[Left photo shows the CHIANG KAI SHEK Memorial Hall which is built within the CHIANG KAI SHEK Memorial Center and which is more popularly known as the TAIWAN DEMOCRACY SQUARE or  simply LIBERTY SQUARE. At right photo is a familiar sight at Taipei’s typical night markets which preferably are located  at the most popular SHILIN Night Market. Together with us in our TAIWAN escapade are my daughters’ BFs; Vimi Rivera, who is Shayna’s beau and Jayjay San Juan, that of Cheska. Cheska is still actually preparing a video which I intend to attach to this BLOG too. You may just click the LINK below to view the TAIWAN 2016 VIDEO. I wish to thank JEFF LIN who served as our tour guide, as he made our TAIWAN Trip truly amazing and so enjoyable.]


I never ever thought that She could offer MUCH,

 I thought an island country is not that SUCH;

But now it’s good I’ve gone to TAIWAN,

I would dare even say, She’s NUMBER ONE!*



In an hour or two you could see it THROUGH,

The EASTERN Sea **; the hot springs at BEITOU;

‘Tis the northernmost tip of the isle of FORMOSA,

That’s the former name of this island FANTASIA!



At the YEH LIOU Geopark, that’s a northernmost PART,

We danced/jumped on that BIG eroded ROCK;

And the billowing waves of the EASTERN SEA,

It was so exciting to gaze and to SEE!



The sea-salt aerosol from those billowing WAVES,

Seemed as though detergent with much cleansing RAVES;

And by inhaling them into one’s inner bronchial SAC,

It surely would make one’s lungs healthy with LUCK!



And the hot springs as BEITOU near the YANGMINSHAN PARK,

It surely could scare you off, like a gnome in the DARK;

Those tiny tinge of sulfur fumes, they’re not so harmful, in FACT—

Warm water at the public bath  could soothe an aching BACK.



At the sleepy rustic SHIFEN DISTRICT,

SKY LANTERNS abound just like in an EPIC;

With lots of ebony writings AROUND,

They’re hoisted and launched with giggling and gleeful SOUND!




At the CHIANG KAI SHEK Memorial CENTER ***,

It’s an amazing park that could perhaps even BETTER…


–For strolling through it, you’d feel like a KING!





The one at the middle possesses the biggest ORIFICE;

Perhaps because it houses the MEMORIAL —

Of TAIWAN’s greatest hero ****, as written in the ANNAL.



At one side is the huge NATIONAL Theater HALL,

On the other is the exquisite NATIONAL CONCERT HALL;

These THREE combined sort of document the DEPICTION,




Our brief stay in TERRIFIC TAIPEH,

‘Twas enjoyable indeed as though in a MOVIE;


It came as though COMICALLY LOCO!




The strolling at the SHILIN Night MARKET,

As well as the shrimp-fishing with tiny rods on SET;

Made us yelled and laughed and SHOUTED—

That’s why we got famished, even though we always FEASTED!




It was eating, munching and GULPING!

As though our stomachs have been set for ENLARGING—

And every bite, every munch, every gulp and every SWALLOW,

Was like a pleasing act of ingesting MARSHMALLOW.



At the XEMINDING Shopping AREA,

There’s a long line, a queue like an ARIA;


If you’d wolf their noodles; you leave none for the MOUSE.




Just like at the DIN TAI FUNG RESTO,

Guests-diners would even wait till its past TWO—

Their XIAO LONG BAO is so really YUMMY,

You’ll eat more, till you’ve had a distended TUMMY!



We’re grateful for JEFF LIN, that’s our GUIDE!

He’s so FUNNY and tells stories on the RIDE;

Even though while he’s driving and CRUISING—

His mouth won’t stop in all those COMMENTING!




At the TAIPEI 101-S Hotel along CHENG DU,

We’ll surely miss their luscious food especially the TOFU—

And the lady staff who’s nick-named SEVEN,

Gave us all the directions even going to 7-11!




But the most laughable moment of ALL,

Was when I scooped lots of abalone from the CASSEROLE;

And when my stomach started its CRAZY RUMBLING—

My son Ton heard the long farting sound at the W.C.’s ***** door-a-SWINGING!





