[The leadership style of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte appears to fit into a T the requirements of domination and clout to effectively eradicate the DRUG menace, thwart government corruption and reduce criminality in our Philippine nation. As I have earlier postulated, the Filipino psyche needs an authoritarian leader  who ought to instill some degree of fear, before total obeisance is had to obey the law  and keep the peace and order (most especially when you are dealing with those who are mischievous and lawless). With DU30, as our incumbent President, it would augur well perhaps to allow him the chance to prove his worth and his very style of governance. Others have looked upon DU30’s emergence as our country’s leader as some stroke of Divine Provenance — a gift to our nation. Indeed, the best gifts are not those wrapped in golden trinkets….]


 Is it a flaw or just plain saw?

Filipinos indeed will not forgo!

A frame of mind, or a vote in line;

For a candidate, whom they think is fine.

They say, PINOYS are so litigious,

Just check the nearest clerk of court;

You’ll see a list; it’s so atrocious,

A lot of cases; a long report.

A petty case when it is filed,

Surely will reach the highest tribunal;

They’ll say that it’s the principle which got defiled,

They’ll wait for it, written in an annal.

And when it speaks of a grand election,

For President and senatoriables;

After the canvassing’s termination,

They’re still at it; as though pitching balls.

Even if the election got just ended,

They’re still at it, as though polls just started;

Pillorying the candidate they do not want,

And praising to high heavens, their bet’s bouffant.

They’ll say that there indeed was cheating,

And will not respect the COMELEC’s counting;

Some’ll even pretend that they voted for him,

Saying…”what a disappointment”, it’s sort of grim.

From Aguinaldo’s time till that of PNOY,

It seems Filipinos came into strange colloquy;

Always divisive and full of strife,

When will our nation attain full-united LIFE.

This time of DUTERTE, it’s just the same prey,

DUTERTE is pummeled, like a thug in a fray;

Even dubbed as a PSYCHOPATH,

As though, these critics want a bloodbath.

 F. Sionil Jose said in his peroration,

Nothing good will happen to our nation;

If DUTERTE is killed or just even ousted—

Revolution, indeed, has just truly started.

Jose’s spiel must be fully supported,

It’s DUTERTE’s revolution for our own kindred;

His ascendance to power is indeed unique,

An administration which is truly first non-oligarchic…

So to you, my KITH and KIN,

Please be sober in your thought and mien;

If not for DUTERTE, I tell you true,

Our country’s posterity will be black and blue.

Let’s give him a chance; not just a perchance,

For the way to reform is not done like a dance;

We’ll have to support — truly help DIGONG,

For our state is at stake, where we all BELONG!

So, let’s stop all PARTISANSHIP,

To steady and strengthen our KINSHIP;

It’s our final and last streak to GREATNESS,

PHILIPPINES-it’s our people’s only NEST!

Speech of Daddy Max at the ATENEO (October 27, 2016-Leong Hall Auditorium)


 [Top right photo shows Daddy Max attired in the traditional white Filipino barong tagalog with the PEFTOK logo stitched on the right chest portion of the barong. Bottom right photo is a group photo showing the assembly of guests to the Korean Studies’ Conference which included Fmr. Speaker Jose De Venecia, the South Korean Ambassador, officers of the PEFTOK and officers of the Korean Studies Program, the Department of Political Science and Department of History of the ATENEO. Bottom left photo shows Daddy Max having a photo opp after receiving the certificate of appreciation for the delivery of his speech on his Korean War experience with ATENEO’s academic community officials. Middle left photo shows a distant shot (just as to capture the overhead monitor showing Daddy Max’s  picture, as an Army First Sergeant, and his GOLD CROSS medal for his daring Korean War feat) with Daddy Max delivering his speech (which centered on his Korean War experience as member of the 10th BCT-PEFTOK) shown at the extreme bottom left portion thereof. Top left photo shows Daddy Max with a family who attended the Conference and who asked Daddy Max for a souvenir photo.] 

Good morning! Thank you for coming today, as I narrate my life as a simple Filipino army soldier. But I am a proud Filipino soldier of the PHILIPPINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE to KOREA, better known as    PEFTOK.

I am Major Maximo Purisima Young, Philippine    Army, Retired. I began serving our beloved   Philippines as a soldier when the Second World War broke out in 1941. I was conscripted by the USAFFE for military    service after     Japan attacked the Philippines on December 8, 1941.  USAFFE is acronym for United States Army Forces in the Far East. I have served our beloved country and fought for the defense of freedom and democracy in three wars: World War 2, the Korean War    and the Vietnam War.

I fought her domestic enemies, the communist Hukbalahap and its   successor, the New People’s Army, from the 1940s to the 1960s.I have been shot at and shelled. I have seen my friends die in battle and have killed my country’s enemies, in turn. But by the grace of God, I am still here. 1 am now 94 years young.

Yes, I, Major Max Young, am 94 years young. AND I HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. You can tweet me at @maxpyoung.

But I am not  the only example of PEFTOK longevity. Some of my other  comrades in PEFTOK are also over 90. The oldest, I think, is 100. There are    fewer than 1,353 PEFTOK veterans   left     alive today. 1,353 out of the 7,420 eager        young men who set foot in Korea six decades   ago to fight     in their country’s first     foreign war.

Let me FIRST share with you my war experience during the Second World War…I was never wounded. I was captured once, but escaped from the Japanese   camp together with other     Filipino patriots. I faced death against the Japanese forces   who sank the MV Legaspi where I was   a crew member and who took me prisoner. MV Legaspi, was transporting    supplies and Filipino soldiers from the Visayas  to Luzon to fight the Japanese when it was sunk off   Puerto Galera, Mindoro by two (2) Japanese warships.

After the war, I was awarded the U.S. Silver Star, the United States Armed Forces’ third highest military decoration for valor, for my service as crewmember of the MV Legaspi.

