[Brod JOMAR MANUEL is shown in this photo with the LOVE of HIS LIFE, his gracious better-half, JENNY. Thank you Brod JOMAR for your donation!]


Sa PICTURE pa lamang ay makikitang ROMANTIKO,

Talagang okey na okey sa pagsuyo and BROD ko;

Itong si BROD Jomar1 tunay na mukhang LOYAL,

FAITHFUL pa rin daw sabi ng WIFE1a niyang nagmamahal!



Naging PI O Brod sya noong 19992,

Aba mukhang ARTISTAHIN ang kanyang BLOOD LINE;

Isang IGLAP ay mukha siyang si LITO LAPID,

Para ring WRESTLER na si BATISTA3, na kaunti po ang KITID3a!



Electrical ENGINEER grad sya ng TSU4,

At naging President ng ating ALUMNI Asso.;

At syempre focus nya’y tungkol sa ELECTRICAL5,

Dahil SAGITTARIUS6 sya, siya ay mukhang MYSTICAL7




Aba mabigat yan, parang pang-PRESIDENTENG PERSONA;

Baka itong si JOMAR ay maging POLITIKO,

Kapag nangyari yan, BOTO ako sa kanyang SAMPUNG LIBO9



Haping-happy silang mang-sing-irog na si JENNY,

Dalawa ang supling—bunso si JESSIE; panganay si JEMARY…

Basketball ang HOBBY nitong ating Brod JOMAR…

Mukhang MVP siya noong siya pa’y nag-aaral!



Rooster and CHINESE ZODIAC sign nya,

Talagang PANABONG siya, tunay na umaarya;

Dahil sya po at talagang isang HARD WORKER,

Pag-dating ng PANAHON, he’ll have a SUCCESSFUL CAREER!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER10 ng anak kong si ALEE,

Maraming tulong po… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y ipagdasal din po nang  tunay na MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang MEDAL na GOLD11!




[Legend: 1 – Brod Jomar aka Jomar Manuel is a PI OMICRON brod from the Tarlac State University. He became a PI O brod in 1999.

1a – Brod Jomar’s gracious wife and better-half is Jenny S. Manuel.

2 – Brod Jomar became a PI O brod in 1999.

3 – With Brod Jomar’s HEFT and BRAWN, you could even say that he resembles/looks like the actor and retired professional wrestler Dave Batista.

3a –  A Dave Batista look-alike but of the smaller or narrower version. KITID is Tagalog for NARROW or NARROWER.

4 – TSU is the Tarlac State University.

5 – Brod Jomar presently manages an electrical supply outlet somewhere in Cainta, Rizal.

6 –  Being born on December 11, 1981; Brod Jomar is guided by the Sagittarius ZODIAC sign.

7 – Being born under the Sagittarius sign and based on the information gathered in the INTERNET at; a Sagittarius person is considered as possessed with a “mysterious charisma”, for which reason, I consider Brod Jomar as somewhat “MYSTICAL”.

8 – As earlier said, a Sagittarius person is considered as possessed with a “mysterious charisma”.

9 – If Brod Jomar will join in POLITICS and would eventually become a POLITICAL candidate, I will vote for him 1,000 times.

10 – My daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER in support of the Philippine hiphop teams’ quest to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) via the website GENEROSITY.COM.

11 – GOLD is the GOLD MEDAL that goes with the CHAMPION AWARD in the 2017 WHHI.]




























 [Brod Boy  Mayor aka FLORENTINO MAYOR is presently based in BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA where he works FULL-TIME as BRISBANE AUDI’s Warranty Manager.]


He is a FRAT BROD from the San Beda Chapter,1

But during those times in the 70s even LATER…

Brod BOY would always be in our U.P. HANG-OUT,2

As he actually lives nearer, somewhere at UP’s SOUTH3



He drives a nice VOLKSWAGEN Car,

And it would seem that the Car was for the ladies, a STAR…

Girls and ladies would truly SWOON,

As though asking Brod BOY for the STARS and the MOON!



And as Brod BOY was much so so CHARITABLE,

He brings LOVE to all who really are ABLE;

He actually obeys that was made as COMMANDMENT….