This experience that we’ve gone through till day FOUR,

Is a memorable chore, that we will always ADORE;

And all those meandering and playful GALLIVANTING—

We’ll surely never forget,’cause TAIWAN’s TANTALIZING!!!!


[*-Price-wise, I would say Taiwan is the best tourist destination nowadays in ASIA. And the street-food carts at the SHILIN Night Market were so truly enticing.]
[**-EASTERN Sea is the strait which separates Taiwan from Okinawa, Japan. It is similarly known as the FORMOSA Strait or the EASTERN CHINA SEA.]
[*** – The CHIANG KAI SHEK Memorial Center is more popularly known as the TAIWAN DEMOCRACY SQUARE or simply, LIBERTY SQUARE.]
[**** – TAIWAN’s greatest hero is of course, General Chiang Kai Shek.]
[*****- W.C. is actually Taipei’s customary appellation for the TOILET, it is actually an acronym for WATER CLOSET.]


[You may just click the LINK below to view the TAIWAN 2016 VIDEO.]

















[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte still maintains the confidence of the Filipino people with more than FIVE (5) months after assuming office as he registered an “excellent” trust rating based on the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) report. There were about 1,500 adults from different parts of the country, who underwent a face-to-face interview for the Fourth Quarter 2016 Social Weather Survey conducted from December 3 to 6, 2016. This would mean that the results of the survey took into consideration the reaction of the Philippine populace as regards Pres. Duterte’s stand in the Marcos’ LNMB Burial as well as the furor created by the pestering EJK claims and charges hurled from domestic and international stations particularly the UNCHR, acronym for the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.]

Talagang REGALONG PAMASKO itong ating Presidente,

Tamang-tama siya ngayon CHRIST’s NATIVITY;

Aba eh, GRADONG EXCELLENTE otro vez;

What say you Brod George ng US Army Corps of Engineers!

Sa new SWS survey, taken after si FM ay nalibing,

 Even after Dr. Agnes Callamard’s stubborn prodding;

Na nagpupumilit ng EJK investigating,


By 2017, AGRICULTURE production malamang mag-TRIPLE,

Dahil for the FIRST TIME, irrigation fees magiging LIBRE;



Itataas ng 5.4 per cent of GDP ang INFRA spending,

Di tulad kay PNOY na 2.4 per cent lang, kasi inatupag puro SAVING;

Sabi ni DIGONG…USE IT or LOSE IT, basta!

Kapag di lahat nagasta, makakasama sa BALASA!

Pati mga iskolar ng bayan, yaong mga taga-SUCs*,

Siguradong ma-in-inspire mag-ka-GRADE ng mas mataas sa Bs;

Dahil ang TUITION nila’y magiging LIBRE,

Matapos mag-allot sa BUDGET ng Billion Pesos 8.3!

Ang magiging PRAYORIDAD sa sunod na taon,

Infrastructure, agriculture at sa rural development din ay tutuon;

PEACE and ORDER ay patuloy ding lilingapin,

Upang kapayapaan sa bansa’y malasap na din!

Pagsugpo sa KORUPSYON at tunay na paglilinis,

Seryoso itong gagampanan ng maimis;

Nakita nyo kahit fraternity brods pa sa LEX TALIONIS**,

Sinibak, tinanggal kahit na nagmalinis!

Kaya tayo sana’y MAG-KAISA na,

Tungo sa PAGBABAGO…CHANGE has come na talaga!

Iwaksi na po sana ang pamumulitika,

Ang kabutihan ng BANSA ang maging mithi sa tuwina.



[* – SUCs is acronym for STATE UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES.]
[**-LEX TALIONIS is the name of the fraternity in San Beda College of Law where President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is a member. Tow (2) of Pres. Duterte’s fraternity brothers; namely: Al Argosino and Michael Robles, who were appointed as Deputy Commissioners at the Bureau of Immigration were both SACKED/FIRED OUT for having EXTORTED Php 50 Million from CASINO magnate Jack Lam.]