And in Korea, my unit, the 10th Battalion Combat Team, was the most  bloodied among all five (5) BCTs that served in Korea. The 10th accounted for over half of all Philippine casualties in the Korean War — 112 KIA, 229 WIA, 16 MIA and 41 POW.

And in Vietnam, I was designated as Military Advisor of the Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support Group or CORDS. I was  invalided  home from injuries I suffered after almost being captured by militia men of the North Vietnamese Army.

Now, let me tell you about  my beloved   PEFTOK.  PEFTOK was born in an era where patriotism was so powerful as many Filipinos then were willing to sacrifice  their lives for Inang Bayan. Over one million Filipinos did just that in World War 2. I would have been one of them but for the grace of God, I survived. PEFTOK was born in an era when Filipino men were deemed as true warriors. Filipino men of my era were hard men with guts of steel.

The men I fought   with, both against  the Japanese during the Second World War and the North Koreans and the Chinese communists during the Korean War,   were fiercely patriotic  men. Their patriotism was a living force   that  imbued their total being. Love for country was only next to love of God. That is how they endured particularly the three (3) brutal years   of the Japanese occupation which happened before the Korean War.

PEFTOK, to me, is the embodiment of Filipino patriotism. We fought   in Korea because we were proud for the honor to represent our country in the world’s first war against    godless   communism. And many of you perhaps will be surprised that tens of thousands of Filipino men volunteered to fight in Korea. Many of these   patriots  were ordinary civilian     men without military experience. Many others were    brave Filipino   guerrillas      that fought against    the Japanese. Many of them were teenagers.

Such  was the power of patriotism in the 1950s. But only  7,420 were chosen. With this, perhaps the challenge unto the youth of today is to muster and display that noble kind of patriotism. Clearly, not through WAR, but for the youth to evince love for country by according respect for authority, our national leaders.

Our commander in the 10th BCT was the late Colonel Mariano Azurin. The 10th was   the only Philippine Army tank battalion. In the Philippines, we had a company of American made tanks. We arrived    at Busan aboard  a U.S. Navy troop transport, the MS ANTOLAK, after a rough  four day voyage.

We set foot on Korean soil  on September 19, 1950. There were 1,400 of us in the battalion. The BCT was  met  by a band playing loud music which I can not now recall. We felt like heroes being welcomed    home.

When we arrived, Korea then was  experiencing its coldest    winter. We pitched our tents on an open field and many of us – me included – woke up with water  snakes in our tents. The   snakes apparently fled     the cold and sought warmth beside our     bodies.

Busan then was  a world  away from Busan now. When we arrived, the port  was a fortress geared  for war. It was  at Busan that we first came face-to-face  with frightened and thin Korean refugees, many of them children, begging us for food. One of my  enduring  memories of my first month in Korea was the seemingly unending  stream of Korean refugees fleeing the fighting. And there seemed    to be so many parent-less children among these   refugees.

It was     heartbreaking. We had  seen such sights here during the brutal Japanese occupation in our country from 1942 to 1945. Poverty was widespread after the war ended in the Philippines on September 15, 1945. The war devastated  our industries, ruined  our farms and made  many Filipinos  destitute. And    here we were in Korea, a thousand miles from home, witnessing a tragedy many of us hoped we   would never see again. We then moved into North Korea  as part of the United   Nations counter-attack that almost destroyed  the North Korean People’s Army. At the outskirts   of the town of Miudong in North Korea, the battalion fought  its first   pitched battle, this against  a North Korean   battalion. ‘’The Battle of Miudong’’   was the   first  battle fought, and won, by Filipino soldiers on foreign soil.

At the time of this victory, I was a First Sergeant and a Tank Platoon Commander of the Reconnaissance Company. I commanded five M24 Chafee light tanks each armed with a 75 mm gun. Our secondary weapon was a .50 caliber heavy machine  gun mounted atop the turret. The task  given our battalion was  to clear  and secure the town of Singye  inside  North Korea  just above the 38th Parallel. We moved out  towards  Singye in a long column early     in the morning.

We were then hit by heavy file fire from North Korean soldiers dug  on along the forward slopes of hills on our right flank. I could not  see the enemy positions from inside  the tank. My gunner was yelling  at me to tell him where to aim        the tank’s 75mm cannon. There was  only one thing to do. I flung open the turret    hatch, clambered out of the turret, braced my feet against the metal hull and fired  the big .50 caliber machine    gun at the enemy positions.   The machine gun had no gun shield and I was fully exposed to enemy fire that continued   to strike my tank. I fired and aimed   at the enemy foxholes and watched the big .50 caliber rounds   tear up the ground around those positions. I saw some of the enemy fall while others fled  their  trenches. The sound of my fire apparently roused our pinned down infantry, who rallied and began to pour heavier fire onto the disorganized    North Koreans.

The North Koreans ran. Our men chased  the retreating North Koreans into Singye whose defenders, two battalions, fled before our attack. We   counted 42 enemy dead. We estimated some  100 more could have been wounded. We lost one man who got killed and a few wounded. I later learned this battle was witnessed by several high ranking officers from ATOP A HILL, of the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division and some foreign officers. They later congratulated          me.

I also received a  ‘’WELL DONE’’ from my battalion commander, Col. Mariano Azurin, and our Executive Officer, Major   Delfin Argao. I was awarded a battlefield   commendation for my role in the Battle of Miudong.

Over 50 years later, I belatedly was conferred the Philippines’ Gold Cross Medal for this combat. The Gold Cross  is awarded only for gallantry in action and is the Philippines’ fourth highest  military award.

Back to the Korean War… as the Korean winter set in,  it was     the coldest  in 200 years with temperatures well below freezing LEVEL. Then, the Communist Chinese intervened militarily. On November 25, 1950, the People’s  Republic of China sent more than 200,000 men in what  it termed as the ‘’Chinese     People’s Volunteer Army’’ (the “CPV”) against the  United Nations Command (the “UNC”). The CPV  ‘’volunteers’’ were battle hardened  regular soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army. They quickly defeated  both the US Eight  Army and the US   Tenth Corps near  the border   of North Korea and China.Advancing  southward, the CPV re-took Pyongyang and Seoul within the year.

