK COURT immediately upon the service of the BALL so that the ball’s return is assured via the PRO-PLAYERS hit or strike or smash. The BEGINNER who will invariably be at the BACK COURT can perhaps master the art of doing a DROP BALL shot in case the ball comes up to him/her at the BACK COURT…usually a BALLOONING shot from the opponent-tandem that customarily is aimed at the BACK COURT. The PRO-PLAYERS referred to are the regular Badminton Players at the BADMINTON HALL. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!]



Kakaiba ang TORNEO sa Mayo UNO,

Dahil nga ay kombinasyon ng LUMA at BAGO;


Yon namang LUMA, mga batikang PLAYERS na DARING!



Maliban yata kay KATTIE1 pati na si TINA2,

Halos lahat ng ASPAC Parent kelangan BUMUSINA3

Pero lalabas pa ring EXCITING ang LARO,




Para parehas ang laban I-PUBLISH ko na GAME PLAN,

Guide ito para sa NOVATO na LALABAN;

Pati na rin sa PRO-PLAYERS na KATAMBAL,

Para naman ang SCORES ay di maging KAHAMBAL-HAMBAL4!



Dapat lang ay marunong sa SERVICE5,

Dapat sa SABADONG training huwag ninyong ma-MISS;

Kaya pagdating ng LABAN, sa LIKOD5 agad ang TAKBUHAN,




Kasi kapag ang BEGINNER ay nag-FRONTA6,


Kung ikaw ay nasa likod ng PRO-PLAYER,

Sagip lahat ng TIRA dapat na lang ay PRAYER!



PRAYER  na ang lahat ng TIRA ay maibalik,

At kung may palobong TIRA,





Pero dapat isipin ng LAHAT,

Laro lang naman ito ng mag-KAKASAPAKAT10;

Matututo na kayo ng BADMINTON GAME,

May bago pang FRIENDS– mga MALES at meron ding DAME!






Pero wala ng KARE-KARE12— Boss DOC,

Pang-TAKE HOME na lang at ‘di bagay ang BROTH13!






[Legend: 1 – KATTIE is ASPAC Veep KATTIE SY.
3 – BUMUSINA is a Filipino slang wherein if one does not know the whole story or is unaware of the details of a situation, one has to be extra careful and must take heed of the signs, the intimations and the over-all situation. Thus, as BEGINNERS, those beginners must rely on some GUIDE.  
4 –  KAHAMBAL-HAMBAL is a Tagalog term which means APPALLING…a ZERO score by a TEAM woulr truly be KAHAMBAL-HAMBAL.
5 – LIKOD is BACK COURT while the FRONT part of the HALF COURT is the FORE COURT.
7 – BOBODEHAHIN is a slang term used in the BADMINTON circles wherein the not so-strong player in a TANDEM during a DOUBLES-GAME will be made the FOCUS by the opposing tandem of the return flight of the SHUTTLECOCK so that the probability of the SHUTLLECOCK being returned back to the opposite half-court becomes NIL.
8 – TIRA is the strike or a smash of the SHUTTLECOCK to bring it back to the opposite court.
9 – DROP BALL is a term to describe an almost point-gaining strike of hitting the SHUTTLECOCK with a mild or light tap so that the SHUTTLECOCK would just drop or fall at the point under the net. The best DROP BALL shot is one known as BUMABALANDRA wherein the SHUTTLECOCK would drop precisely at the top of the net and fall subsequently unto the opposite court.
10 – KASAPAKAT is a Tagalog term which means comp-anion or compeer or friends animated and united  by a common goal.
11-  COOK refers to our UTILITY WOMAN in our Law Office, FE TOBIAS, who will cook my POT-LUCK donation of ADOBO and CRISPY TILAPIA.
12 – KARE-KARE – I have made a promise to someone that I will ask my sister WILMA to cook KARE-KARE too. But as a BROTH will not be suitable for a BOODLE FIGHT…pang TAKE-HOME na lang…
13 – BROTH is a dish consisting of soup consisting of meat or vegetable chunks just like KARE-KARE.]








