[JOVY aka JOVITO B. GAMBOL is shown here together with a guest, Ms. WENG DEGLISON, during the Law Office’s CHRISTMAS party in December 2010. HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY JOVY!!!! It would appear somewhat serendipitous that this is my 75th FUN-RHYME blog while Jovy will celebrate his 57th birthday on March 14, 2017.]



And is not a supporter of MIKE SUEÑO2;

Neither is he in favor of DIGONG3,

For he’s for MAR ROXAS4 all along!



And never ever speak of that DENOMINATION,

Which just got involved in some ALTERCATION;

For he truly feels that it’s just a CULT,

Which is amassing CASH into its VAULT!




But he has shown his true SINCERITY,

His clients have admired his nice INTEGRITY;

Instead of creating dispute between warring SPOUSES5,

He even counseled them to bury the AXES6!




He has shown his true job DEDICATION,

Even working on Sundays with much VOCATION;

And he has helped his siblings’ RELATIONS,

Gifting them even with costly COMMUNICATIONS7!




He has remained as though a man of the CLOTH8,

As he has ignored and cast out his desire to be BETROTHED9;

Perhaps, he wanted to help as many KIN;

Instead of just a wife and his own CHILDREN!





The life of JOVY is truly COLORFUL,

It has its UPS — and DOWNS just like a FALL;

But even though he has once FALLEN,

He’s RISEN up and he never felt so CREST-FALLEN!




And his lawyering has carved a NICHE,

He has drawn swords even against the RICH10;

For his advocacy is to truly help the OPPRESSED,

Just like those tenants whose lands got DISPOSSESED!



And as JOVY is almost reaching his SENIOR year,

It’s fine for him to grab a BEER11;

Though it’s not some kind of starting a VICE,

It’s just to salute a YEAR that truly was NICE!


[Photo of the the BIRTHDAY BOY, ATTORNEY JOVITO BAUTRO GAMBOL, taken at his work station.] 




[Legend: 1 – JOVY is a native of Batangas City and is a resident of SIMLONG.
2 – Just to have some RHYME, Mike Sueño’s name was used in this FUN-RHYME blog. Mike Sueño  is actually the Secretary of the DILG. Mike Sueño’s inclusion seemed relevant in relation to Jovy’s being a provinciano as the thought of local government usually evokes those local government units in the provinces.
 3 – DIGONG is President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
4 – MAR ROXAS was the standard-bearer of the LIBERAL PARTY during the 2016 Presidential elections; and Jovy drew his lot in favor of MAR ROXAS winning the polls.
5 – Jovy was engaged by a wife who has caught her hubby doing some hanky-panky. Well, instead of firing up the enmity in the wife’s broken-heart, Jovy patched up the quarrel and the spouses were so grateful to Jovy for his peace-making spiel.
6 –  The idiomatic expression actually is “TO BURY THE HATCHET” when one does a peacekeeping chore. The phrase “BURY THE AXES” was used for the purpose of achieving RHYME considering that a HATCHET is actually an AXE. 
7 – Jovy reportedly gifted one of his nephews with a Php 14,000.00 peso-worth cellphone and is paying for the matriculation even of a score of his grandnephews, actually the grandchildren of his siblings.
8 – A man of the cloth is idiom for a PRIEST.
9 – BETROTHED is to be engaged or to be pledged in MARRIAGE.
10 – Jovy’s string of cases where he would customarily serve on a PRO BONO basis  consists of cases of LAND DISPOSSESSION between rich landowners versus the tenants. And JOVY will almost always be CHAMPIONING the cause of the lowly tenants.
11 – Though Jovy is a TEETOTALER, as he seldom drinks alcoholic beverage; a sip of BEER perhaps would be worth it to celebrate the wonderful year that has passed.]

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