The 10th BCT retreated with the UNC in this harsh winter of defeat, which men of the US Army derisively called ‘’The Big Bug    Out.’’ The 10th BCT spent its   first Christmas in Korea at the town of Suwon south of the Han River during the retreat.

When the UNC launched its counter-attack in February 1951, the 10th went on the offensive. In March and April 1951, the battalion was in continuous action, capturing hill after hill from the Communist Chinese. By  April 14, 1951 the 10th was the northernmost of all UNC units. We were exhausted after close to two months of non-stop fighting but were in high morale. The battalion was down to some 900 men.

Then came the great Battle of Yuldong. The Battle of Yuldong is the greatest Filipino victory in the Korean War. It was   one of many battles fought by the UNC in an effort to repel the biggest  offensive of the Korean War: the communist’s ‘’Great Spring  Offensive of 1951.’’The CPV   and NKPA (“North Korean People’s Army“) had massed some 400,000 men for this mammoth counter-attack. Their aim was to end the WAR     with a decisive communist   victory. The 10th BCT was  ordered  to defend a three-mile segment of Line Utah, the northernmost  UNC defensive line inside North Korea. The enemy assault that triggered the Battle of Yuldong came under cover of darkness during the early dawn of April 23, 1951. An entire Communist Chinese  army of 40,000 men struck hasty defensive firing positions, while there were only 900 Filipinos defending that line.

In hours of savage, close quarter combat, we prevented the Communist Chinese from overrunning our positions, thereby putting a fatal brake on the communist’s advance. By 6:00 am of April 23, 1951, the 10th BCT was only one of only two (2) UNC units on the Western Front not overrun or wiped     out by the tremendous Chinese    assault. In standing firm at Yuldong, the grossly outnumbered Filipinos helped prevent the Communists from winning    the Korean War. As it turned out, the defeat of their Great Spring Offensive forced the communists to open peace talks with the United Nations   Command.

Mine has been a life well lived. It has been a purposeful and quite an exciting one. What has sustained my health and vigor for over NINE  (9) decades has been love of country. And love of family. I have been blessed with eight (8) loving children who grew up on the war stories of their Daddy Max.

And—–wonderful grandchildren who love their Lolo Max.

I have been married three (3) times. First, was during the Second World War which ended in DIVORCE as during that time, DIVORCE was still valid in the Philippines. Then, with the mother of my eight (8) loving children who passed away  in 2001. And now with my 3rd wife, Mercy, to whom I was married in 2003.

I am  a proud to be a Filipino Soldier. And a Filipino father. And a Husband. I am a proud PEFTOKER. Once more, I wish to rouse the patriotic spirit in all of you. You are all blessed and lucky as all of you, have lived through life without experiencing WAR. And I am lured into coming out with a thought-provoking query for the young ones who are here today: “HOW CAN I NOW DISPLAY MY PATRIOTISM FOR MY BELOVED COUNTRY.”  Finally, I wish to thank the South Korean government as on July 27, 2016, I received the FIRST TAEGEUK ORDER OF THE MILITARY MERIT MEDAL from the Prime Minister of South Korea, the highest military decoration for valor of South Korea.Live long and prosper.

Thank you very much. And good day to all!




[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has repeatedly echoed the call for UNITY. If we Filipinos really love our country, we have to cast out partisan politics and look and focus into the greater goal of achieving peace and prosperity for our INANG BAYAN. DUTERTE has been elected in a fair, honest and clean elections. As a noble act of patriotism, we ought to respect the mandate and allow him the chance to prove himself as a “messianic” leader to those who believe that his election was an act of Divine Providence. His administration is just 4 months old. Let us give him the tenure to which he is entitled under our Constitution. Let us all support him and pray for his success as it will be a success for our INANG BAYAN too.]

Marami ngayong umaarte,

Binoto daw  si DUTERTE;

At ngayon daw ay masama…

Loob nilang puro daw pasa!


Bakit nga daw nagkaganoon,

Daily KILLINGS”  naglimayon!

Aba, ahoy…ano ka ba?

Nandoon ka ba sa LUNETA?


Hindi nga ba’t kanyang sabi,

Turno nya’y totoong “BLOODY”;

Wika naman ng balana,

DROGA’Y salot, dapat isumpa!


Ngayong sinusugpo n’ang DROGA

Bakit IGAN, umuurong ka…

Dati ba’y di mo alam meron kang kaanak?

Na tunay palang bumabatak?


Subalit ngayo’y wag  ng mag-“worry”,

Ang TSINA’y nagpatayo na sa Norte;

Malawak na REHAB Center,

Sa mga “addict” mag-“ca-cater”!


Ano pa bang gusto ninyo,

Sa “public” nga’y binibisto!

NAME-SHAME” ang tawag nya doon;

Mga DRUG LORDS, nila-“lampoon”!


Kaya ba yan ng BINOTO nyo,

Na mag-“declare” sa entablado;

Druglord doon; druglord dito!

Sinama pa nga si COLANGCO!



Nilimpya nya’t minabuti;

Inalis ang dating “STIGMA”,

“Puppet” daw tayo kasi ng Amerika!


Sa akin po lamang paningin,

Nilalaro’t gina-“juggling”;

Upang ang U.S. policy,

Ay mag-“adjust”…oh, let us see!


Kasi nga– bakit nga naman,

Kung tayo ay pagtuunan;

Parang TOTOY na laruan,

Hila tayo sa ngusuan!


Kaya’t ang US spokesman,

Tunay na nagulumihanan;

Kaya’t paulit-ulit ang saysay,

PH-US linkage daw …OLRAYT…OKAY!


Alam naman nila kasi,

6-year term lang si DUTERTE;

Kaya magtitiis na lang,

Kahit na mapag-murahan!