[I and the members of my immediate family have included a prayer for the success of the DUTERTE Administration to bring much prosperity to our country  as well as for Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s health in this year’s SIMBANG GABI novena masses. Indeed, SIMBANG GABI masses are familiar scenes during the Yuletide season in the Philippines from December 16 until December 24,  in most of the churches in the metropolis as well as in the provinces. What has brought good news and good tidings to our country is that for the FIRST TIME, the SIMBANG-GABI was held at the Vatican. The first SIMBANG-GABI mass at the Vatican was  held at the St. Peter’s Basilica where 2,000 Pinoys braved the icy gusts of the wind on a cold wintry morning. The first-ever SIMBANG-GABI mass at the Vatican was presided by Fr. Daniel Patrick Hwang, S.J. and concelebrated by forty-one (41) other Filipino priests. The SIMBANG-GABI mass in Rome was organized by the SENTRO PILIPINO CHAPLAINCY. At the UP Chapel, where me and my family members have annually heard SIMBANG-GABI masses since many years ago, I got so inspired. This inspired-feeling came about as I have not felt the usual diminution of the church-goers this December, as the novena sort of ebbs to its lowest number of attendees by the 5th day and the 6th day of the nine-day novena (we are actually now on our 6th day). Thereafter, it would surge to its original  large number until the end of the novena, on the 9th day, the 24th of December. What appears best is that the newly-wed church-goers have gone to the extent of bringing/carrying their ruddy-faced infants/babies to the SIMBANG-GABI mass. Perhaps, the Filipino faithful including  those based in Italy are now most fervently ALSO praying for peace, posterity in our native-land; and of course, good health and longevity for our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.]



In  our annual early dawn masses, this year;

Indeed, it augurs well and it appears so dear,

That the CHURCH GOERS have not diminished in number,

That’s from the 16th  till the 21st   of December.



It would appear that the prayer warriors are getting bigger,

Praying for our country’s prosperity & success, ‘tis better;

And for President Duterte’s health to get STRONGER…

…the country’s HOI POLLOI has turned much MIGHTIER.


These CHURCH GOERS have even brought their kids,

Ruddy-faced infants in cradle were brought in by newly-weds;

Perhaps as GOD is fond with CHILDREN,

The presence of these CHILDREN is really good OMEN.




And it indeed is such GOOD NEWS,

For at the VATICAN they have peopled the PEWS;

For the EARLY DAWN MASSES, in the cold of winter…

They filled St. Peter’s Square with Pinoy folks clad in sweater. 




And the prayer warriors have gone INTERNATIONAL,

Praying here in PH and up there at the QUIRINAL;

That’s a hill in Rome where the Italian Head and his family stay,

In ITALY indeed, Filipinos are already being given decent pay.




In my rumination, my gut-feel’s GOD’s already helping,

For sans any planning, the SUCs got their long-time longing;

Free TUITION fees for all the studes of about 114 SUCs,

I’m sure the studes will study hard, to get grades higher than “Bs”!


Our country’s TAIPANS have even joined the fray,

Their donating BILLIONS of PESOS for those DRUG’s prey…

More REHAB CENTERS will be a-building,

I’m sure those thugs will not anymore be DRUGs a-joining.



And the recent SWS survey has released a report,

Eighty per cent of PINOYs made an EXCELLENT retort;

They approve of the WAR on DRUGs that our Prexy is waging,

But with the new REHABS, there could be a STOP to the KILLING…



Another sign of that splendid Divine Providence,

Is how the TYPHOONS seem to have gone in awry cadence;

They have struck TANGENTIAL avoiding the ESSENTIALS,

As though they’ve gotten the phobia to

   storm the Malacañangs*.


And even the EARTHQUAKEs which have pestered our neighbors,

They seem to be calm and soft when they’d rattle our doors;

Let’s continue to pray for our native-land,

To shower us with fortune and energize our people with much ELAN.


[* With President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s ascension as President of the Philippine Republic, there are NOW two (2) Malacañangs; ONE in Manila and ANOTHER ONE in Davao.]




