[During the funeral wake at the Aglipayan Church in Santa Cruz, Laguna; Tia Loling’s grandkids were nostalgically reminiscing the happy moments they shared during their relatively recent holiday trips to Hongkong and Bangkok; which trips were principally  bank-rolled by Tia Loling. Their focus was on the way Tia Loling would expertly slip into her luggage big receptacles of cooked food which usually would be those saucy types of food. And they would always feel so afraid that the airport guards would find those food receptacles and would consequently confiscate them all. But, Tia Loling’s BAON (i.e. Filipino word for packed meals or food) would always be not detected. The grandkids eventually became so grateful to their Lola Loling when after a hectic day of loitering and gallivanting in the streets of Bangkok, and arriving at their hotel so famished and tired ( with adjoining restos in the vicinity already closed), they feasted with gusto on their Lola Loling’s BAON. Photo above shows the late MATRIARCH OF OUR CLAN, TIA LOLING, dressed in a red gown during her 95th birthday celebration in March 29, 2015.]

Tia Loling lived up to 96 and that’s sweet,

She wanted perhaps…to lighten up her complexion;

With a soap that was not cheap, maybe as a treat—

‘Twas preparing for a reunion, unto her final destination.

But her kith and kin cannot but reminisce,

Those words of wisdom that she would share,

  with polish—

She would always advise that if you earn, say 100;

You’d have to save a tenth, to prepare for the dread.

The dread of a typhoon or the loss of an occupation,

Even the dread of an unforeseen hospitalization;

It was basic indeed for Tia Loling’s prodding,

For she herself practiced whatever she was preaching.

And though a nonagenarian, she’s almost centenarian,

Her memory and thinking capacity,  truly is a STUN!

For she could declaim with much gesticulation,

Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech sans any flawed locution.

And Tia Loling’s proclivity to bring BAON on trips,

She won’t ignore this bent even travelling on a jet;

For during their travels to Hongkong & Bangkok,

Won’t miss the BAON, as if she’s with a portable


Though the grandkids ridiculed her penchant

     to bring BAON on trips;

They got stupefied with Tia Loling’s gimmicks,

For when they returned to their inn after those hectic


With restos already closed, the BAON served them best.

And they got all the more truly mesmerized,

As to how Tia Loling would hypnotize the guard;

Be it customs or immigration; when her luggage is


As though the food receptacles are not in her  valise.

Her conservation, preservation and cost-saving tips,

Sometimes could even prod a Jewish to do a series of flips;

For she seldom uses power for light as lumination;

If you can see her in the dark, ‘tis OK—no need to ask question.

But the most important legacy from my beloved auntie,

Was the FEAR OF GOD and the need to pray DAILY;

For as she has always reminded us with much pointed STRESS,

The GOLDEN RULE must be conformed until in ETERNAL PEACE

  you REST.


[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was labeled by former Congressman Neri Colmenares in last night’s ANC talk-show TV program hosted by Ms. Tina Monzon-Palma as parochial and “prosecutorial” in his point of view in relation to the Marcos burial issue. Colmenares was insistent that the AFP Rules allowing the burial of FM at the LNMB was not in accord with certain constitutional provisions. But, as it is elementary in law,  any rule or law must have to be first assailed or stricken off as unconstitutional before deference to it could be legally proscribed. On the other hand, political analyst Ramon Casiple also prognosticated, in the same TV show, that if it would turn out that Pres. Duterte has wittingly allied himself unto  the Marcoses in their supposed “plot” to return to Malacañang in the near future, that Casiple said… would spell President Duterte’s doom. Well… let’s see what would happen next. As it would seem that the anti-Marcos protesters are invariably focused on the so-called MARCOS’ ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH despite the fact that 890 of those cases filed against the Marcoses have been DISMISSED (only 10 cases have remained pending) due to INSUFFICIENCY OF EVIDENCE, I have decided to write this FUN RHYME BLOG on this matter of supposedly ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH.]

When Cory Aquino came to power,

Her very first EXECUTIVE ORDER—

Quickly declared the Marcos family,

As PLUNDERERS sans any court decree.


It was a revolutionary government– which got declared,

For which reason– Cory’s words turned “SACRED”;

Thus, sans the standard and required DUE PROCESS,

Cory’s declaration as head of   “revolution”, was deemed “BEST”!


Marcos attempted all persuasion,

Using Johnny Enrile in most occasion;

To allow Marcos’ return to the nation,

For him to present a valid explanation.


But Johnny’s persuasion too… was futile,

Cory relied on advisers who were inutile;

Fearful that if Marcos is allowed to return,

Loyalists in the ARMY may be swayed to effect an overturn.


Perhaps by reason of Enrile’s non-cessation,

Of persuading Cory to accord some concession;

Cory may have gotten irked and her solution—

Was Johnny’s sacking — ‘tis awful damnation.