Ngunit mga KANO’y siyempre,

Dinededma, kunwa’y OKEY…


Dahil sa totoo lang pala,

PINAS ay “strategic place”;

Kaya’t murahin man sila,

They’ll never go; they’ll keep the pace.


PINAS ay sentro sa ASEAN

Malapit  sa CHINA Mainland,

Kaya Asian-pivot, ng STATES;

Kailangan ang PH…”no matter what it takes”!


Kaya mga kabayan ko,

Huwag na tayong magtalo-talo;

Apat na buwan pa lang naman,

Let’s give him chance, mag-PRAY tayo!


Ang totoo siya’y nahalal!

16 milyong boto’y tinanghal,

Wag po naman sanang maging hangal;

Isiping si DIGONG ay isang BANAL…


Kaya LET’S DO IT…sabi ng NIKE!

Suportuhan natin syang palagi….

Isa lang ang  bansang dinggin;

Ito’y sayo, sakin…sa buong lipi natin!





























[This is a comparative presentation of the BPO industry in the Philippines and in India, which was culled from 2012 figures yet. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and is more commonly referred to as the CALL CENTER Industry. There is stiff competition between the Philippines and India in this CALL CENTER trade, but the Philippines earned some edge as the accent of the Pinoys is more palatable, they say. Though a million employment got generated, there are a lot of downsides too. It is bruited about that most call center agents are drawn into engaging in “un-safe” casual sex, and of venturing into DRUGS just as stay awake all night. Those agents are wont to say that, their job is the DULLEST  and that they have to spice it up with DRUGS and SEX. Recently however, a Japanese expert has prognosticated the possible imminent end of the use of human beings to act as call center agents and that the job will have ROBOTS as replacement. And for the humans, to be employed in less-toxic and more enjoyable trade.]



Huwag naman po sanang umalis,

Itong  call-centers na lawiswis*;

Marami pong natulungan,

Isang milyon po’ t dalawang daan.


Ang dami ngang na-empleyo;

Halos mga Kano ang nag-THANK YOU!

Ang galing daw nating  PINOY,

Ang “accent” daw ay “WONDER-PHOOEY”!


Pero naman, bakit  ganun,

Daming buntis ang umusbong;

Nag-“tso-tsongke” pa ang iba,

Baka nga nag-SHA-SHABU pa!


Kasi nga daw’y nabuburyong,

Kailangan gising ka “UNTIL DAWN”;

Dullest job”, nga daw po ito!

Sobra sa walo, kulang sa PITO!


Sa totoo nga po naman,

Ang hirap makipag-puyatan;

Tapos nang WORK, dating ng DAWN,

Takbo sa BEER GARDEN,  sa kanto dun.


Kasi, kelangan daw munang malasing,

Upang makatulog nang mahimbing;

Kahit malaki po ang suweldo,

Toxic at health hazard daw po ito!


Sabi ng isang Japanese na EKSPERTO,

Lapit nang mag-wakas ang eksenang ito;

Call center agents ay papalitan,

Ipapalit ay ang ROBOT-MAN!


Ipagdasal nating tunay,

Sa pag-balik mula  NIPPON-BANZAI;

Si Digong, na ating PANGULO,

May bit-bit na ROBOT-MAN,  isang   libo!


Ang ibig ko lang po’y dinggin,

Marahil sa PH-CHINA business deal;

Yaong mula B.P.O.’y titilapon,

Sasaluhin ng CYBERZONE!


Kapag gumamit ng ROBOT;

Mga I.T. expert ay lalahok,

Aba! tayong Pinoy ay magagaling;

Lalo na’t computer-engineering!



Kaya’t sana’y huwag mawalan,

Ng pag-asa kapag kuwan;

Ang DIYOS natin at Maykapal!

Hindi tayo kakaligtaan!

 [“Lawiswis” is a TAGALOG term which  means BREEZY or BREEZE in English. I used the term LAWISWIS to describe the CALL CENTER trade, as it seemed that it came and emerged as though a BREEZE, which popped up and could eventually popped out soon. Let us not look upon such a scenario, as though it is the END OF THE WORLD. It ought to be remembered that ADVERSITY begets OPPORTUNITY.]















[For years before the Spaniards arrived in our midst, there already was an ongoing trade between Manila and China. It is high time indeed that we revive that trade relationship. The photo at left gives an account of what was termed as the SAMPAN Trade which featured trade with Chinese merchants and Spaniards in Manila. The depiction at the right photo features the profile of CHINA-ASEAN trade in 2014. It is high time too that Manila should take the lion’s share in that trade with the business opportunities opened up by Pres.Duterte’s recent trip to CHINA.]


It’s good that the opportunity arrived,

For full trade relations with CHINA;

The PRE-HISPANIC nexus has thus come alive!

Which will surely be good for Manila.


With CHINA’s 1.5 Billion population,

It  will be much benefit for our nation;

Exporting bananas from our plantation,

Will bring IN much denomination!


And mangoes too will be demanded,

For it’s so sweet; so luscious indeed;

For every fruit that will be sold,

Its appeal will continuously be foretold.


And even our good nata de coco,

Will  surely be  a good sell, per kilo!

They say that it has some healthy benefits;

That’s the gist of a Japanese expert’s speech.

One point five billion mouths to bite,

The succulent banana or our Formosa pinya is good delight;

Our sugar industry will be prancing!

As a lot of sweet tooth will be truly cavorting…

Alas! ahoy …our TOURIST trade!

Will surely experience an upward grade;

5 million tourists from CHINA per year,

It’s just a start; it surely will go high gear!


Sales of everything will go booming!

As Chinese tourists will go shopping;

And it’s a must that we must learn,

We ought to be conversant in Mandarin!


Language courses will thus sprout,

As those Chinese dialects become devout—

Cantonese, Mandarin and Fookien;

We’ll even “SINO-FY” our face & mien!