‘Twas good that JOE CAMANO1 CALLED,

For if not, I would have not been TOLD;

That a lawyer-friend and a gushing CLASSMATE,

Who for a time was once my helpful SEATMATE —

Is an all-around lawyer with classy TASTE!





And his ELECTION3 has appeared in an ANNAL4;

I was amazed that he’s swell at LITIGATION,

I thought all along that he’s just best in SHEER LOCUTION—

As what he narrated last night was REVELATION…




He has slammed a Board Member in NAGA CITY5,

Who thought all along his term is in PERPETUITY;

And the COMELEC EN BANC sustained ARIEL’s CAUSE,

Thus ARIEL served with HONOR sans any RECOURSE6

He has served as EXEMPLAR without any RUCKUS7!





And his tastes are varied and DIVERSE,

For as CHEVRON’s 8 Chief Law Counsel he’s not PERVERSE;

He has served the company9 with HONOR —

And advanced CHEVRON’s cause with VALOR…

A case of DUE PROCESS which magistrates did not FAVOR 10!





As the case at first seemed to have been ASSURED;

Though some kind of manipulation and PRESSURE…

Turned the tide against his client for SURE!

The author of the SCAM eventually got FISSURED11



‘Twas a night filled with FOOD & NARRATION,

ARIEL caused us to laugh with SATISFACTION;


Our TABLE of FRIENDS surely never got FAMISHED…

The TABLE remained filled with food that was “UNRAVISHED”12!




And his rambling account of his POLL CAMPAIGN,

Where he got benighted in the boondocks near the PLAINS;

Got left behind by those younger campaigners…so FUNNY,

Was compelled to ride a PONY…so BONY—

Thus he opted to walk along the road…so STONY!




Indeed ARIEL’s stint at CHEVRON was truly REWARDING,

He now plays GOLF every week without MISSING;

And his auburn sun-tanned skin still mesmerizes the DAMES…

His blonde hair makes him look as though one of the DANES13

A closer view makes him look as though Asturian from SPAIN14!




The quick meet among friends was organized by JOE 15,

And ARIEL was JOE’s town mate16 and closest AMIGO;

PAUL LENTEJAS17 was there too, coaching us not to be LOCO17a

He said he has helped a lot of mates from UP Law…

One even got rescued from dire CONTEMPT…it’s TRUE18 !




And JOE will fly back again to his SECOND HOME,

That’s in MICHIGAN the site of Mount ARVON19;

His gracious wife is a TOPNOTCH and EXCELLENT NURSE20,

That’s why perhaps JOE CAMANO has a FAT BURSE21

And he’s a proud baby-sitter22; the best in the UNIVERSE!!!!