So, the wealth of Marcos remained UNEXPLAINED,

The use of the word ILL-GOTTEN is sort of STRAINED;

A well-researched book is indeed in the OFFING,

Let’s read it first …and stop for a while those severe SCOFFING.


Though I haven’t read the book yet,

As the publisher would have to come out with a PRESS KIT;

But talks on the YAMASHITA treasures still persist;

It’s part of the Marcos’ wealth… I dare insist.


But my clever UP Law classmate DODGIE FERRER…

Has floated some cronies who returned their share;

Well, I’ll also admit that in those yesteryears,

Largesse from rich cronies are usual—‘tis for CHEERS!


Going back to that valid explanation,

As to where and from whom,  those wealth came along;

Let us wait for the book with complete documentation—

And I am sure our waiting will not be for long.


But as far as I can reminisce and see,

And I wish DODGIE FERRER to take a look-see;

If the charge is that Marcos purloined US $ 10 Billion,

How can that be if his 20-year regime got funded with ONLY Php 426 Billion!


Consider too that in Marcos’ 20 year rule,

He built the most roads and many infrastructure;

 His record as BUILDER of bridges, roads, hospitals and schools,

Haven’t yet been outpaced by his combined predecessors or successors.


So now before we label Marcos’ wealth,

Let’s use for a time, an apt sobriquet;

KLEPTOCRAT, is I think inapt and aghast,

OIKODOCRAT would be apt, as it means BUILDER— so vast!






[When President Rodrigo Roa Duterte defended his decision to allow the burial of former President F.E. Marcos at the LNMB, he skirted the issue as to whether Pres. Marcos is a HERO or NOT. Pres. Duterte declared that it would be the tasks of historians to delve into this matter and to determine whether Pres. Marcos’ authoritarian regime would make him a tyrannical despot and therefore an ANTI-HERO or a HERO.  The doctrine of COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY appears to be the core of the many charges against former President F.E. Marcos particularly with respect to supposed human rights abuses consisting of TORTURES, DISAPPEARANCES, etc. which were purportedly perpetrated by the military. And all of these supposed crimes are being blamed and leveled against former Pres. Marcos. But a quick research would show that this doctrine is applicable only to WAR CRIMES and that, most suprisingly, the doctrine got institutionalized into our legal system ONLY in February 17, 1995 when former Pres. Fidel Valdez Ramos promulgated EO 226, Series of 1995, which is entitled:  INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF THE DOCTRINE OF “COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY” IN ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES, PARTICULARLY AT ALL LEVELS OF COMMAND IN THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES.]


Those who have been anti-Marcos,

Has used to the hilt this rule — so atrocious;


And there seems no limit to its applicability.



But a background check of the rule,

Would show that there’s no such ferrule;

There can never be a connection,

Of the act made by a pawn to the ARCHON.


How can there ever be,

A joint of a twig to a tree;

When a twig has lost the connection,

If it’s slashed from the tree by dissection.


Historical account would show,

That the rule is a WAR TIME concoction;

And that it’s applicable only too,

In kingdoms where there’s royal direction.


For how can F. E. Marcos be guilty,

Of the misconduct of a lowly infantry;

Or even a haughty and sly constabulary,

When F.E. Marcos is many,many rungs away!



Got established at the 1899 Hague Convention;

But it’s first-time applicability,

Was in the LEIPZIG War Crime trial sessions.


It seems it was deemed as applicable,

For the crimes of GENOCIDE, that’s truly wanton;

But with the military abuses, so like a ton;

When they acted illegal, that’s as though they’ve cut the navel.


So, if then those army men or constabulary,

Committed illegal acts so dastardly;

That’s personal solely to the COMMITTER,

Liability must not transcend up  to the MITER!


And this notice is most momentous,

And Filipinos must all be cautious;


Only got enshrined in our law after Year 1994.


It was FVR who in February 1995,

Signed an edict which institutionalized;

COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY particularly with the PNP,

It did not even include the Philippine Army.


So if the institutionalization is fairly recent,

When FVR became PH’s President;

How can retroactivity be made worthy,

During MARTIAL LAW… that’s sort of CORKY! 







[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has emphatically announced that his decision to allow the burial of the late President F.E. Marcos at the LNMB will neither change nor waver even if the anti-Marcos burial protesters would rally daily even for a year. He has even assured the protesters that they will have all the freedom and much leeway to stage their rallies in the metropolis’ streets  untrammeled and unrestrained. On the issue as to whether MARCOS is a HERO, Pres. Duterte said that HISTORY will judge MARCOS; and he would leave it to the historians to determine whether MARCOS is a HERO or NOT. Left photo above shows former Pres. Marcos engaged in a friendly, nay a casual, chat with the former’s frat brod NINOY AQUINO, as they are both members of the UPSILON SIGMA PHI fraternity, UP’s oldest fraternity.  Right photo above shows a painted depiction of former Pres. Marcos with entries respecting his personal data juxtaposed to the right of Pres. Marcos’ image.]