The distance too is so attractive,

For it’s so near, not far indeed…

The easy travel from Manila to China;

Like a “slomo” trip, sort of, “kinda”…


So, we ought to praise DUTERTE…

For it was he who caused the SHIFT,

And surely CHINA will bring a gleeful ARIA;

A nice refrain to our SONATA!


SONATA indeed for it’s pure music!

Just like Manila’s Chinatown  near Meisic,

For it’s symphony when two (2) Orientals;

Would blend in trade FOR  wherewithals!




















Photo shows SOKOR’s highest military decoration, the TAEGEUK Cordon.


The First Class Taegeuk Cordon of the Order of Military Merit is the highest decoration for military bravery and valor awarded by the government of the Republic of South Korea. Those who are eligible to receive this highest military decoration are the members of the armed forces of the Republic of South Korea. This highest decoration is conferred as well to citizens of its allies-nations particularly those who courageously and daringly joined in the KOREAN WAR, to regain South Korea’s DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM.



[Photo above shows my 97-year old DADDY MAX rendering a SNAPPY HAND SALUTE in honor of the KOREAN WAR heroes (before the KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL PYLON in Seoul) during his 5-day speaking tour-stint in South Korea from June 27, 2019 till July 1, 2019.]


Among the most notable recipients of this highest military decoration are the following personalities with their corresponding role in the fight for freedom and democracy during the 1950 Korean War:


  • Young-Oak Kim – Colonel, United States Army – a highly decorated U.S. Army combat veteran of World War II and the Korean War and a civic leader with humanitarian disposition. He was born in Los Angeles but with Korean parentage;
  • Hllitzenberg-usmc
  • Homer Litzenberg – General, United States Marine Corps – a decorated Lieutenant General in the United States Marine Corps, who served in Haiti, the World War II, and the Korean War. His final rank was awarded at his retirement for his valor in battle;
  • William Westmoreland – General, United States Army – a United States Army general, who most notably commanded U.S. forces during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968. He also commanded the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team in operations in Korea during the Korean War from 1952 to 1953;
  • Frank_F_Everest
  • Frank Fort Everest – General, United States Air Force – the commanding general of the Fifth Air Force, Far East Forces, during the Korean War in May 1951. Through his efforts, the Fifth Air Force was able to attain, and maintain, air superiority over the enemy;
  • Horace Robertson – Lieutenant General, Australian Army – was a senior officer in the Australian Army who served in the First World War, the Second World War and the Korean War. He was one of the first graduates of the Royal Military College, Duntroon, to reach the ranks of major general and lieutenant general;
  • Bill Speakman VC – Sergeant, British Army – a former British Army soldier and a recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He was the first person to receive such an honor from Queen Elizabeth II. On  November 4, 1951 during the  Korean War, when the section holding the left shoulder of the company’s position had been seriously depleted by casualties and was being overrun by the enemy; on his own initiative, he collected six men and a pile of grenades and led a series of charges. He broke up several enemy attacks, causing heavy casualties and in spite of being wounded in the leg continued to lead charge after charge. He kept the enemy at bay long enough to enable his company to withdraw safely;
  • Lee Han-Lim– Lieutenant General, Republic of Korea Army- He received the Taegeuk Medal, the highest honor for Korean soldiers, and a Silver Star from the United States, for successfully repelling Chinese troops as the 9th Division commander, during the 1950 Korean War.




On July 27, 2016 added to the roster of the most notable recipients of the highest military decoration of the Republic of South Korea (perhaps, the first Filipino as recipient)  was the name of Daddy Max. As was officially reported in the Facebook page of the Embassy of the Philippines based in Seoul, South Korea is the following account:

A Filipino veteran who distinguished himself in battle in the Korean War was awarded South Korea’s highest military decoration for bravery and valor in ceremonies commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the signing of the 1953 Armistice Agreement held on Wednesday, 27 July 2016 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park.


Maj. Maximo Purisima Young was accorded the 1st Class of the Taegeuk Cordon of the Order of Military Merit for his selfless sacrifice and outstanding service in a citation signed by South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Maj. Young, who was not fit to travel, was represented at the ceremonies by his son, Atty. Walter Young.

10bct-fighting tenth

Young was part of the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT) that arrived after a four-day journey at sea at Busan port on 19 September 1950, the first of five (5) BCTs in the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) to serve in the Korean Peninsula until 1955. The Philippines was the first Asian country and the third UN member-state to send combat troops to the Korean War.


Men of the 10th BCT on the march in Korea.


“On 11 November 1950, Young’s Armored Tank Division was pinned down in an ambush in their first armed encounter on foreign soil. He took the machine gun atop the tank and killed 42 members of the North Korean People Army, helping the 10th BCT defeat two enemy battalions in the Battle of Miudong (Miuri), the first battle won by the Philippines on foreign soil.”




[Bagamat marami ang nagulat at nag-alboroto sa ginawang proklamasyon ng Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte ukol sa “SEPARATION” mula Estados Unidos; marami din naman ang natuwa dahil kailangan ding daw gulatin at mag-silbing “WAKE UP CALL” sa Estados Unidos ang mistulang hindi parehas na pag-trato sa PINAS ng Estados Unidos ukol sa usaping FOREIGN AID. Ang sabi ng mga mahilig din sa mga ma-aanghang na pananalita ni Pangulong DIGONG… “mukhang tsina-tsani tayo ng mga KANO”.]

Lumabas na’t dumagundong,

Proklamasyon sa separasyon!


Humingi tuloy ng litrato.


Litratong kung ano nga ang—

Kahulugan noong anghang,

Na binigkas ni Duterte—

Pati JAPAN naturete!


Ang sabi ay, hindi naman…

Dili “divorce” “separation” lang!

Kaya WHITE HOUSE ay nabigyan…

Kunting “good news” pumailanglang!


Pero maraming komentaryo…

Naglabasan  sa mga dyaryo,

Ani iba… “Kasi mga Kano,

Tsina-tsani ang Filipino!”