[Legend: 1 – JOE CAMANO aka JOSE CAMANO is my good friend and classmate in the UP College of Law way back in the 70s. He started out as an evening student and thereafter, perhaps raring to become a lawyer so quick, he transferred to the morning section.
2 – ARIEL ABONAL is a very amiable classmate at the UP Law who started out at the UP Law in 1973 and for a time was my classmate (and for once my seat mate) in some of our UP Law evening classes. Both JOE and ARIEL hail from Naga City, the seat of the widely venerated OUR LADY OF PEÑAFRANCIA.
3 – ARIEL for a time threw his hat in the political arena and untimately was elected as BOARD MEMBER of the Province of Camarines Sur after a grueling election suit which saw the disqualification of the initial WINNER by reason of having ran for more than 3 terms in violation of the 3-term limit enshrined in the law and Constitution.
5 – NAGA CITY is the premiere city in Camarines Sur; though the post which was contested is the PROVINCIAL post of BOARD MEMBER. The rival of ARIEL was espousing the view that after a “gerrymandering” was had which entailed the splitting of the Congressional district in TWO (2) a fresh term could be had despite the fact that this rival has already served 3 terms.
6 –  ARIEL ran for election without much FUNDING from the acknowledged POLITICAL WAR LORDS of Camarines Sur. Indeed, ARIEL bank-rolled his campaign mostly through his own financial resource; a rare breed of politicians INDEED.
7 – ARIEL served as BOARD MEMBER without any scandal or tinge of corruption during his term.
8 – CHEVRON-PHILIPPINES is one of the largest investors in the country, with more than $2 billion in capital investments. It markets Caltex® fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products. Its network of service stations, terminals and sales offices forms the backbone of its presence in the Philippines.
10 – As the case involves BIG names, just ask ARIEL about the FACTS of the CASE (in case you’d bump into him) and he surely would narrate about the SNAFU with gusto.
11-  Indeed, the SCAM’s author got “disjointed” from his venerable post.
12 – UNRAVISHED is used in this BLOG to mean “UNCONSUMED” due to sheer number of the FOOD ordered. 
13 – A quick and hurried look at ARIEL would make one feel that he is CAUCASIAN with auburn-tanned skin. The CAUCASIAN look is somewhat akin to a Dane friend of mine who sported a BLONDE HAIR and BLONDE moustache too…he,he,he…
14 – A further look unto ARIEL’s mien reminds me of an Asturian whom I met when I went to the Northern part of Spain in 1999 …it is the same BLONDE HAIR and BLONDE MOUSTACHE which seems to me as to be truly Castilian, nay Asturian, in character. The BLONDE MOUSTACHE seems to look as showered by sea-salt aerosols from the nearby Cantabrian Sea which adjoins and sort of washes the ASTURIAS province in northern coastal Spain.
16  – ARIEL and JOE as earlier said, are both from Naga City.
17 – PAUL LENTEJAS is another classmate at the UP Law whose LAW PRACTICE is truly FANTASTIC. He is a regular habitué at the halls of the SANDIGANBAYAN where he has acquitted a host of satisfied and grateful clients. PAUL is actually Batch 78 of UP Law (the same batch with ARIEL and JOE). I was originally supposed to be Batch 79 and JOE was my original batch mate except that he transferred on the following year into the morning-professional section (non-working students). But, I took a leave for a year and landed thereafter as Batch 1980.
17a – PAUL excellently advised us that in case we are engaged by fellow-lawyers to be a counsel in a disbarment case…”NEVER EVER BILL THE CLIENT’, he said.  And that has been his guiding rule ever since, as PAUL said that if eventually you got into “hot waters’ too; you can quickly expect a counsel pro bono who will earnestly defend you.
18 – PAUL talked about a classmate who engaged his services in a disbarment case. But as PAUL is a true-blue gentleman, PAUL never revealed the name of his client despite the persistent prodding made by ARIEL.
19 –  Mount ARVON is the highest natural point in Michigan, USA.
20 – JOE CAMANO’s wife, the GRAND and GRACIOUS GLORIA,  is a topnotch NURSE in Michigan.
22 – JOE has proudly confessed that he is the BABY-SITTER of his APOS (i.e. grandchildren) and it seems, JOE is really raring and willing to SPOIL and PAMPER them all…He,he,he…HAPPY BABY-SITTING JOE!]




[Animated by the CASH PRIZE, the TROPHY and the bragging-rights to be acclaimed as soon-to-be CHAMPION of the May 1 DOC ANDY TAN CUP-ASPAC BADMINTON TOURNEY, Board Member Cindy Franco really sweated it out (as shown in the LEFT PHOTO) at the FIRST DAY of the  PRACTICE SESSION held this afternoon (April 15, 2017) at the BADMINTON HALL.   Top right photo shows ASPAC Prexy DOC ANDY trying his hand in doing the successful service of the shuttlecock unto the opposite quadrant of the badminton court. Bottom right photo shows Veep KATTIE SY playing a singles set of play with my brother WARREN YOUNG while the tandem of Doc ANDY and son ANDRE do the scoring.]



Nauna pa ngang dumating si DOC1,

Di marahil nabasa ang POST ko sa FACEBOOK2;

Dahil nga nag-request itong si CINDY3,

Ginawa ko ang start ay THREE-THIRTY4!




Pero mag-aalas DOS pa lamang NUN,

Eto na si DOC at kasama ang kanyang ONLY SON5;

Text ko agad ang team-mate nyang si KATTIE;

Pero nauna pa ring dumating itong si CINDY!