History pertains to a process, nay an annal;

‘Tis not reckoned by some kind of an event,

Even if it’s an elegant or grandiose or simple interment;

Indeed, it ain’t generated by some kind of burial.


Some people say F.M. is no HERO,

Well, my Dad swiftly issued a VETO;

For my Dad himself joined WW TWO,

And he even bagged a Silver Star “DECO”!


For my Dad is now 94 years old,

And in the hills of Negros during WW2, ‘twas foretold;

That this intelligence operative named Andy*,

We’ll someday become a political dandy.


If it’s even admitted that his medals were UNTRUE,

His being a soldier and a war veteran is CUE;

For being a soldier and a war veteran— ‘tis a lot,

That’s enough ticket for an LNMB** plot.


A hero ought to have fought a foreign rule,

And not just because he got killed and mangled;

For getting killed and mangled can’t be deemed a ferrule,

As though some kind of nexus, ‘tis nice thing to be GOOGLED.


And the lineage too is important,

Especially when there’s some sort of ERRANT;

For there’s one supposedly HERO,

Whose ancestor actually was an ANTI-HERO!


Historical records would show indeed,

That that ancestor collaborated with the Japanese;

In fact, that ancestor got arrested as he flew to Hirohito’s nest;

And was imprisoned in Sugamo Prison, in Tokyo instead.


If  Marcos is TRULY not a hero in the hearts of many,

BB Marcos should have gotten votes that should have just been “MINI”;

But BBM got 14 million votes PLUS, and still ASCENDING…

That would come when the COMELEC  starts the RECOUNTING!


The PANTHEON Law is very clear,

Even the AFP Rules is much more clear;

For just being a soldier and a past President,

The Law and the Rules limpidly allow interment.


President Duterte has made his point PLAIN,

He’ll allow the protesters until they become LAME;

For 3 months or even 6, or even up to the end,

His edict allowing the BURIAL won’t SURELY BEND.


And now the protesters root for EXHUMATION,

As though it’s just some kind of PEST FUMIGATION;

But in truth and in fact, those PESTS are not too many,

They are ONLY too NOISY and so “YELLOWY”!

[* “ANDY” is actually the nick name of former Pres. F.E. Marcos. My Dad, Maximo P. Young, who was awarded the SILVER STAR Medal by the US government for his war efforts in World War 2. recounted to me that in their intelligence mission-trips (after the Japanese forces have fully subdued and conquered the whole of the Philippines), his group has had various contacts with the group of former Pres. F.E. Marcos, as Pres. Marcos was under the NORTHERN-PHILIPPINE command headed by the late Amb. Roberto Benedicto, while my Dad was under the NEGROS command under the late Gen. Ernesto Mata.]
[** LNMB is acronym for LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI which can be roughly translated in English, as CEMETERY FOR HEROES. And this TITLE, nay acronym, started all the debate and protests against the decision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to allow former President F.E. Marcos’ burial therein. Pres. Duterte declared that he is just following the law (i.e. the PANTHEON Law aka Republic Act No. 289) which allows the burial of past presidents in the LNMB. On top of the aforesaid law, an AFP (i.e. Armed Forces of the Philippines) rule allows past presidents and even soldiers to be  buried in the LNMB.]




[“The Philippine economy could hit growth levels of as much as 10% in 2017 on the strength of the 10-point economic agenda of PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE’s ADMINISTRATION, with consumption-driven expansion fueled by low inflation and a mild interest-rate environment.” This is the doughty prediction of the usually staid and conservative University of Asia and the Pacific, an institution run by the Catholic Opus Dei. Skeptics however are  disparaging this economic forecast by posing the question as to which industries and/or sectors would bring such a boon. Well, I dare say that one of those boon-pushers would be the TOURISM INDUSTRY which would surely register at least 100 per cent growth in tourists’ arrivals coming from CHINA. The AGRICULTURAL SECTOR will also be a favored recipient of the BOON as the importation ban of fruits from the Philippines has been lifted by CHINA. Imagine a scenario of just 700 Million Chinese of their almost 1.5 Billion populace gobbling up a Philippine banana once a week.  The CONSTRUCTION sector will also enjoy a BONANZA as the demand for hotel rooms will surely go ascending. Finally, most anti-Duterte  fanatics among our countrymen have started deprecating those incoming hordes of CHINESE tourists, by saying that those CHINESE are GROSS, NASTY and UNEDUCATED. But that is part of the tourist trade and we ought to remember that though perhaps we have wonderful  scenic spots and tourists destinations, we ought not to feel so conceited and arrogant as we actually do not have an ultra-luxurious, chic and elegant ST. MORITZ of the SWISS Alps nor the mysterious and glamorous golden beaches, sacred ruins, luxurious spas, challenging golf courses and charming local souks of Marrakesh in Morocco. Also, the Chinese tourists actually range from the HOI POLLOI types coming mostly from the GUIZHOU region and the filthy rich of SHANGHAI. Let’s welcome them both with our open arms of Filipino warmth and hospitality.]