As a LIBRA person4, he’s WISE and ARTISTIC…

That’s why with the LADIES, he’s got LOTS of GIMMICK…

But he really is TOUGH and so VERY STUBBORN…

The lady that would ensnare him seems not as yet BORN!



He is obedient too, to his MOTTO,

To spread much LOVE in TOTO;


Though there are some who still doubts his SINCERITY!



As a PIG person5, he is so DILIGENT and GENEROUS…

Has great CONCENTRATION focusing at his MAGNUM OPUS;

He will devote all ENERGY to achieve IT,

With great sense of responsibility, he achieve GOALS through sheer MERIT!



Even when he’s TROUBLED, he is so very CALM…

That’s the mark of a GENTLEMAN with much ELAN…

Am sure he’ll reach his GOAL and AIM…

And he’ll soon bring to his CLAN much HONOR and FAME!








[Legend: 1 – Brod Boy Mayor is a PI OMICRON Fraternity Brod from the San Beda College-Mendiola chapter. Brod Boy Mayor is presently employed as a Warranty Manager in BRISBANE Audi, Brisbane, Australia. Despite his being many miles away, Brod Boy Mayor managed to pitch-in into my daughters’ FUNDRAISER in connection with their upcoming participation in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST to be held at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017.

2 –  The UP Diliman PI OMICRON Fraternity’s hang-out then was at the EASTERN END wing of the Palma Hall.

3 – Brod Boy Mayor lives somewhere in Kamuning which is actually nearer to UP than San Beda and that Kamuning is situated south of UP Diliman.

 4 – Being born on October 17, 1947 Brod Boy is guided by the LIBRA Zodiac sign.

5 – Being born on October 17, 1947 Brod Boy is guided by the CHINESE Zodiac sign of the PIG.]











 [Photo at left shows the SPAGHETTI WESTERN invitation billet to the WILD WEST HOEDOWN of Daddy Max held on Saturday (29 July 2017). Right photos show the halved fractions of the group photo taken on stage of the Tejeros Hall, AFP Commissioned Officers’ Club, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.]


Wow… talagang parang BROADWAY1 show,

Ang BIRTHDAY Party ni Daddy Max nung SABADO2;

After the HOLY Mass presided by Fr. JP Hechanova3,

Nag-ballet si ALEE4, dapat ako ay KASAMA5




Kasama akong sana’y aawit nung THE PRAYER6,

ALEE’s BALLET is dance interpretation as OPENER;

Actually, it was sort of a PRAYER-INVOCATION,

But my partner (ka-duet) got SICK, yun ay si Irene HALCION7!



And so THE PRAYER song was sung by DONDI ONG8,

Ka-DUET nya’y isang SOPRANO na mukhang naka-THONG;

Ang name niya’y CHAZ na ang boses ay MATAAS,

Baka ako’y pumiyok, kayat ako’y nag-PASS9!





Na-dis-APPOINT tuloy si JOMAR,10

Dahil everyday sa aking VOICE REHEARSAL;11

Bilib-na-bilib si JOMAR sa aking ARIA,

Halos kuhang-kuha ko raw ang kay BOCELLI12 na TIRADA!






Ay ang BROADWAY medley dance13 na syang pang-entrada;

It was a DANCE RENDITION by the ALLIANCE14 Team,

‘Twas the start of DINING, everyone sort of PAUSED15 muna sa PAGKAIN!






And when it was LEGIT STATUS’16


DESPACITO Dance17 naman ang syang na-CHURN;

Halos mapa-indak ang mga BETERANONG18 GALAK,

Lalo na si General Bañez19 na PALAKPAK ng PALAKPAK!






Aba ito namang si Col. Lee20 ng KOREAN Embassy,

Panay ang kanyang VIDEO at halos ay di mapakali;

Mukhang ipapakita ang VIDEO sa BOSS NIYA…

Gagawa ng DVD! Baka maibenta sa DIVISORIA21?




Noong nag-SPEECH si Daddy Max before blowing the CAKE,

Binigyan nya ng PARANGAL ang mga DOCTORS at NURSING AIDE22;

Syempre special mention si Dr. Divinagracia23,

Pati si Dra. Bingbing Co24 na GRASYOSANG-GRASYOSA25!