Nagkaroon muna kami ng PLAY,

Mukhang si KATTIE matagal nang di na-DISPLAY6

Ang kanyang mga SMASHES at POWER HIT,

Kaya kami ni KATTIE ang naging mag-TEAM-MATE!


Si CINDY naman at utol kong si WARREN,

Syempre gusto ni CINDY magkaroon na ng TEAM-BONDING7;

Pero si DOC naging SCORER na lang MUNA,

Assistant niya si ANDRE, nag-BONDING din ang DALAWA!



Pagkatapos ng PLAY nag-training na si CINDY,

Gusto nyang ma-PERFECT ang scoring STRATEGY;

Kaya’t minabuting mag-SERVICE-TRAINING8 NA MUNA,

Pag-pumalpak sa SERVICE, ang puntos ay sa KABILA9!




Habang hinahanap ang angkop na SERVICE na okey ang URI;

Ang naunang STYLE ay yaong papitik na parang KOMANG,

Pero na-type nya yong BALLOON HIT-style na ang bola’y PUMAPAILANG-LANG!




Nag-SERVICE TRAINING din itong si DOC,

Mabilis natuto kaysa dun sa LOLANG hawak sa PADDLE10 parang SANDOK;

Iba talaga kapag SENIOR AGE na KASI,

Kulang sa FOCUS; TIRA’y pa-EASY-EASY!



 Pero dahil sa ENTICEMENT ng CASH PRIZE11 at TROPHY,

Nag-uwi pa si LOLA ng SHUTTLECOCK na PRETTY;

Mag-tra-training daw siya sa kanilang  BAHAY,

Naku! baka mahampas ng  RACKET si Dwayne12 kapag-SUMABLAY!


[Legend: 1 – DOC is Doctor Alejandro K. Tan, the current President of the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL better known through its acronym ASPAC.
2 – I actually posted a message in the ASPAC FACEBOOK TIMELINE saying that as requested by Board Member Cindy Franco, the earlier schedule of 2:00 PM for the PRACTICE-TRAINING SESSION was rescheduled at 3:30 PM. Actually, Cindy requested for a 4 PM sked; by way of a compromise, I resked it to 3:30 PM instead.
 3 – CINDY is CINDY FRANCO, currently a Board Member of ASPAC.
4 – As earlier said, the original schedule at 2:00 PM was resked to 3:30 PM.
5 – ANDRE is Doc Andy Tan’s ONLY SON.
6 – According to KATTIE, she played BADMINTON last in December 2016.
7- CINDY and my youngest brother WARREN are the matched-up team-mates in the May 1 ASPAC Badminton Tourney.
8 – SERVICE-TRAINING is the basic training on how to serve the SHUTTLECOCK at the start of a play, which is done by tossing the SHUTTLECOCK via a hit by the RACKET to fall at the opposing quadrant of the badminton court from the player doing the serve diagonally unto the opposite quadrant of the badminton court.
9-  In case a server fails to toss the shuttlecock correctly and successfully unto the quadrant diagonally opposite the quadrant where the server tossed the shuttlecock, POINT is garnered by the opposing team of the SERVER.
10 – PADDLE is another term for a badminton racket.
11 – CASH PRIZE for the TOURNEY CHAMPION and CO-CHAMPION is Php 10,000.00
12 – DWAYNE is Board Member Cindy Franco’s ONLY SON.]


[Hannah Y. Kim recently resigned as CHIEF OF STAFF of Congressman Charlie B. Rangel who retired in January 2017 as Congressman of NEW YORK-MANHATTAN district. Hannah was formerly the communications director for retired Congressman Charlie B. Rangel and who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1971. Hannah during her co-terminous term, chaired the 10-elected-member Board of Democratic Communicators Network made up of congressional press aides in both chambers and the administration. As founder of Remember 727, Hannah spearheaded the historic passage of the Korean War Veterans Recognition Act (U.S. Public Law 111-41), which was enacted by President Barack Obama on July 27, 2009. Hannah grew up in Los Angeles, California, and envisioned herself as an ambassadress between the United States and Korea. When Hannah graduated early from high school, she thereafter attended the Seoul National University, where she eventually earned a bachelor’s in literature. Upon returning home to the United States, she obtained a master’s in legislative affairs at the George Washington University as well as graduate certificates in entrepreneurship at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and international relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Hannah remains very passionate about all things related to the Korean War, as she on her own embarked on a private enterprise to do a journey through all the nations that sent army contingents to the 1950 KOREAN War and helped South Korea to defend FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY against the communists-invaders .]