Nagulantang yaring tanan,

Tunay na nagumilahanan;

EGYPT pala’y nakalasap—

49 Bilyon dollars; ang sarap!


Pero tayong mga PINOY,

Ginawa tayong mga totoy!

Sobrang sang siglo tayong sinakop,

Di natin natikman kainamang salop!


Ang PAKISTAN pati pala—

Umani ng sangkaterba!

One point five BILLION bawat taon;

Bakit ganyan; bakit ganun!


Sa totoo lang at sa’king wari!

DIGONG gusto lang mangyari…

U.S. ay magmuni’t mag-“emote”;

At wag sanang mag-kuripot!


At wag kayong magbalat-sibuyas,

Bagkus kayo’y magkaka-balbas;

Sa pag-aantay kay DUTERTE,

Tiyak sya’y di mag-so-SORRY!


Nakita nyo’t pinalabas,

Ang utos nyang: “YOU GO, GET OUT!”;

Kaya’t ang mga U.S. businessmen,

Tawag “meeting”, OMIGOSH!…amen!


Kaya’t  itong aming DIGONG!

Presidente naming bugtong;

Huwag kayong pahara-hara,

Baka kayo ay mamura!!!!









[I started writing BLOGS a year ago after I was initially lured by my sister-in-law, Amy G. Young, and ultimately cajoled into it by my UP Law classmate, IDOL JC aka JOSE CAMANO. Though my BLOGS centered on FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP and FUN; the state into which present political developments  in the Philippines have been canalized, eventually enticed me to write about political affairs and events which I feel would also be within the ambit of family. Understandably, I truly feel, family is the basic political unit. I came up writing FUN RHYME BLOGS to sort of  mitigate the attendant sting which usually is infused in most political journals and,  to make FUN not WAR. The photo above actually depicts the spirit of my BLOGS. This was taken in Japan where my FAMILY went on a tour last year (December 2015) to visit and bond too with a Japanese FRIEND. And the trip was so much FUN.Incidentally, though I am a litigation lawyer and would be accustomed to register this new-fangled title, nay idea, of a FUN RHYME BLOG with our patent office, I felt too that it’s a bit PETTY.Thus I opted to just write this specific BLOG to announce to all and sundry that it was WALTER TOBIAS YOUNG (as depicted through the first letter of each line which reads, well—WALTER TOBIAS YOUNG) who started this thing called—FUN RHYME BLOG.He,he,he…]


With the way technology is ZOOMING;

All kinds of tactics ought to be CHOSEN—

Loving to convey the message to ALL,

The social media has now taken the TOLL!

Everyone it seems has grown into a NETIZEN;

Riding & surfing the INTERNET, it would SEEM—




To stay unconnected to TWITTER or FACEBOOK;

Oh, what a loss, you ought to take a LOOK!

But once I was doubtful if I’d have the TIME,

Im in fact surprised now, as even past bed TIME–

All of my eyes are focused on messages; reading ‘em line after LINE!

So forceful indeed, social media has reached its PRIME!




Yonder still would we see, the good effects of “CYBER-NITY”–

Over the objection of some squawking PERSONS shouting, short of OBSCENITY;

Under-aged minors, they say, are led to PORNOGRAPHY!

Nothing however could fill the goal of EDUCATION,

Google thru INTERNET indeed, is TOPS, no one can surely QUESTION!





[At top left is a group photo showing Daddy Max at center; from L-R, Alee who is presently freshman at the ATENEO, Shane and Cheska (both graduated at UP), Daddy Max, myself, and Anthony, who graduated from the ATENEO with a European Studies degree.Bottom left is the official seal of the ATENEO , with its central symbol, the shield of Oñaz-Loyola, a device used by many Jesuit organizations. The shield is gold, divided vertically. To the viewer’s left is a red and gold blendy of seven pairs – seven red bars on a field of gold – the arms of Oñaz given in honor of the seven heroes of the family who fought with the Spaniards against 70,000 French, Navarese, and Gascons. To the right is a white or silver field with the arms of Loyola: a two-eared pot hanging by hooks on a chain flanked by two rampant wolves, also symbols of the ricos homines or nobility. The name Loyola itself is a contraction of lobos y olla, wolves and pot. The Loyolas were reputed to have provided so well for their own that they could afford to feed wild wolves. Right photo shows Daddy Max with his wife Mercy, while marching along a church’s aisle, as they attended and served as principal sponsors in a weekend wedding in Tagaytay City on October 16, 2016.]


Ateneo de Manila University (“ATENEO”) is one of the most prestigious private educational institutions in the Philippines which was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1859, making it the 3rd oldest university in the country. It has its main campus in Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro-Manila and THREE (3) satellite campuses in Rockwell Center and Salcedo Village, both in Makati (the Philippines’ financial hub) and at the Ortigas Center in Pasig City, Metro-Manila.

Our Daddy Max never thought that at his ripe age of 94, he will be called upon to speak before bright and talented students at the home of the BLUE EAGLES, ATENEO’s apt nickname.

Daddy Max in his prime, was accustomed to speak before male university students in accord with the then college curriculum which included mandatory military training under the ROTC banner. ROTC stands for RESERVE OFFICERS’ TRAINING CORPS. And Daddy Max had gone the rounds of teaching and conducting instructional modules in military science and tactics at the University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, University of the East and San Beda College during the late 50s into the early 60s.

Under the ROTC set up then, military science training was conducted through the joint supervision of the school and the Department of National Defense (“DND”) towards mobilizing students for national defense in time of need. Thus, the DND would designate a Commandant usually with the rank of Captain up to Colonel and a lower-ranked military officer as Tactical Officer. And Daddy Max fitted into the role of Tactical Officer as he would conduct the teaching on military education and tactics-training by himself.