[A familiar scene during the Yuletide season in the Philippines is the early morning MASS which starts at 4:00 AM  (from December 16-24) in most of the churches in the metropolis as well as in the provinces. What has brought good news and good tidings to our country is that for the FIRST TIME, the SIMBANG-GABI was held at the Vatican. The first SIMBANG-GABI mass at the Vatican was held at the St. Peter’s Basilica where 2,000 Pinoys braved the icy gusts of the wind on a cold wintry morning. At the UP Chapel, where me and my family members have annually heard SIMBANG-GABI masses since many years ago, I got so inspired. This inspired-feeling came about as I have not felt the usual diminution of the church-goers this December, as the novena sort of ebbs to its lowest number of attendees by the 5th day and the 6th day of the nine-day novena (we are actually now on our 6th day). Thereafter, it would surge to its original  large number until the end of the novena, on the 9th day, the 24th of December. What appears best is that the newly-wed church-goers have gone to the extent of bringing/carrying their ruddy-faced infants/babies to the SIMBANG-GABI mass. Perhaps, the Filipino faithful including  those based in Italy are now most fervently praying for peace, posterity in our native-land; and of course, good health and longevity for our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.]

Sa aming pag-SISIMBANG GABI ngayong 2016, nitong Disyembre —

Magandang pangitain ang mistulang nadiskubre;

Dati-rati’y umiimpis, dumadalong parishioners,

Pero ngayo’y walang mintis, patuloy na parehas  bilang ng church-goers.




Dumarami marahil ang siyang nagdarasal at nag-wi-WISH,

Para Pangulong DIGONG natin ay tunay na maging SUCCESS;

Sa darating na LIMANG taon upang tayo’y magka-PROGRESS,

At mawala na rin pati mga kustombreng pang-ELITISTS.




Dala pati nila’t bitbit mga anak nilang paslit,

Meron pa ngang iba, dala’y sanggol na cute at sweet;

Gusto marahil nga nila, ang Diyos Ama ay mapilit,

Na ulanin ng biyaya bansa nating halos ay gula-gulanit.



Isa pa ngang GOOD NEWS na aking naringgan,

Nag-karoon daw, SIMBANG GABI sa Vatican;

2,000 Pinoy na dumalo sa St. Peter’s Square…that’s just the first round*,

First time daw yan, aba ito’y something  that we can brag around!



Kaya nga ay makikitang INTERNATIONAL na ang syang movement,

Aba syempre sa SIMBANG-GABI, gusto nati’y PEACE at GOOD GOVERNMENT!

Kaya lahat tayo’y magdasal at palagiang umusal,

Kalusugan ng ating DIGONG huwag po sanang malusaw. 




Sa aking ngang pagwawari at tunay na paglilimi,

Mukhang ang DIYOS tumutulong para

maging OKEY si DIGONG;

Yong FREE TUITION sa SUCs**, hindi naman naplano yan,

Pero ngayong 2017, scholars nati’y SURE na masisiyahan.




Mga TAIPAN at OLIGARCHs natutong mag-DONATE na nga,

ALLIANCE-GLOBAL*** ay 1 BILYON ang syang itinaya;

Pati ang SMC****nag-PLEDGE ng 1 BILYON, okey na rin,

Ito’y pang-dagdag sa REHAB CENTER na na-DONATE ni Huang Rulin… 



Ang SWS survey naglabas ng ulat ukol sa DRUG FIGHT,

80 per cent pa rin ang syang APPROVAL rating na full of MIGHT;

Pero kahit na ganun, puso ni DIGONG ay naantig,


 sa KILLINGS ay di na mapasandig.



Eto na  nga ang panahon, Panginoong Diyos tumutulong,

Nakita nyo mga bagyo nitong taon sating nasyon;

Para bagang lumilihis at kung tumama’y paimpis,

Pati lindol na saan-saan dumadako, sa Pinas naman ang lakas ay tunay na manipis.


[*-The SIMBANG GABI mass is actually a NOVENA mass which starts for its first round, sort of, on the 16th of December.]
[**-SUCs is abbreviation/acronym of STATE UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES. For the first time, in so many years, students enrolled at SUCs will not be paying any TUITION fees at all.]
[***-ALLIANCE-GLOBAL is a business conglomerate in the Philippines owned by Filipino-Chinese business-tycoon Andrew Tan.Mr. Andrew Tan is into realty development and beverages.]
[****-SMC is abbreviation/acronym of one of the biggest beverage corporations in the Philippines and is more popularly known as San Miguel Corporation.]