My fraternity brother Chet Medina,

Has openly been deprecating CHINA;

With stentorian voice—he said: “CHINESE TOURISTS are gross!”

But he might have indeed forgotten,  CHINA has now become BOSS…


CHINA has in fact topped the LIST,

Of WORLD TOURISM SPENDERS, ‘tis not a myth;

For when they go on travelling,

Their priority is  no-end splurging and boastful spending!


They complain that Chinese tourists urinate,

They say, that they won’t even respect BUDDHA’s pate;

They do that in Thailand, but here in our country, oh man—

There’s not even a sacred  BUDDHA stand…


In Japan, those Chinese prick the pretty blossoms,

They in fact cut the trees and the rhizomes;

But those cherry blossoms though so rare,

They just bloom and blossom in April!


Those mishaps are just part of the tourist trade,

And we ought not by those, be delayed;

For those Chinese tourists have been waiting,

Though they’re gross; surely they’ll go shopping.


By promoting tourism in our country,

We must be ready and be sure not to tarry;

We must not be like a princess so choosy,

For if tourists come by, our economy will be truly rosy!


Indeed, we neither have a St. Moritz in our midst,

Nor do we have Morocco’s Marrakesh;

But what is important to our economy,

Those Chinese tourists… to bring dollars and more RENMINBI!


Huānyíng yóukè









[Despite the edict issued by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (which edict was confirmed by majority vote by the Supreme Court) for the burial of former President F.E. Marcos at the LNMB, it indeed is so appalling that the anti-Marcos group has even used children who surely are not fully informed of what they are advocating. These anti-Marcos protest-rally organizers have even gone unto the extent of coaching the kids on what to answer as a seemingly smart-alecky reply to the question: “Why are you joining the protest rallies against the burial of Marcos, when you were not even born yet during the martial law regime?”. And the prepared answer which surely was crafted by a similarly smart-alecky and snotty-nosed old brat is: “Why are you so MERRY at Christmas; were you in Bethlehem when the child Jesus was born?”. SO BRATTY…SO GRUFF!]

Itong mga dilawang maliligalig,

Di ko malaman kung saan sumasandig;

Marahil akala nila’y mayorya pa sila,

Eh bakit si Bongbong– may botong milya-milya.

Just some of the r/Philippines liberaly dilawan troll army. : duterte 

Kung hindi nga nangyari COMELEC “correction”,

Si Bongbong marahil panalo sa ELECTION;

Kung talagang ayaw na ng tao kay Marcos,

Bakit higit 14 milyon ang nakuhang PUNTOS!

CHEAT SHEET: The Marcos vs Robredo electoral protest


Pinagmamalaki nila’y EDSA Revolution,

Sa totoo nama’y di nangyari ang ganun;

Ang totoong nangyari ay “military” KUDETA,

Sumakay na lamang — SIMBAHA’T OPOSISYONISTA!

Edsa Revolution 1986 Documentary | Edsa People Power Revolution - Feb 22 -  Feb 25, 1986 - YouTube

Pinagmamalaki nila ang CORY Administration,

Eh bakit tila daw dinemocratize pati ang KURAPSYON;

At maririnig ninyo sa mga anghang ng kuwentong kutsero,

Kay MARCOS daw’y laman ng BARKO’y nawala; pero kay CORY pati BARKO’y naglipana!


kwentong kutsero

Noong aking musmos na kabataan,

Natuto pong tunay ako ng tuksuhan;

Kapag batang-paslit ka ngang talaga,

Dapat ka nga’y matutong makisama.

mga bata – The Pinoy Site 

Pero huwag naman po sana,

Gamitin pa sila sa pulitika,

Ano na naman ang ginagawa ninyo!

“HATRED” talaga yang tinuturo nyo!


Aba ako’y tunay na nagulumihanan,

Nagtimpi nga ako, kapag kuwan;

Nang akin nga pong biglaang makita,

Picture ng mga GRADE  schoolers..ngiting-ngiti pa!



Itong mga grupong madidilaw,

Animo’y parang sila ay bakulaw;

Pinipilit at grabeng mina-matsing,

Galit kay Marcos tunay na pinaiigting!


Ano ba ang gusto nyong talaga,

Nais nyo pa bang magkagulo pa;

Ang Pangulong Digong PEACE ang


Kayo nama’y parang mga asong umaalulong!

Cartoon Dog Barking Bark Vector Images (over 690)


Tinuruan pa mga batang paslit,

Pagsagot sa tanong ng paulit-ulit;

“Bakit kayo’y di naman nadama,

MARTIAL Law noong 70 dekada?”

Makatang Pinoy - Tagalog Poems: Batang Paslit


At ang handang sagot (batay sa CHRISTIAN FAITH) na lumalagatok,

“Wala naman kayo sa Bethlehem,

“Noong si Hesus niluwal ng Birhen,

“Eh, bakit pag PASKO’y sayang-saya  kayo na halos ay pumapatok!”