The visit of HANNAH to DADDY MAX at the UERM1,

Proved to be a breath of fresh air- – AMEN2;

It excited each and every one of us in our CLAN3,

DADDY MAX accommodated HANNAH with much ELAN4!




And we all got swept off our  FEET,

As we met an alluring lady who’s statuesque and SVELTE;

DADDY5 has been reported much BORED staying at his ROOM6,

But the BOREDOM got swept by a seemingly dainty BROOM!




Though HANNAH wore a face MASK,

Her beauty cannot be hidden as MUCH;

Her eyes are truly TANTALIZING,

She’s got the OOMPH – she too has  much ZING!




Most were against it, some were a bit HUSHED;

It truly was not an opportune MOMENT,

DADDY MAX was then already in CONFINEMENT8



It took the Prexy of the UERM9 to make a DECISION,

Though it entailed some kind of DISSENSION;

Well, it was indeed a happy ACCOMODATION,

Could have broken HANNAH’s heart, if ‘twas “NO PERMISSION”…



But as it turned out and RESULTED,


For it really is DADDY MAX’s BABY10,

All about PEFTOK11, he’ll tell the pretty LADY!




When HANNAH briefed us ‘bout the INTERVIEW,

We were all the more amazed with the scope , the PURVIEW;

She even made DADDY feel like ROYALTY,

HANNAH bowed down to DADDY as though an ORDERLY…



But HANNAH truly has excellent CREDENTIALS,

She was CHIEF OF STAFF & former recorder of ANNALS;

It was at the United States CONGRESS12,

Started out as a SECRETARY involving the PRESS!




And now with HANNAH’s COMING,

We’ve added a kin, a nice COMMINGLING;

With DADDY MAX’s American BLEND,

We’ve sort of put in a KOREAN GENE!



And so HANNAH we welcome YOU,

You’ll be an AUNT to all of my KIDDO13;

And DADDY MAX will be your beloved GRANDPA,

Hope to see you in a formal BARUCH HABA14!!!!




[Legend: 1 – UERM is acronym for the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center. It actually is a hospital with a medical school.
2 – AMEN is a word of Hebrew origins which means “SO BE IT” or “IT IS TRUE”.
3 – CLAN refers to the YOUNG CLAN; our CLAN composed of Daddy Max and his wife, myself and my family and the families of my other SEVEN (7) siblings as well as the families of the children of my siblings.
4 – ELAN mean lively ENERGY.
5 – DADDY refers to DADDY MAX.
6 –  ROOM refers to the hospital room at the UERM where Daddy Max got confined after an initial diagnosis of some strain of FLU which turned out to be a case of PNEUMONIA.
7 – When the matter of the INTERVIEW to be conducted by HANNAH Y KIM was discussed among the medical doctors of Daddy Max, his own physician was actually against it as in fact, visits to Daddy Max was limited to ONLY TWO (2) per visit and that the visits must be SHORT not to exceed 10 minutes.
8 – Daddy Max was already in confinement on April 1, 2017.
9 – It was actually the President of the UERM, Dr. Romeo Divinagracia, who gave the permission for HANNAH to proceed with the interview as the medical doctors attending to Daddy Max’s needs were not then accommodating at all due to the risks of further contamination which could prejudice Daddy Max’s recovery.
10 – DADDY MAX is much engrossed in the affairs and activities at the PEFTOK which is the association of Filipino Korean War veterans and he actually treats the PEFTOK as his own BABY, so to speak.
12 – HANNAH served initially as Press Secretary, then Director for Communications and eventually as CHIEF OF STAFF to former Congressman Charlie Rangel of the United States Congress (who was Congressman for NEW YORK-Manhattan District) until his retirement in January 2017.  
13 – KIDDO is slang term for CHILDREN.
14 – BARUCH HABA is a Hebrew practice, sort of an event of a WELCOMING party.]