[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced his advocacy of an INDEPENDENT FOREIGN POLICY which may have puzzled, nay befuddled, a lot of our countrymen who have been accustomed to the continued foreign affairs linkage/military alliance with the United States of America.  Though Pres. Duterte sounded off his desire to end the VFA pact, perhaps to be officially done after the usual protocol and customary process,  Pres. Duterte however explained that such kind of policy would not in any way translate to some kind of a military alliance with RED CHINA. Indeed, because of our traditional foreign policy which has looked upon the U.S. as some kind of our big brother, the Philippines virtually lost the opportune re-establishment of trade and commerce relations with China, which since pre-Spanish times have been going on, but got stymied when we became too identified with the U.S. It is a big loss indeed, as China has almost 1.5 Billion people who may surely be prospective consumers of our traditional Philippine fruit exports (i.e. bananas, pineapples, mangoes, etc.) . By next year indeed, with the lifting of the travel ban among Chinese mainland inhabitants into the Philippines; tourist arrival is expected to hike to a high of 100 per cent.]



Naguguluhan daw sa FOREIGN POLICY matter;

Na syang inilatag ng Pangulong si DIGONG,

Ukol sa  “U.S. BYE-BYE spiel” na ngayo’y dumadagundong!



Aba eh simple lang naman po yan… IGAN,

PARADIGM SHIFT po ang tawag dyan;

Mahirap talagang ispelengin kung BAGO,

Lalo na kung nahirati tayo nang TODO-TODO!



Hindi naman ibig sabihin, IDOL DODGIE,

Na kapag sa TSINA na tayo’y lumagari…

Aba KOMUNISTA na ang ating kaisipan,

“ABA’Y HINDI!”– yan ang mariing sabi ni LUCIO TAN!



Sa totoo nga at sa karanasan ngayon,

Marami ng KAPITALISTA sa RED CHINA na umusbong;

Ang tawag nga sa mga ENTREPRENEUR na ito,




Mukhang lumalabas sa simpleng ANALYSIS,

Kapag tayo’y patuloy na umalyado sa U.S.;

Pihong bibigat ang magiging sulsulan,

Ukol sa desisyon ng ARBITRAL sa NETHERLANDS.



Kung ating ipagpipilit ang nasabing DESISYON,

Baka ito’y mauwi sa madugong KONPRONTASYON;

Aanhin ang DAMO, kung patay na ang KABAYO…

Ganyan po halos ang magiging SCENARIO.



Dapat po’y solusyong PRAGMATIKO’T PRAKTIKAL,

Yong malayo po sa GUERRA na para nang PAGPAPATIWAKAL;

Kasi kung magsusumiksik tayo sa ESTADOS UNIDOS,

Siguradong tayo’y makikipag-PAMBUNO; tuluyang babagsak nang padausdos.



Ulat ng aking nabasa — 9 na bansa ang panig sa ARBITRASYON,

14 na bansa naman ang nagpahayag ng OPOSISYON;

Dahil sabi ng 14, subukan muna’y “BILATERAL TALKS”,

Upang marinig, tunay na FEELING ng mag-kabilang “FOLKS”…



Alam nyo bang 3 milyong kilometro kwadrado ang taya dito,

Eh di naman nating kayang “idevelop” ang buo nito;

Pinakamaganda’y JOINT EXPLORATION ang maging modo,

Sa laki ng lugar, lawak ng dagat… SURE na di tayo madedehado…



Ang pagkakataong ito’y magsisilbing totoo…

Pag-iibayong daan para sa mas malagong negosyo,

Ang lapit sa atin ng Bansang TSINA,

“Export-import” man, siguradong sasagana!



Nakakatakot ang ASIA-PIVOT ng Estados Unidos,

Baka yan sila’y naghahanap ng pang-tubos;

Ekonomiya nila’y kailangang yata ng BOOSTER,

Baka mag-anyong WARRING EAGLE; instead  na RED ROOSTER*…



Aba’t hindi ba’t naging palasak na,

Kapag gusto ng U.S. gumanda  ang ekonomiya;

Gagawa daw ng GUERRA kung saan

saan sila,

Pagtapos panay na gawaan ng ARMAS at BOMBA.