On October 27, 2016 Daddy Max being a proud member of the PEFTOK, which is acronym for PHILIPPINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE TO KOREA, and having been recently awarded the FIRST CLASS TAEGEUK CORDON OF THE ORDER OF THE MILITARY MERIT MEDAL (“TAEGEUK CORDON MEDAL”) will speak at the Leong Hall Auditorium. The TAEGEUK CORDON MEDAL is the highest military decoration of the South Korean government for military bravery and valor by reason of Daddy Max’s daring feat in the Battle of Miudong, the first battle fought and won by Filipino soldiers on foreign soil.

[Photo at left shows Daddy Max in full military winter attire when assigned then as part of the 10th BCT of the PEFTOK amidst the wintry weather in Korea during the KOREAN WAR in late 1950; while at right photo is Daddy Max garbed in a simple barong tagalog with the PEFTOK logo stitched on the right chest portion of the barong tagalog.]

The invitation conveyed to Daddy Max  by Mr. Oliver John Quintana (who is Program Director and will serve as master of ceremonies of the event), reads as follows: “The Korean Studies Program, in partnership with the Department of Political Science and the Department of History, invites you to the 2016 (3rd) Ateneo Korean Studies Conference: “Revisiting the Korean War: History, Memory and its Implications on Contemporary Nation Building” on 27 October 2016 (Thursday), 9:00 AM-12:00 PM at the Leong Hall Auditorium, Ateneo de Manila University.”

This event was organized in memory of and on the occasion of the 66th Anniversary of the PEFTOK’s landing in Busan, Korea. The program is aimed too at bringing together various interdisciplinary approaches in exploring how the experience of the Korean War in the 1950s continues to shape the political, economic and socio-cultural facets of nation-building in the Korean peninsula in an era of international globalization and development.

In Daddy Max’s prepared speech, he intends to summon the spirit of patriotism among the Filipino youth. Daddy Max said that, as contained  in his speech to be delivered before Ateneo students, he would proudly speak about and reveal the ardent manifestation of patriotism of the youth then in 1950. According to Daddy Max, when a campaign for recruitment was launched in 1950 which invited able-bodied young men to fight for freedom and democracy in the war against godless communism at the Korean War, among those who applied were the Filipino youth, who were then mere teenagers.

Thus, quoting from Daddy Max’s speech, he wishes to focus mainly on this challenge:

“xxx perhaps the challenge unto the youth of today is to muster and display a noble kind of patriotism. Clearly, not through WAR, but for the youth to evince love for country by according respect for authority, our national leaders.”

And, Daddy Max’s thought-provoking query contained in his speech, goes like this:

“I am lured into coming out with a thought-provoking query for the young ones who are here today to personally ask themselves: “HOW CAN I NOW DISPLAY MY PATRIOTISM FOR MY BELOVED COUNTRY.”” 



[Left photo shows WILSON delivering a speech during one of those significant activities at the UE Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc., a prestigious medical and educational institution in the Philippines, where he is currently the Vice-Chairman. Right photo shows WILSON at extreme right, taken during the wedding of his eldest son, Woody to Pam Unite, in January 2016. Photo also shows WILSON’s gracious better half, LEN YOUNG. At middle of the right photo are the newly weds (L-R): Pam and Woody.]

On October 18, 1956, a new addition to our family arrived. The FOURTH (4th) son of Daddy Max and Mommy Norma was born. He was later christened and named WILSON, and whom we have endearingly referred to as SON.

About our first names — I distinctly remember Mommy Norma telling me that my first name WALTER was lifted from the first name of a popular Hollywood actor during the 1940s into the 1950s, whose name is WALTER PIDGEON. I googled in the INTERNET and found out that in 1949 (the year I was born) Walter Pidgeon was the leading man who took the role of a certain Colonel Michael S. ‘Hooky’ Nicobar, and who in the movie was given the difficult task of repatriating Russians in post-World War II Vienna in such a drama film entitled The Red Danube.

Keen at according us names starting with the letter “W”, for the child after me, WILLIAM; he was named after William Mckinley, the 25th President of the United States of America, and unto whom the present Fort Bonifacio was named, then known as Fort Mckinley, the very place where William was born. Actually, when Daddy Max was still assigned in Fort Mckinley, where we lived from 1950-1955, we stayed at the CEMBO, acronym of CENTRAL ENLISTED MEN’S BARRIOPres. McKinley too, is known for having authored and promulgated  the famous Benevolent Assimilation, a momentous declaration  which led to the transitory annexation of the Philippines as a US colony.

About the 3rd child of Daddy Max and Mommy Norma, WINSTON; he was named after WINSTON CHURCHILL, the intrepid and feisty leader of Great Britain who led the Land of the Rose to victory with his electrifying speeches delivered in Parliament while the Battle of Britain was raging. 

Wilson on the other hand was named after US President  WOODROW WILSON. Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as the 28th president of the United States of America and he is well-remembered as having granted women their right to suffrage. Also, it was Woodrow Wilson who laid the foundation for the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations.

[On his 60th birthday celebration, SON tendered two (2) dinner parties: FIRST, at Chef Jessie’s Grill at the GROVE in Pasig City on October 18, which was attended by the Young clan and SON’s close friends (some photos of which are shown at the bottom part of this BLOG); SECOND, at the Badminton Hall along 20th Avenue in Cubao, Quezon City; which was attended by SON’s elementary and high school classmates, their teachers, childhood friends, badminton playmates, etc. on October 22, 2016.]

Going back to SON…SON grew to be a fat and corpulent toddler. I remember that one of our boarders, a teacher in Gardening and Industrial Education at the then Murphy Elementary School (now, Aguinaldo Elementary School), Mr. Alex Libunao, coined out a sobriquet for SON.

Mr. Libunao kept on referring to SON as LONGHEAD, for he perceived that SON would go places and reach greater heights in life in the future. Mr. Libunao even gave out a seeming prophetic analysis that with SON’s inordinate circumferential length of his head, such would only mean, according to Mr. Libunao,  that SON has more gray matter inside his head. And that Mr. Libunao said would be SON’s virtual passport to success.