Meron din syempreng patungkol kay Pareng Mon Maronilla26,

Dahil sya ang palaging nag-bibida’t nag-LILITANYA;

BIRTHDAY parties daw nitong aming si Daddy,

Kaniig27 daw ng BROADWAY shows sa New York City!




Salamat din po naman sa pagdalo ng ASPAC Execom28,

Kahit na di kumpleto, halos ay may QUORUM29;

Pati ang SABROSO Lechon30 dumalo din naman…

Kaya nadale ang LECHON, at sya ang NILANTAKAN!



[Legend: 1 – Every year since Daddy Max became NONAGENARIAN; we have made it a point that wonderful shows (i.e. singing and dancing) are presented during Daddy Max’s birthday celebrations. We have done some kind of a MICHAEL JACKSON show, a GANGNAM style show, FRANK SINATRA show, FILIPINO FOLKSINGING show, etc. This year though the MOTIF is WESTERN COWBOY style, we decided to showcase   the HIPHOP dance teams of my daughters: Shayna, Cheska and Alee as they will compete this August 2017 in the 2017 World Hiphop International Contest to be held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.It was because of this, that one time, my good friend and KUMPADRE, Atty. Ramon M. Maronilla, incumbent President of the UP Alumni Association, Inc., quipped that Daddy Max’s birthday parties virtually look like Broadway shows.
2 –  Daddy Max celebrated his 95th birthday on a Saturday, July 29, 2017; a day before his actual birth date which is July 30.
3 – Fr. John Paul Hechanova from the AFP-Camp Aguinaldo’s Chaplain’s Office presided over the HOLY MASS which was held prior to the birthday party proper.
4 – ALEE is my youngest daughter who did a ballet-dance interpretation of the song THE PRAYER. She has been doing this INVOCATION dance for countless times already.
5 – In previous INVOCATION-DANCE renditions by ALEE, I would do the ANDREA BOCELLI part of the song THE PRAYER while a friend, Ms. Irene Halcion, would do the CELINE DION part. But, Ms. Irene got sick and I asked Mr. Dondi Ong to get me a replacement.
6 – THE PRAYER is the song popularized by the duet done by Ms. Celine Dion and Mr. Andrea Bocelli.
7 – Ms. Irene Halcion is my female-friend who would usually do the CELINE DION part in the song-rendition of the song, THE PRAYER.
8 – Mr. Dondi Ong, a renowned Filipino tenor, would almost always be part of the retinue of singers in Daddy Max’s birthday parties. So, I requested Dondo to scout for a replacement.
9 –  However, when I discerned that the replacement singer which Dondi scouted and brought, possessed a very high-pitched voice, I decided to just request Dondi to sing the ANDREA BOCELLI part of the song.
10 – Jomar aka Jose Mari Revilla is a paralegal assistant in our law Office.
11 – Every time, almost every day… I would rehearse (inside my Law Office) my ANDREA BOCELLI part in the rendition of the “THE PRAYER” song, Jomar would serve as my critic who would tell me whether the rendition was okey or not.
12 –  BOCELLI is the famous crossover Italian tenor, ANDREA BOCELLI.
13 – The BROADWAY dance number performed by the ALLIANCE Team was a mélange/assortment of BROADWAY show dance-numbers particularly GREASE and WEST-SIDE STORY.
14 – The ALLIANCE Hiphop Team is a dance team organized by Jan Julliene G. San Juan, the BF of my 3rd child and 2nd daughter, Cheska Young.
15 – As the opening dance number performed by the ALLIANCE Team coincided with the start of DINING; almost everyone in the audience paused and stopped eating and intently watched the whole 18-minute run of the dance medley.
16 – The LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Team is a dance team organized by my son-in-law Vicente Miguel Rivera, and husband of my eldest daughter, Shayna Young-Rivera.
18 – Part of the guests in every birthday parties that Daddy Max would host would be the KOREAN WAR veterans; Daddy Max’s comrades-in-arms during the 1950 KOREAN WAR.
19 – General Arnulfo Bañez is a Korean War veteran and is incumbent Director of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea Veterans’ Association more popularly known through its acronym PEFTOK.
20 – Col. Lee Seung-Joon who is the current Military Attache assigned in the South Korean Embassy here in the Philippines.
21 – Divisoria is the biggest FLEA Market in Metro-Manila where almost items are available in very cheap and bargain prices.
22 – Daddy Max acknowledged the help and assistance of the whole medical staff as well as the nurses and aides during his confinement at the UERM in April 2017 when Daddy Max was downed with a virulent strain of PNEUMONIA.
23 – Dr. Divinagracia is Dr. Romeo A. Divinagracia who is the incumbent President of the UERM.
24 – Dra. Bingbing Co is Dra. Maribel Emma Co-Hidalgo of the UERM.
25 – GRASYOSANG-GRASYOSA is a Tagalog term derived from Spanish word GRACIOSA which actually means SO VERY GRACIOUS.
26 – Atty. Mon Maronilla is Atty. Ramon M. Maronilla, the incumbent President of the UP Alumni Association, Inc.
27 – Kaniig is a Tagaloy term which means “LOOK-ALIKE” or “SIMILAR”.
28 – ASPAC EXECOM is acronym for Ateneo Schools Parents Council Executive Committee which has the following as its members: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer,  and the Interim Past President of ASPAC.
29 –   Out of the 5 members of the ASPAC EXECOM, THREE (3) members were present during Daddy Max’s 95th Bday party; namely: Dr. Andy Tan, Ysa Concepcion and Juliet Remorque.
30 – Doc Andy Tan, incumbent ASPAC President, as always would give as GIFT a whole savory SABROSO LECHON.]




