Ang sabi nga ng isang ANALYST,

Mabuti na ngayong sa TSINA’y kumatig;

Naituring ang TSINA bilang isang RISING POWER,

Estados Unidos naman ang syang DOMINANT POWER…



Pero batay sa kasaysayan ng bawat bantog na bansa,

Paglipas ng mga dekada, ito ay lalamya;

Mabuti nang kumalas habang DOMINANT pa,

Baka sabihing tayo’y naging OPORTUNISTA…



Dahil nga naman, kapag-bagsak at lugmok na,

Ang turing sayo’y dagang kumaripas para maligtas;

Mula sa lumulubog na BARKONG nabutas,

Pangit tingnan po talaga — di nga ba?



Kung kakabit tayo sa TSINA nang hindi pa ngayon,

At maghihintay kapag ang rurok ay SURE at NO QUESTION;

FOUL din yon at siguradong sasabihin,

Itong PILIPINAS — nakaririmarim!


 [*”RED ROOSTER” is an appellation given to one who makes or maintains PEACE.] 




[When I worked for over a decade at the Legal & Collection Department from 1986-1998 at the ALLIED BANKING CORPORATION, now merged with PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK, I got the chance to work with those efficient secretaries of the Legal Staff. Mylene Rosario Bautista (shown above with her mischievous but playful smile) was one of them. Mylene’s referral was my very first nullity of marriage case which was a relatively new mode then by reason of the enactment of the 1987 Family Code which included a legal relief to terminate marital relationships, via a new-fangled concept, which was unheard of then: “PSYCHOLOGICAL INCAPACITY”. Mylene is “comically naughty”, as she is very much prone to dishing out jokes and of crafting out playful antics and pranks. With Mylene’s untimely demise (due to a case of cerebral aneurysm which fatally struck her after attending a cheery office Christmas party on December 18, 2016), it would, I think, be  best to remember Mylene’s playfulness and comic antics. Indeed, Mylene generated lots of laughter and happy memories. I earlier promised that I would write her a BLOG. Well, this FUN-RHYME BLOG is in compliance with that promise.]


One time in ROCKWELL Center, I crossed paths with MYLENE;

She was gallivanting with joy, among her close friends—

As can be plainly seen from her skin’s sheen—

And always smiling, with her hair as though just drenched.


MHYEI is comically naughty but is a true loyal friend,

That’s the mark and character of those    born under LEO’s blend;

And the most that keeps MHYEI truly unique,

Is her dedication at work, as she performs it with effective CHIC…


I made a promise to MYLENE in that ROCKWELL encounter,

She just read then a BLOG I wrote

    in mid-November;

‘Twas about a former colleague whose name was RONIE,

MHYEI asked in playful jest if she’s worth a DITHY*…


I asked her for data, some kind of brouhaha;

As I felt she was still attune to most celebrity gossip, OH LA LA…

She always seems to be

  much current with events…

Which actress is dating & who’s at loose ends. 


And now I have to comply with that vow I promised;

And this ELEGY,  I hope would not be deemed a DIS**—

For MHYEI has always been jovial and playful too…

This poem which ought to be serious, can be fun-filled too.


As MHYEI would now be reunited with OUR LORD,

I still think MHYEI would not want us to be absurd…

A lot of things could make us happy though MHYEI has gone her way…

Still, I’m sure, she wants us all to be always happy and gay.


That’s the legacy I am sure which MHYEI wanted to bequeath…

Not to be depressed with worry, let’s wear our heart on a sleeve…

Instead of bitter weeping, let’s try some kind of yelling…

By reminiscing those jokes that MHYEI with poise, has been telling!


Let’s offer a little prayer for a true friend indeed,

To make her trip to HEAVEN with much amazing speed…

And if she gets a traffic ticket for such overspeeding…

Let’s pray to ST. PETER and say — MHYEI was actually just joking.


 [*-“Dithy” is abbreviation for DITHYRAMB, some kind of a piece of writing. ]
[**-“DIS” is an abbreviation  of “DISSING” which means some kind of disrespectful speech.]



