Happy happy birthday unto you, HER EXCELLENCY…

You’re the most admired among the CLAN-DUTERTE;

You’re exquisite and most ADMIRABLE – –

Your PULCHRITUDE derives much from you MOM, who’s BEAUTIFUL,

Who’s championing an advocacy for CANCER-CURE, ‘tis so NOBLE…

While you took some from your DAD’s RUGGEDLY SUAVE LOOKS, who seems INVINCIBLE – –

Also, some tinge of grit with the use of your FIST’S LARGE KNUCKLE!



Madame SARA was born on May 31 NINETEEN SEVENTY-EIGHT…

Popularly known as “INDAY SARA”, her nice SOBRIQUET;

A seasoned politician who’s the 15th  vice-president of our COUNTRY – –

The youngest vice president in our very own Philippine HISTORY,


  Sharp-witted and is very capable of tremendous INVENTIVENESS, much CREATING – –

She’s competent and  so amiable, though she LOVES much of DEBATING!


Madame SARA is also the Secretary of EDUCATION…

Holding the post in a concurrent capacity, a post which is truly her ASPIRATION;

As she wants to enhance and ameliorate our country’s people’s LITERACY – –


Recently named as VICE-CHAIR for the NTF-ELCAC…

The NPA rebels must now be ready to COVER and DUCK – –

For Madame SARA won’t allow our nation’s progress to be STUCK and MUCKED!



Madame SARA previously served as the mayor of Davao City from 2016 to TWENTY TWENTY-TWO…

And earlier, she served from 2010 to 2013 as chief alderman TOO;

She was Davao City’s vice-mayor too, from 2007 to TWO THOUSAND TEN – –

She’s really the most experienced politico and brightest kin to date, of the renowned DUTERTE DEN,

For GEMINIS born on May 31st are jovial, friendly and ELOQUENT, so WELL-SPOKEN…

Gemini PALS are typically curious, quick-witted and COMMUNICATIVE – –

Ideal traits of a country’s PRESIDENT, let’s push her in 2028 on TOP, and let’s start to be ACTIVE!


Madame SARA was born in Davao City, which is the largest city in the WORLD…

 Madame SARA among her siblings, I guess, is the one who’s most BOLD;

Did you see, how she punched a DISOBEDIENT COURT SHERIFF – –

 Madame SARA was trying then to iron out a landowner-informal settlers’ RIFT,

But the SHERIFF seemed a bit ARROGANT, and chose not to WAIT…

 IRKING Madame SARA, as it seemed the SHERIFF wants still a DEBATE – –

While the informal settlers for eviction then, were all in dire STRAIT!


Madame SARA is the second child to past President Rodrigo DUTERTE y ROA…

Her mother was flight attendant Elizabeth, worked at PAL, and survived a CARCINOMA;

Madame SARA’s maternal grandfather was a Jewish, who fled to PH from Nazi GERMANY – –

‘Twas indeed through the aid of MLQ, who transported to PH, each and every JEWISH REFUGEE,

‘Twas a humanitarian act conferred upon the JEWS by President QUEZON…

For which reason, the JEWS were so grateful, for such COOPERATION – –

Were it not for the interference of the US chiefs, much more JEWS got rescued via the OPEN DOORS’ NOTION!  



Madame SARA spoke once of her “love-hate relationship” with our past PRES.…

‘Twas when she was a still a stude, due to her loathing of DU30’s womanizing FONDNESS;

Despite this, DU30 still deemed Madame Sara as his favorite CHILD – –

As DIGONG placed high value on schooling of Madame SARA and her siblings, DU3o didn’t want them to go WILD,

Madame SARA attended San Pedro College, major in BS Respiratory THERAPY, and graduated in NINETEEN NINETY- NINE…

Became mayor of Davao City in 2016, and in her inaugural speech, she said she wanted to be a PEDIATRICIAN – –

Alas and ahoy… Madame SARA eventually became a PAR EXCELLENCE POLITICIAN!



Madame SARA took up a law degree at the Benedictine’s San Beda COLLEGE…

Transferred thereafter to  San Sebastian College, run by  the AUGUSTINIAN RECOLETOS, a seeming FRIARLY COLLAGE;



Both Benedict and Augustine are two founders of styles of Christian community LIFE – –

Both ministers’ groups take a vow of celibacy, thus the priest in their midst can’t have a WIFE,

Both Benedict and Augustine wrote a RULE that gave high degree of consistency to RELIGION…

With prayers uttered and recited, Madame SARA in 2005 passed the Philippine Bar EXAMINATION – –

Initially worked as court attorney at the office of past SC Justice CALLEJO, a magistrate who’s “MUY JUCIOSO y UN




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