Christian Faith Publishing | LinkedIn 

Kung kayo’y tunay na KRISTIYANO,

Matuto naman kayo ng KATESISMO;

Lubos na pag-ibig at tunay na   pagpapapatawad,

Iyan ang marka ng KRISTIYANONG di huwad!


How many times must you forgive your brother or sister who sins against  you? Do you know how many times I have forgiven you? - Rhetorical Jesus

Natatakot daw silang HISTORYA’y maiba,

Aba’y wala naman kayong magagawa pa;

Kung matapos ang siglo ay ilan pang dekada,

Maaring tanghaling BAYANI si Marcos talaga…


Marcos apologists, don't tell us to move on'

Anong magagawa nyo kung kayo’y DEDO na,

Mag-po-protest rally pa ba kayo, eh huli na;

Ang pag-ugit ng HISTORYA’y ihabilin na lang,

Sa mga HISTORIAN siguradong patas yan!


Historian Cartoon High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock 

Nasiglawan ko sa TV ang pulutong,

Ng mga DILAWANG animo’y  may bulutong;

Ay sori po Bossing, mga ulan po pala,

Nawisikan ang inyong mga mukhang

   malangis-langis na!


Uy.. may mga bata rin palang nakapula,

At may BANNER pang nakabigkis sa sinturera;

“Sabi ni DIGONG, ilibing si Marcos” wika nila…

Promise nyo…wag naman po sanang sila’y    ibabalandra…

Imelda Marcos turns 90 away from spotlight, plagued by corruption cases |  Life | English edition | Agencia EFE 

 Ang akala ko’y malaki ang bilang,

Nitong mga DILAWANG nagsisisigaw;

Sikapat-sikolo lamang pala ang dumalo,

Eh, sa dami lang pala kayong DILAW ay talo…


Pin on Philippines News

Kaya umuwi na kayo at maligo ng TODO,

Baka kaya kayo’y magkasakit at mapasmado;

Sa aking paningin ang grupong LIYAMADO,

Ay MARCOS PA RIN ang sinisigaw ng TODO!

Vandals paint 'Marcos Pa Rin!' at People Power Monument | GMA News Online



[In 2009, I enrolled in a YOGA class after my brother-in-law Oscar Evangelista lured me into it. It was a splendid and exhilarating experience as I eventually learned the host of its healthful benefits such as enhancing one’s flexibility and agility, improving one’s sense of balance, enriching the bones’ density, etc. After pouring in some money into the YOGA monthly fees; in 2010, I decided (as I have already memorized the postures) to do it alone (translating some funds into savings) as some kind of SOLO practice. Thereafter, I egged my Law Firm members and staff to join me, using the badminton hall which adjoins our Law Office as venue. I eventually turned out to become a self-appointed YOGA guru as I have even precisely mimicked the  customary instructional orders barked out by the certified YOGA mentor during those early YOGA sessions into which I enrolled. Excited with my new-found preoccupation, I even financed the purchase of a bundle of yoga mats and slew of towels just as to entice more joiners; for with more people around, and in the midst of the attendant joking and teasing, the otherwise taxing, strenuous and   grueling YOGA practice becomes a bit, an enjoying experience. Though we had days where the venue was FULL, but as there was no COMPULSION to regularly JOIN, there were times when I will be sweating it out with just a couple or even a solo joiner. Now, I have decided to put in some sense of COMPULSION to join the sessions regularly; those who will list up into this RESUMPTION of the YOGA sessions, will be required to commit the payment of FINES in case of absence or tardiness. The funds to be collected thereafter will form part and will eventually be used for the YEAR-END CHRISTMAS PARTY of the YOGA aspiring- yogis.]


In 2010, I earnestly, nay eagerly started–

YOGA practice, thus shelving  badminton play indeed;

I really wanted more bone density,

YOGA, they say is the apt cup of tea.


Even served as YOGA guru–’tis swell,

Even bought the yoga mats & some towel;

Attendance reached some thirty plus three,

Of course the session was happy– it’s FREE!


As there was no compulsion to regularly join,

The strenuous and tiring YOGA session;

As in fact they share not even a coin,

Their joining thereafter would reach a cessation.


With the badminton hall’s renovation,

Indeed, it brought involuntary cessation;

But now, they crave and pine for some action,

Saying: “Where’s the GURU…such idle inaction.”


And as the repair & repainting gets done,

We’ll have to resume the stretching with fun;

But now to insure that there will be people,

We’ll have to assess some FINE sans scruple!


As I designed the mass practice with kin;

Thereafter, those kith also want the slow spin;

For YOGA indeed must be practiced with people,

Practicing it SOLO, creates some sort of trouble.


YOGA indeed is taxing, too perspiring;

But with joiners around, it induces some laughing;

And when you’re stressed or depressed,

The companionship session is BEST!