 [Photo shows our handsome brod and alumnus of the HOLY ANGELS UNIVERSITY-PI OMICRON CHAPTER, Brod RODNEY aka RODERICK PAMINTUAN BUAN in his signature smile. Such signature smile of Brod RODNEY  would surely make ladies swoon and faint in awe and astonishment. Brod RODNEY is presently an active participant and facilitator of proceedings and activities of the  BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the PI OMICRON INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC., though not actually a member thereof, a brand of commitment that ought to be emulated by all. A hardworking businessman, Brod RODNEY is involved in various infrastructure projects spanning from north to south of the Philippine archipelago.


Though we haven’t met, am sure that he’s being pursued by BELLES;

He is what one may call as “ARTISTAHIN”2,

He’s DEBONAIR, SUAVE and full of VIM!




Rodney was born in the town of CONCEPCION —

That’s a place in Tarlac, known as AQUINO NATION3;

But he went to college in HOLY ANGELS,

An excellent school known for its PRETTY GIRLS!




He started out as a Sales Supervisor in RIYADH,

That’s an ARAB nation ruled before by King FAHD;

Thereafter he became a Cruise Steward in a luxury liner,

Thus, his career became better and FINER!



Eventually, he became a CLUB Manager,

That’s in TOKYO, JAPAN with its mystic EMPEROR;

And his dealings became more LADY-ORIENTED,

He seemed to be in a HAREM, that’s  UNDERSTATED!



And as a Taurus person, he is formal and RETICENT—

He quickly applies too those things that he has LEARNED;


That’s why I am sure he will reap so much RICHES…



And based on the CHINESE ZODIAC, he’s of the ROOSTER sign—

“Di umuurong at PANABONG itong TUNAY”5

He’s so committed and somewhat EXTRAVAGANT…

Kaya mga BEBONG nagkakandarapa sa kanya sa DAAN”6!



But as he is so DEVOTED and is a HARD WORKER,

Possessed of MULTIPLE TALENTs, that’s his MONIKER…

And SINCERE indeed he is…THAT’s TRUE…

I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’ll reach his TIMBUKTU7!




[Here’s a recent photo of Brod RODNEY aka RODERICK PAMINTUAN BUAN while dining in a resto seemingly al fresco.]


