[ANGELOU DELA ROSA is a 3rd generation descendant of a Filipino KOREAN WAR veteran. ANGELOU has since her accidental query which she posted in the DOTY Facebook page, (DOTY is acronym for DESCENDANTS OF THE YOUNG, which is an FB page organised by 3rd generation descendants of KOREAN War veterans during Daddy Max’s first term as PEFTOK Veterans Association, Inc. (PVAI) President) a year ago,  became very passionate in helping and contributing her time and computer-literacy expertise on PVAI matters and affairs. I remember one time, when a testimonial and despedida party was held in honor of a departing South Korean military attache, ANGELOU arrived at the venue, hitching a ride unto a GRAB motorcyclist while holding on to a large bundle which contained the white table covers (things that she borrowed from her kin’s catering business) to adorn and dress up the tables at the venue. Yesterday, a special PVAI board meeting was held, the first since the lockdown; and ANGELOU was requested to attend as observer and to lend a hand as the meeting will be partly using the ZOOM platform, she cordially declined as it was her birthday celebration at her cozy home with her kith and kin,]



Happy happy birthday my dear ANGELOU…

When you said you can’t come on the weekend it gave me a CLUE;

That you’ll be celebrating a cogent moment in your LIFE- –

You’ve added a year unto your age, and you’re truly getting RIPE!




RIPE indeed to assume more RESPONSIBILITIES…

Which could truly open up much more OPPORTUNITIES;

As a person born on JUNE 21, which is the GEMINI- CANCER CUSP- –

You’re considered as LUCKIEST OF COURSE – you’d say WHAT’S UP!





This point of transition is called the CUSP of MAGIC …

Because you’re truly AMAZING and so rich in LOGIC;

You can easily do and make things HAPPEN- –

For you’re a quick thinker and if you were a doctor, you’d easily make the COVID curve FLATTEN!




You’re intuitive, empathetic and so truly NURTURING…

You are the best exemplar of LOVING and CARING;

You’re even best in lending a helping HAND- –

You’re shoulder is available too for crying unto those who’re SAD and DOWN!




You are even deemed as some kind of a GENIUS…

As you are an excellent COMMUNICATOR and so fantastically STUPENDOUS;

You’d pass too as jack of all trades as you’re a HIGH ACHIEVER – –

And you’ll make a HOME, much more luxurious than that of JUSTIN BIEBER!


bieber's mansion


On your natal day, which is this SUNDAY…

I’ll pray for you and you’re FAMILY;

I hope too that you would continue to CARE and LOVE – –

Let’s all help and aid PVAI, and for sure you’ll reap more blessings from up ABOVE!

Happy happy birthday ANGELOU!!!!