PARA KAY TIA LOLING [aka Lolita D. Tobias @95]

[At around 10:30 AM today (November 23, 2016), our only living aunt from my maternal side, LOLITA D. TOBIAS (whom we have endearing called as our TIA LOLING), reunited with our DIVINE CREATOR after a tragic bout with pneumonia. She was 96 years old and would have turned 97 by next year on March 24, 2017. During her 95th birthday celebration held at the ASIA BLOOM RESTAURANT in Santa Cruz, Laguna; on March 29, 2015, I presented to her a Tagalog poem which I caused to be printed on TARPAULIN and which served as the central backdrop of the buffet table during her birthday celebration. I also recited the poem which recitation, she relished with fondness and gusto. I am PRINTING the Tagalog poem as a BLOG to memorialize the genuine love which Tia LOLING has displayed and showered her kin especially her children and grandchildren. Photo above shows, Kuya Raul (an Aglipayan Bishop), Tia Loling’s 6th child, as he delivered his welcome remarks during Tia Loling’s 95th birthday celebration. Shown at the background of the photo, dressed in an elegantly sewn red gown is our Tia Loling who appeared as though a mere septuagenarian in her looks, gestures and speech. She surprised us all when a grandchild, Karlo, serenaded her with Tia Loling’s favorite song and when Karlo missed the lyrics and the lines, Tia Loling came to Karlo’s rescue by “coaching” him with the song’s lyrics and its melodious lines. For those who have been touched during all those wonderful years of Tia Loling’s life on earth, please say a little prayer for the eternal repose of her good and charming soul.]


[aka Lolita D. Tobias @95]


Labis na pagmamahal; nadama ng inyong mga apo,

Okey na okey ka pa rin sa kartadang  noventa’y sinco !

Laking gulat  ng balanang nag-akalang sitenta lang,

Iba ka kasi Tia Loling, ang asim ay ‘di nabawasan!

Tunay namang kahanga-hanga  ang taglay na bibo’t sigla,

Ang talas ng isip at memorya ay tunay na matalim pa!

Dami akong alaala noong ang siglo’y mas bata pa,


Taray nga lang ngunit pa-“cute” kung magsalita’t pumorma siya!

Oras-oras nagluluto’t binubusog kaming paslit,

Bakasyon namin sa Santa Cruz taon-tao’y walang patid!

Isang araw nabasag ko mahal na vase sa bahay nyo,

Akala ko’y yari’ ako sa sermon at sa galit nyo;

Subalit pagmamahal  pinakita, binigyan pa ‘ko ng regalo!






[Here is the FB profile photo of our dear Anthony, who was christened as WALTER ANTHONY. Anthony aka Ton is my only son (2nd in a brood of 4 children) and he graduated at the ATENEO with a degree in EUROPEAN STUDIES. In 2009, I and Ton went on a trip to Europe (actually in Madrid and Zamora in Spain and in Rome) in compliance with the requirement of doing an OJT as part of a EUROPEAN STUDIES curriculum. After engaging in some clerical tasks at the CLARETIAN friary at the Parioli District in Rome under the kind auspices of Bro. Arnel Alcober, a Filipino-Claretian deacon based then in Rome; Ton hied off to Vienna, Austria after connecting with his ATENEO school mate Kristian Panganiban, who was then vacationing (Kristian’s father then was Chief Security Officer of a UN organization) thereat.  I, in turn, hied off to Manila after entrusting all of what was left of our travel funds with instructions to Ton, to manage the meager funds well. Well, it turned out that Ton was a good fund manager. Ton got recently promoted at REED ELSEVIER, a multinational company with its head office based in London, United Kingdom. REED ELSEVIER has just changed its company name as RELX Group, and is described at WIKIPEDIA as a multinational information and analytics company based in London. CONGRATS TON!]



Anthony’s stint at REED ELSEVIER,

Well– it looks so wholesomely SEVERE;

For in a span of THREE (3) years,

He climbed for THRICE, its TIERS.




It’s a London-based COMPANY,

With branches in a lot of some other COUNTRY;

It’s truly one –that is MULTINATIONAL,

And its expanse and breadth is INTER-CONTINENTAL.



Ton started out as plain part of its STAFF,

And now it seems, he has unfurled out the CHAFF;

Now, he is a top Operations SUPERVISOR,

Upgrading… from his past Sales Officer’s CHORE.



Ton’s notable initiatives INDEED,

Has truly paired with his pro-active DISPOSITION;

For which reason– his speech, style and DEED,

Has catalyzed– this much-deserved job PROMOTION.




For with  Ton’s debonair looks and ELAN,

He’ll surely reach some other prime LAND;

Cross-posting could nearly be POSSIBLE,

‘Tis good, he likes eating exotic food; that’s EDIBLE!



Congratulations indeed for our dear ANTHONY,

You’ve brought pride to our FAMILY;

I am sure that you’ll be energized MORE,

But be sure not to “over-eat”…POR FAVOR!



As you have continued to do work-OUTS,

But be careful and be sure, to prevent an OUCH!