[Legend: 1 – HOLY ANGELS UNIVERSITY is a private Roman Catholic research university in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Founded in 1933, it is considered as the first lay-founded Catholic school as well as the first co-educational Catholic high school.
2 –  “ARTISTAHHIN” roughly translated in English would mean “looking like a movie star”.
3 – Tarlac is considered as AQUINO NATION as it is the home province of the COJUANGCO-AQUINO clan and that the HACIENDA LUISITA is located thereat.
4 – A colloquial name for Northern Ireland which has grown in popularity in recent years is “Norn Iron”, derived from an over exaggerated pronunciation of ‘Northern Ireland’ in a broad Belfast accent. This name is often used by fans of the football team both on banners and in conversation.
5 – The Tagalog phrase, “DI UMUURONG AT PANABONG ITONG TUNAY” could be roughly translated in English; thus:“THIS IS A FIGHTING COCK, AND IT DOES NOT BACK DOWN IN A FIGHT.”
6 –   The Tagalog phrase, “Kaya mga BEBONG nagkakandarapa sa kanya sa DAAN” could be roughly translated in English; thus: “THAT’S WHY LADIES WOULD SWOON OVER HIM AND WOULD FAINT AN FALL TO THE GROUND.”
7 – TIMBUKTU is actually a reference to a FAR-AWAY LAND, almost considered as a place which is almost near the END; a seeming reference to the summit or goal or objective of an ambitious and hardworking personality like Brod RODNEY. Timbuktu which is located in Mali in WEST AFRICA even had its GOLDEN AGE in the 1600s as it was then even the center of learning and that it was also the center of trading during those times.]




 [My good friend Jean aka JENARO PAREDES is shown here casually and sportily attired in one of his journeys/holiday trips. Jean, despite his being stationed in far-away IRELAND, managed to pitch-in to the FUNDRAISER put up by my daughters in relation to their quest to BRING HOME THE GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7-12, 2017 at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA. Let’s all pray and support the Philippine HIPHOP Teams particularly the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Dance Teams.] 



But when we met and got together,’twas a good BLEND;

I found him JOLLY, KIND and AMUSING,

We went on a project that ended with a ZING2!




It’s a project that’s sort of a SECRET,

Even dined with a sociable PROSEC3;

And after a week or so, both Jean & I got AMAZED,

As though we’re able to zip through out of a MAZE!





Thence, Jean flew back to DUBLIN, IRELAND,

It BORDERS a part of what’s called by its tag as “NORN IRON”4;

And indeed in the short stint of our MEET,

Found Jean as hard as IRON, during his political BEAT!5




Now as a true and card-carrying  IRISH,


Am sure he’ll be grand in his DESIGNS,

And his businesses will prosper till the end TIMES!







Being a LEO person, you’re known as truly STUBBORN,

Cause you’ve ambitions in LIFE to which you are SWORN;


Am so sure you will succeed in your GOALS INDEED!





And as an OX person based on the Chinese ZODIAC,


And with your ardent patriotism to our PHILIPPINE COUNTRY,

When you’ve retired, hope to see you back with CATHY6!




On your coming NATAL DAY, I wish to also THANK YOU;

Your lucky colors are WHITE, GREEN and YELLOW—

As a faithful husband to pretty CATHY,

Hope you’ll sway CATHY to stay even in our country’s PERIPHERY!



[Here’s a photo taken during the graduation rites of Jean’s youngest son. From L-R: Jean, the couple’s youngest son, and Jean’s gracious and elegant wife, Cathy.]









[Legend: 1 – Jean aka Jenaro Paredes is a member of ATENEO’s AQUILA LEGIS FRATERNITY who has been based in Dublin, Ireland fro many years now. I worked on a case for him for which reason I got engaged as his counsel. He was actually introduced to me by his fraternity brother, Atty. Raymundo “Rosky” Quiroz, my former boss at Allied Bank’s Legal Department.
2 –  My engagement as Jean’s lawyer brought indeed a happy ending and it was not only exciting but even interesting.
3 – PROSEC is a government prosecutor also known as FISCAL.
4 – A colloquial name for Northern Ireland which is not part of the Republic of Ireland and which has grown in popularity in recent years is “Norn Iron“, derived from an over exaggerated pronunciation of ‘Northern Ireland’ in a broad Belfast accent. This name is often used by fans of the football team both on banners and in conversation. Though, Dublin where Jean lives is part of the Republic of Ireland, it actually borders the Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.
5 – I learned stories about Jean’s stint as a politician in a southern province of the Philippines. Jean was filled with idealism and he fought off the corrupt as well as the rebellious groups in that part of our country, the Philippines, in one of the towns in Misamis Occidental. Though Jean was much loved by his constituents, he opted not to run for re-election .
6 –   CATHY is Jean’s Irish gracious and elegant better-half.]