[My dear UP Law classmate and friend, MARIO CLUTARIO, with his soul-mate, gracious wife and marital partner MARITA when they attended the recent National Convention of Prosecutors of the Philippines which was held in Subic, Zambales. HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY BOY…MARIO CLUTARIO!]


Aries Man Personality Traits - Mystic Compatibility 


You are an ARIAN, my dear MARIO,

You are a WATER DRAGON, it’s TRUE…

And VLADIMIR PUTIN1, is of your same BREW!


Vladimir Putin Fast Facts | CNN


As a WATER DRAGON2 person,

You’re as VIGOROUS like a LION;

You’re persevering and farsighted too,

‘Twas my perception in our class at UP Law3!



Chinese Zodiac Dragon Child Personality & Traits | Chinese Zodiac for Kids


In my honest cognition, you really talked sense…

As in our Law evening classes thence,

I would attentively listen to your circumspection- –

Knowing fully well, that it’s not just mere locution!


Aries Man Personality Traits & Characteristics | SunSigns.Org


Indeed, every time you do a discourse,

My   ears as a cinch would listen, of course!

For you did not only sound so authoritative —

It’s as if you’re a pastor,  who’s gone contemplative!


Pastors Cartoon HD Stock Images | Shutterstock


And as a diligent public prosecutor4,

You’ve helped me with much vim and vigor;

Accepting my plea for an early dawn meet,

Even at your house, with my client who’s unmeek5!


Law Clerk High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy


I could not really forget that concession,

Almost breaking the rule in an investigation6;

But as you really value much FRIENDSHIP,

You even raised my esteem amongst my KITHSHIP7!


Friendship card diverse friend hands cartoon Vector Image 


And on your NATAL day, I’ll joyfully state- –

Happy BIRTHDAY!    my dear UP Law classmate;

You’ve been my secret IDOL Monsieur – – –

I’m quite amazed then, as you quaff much LIQUOR!


Birthday Caricatures |


By being absent at your BIRTHDAY PARTY,

BABES NAVARRO will be my able PROXY;

But as I am really busy for a FAMILY EVENT,

Hope you’ll find time to be at the PAGEANT!

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Greetings 2021 - wishian 





1 – Russian Federation President VLADIMIR PUTIN was born on October 7, 1952 and is therefore under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the WATER DRAGON.
2 – Water Dragon persons are known for their traits of being PERSEVERING, FARSIGHTED and VIGOROUS.
3 – Mario and I were classmates at the University of the Philippines-College of Law circa 1974-1979. I actually filed a leave of absence for a semester, and as some subjects are offered only on a yearly basis — for which reason I graduated in 1980 at the UP Law.
4 – Mario was appointed PUBLIC PROSECUTOR for the province of Rizal. There was a time when I got engaged by a client who had an earlier criminal case where a warrant of arrest was issued with no provision for bail, I asked Mario to accommodate my client’s plea to subscribe before him at his Pasig home in the wee hours of the early dawn to elude a possible arrest by the Pasig police force. This was so as the case where a warrant of arrest with no provision for bail  similarly emanated from the  Office of the City Prosecutor of Pasig City.
5 – My client then was a little bit UNMEEK as she was even boasting about the early dawn setting for her to subscribe under oath before Mar (at Mar’s very own Pasig home) in regard to the affidavits that she was to file relative to sequel criminal complaints which were filed against her. I myself was amazed by the bravado shown by my lady-client who eventually was arrested and even stayed pregnant in jail and delivered a baby while in confinement.
6 – INVESTIGATION refers to the preliminary investigation conducted by the Office of the City Prosecutor.
7 – My lady client eventually even boasted about how she earlier on, evaded arrest via the strategy of getting Mario’s accommodation to have her subscribe under oath (those affidavits) before Mario sub rosa at his residence (i.e. Mario’s Pasig Home) as early as 5:00 AM then.]