Indeed, when SON matriculated in college at the University of the East for an accountancy course, he graduated CUM LAUDE.

Among all of our siblings too, SON showed his penchant to be well-organized. Though, we would be sharing in keeping our shirts and short pants and briefs in one cabinet inside our room where double-deck beds are stacked, and which cabinet would always be helter-skelter, SON would keep his inside an aluminum travelling case which Daddy Max gave him.

And SON would always meticulously arrange his things inside the aluminum case with care.  While we would be content to retire in bed sporting just a shirt and briefs, or a “salawal” (i.e. a crudely sewn shorts), SON would sleep wearing a full set of pajamas.

Indeed, SON has shed pounds of baby fat during those days when he appeared to be chubby and seemingly obese toddler but his heart until today has remained big and stout.

With his various business and professional affiliations today, SON has given jobs and livelihood to a lot of our kith and kin especially sons and daughters of our good old neighbors and relatives in Murphy, Quezon City.

SON  has been the Managing Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Tanduay Holdings Inc., since May 5, 2010 until his retirement in 2015. In a concurrent capacity, SON also served as Chief Operating Officer at Tanduay Distillers Inc., Asian Alcohol Corporation, Total Bulk Corporation, Absolut Chemicals Inc.,  and Flor de Cana Shipping Inc. until his aforesaid retirement in 2015.

Presently, SON is the Chairman of Victorias Milling Corporation and continues to hold on to his post as Vice-Chairman of the U E Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.


[Left photo shows WILSON at center with the company of close kith and kin at the CHEF JESSIE’S GRILL located at the GROVE, Pasig City, Metro-Manila during his birthday dinner-party. From L-R: Albert S. Yao, Gen. Fredy De Vera, Wilson, myself and Bert Bacsal. At right photo, WILSON is shown cradling his apo (i.e. grandson) Rico, son of daughter Pinky and husband Ian Tugas. Rico who always loves to blow off the candles on a birthday cake, just did it on WILSON’s birthday cake, in a zip.]




[In one of his public appearances, President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE proclaimed that it was  DESTINY which actually catapulted him into the PRESIDENCY of the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. Years ago, when his name would customarily be dropped as possible Presidential timber, people would casually say that he does not even have a Chinaman’s chance as he is known only in Davao. But all has been proven wrong when DU30 garnered 16 million votes during the May 2016 polls even without a sturdy machinery and, worse, a moribund political party.]



ateneo's barcelon-on-duterte


DUTERTE’s election is purely DESTINY!

Just can’t understand, why my friend JC still’s BRISTLY,

DUTERTE was  reluctant, as FVR waged his CAJOLERY…

“I’LL SHOOT THOSE CAJOLERS!” – said he, as though making a DECREE.



Political cassandras negated his VICTORY;

Saying, DU30 does not even have a sturdy MACHINERY—

His political party was actually in sheer HIBERNATION…

What good, they say, will he bring to our NATION.



A lot even says, that he truly is LOCO;

And more even said, he is queer TARANTADO

But votes came in throngs like a showy ROCOCO!

One rival then conceded, even a bit ADELANTADO!



Doubters even questioned his promised CHANGE;

They said MARCOS even failed; DU30’s vow is quite STRANGE…

 But even before assuming his lofty POSITION,

Narco-personalities seemed to have resigned to CESSATION.





A topnotch analyst says DU30 plays his hand WELL;

His pragmatic foreign policy will surely be SWELL—

The U.S. really can’t just pack up and quickly LEAVE…

The PH’s strategic worth is an ace on its SLEEVE.




With the US $ 3 Billion aid from CHINA

The analyst hopes that the U.S. will change its “STRATEGIA”…

And will not just treat the Philippine PRESIDENT;

As though an inconsequential vassal state DOYEN.




 Though DU30’s fatalistic, he still’s not an ATHEIST!

He prays and truly believes in GOD, INDEED;

And said GOD will pop out a motive, if he needs to be OUSTED!

An exemplar leader who’s not keen to be a toad PRETENDER!


Thus, we have to pray that his reign will be OKEY!

For he is God-given indeed; but surely JC will TWITCH!

But as in every suspenseful TELENOVELA,

We’ll temper down the kitsch & glitz; and  finally reach our nation’s UTOPIA!





[Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, third from left, gestures, with members of a Filipino business sector, prior to addressing them in suburban Pasay city south of Manila, Philippines; Thursday, October 13, 2016. Agreements on funding assistance worth at least US $ 3 Billion from Chinese banking institutions  and private companies are expected to be signed during President Duterte’s trip to China slated next week from October 18-21, 2016.]

The news of the US $ 3 Billion AID from CHINA;

Splashed the headlines of periodicals in Manila,

My partner Jov, who’s no DU30 fan, SNEERED…

Saying that it’s just weird news, from some kind of NERD!

 And some walk-in couple-clients arrived!

With a sheaf of documents that needs to be notarized—

 And when Jov learned of their DU30 swing,

Jov engaged them in some friendly debating…

As has been Jov’s feisty & ballsy advocacy,

Jov said, he’s against the killings, the EJK…

And what he detests all the most, he pounded!

The cursing, he said, it truly is a DREAD!

 But the MISSUS, not the MACHO, took the cudgels for PANGULO…

The dame exclaimed and sans trace of shame—

Waxing poetic, she said DU30 is angelic…

Citing Nostradamus, the term MESSIAH… she said, seems quite authentic.

In jest she said, Duterte’s cursing must not be disdained…

It’s just the way of speech of a Visayan harlequin…

Duterte, she said,  is playful, and a compleat entertainer;

If we get into some unlucky skein; laughter is the best medicine.

But in truth and in fact, just as the Pinoys would surely prop;

 The recent PULSE Asia survey gave DU30 an 86 % mark…

If DU30 is wrong and is not to be a leader for long…

Why did Lord God gave him to us, as though for a SONG!