So please do not do some OVER-EXERCISING,

You might hurt your private part…it’s so EXCRUCIATING…







marcos-burial-bayani (1)

[Former Philippine President Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos was finally laid to rest via the interment of his remains at the LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI with full military honors at noon on November 18, 2016. The interment  was attended by close kith and kin of the Marcos family. The burial seems to augur well as it fell on the day when most periodicals blared  in heraldic fashion the notching by the Philippine economy of the highest percentage of economic growth at 7.1 % even outpacing traditional economic growth leader CHINA, who notched only a 6.7 % mark. Some FENGSHUI masters have prognosticated that with the FINAL burial of Marcos, a prosperous economic zoom  will materialize in our beloved country, which appears truly realizable under the present DUTERTE Administration. It was a masterful stroke on the part of the Marcos family to keep the interment rites private and unannounced just as to prevent mischievous capers from the boisterous and noisy minority who seems bent  at desecrating the rites, at all costs.]


“Tapos na nga ang BOKSING;*

Di naman kayo pwedeng isama sa LIBING”!

Iyan marahil ang dapat na MARINIG,

Nitong nag-iingay; na animo’y mga KULIGLIG!



Ako’y tunay na NAGTATAKA,

Dahil sa RALLY at saka MARTSA;

Halos marami po ang  mga TEENERS,




Nagagalit at bakit daw SINIKRETO,

Aba– kaanak ba kayo para bigyan ng ABISO;

…At bakit daw ginawang MADALIAN,

Pagtataksil pa daw ito sa BAYAN…



Naku naman kayong mga USYUSERO,

Mula pa nung si Pangulong ERAP,

Nag-sabing ililibing, pero KUMURAP!



Halos tatlong dekada na po ITO,

Dahil ang IDOL ko po itong si APO;

Sumakabilang buhay sa HONOLULU-HAWAII,

Dapat nga si apo ferdie’y dinala kagyat  doon sa PAOAY!



Ano na naman ang sinasabi ninyong madaliang LIBING?

Kasi naman po kayo’y puro na lang RANTING;

Kaya pati ang inyong mga  THINKING,

Mistulang tunay na nagiging OVER-ACTING


"Other folks have to pay taxes, too, Mr. Herndon, so would you please spare us the dramatics!"

Sa akin po namang payak na PANANAW,

Basta’t sundalong Pinoy na PUMANAW;

Entitled pong tunay  na MAILIBING,

Sa LNMB, at wala pong “EXCEPTING”!



Ngayon pa nga sa panig ng DILAW,

Gusto pa nga’y maghali-HALIKAW;

Kapag M.R. daw nila’y PINAGBIGYAN,

EXHUMATION daw ang nababagay DYAN…


Naku naman kayo mga UTOY,

Parang wala kayong mga POTOTOY;

Hindi ba’t kung inyong gagawin ay EXHUMATION…

Yan po’y puro at walang iba kundi po SADYANG DESECRATION!

history - judge

Naku! galit lang po kayo INENG,

Dahil na-LATE kayo sa FILING;

M.R. na ikakasa at tapos ay na-REBISA,

Sa November 26 pa daw ISASAMPA…



Tayo po sana’y magkaisa NA!

Iwaksi na ang mga PANINIRYA;

Mga objective na HISTORIAN po NAMAN,

Siyang uugit ng tunay na KASAYSAYAN!



Magandang pangitain po ITO,

Dahil sabay sa LIBING po ni APO;

Dumagundong po sa mga PERYODIKO,

PINAS No. 1 ang growth, sa pangatlong “QUARTO”!



Kung ang Poon pong si HESUKRISTO,

Ay nagpatawad po sa madlang TAO;

Bakit po naman kayong mga DILAW,

Kung ano-ano pa ang ISINASAWSAW!


Kaya po’y magtika na po KAYO,

Kasalanan po sa Diyos ang kilos po NINYO;

Sana nama’y magbigay ng RESPETO,

Sa kapwa nating mamamayang FILIPINO…



[Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has flown to PERU for his first Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Meeting which is scheduled from November 19-20, 2016. President Duterte will continuously be under the watchful and expectant gaze of a curious foreign press, many of whom may be wondering what controversial thing he will say next. Indeed, there has been enhanced interest in  President Duterte among foreign journalists, according to Malacañang (i.e. Philippine President’s Official Residence) insiders privy to requests for media coverage of President Duterte’s activities in this annual trade summit featuring the leaders of 21 Pacific Rim economies.]


With BLOOMBERG’s citing of PH of 7.1 economic growth,

The APEC at PERU will be a place where envoys would root;

And President DIGONG DUTERTE will surely be–

The cynosure of lauds & praises almost like our homegrown JOLLIBEE!


The PHILIPPINES has now truly become,

ASIA’s rising STAR—‘tis not a SCAM;

CHINA has even been outpaced;

It’s an inceptive SUCCESS for PH, but not LOTUS-laced!