[Gary Ramos,  messenger/liaison assistant of our extended Law Office finally exchanged marital vows with his live-in partner, Rose Ann Cahigas, in Roman Catholic rites at the San Felipe Neri Church in Mandaluyong City, Metro-Manila. It was my first time to enter the San Felipe Neri Church which I learned was built by the Spaniards  in 1863. I also learned that Mandaluyong City which is now dubbed as the TIGER CITY of the Philippines was formerly known as SAN FELIPE NERI. After I googled the INTERNET, I learned too that San Felipe Neri known in ITALY as FILIPPO ROMOLO NERI was also known as the APOSTLE OF ROME.  Originally from Florence, when FILIPPO relocated to Rome,  he began his ministy by laboring amongst the sick and poor which, in later life, gained him the aforesaid title of “Apostle of Rome”. He also ministered to the prostitutes of the city. In 1538 he entered into the home mission work for which he became famous; traveling throughout the city, seeking opportunities of entering into conversation with people, and of leading them to consider the topics he set before them. For seventeen years Filippo lived as a layman in Rome. Eventually, he was beatified on May 11, 1615 by Pope Paul V and later, canonized as as saint on March 12, 1622 by Pope Gregory VX. The cool December breeze made the surroundings inside the San Felipe Neri Church comfortably cool and the vocal renditions of songs sung by the baritone-voiced male Church singer made the atmosphere melodiously romantic. Gary’s wedding was actually a SURPRISE, as I was notified that I would be one of the TWENTY (20) PRINCIPAL SPONSORS; I think… just a couple of days before the date— and the invitation (in embossed lettering and golden trinkets)  which showed me listed as one of the aforesaid SPONSORS was handed to me when I got invited to be NINONG. Ganyan si Gary…MATINIK at MADUNONG….he,he,he… CONGRATULATIONS GARY & ROSE ANN!!!]

Ang KASALANG aking dinaluhan,

Malamyos at maginaw ang kapaligiran;

Idinaos sa simbahan ng SAN FELIPE NERI,

Pagiisang-dibdib ni ROSE ANN at ni GARY.


Matapos ng isang-taong nilang pag-“live-in”,

Nagpakasal na rin, animo’y mga bituin;

Kumalembang ng husto mga antigong kampana,

Si GARY nama’y ala artistang naka-AMERKANA!

Uy! MINT GREEN pa mandin ang kurbata ni Gary,

Naku, baka sa KARBURO ay mapatabi;

At biglang MANILAW ang NEON-type na BOWTIE,

Mahinog, pumintog at maging BUTTERFLY!


Si ROSE ANN—ang belong puti’y napakahaba…

Halos si GARY ay di magkandaugaga;

Palagi nalang nyang binibilot ang belo,

Baka matapakan at may madulas — NAKU ISKANDALO!


Ang galing naman nung paring nagkasal,

PADRE RAMON MERINO ang kanyang pangalan;

Sa kanyang homilya at taimtim na pagdarasal,

Marami kaming bagong bagay na natutunan.


Isang bagay ang kanyang lubos na ipinagbando,

Ang DIYOS ang sentro ng lahat sa mundo;

Kaya ang mga mag-aasawa’y dapat idiin…

Pagmamahala’y palagiang damdamin!


Sa luma ngunit marangyang simbahang nung 1863 naitayo,

SAN FELIPE NERI ang unang ipinangalan sa bayan… yan ang payo;

Mapupulang “poinsettia” kinulapol sa altar,

Lalong kuminang sa mga matatangkad na Christmas trees, ang mga STAR!


Tinawag at itinanghal na APOSTOL NG ROMA,

Si SAN FELIPE’y naging patron noon ng mga may-sakit, mga dukha pati mga puta;   

Karaniwang pulutong ng mga salat sa lipunan,

Kawangki  ng hilatsa ng lipunan sa ating mahal na bayan!


Noong matapos na ang pagpapayo ni PADRE MERINO,

Matapos na sila’y parehong nag- “I DO”;

Aba laking gulat; biglang hinablot ang sarili nyang belo,

Nitong si ROSE ANN, animo’y nagmamadaling mag-KISSING kun todo!


O! ako naman ay naipareha sa seksing


CHECHE ang ngalan…siya’y NINANG

    ng dalawa;

NINONG din ako, KUMPADRE ang tawag ni CHECHE sa akin aniya,

Pero matapos ang KODAKAN sumibat na agad siya…


Baka kako may SESYON siyang dadaluhan,

Kaya’t nagmamadali matapos mag-paalam;

Sesyon sa munisipyo o baka kaya’y sesyon ng madyongan,

Sori KUMADRE!– Yan kasi ang usong sesyon sa bahay ng tatay kong “RETIRED ARMY MAN”!!!