 [The photo above shows a number of my PI OMICRON brods who are all based in Canada. I am not so sure if all of them though have already embraced Canadian citizenship. I know however that Brod Roman Dinglasan is now a card-carrying Canadian citizen.  I remember Brod Roman telling me that he first learned of the existence of Canada through the balladeer PAUL ANKA, who is a Canadian. Brod Roman was so mesmerized about PAUL ANKA’s  songs for which reason, he researched on PAUL ANKA’s whereabouts and thereafter migrated to the GREAT WHITE NORTH. My CANADIAN and/or CANADIAN-based PI OMICRON BRODS are as follows: (From L-R) – Brod Freddie Mabayyad, Brod Enrico Torres, Brod Edu Mendoza, Brod Abe Torrijos, Brod Roman Dinglasan and Brod Oscar Zabala. PUSH ONWARD MY DEAR BRODS!] 



I am proud indeed and so HAPPY,

And I feel a bit truly DANDY;

My frat brods who are based in CANADA,

Have passed the hat for that joust in ARIZONA1!



It was Brod Roman DINGLASAN2,

Who initiated the move for an “ABULUYAN3”;

The donation was transmitted indeed, so very PERSONAL…

Brod ABE4 came to RP5 for an affair that’s so MATERNAL…





Brod Roman6, Brod Teory7 & Brod JUN8

Even though they’re all in their SWOON9;

They donated still as though ORDINARY,

It was not through my prodding, ‘twas VOLUNTARY10!




Brod ROMAN and his brother JIM have been my HOST in 2006,

When I attended the ILA Convention11 with lots of CLIQUES12;

We were billeted at the FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK HOTEL,

‘Twas stately and majestic  but was haunted STILL13!



But now the number of Charter MEMBERS…


Still the hearts of those who’ve REMAINED,

Has really swelled a lot, ‘tis our GAIN!



And the principle of BROTHERHOOD,

Has reigned as though in HOLLYWOOD;

For the NEW HOLLYWOOD has indeed FOCUSED,

Upon the YOUTH with not much RUCKUS15!




Thus, in the SAME vein and much AKIN,

The donation done for my daughters, my KIN16;

It’s actually for the YOUTH of our FATHERLAND,

A nice support for their advocacy at HAND17!



Thank you so MUCH, my dear BRODS;

You’ve done enough for our FRAT and the FLAGS18;

Still you have shown your GENEROSITY19,

Not only for the FRATERNITY but for POSTERITY20!