With 84 percent recent SATISFACTION RATING,

Surely, Duterte will have a SELFIE with PUTIN;

I just do not know about BARACK OBAMA,

He’s now just a lame duck, just like in a DRAMA.


It’s good that Duterte opted to go!

At first it was almost, a sure NO-GO!

But as this is his first APEC summit,

His dread for long-haul flight…he’ll overcome it.



And this will be DUTERTE’s APEC debut,

He said he has rehearsed as though in a cue;

And that if he’ll be put in some kind of situation,

He’ll lecture any critic with the finer points of civilization.


Duterte has been hostile with Western powers like US and EU,

But now with TRUMP’s triump, he’s somewhat changed his view;

For with the vaunted TRIAD of TRUMP, PUTIN & XI,

Duterte might even add –a forceful CHI!


He’ll surely be LIONIZED by the foreign media,

A 3rd world leader though, but is full of charisma;

And though he is inclined to do some cussing,

He doesn’t mean ill; it’s his style of gawky “blessing”?



And so unto you, my Idol & Friend JC;

Since you’ve had an addition in the family,

I’ll fervently pray for your cute little baby,

And I hope you’ll pray too– for our Prexy DU30.





[The Philippine economy expanded 7.1 percent in the first three months in office of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on the back of robust public infrastructure spending and private construction, and growth in agriculture. As confirmed and reported by BLOOMBERG, the Philippine economy grew at its fastest pace in three years last quarter, underscoring the nation’s resilience to global risks as investment surged and consumers spent more. With this initial showing of the DUTERTE’s regime, I am wont again to maintain the Pres. Duterte’s emergence as our country’s leader is messianic and a true gift from God. Indeed, the best gifts are not those wrapped in golden trinkets. In fact our first, foremost and supreme gift from God was a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid down in a lowly manger.]


Ulat ng BLOOMBERG ay 7.1 percent;

Yan ang Q3 growth rate ng ating PINAS,

Idol JC huwag na sanang mag-DISSENT;

Para growth ng PINAS ay lalong KUMARIPAS!


Iba talaga ang tunay na epekto,

Kapag di-corrupt ang ating Pangulo;

Pero dati’y nagsabing di-corrupt ang ULO,

Kaliwa’t kanang kamay naman ang syang umalburuto,


Friend kong INDIAN analyst nagsabi,

Noong bumandera na si Duterte;

Kapag nanalo itong si DIGONG,

Maraming datong lalabas sa BAGON!


“Investments will rise in your country!”

“For people will foresee peace & security!”

Yan ang sinabi ng friend kong si HARBHINDER SINGH,

Friend kong BOMBAY ito, na walang hilig mag-lasing.


Dahil nakita nang PEACE & ORDER ang linya,

Kaya’t maraming INVESTORS agad nang luminyada;

Sabi nung utol kong DILAWAN ang tuno,

Wawa daw ang PINAS dahil bultong salapi daw ay mag-outflow.


Ngayon ay nakikitang OKEY ang resulta,

Dahil nga naman magiging mapayapa na;

REDS at mga MOROs ay pareho ngang pinulong,

Lahat ng sektor ay tunay na tutulong!


Sa INFRASTRUCTURE, sobrang daming ngayo’y sinimulan,

Noong dating rehimen pinigil at kinuriputan;

Pagkatapos ng taon ay pinagbando pa ng hangal,

Maraming SAVINGS daw ang kanilang



Kaya ng umupo na itong si Duterte,

Sinabi niya sa kanyang mga KABINETE:

Kapag isa sa inyo’y magpupunla ng SAVING,

Tanggal agad sa POST, at baka nga  malibing.


Di ko nga maintindihan ang prinsipyo nung DILAW,

Kasi ECONOMICS din po ang kurso kong PRE-LAW;

Kailangan talaga ng GOVERNMENT SPENDING,

Bakit naman sila’y inuna pa ang SAVING!


 Sa AGRICULTURE sector nama’y nagulat si PIÑOL,

Ang dami pong EQUIPMENT na inangkat pero ikinahon;

Para bagang kinuhang trato ng Español,

Pinag-SIESTA ng matagal  mga EQUIPMENT sa BAGON.


O di ngayong nagamit na itong mga makinarya,

Naka-recover na sa salot ng TAGTUYOT talaga;

Hindi talaga maintindihan ang mga ina-arte nila,

Mabuti nga’t ngayon gumanda na AGRIKULTURA!


WOW naman! at FANTASTIC talaga,

Tinalo pa ng PINAS ang bansang TSINA;

6.7 percent lang ang sumunod na naitala,

VIETNAM naman ang syang sa ASIA’y tumersera!


Kaya aking uulitin ang tinuring ko sa aking BROD,

Idol George Bacuta ko, huwag ka nang maging BAD;

I-NUN-FRIEND mo si Brod Romy kaya tuloy ay nagtampo…

Ngayo’y dapat mawari mo si DU30, mula sa Diyos ay regalo!