[The above photo is a reproduction from UNILAB’s publication of the excerpts of BIRTHDAY BOY’s (i.e. WINSTON TOBIAS YOUNG) interview conducted by a UNILAB staff. UNILAB is acronym for United Laboratories, Inc. while UNAHCO is Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company. WINSTON was among the employees-officers of the UNILAB group of companies who were feted by reason of their 40 years of dedicated service in December 2014. On August 30, 1974 WINSTON was initially hired to work as a clerk at UNILAB.  Years thereafter WINSTON was seconded/cross-posted to UNAHCO and from then on, WINSTON rose THROUGH the organizational ladder as he is now UNAHCO’s Vice-President for SUPPLY CHAIN, ADMINISTRATIVE & MARKETING SERVICES. WINSTON whom we endearingly call as JING, is celebrating his 63rd birthday today, April 1, 2017. I earlier posted this but I am now reposting it with this different CAPTIONED INTRO-PHOTO.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JING!]



He is the THIRD CHILD1 in a brood of EIGHT…

In CHINESE lore, it is said that the number 3 is FORTUNATE;

‘Tis said that the 3rd possesses mystical ability and powerful CREATIVITY- –

That’s what GOOGLE says in my research and INQUIRY,




But what I truly know is that when JING was BORN…

That was in April 1, 19542 in one early MORN;

He quickly received in his tiny hands, IN MITTENS ADORNED – –

  Those money bills from the ENTERTAINING MAHJONG TABLE,

From then on, JING seemed so really BANKABLE3 AND MERCHANTABLE!



As a child he had a special and muscled NURSEMAN4

Named CHAVEZ who was a former ARMY MAN;

JING would cling to him and would trust NO ONE – –

Except his NURSEMAN, who would have all things for him quickly DONE,

And JING would even sleep atop CHAVEZ’ chest like TARZAN’s SON!





He wanted always to be Mommy NORMA’s bag-TOTER5;

He would always want to join Mommy NORMA to DIVISORIA6 – –

As he would be happy strolling in those   festive ACCESSORIA7,

And he’d love to drink a glass of side-walk GULAMAN with much EUPHORIA!




JING graduated at the innovative University of the EAST8

With a degree in Management, which he passed with much EASE;

And after his stint in his studies in COLLEGE – –

He got the chance to work with such sufficient KNOWLEDGE,

As he studied relentlessly well and with no STOPPAGE!




And then he took the EMPLOYMENT TEST…

Which then consists of TYPING long PHRASES;

But because perhaps the STAFF-IN-CHARGE wants to see JING a LOT – –

It took him awhile to bag the available SLOT9,

And eventually he PASSED, almost like winning a JACKPOT!






He has stayed LONG ENOUGH in the company, so FAIR;

He has learned a lot and has indeed struck JACKPOT for his company and BOSS – –

And their COMPANY has never sustained any LOSS,

As lots of income went in, while they even diminished the OPERATING COST!




Indeed the COMPANY10 which JING has served with PRIDE…

Has reaped lots of laurels and lauds on the SIDE;

His tandem indeed with his ABLE BOSS RIC11– –

Has brought much success and a truly FRUITFUL EPIC,

That’s why they’ve been retained for long, unto their COMPANY, and still they’re so CLOSELY-KNIT!




[Shown above is a photo of WINSTON’s family in a JOVIAL mode taken within the premises of Daddy Max’s 19th Avenue, Murphy home. From LEFT to RIGHT: MIKE, WINKLE, RALLY, WINSTON, BAMBI and WILBUR.]  


[Legend: 1 – JING is the 3rd child of Mommy NORMA and Dad MAX. I am FIRST and WILLIAM is SECOND. In his birth certificate, JING is named WINIFREDO WINSTON TOBIAS YOUNG.
2 – JING was born on April 1, 1954 (the same birth date of WILLIAM) at our CEMBO home (CEMBO is acronym for CENTRAL ENLISTED MENS’ BARRIO) at the Fort Mckinley (now, Fort BONIFACIO) in Makati City.
3 – BANKABLE is used in this BLOG to mean as certain to bring PROFIT and SUCCESS.
4 – This NURSEMAN sort of served as JING’s babysitter and YAYO.
6 –  Our late Mommy NORMA was a frequent shopper at the DIVISORIA, a bargain haven for shoppers then until now.MOMMY NORMA was wont to doing BUY-AND-SELL trade such as buying yarns of cloth as well as pieces of cloth. THEREAFTER, MOMMY NORMA would REsell either THOSE mere pieces of cloth or TURN THEM UP AS sewn-up skirts or dresses done by her friend ALING POSANG. And any among us her kids would be joining him as though her bag-toter, as we would be clinging to her all the way unto DIVISORIA.  
7 – Upon reaching DIVISORIA, Mommy NORMA will be haggling and conversing with her loyal suppliers and we will be prancing about in nearby stalls called by those DIVISORIA traders then as ACCESSORIA.
8 – JING graduated at the UNIVERSITY of the EAST in 1974 with a degree in BSBA Major in Management.
9 – JING finally bagged the employment SLOT at UNILAB, so to speak,  and was employed as GENERAL CLERK at UNILAB after many tries at the TYPING TEST. JING got employed at UNILAB through the help of Daddy MAX’s  friend, PETE DIAZ, who was then UNILAB’s SVP. In 1981, JING got seconded to the UNIVET AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS, INC. (NOW, UNAHCO) which was UNILAB’s Animal Health Division as Credit Supervisor. Presently, JING occupies the VP post at UNAHCO for SUPPLY CHAIN, ADMINISTRATIVE & MARKETING SERVICES.
10 – The COMPANY where JING is now employed is UNILAB’s sister company, renamed as UNAHCO which is acronym for UNIVET NUTRITION AND ANIMAL HEALTHCARE COMPANY. 
11 – Mr. RICARDO ALBA is JING’s IMMEDIATE BOSS, being the able, competent, dedicated and upright President of UNAHCO. Mr. ALBA is endearingly called by his colleagues at UNILAB and UNAHCO as BOSS RIC.]

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