[Legend: 1 – ARIZONA is the venue of the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST particularly the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.
2 – Brod Roman Dinglasan has been in Canada, particularly in Toronto, Ontario since the 1980s. Brod Roman is a Charter Member of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY which was organized by University of the Philippines – Diliman students on December 15, 1963.
3 – ABULUYAN is Filipino term for a fundraising venture or effort.
4 – Brod ABE is Abe Torrijos who is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but who had to do a quick trip to the Philippines to attend the 90th birthday celebration of Brod Abe’s mother.
5 – RP is Republic of the Philippines.
6 – ROMAN is Brod Roman Dinglasan.
7 – TEORY is Brod Teofilo Martinez who is himself a Charter Member of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
8 – JUN is Brod Narciso Cosio who is himself not only a Charter Member of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY (“PI OMICRON”), but also one of the FOUNDERS of the PI OMICRON. The other FOUNDERS are: Brod Jesus Calimlim Reyna, who is now deceased; and Brod Alfonso Soriano, who was the former Mayor of Malasiqui, Pangasinan.
9 – SWOON would denote RETIREMENT as all of the aforementioned brods have all retired from work.
10 – The donation from my CHARTER MEMBER brods which even included a FOUNDER of the PI OMICRON in the person of Brod Narciso “Jun” Cosio was the very first donation that I received even though I have not actually started this last-ditched effort for a FUNDRAISER. Brod Roman knows that every year, my daughters would always compete in the WHHI. And after hearing that the number of the members of the compete teams (i.e.  Legit Status and Alliance) has swelled to 89; Brod Roman felt it best to ask voluntary donations from Brods Teory Martinez and Jun Cosio, who are both based now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
11 – The ILA Convention was the convention of the INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS’ ASSOCIATION where I am a member in its Philippine chapter. It was then headed by the late Gen. Guillermo Picache, who is also a lawyer, as its President, of the ILA-Philippine Chapter.
12 – There were about 30 delegates from the Philippines who attended the ILA Convention at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And the delegates came from different branches of the Philippine government (i.e. judiciary and executive) and varied sectors of the  Philippine society (i.e. private practitioners/lawyers and lawyers in the government service). There were naturally various cliques and the clique to where I belong was the clique of judges. Eventually, after the ILA convention, with 2 judges and myself, we did a sidetrip to Niagara Falls courtesy of Brod Roman Dinglasan and his gracious wife, Ate Hilda.
13 – The FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK HOTEL is a stately hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, rumors have persisted about the presence of ghosts in the hotel’s premises particularly at its 8th Floor. The hotel is listed as one of the ten most haunted places in Canada.
14 – PALLBEARERS metaphorically refer to deaths among the charter members of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
15 – It is said that there was a shift between the HOLLYWOOD of OLD and the NEW HOLLYWOOD, with the New Hollywood’s cinematic products to be catering to the youth instead of the oldies. This transpired after there came a shift too with respect to film directors who were formally educated as against those directors of old who did not receive formal education.
16 – My KIN refers to my THREE (3) daughters: Shayna, who is Team Manager and member of the Legit Status Team; Cheska, who is Team Manager and member of the Alliance Team and Alee, my youngest, who is team member of the Legit Status Team.
17 –  The advocacy being nurtured by my daughters is to propagate the HIPHOP culture particular its DANCE and to eventually conduct grass-roots level competitions to lure the youth to avoid drugs and do HIPHOP.
18 – The FLAGS would refer to the pennant of the University of the Philippines and the flag of the Republic of the Philippines.
19 – Generosity is a quality — like honesty and patience — that we all probably wish we had more of. When you show generosity, even if one is RETIRED (like Brods Roman, Teory and Jun) and/or out of WORK (just like Brod Glenn Golla), one enjoys the feeling of giving away things or money or to put others before oneself. But generosity is about more than cash and stuff. When you’re forgiving and gentle to people, you show generosity of spirit too.
20 – It is believed, a belief which I share with my daughters; that if HIPHOP would be efficiently propagated, it could lead to a substantial of the diminution of the number of drug-dependents and/or drug-addicts. ]
































[On ANC TV, in the PRIME TIME program hosted by Migs Bustos; my daughter Shayna and her husband Vimi Rivera (Team Manager and Team Coach, respectively of the LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Dance Team) voiced out their call for support and help in their team’s quest to WIN and BAG the GOLD in the upcoming 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST to be held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7-12, 2017.LET’S SUPPORT OUR PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS IN THEIR QUEST  TO BRING HOME THE GOLD.]

[ * – HIPHOP MILLS would metaphorically refer to DANCE STUDIOS.]

Noong magsimula ang OPLAN TOKHANG,1

Maraming DRUG ADDICT ang naisalansan;

Merong sumuko ng BOLUNTARYO,

Meron din naman nangailangan ng NOTARYO1a!



Maraming BARANGAY ang gumawa ng PLANO,

Para mga DRUG DEPENDENTS ay di mag-BSDU2;

Kaya  halos ng mga plaza sa mga Barangay,




Malamang nga ay SAYAW ang dapat iwagayway,

Ito po’y isang sangay ng “ART”3 na tunay;

Maganda din po ito sa KALUSUGAN,

Magiging physically FIT at ang galaw ay GAGAAN!



Kaya nga po aking ipinagbabando,

Dapat mga HIPHOP contests suportahan ng TODO;

Lalo na nga po kung INTERNATIONAL4 ito,

Ang GALING ng PINOY tunay na ma-LILITRATO5!



Kapag tuwinang mag-CHAMPION ang ating KOPONAN,

Siguradong maeenganyo ang mga KABATAAN;

Mawalala na ang ATRAKSYON ng DROGA at SHABU…

Bansang PILIPINAS uunlad ng TODO-TODO6!



Ang akin nga pong ADBOKASIYA…

Magkaroon ng GRASS-ROOT level na KOMPETENSYA7;

Inter-barangay HIPHOP CONTEST8,

Siyempre ang magwawagi ay truly the BEST!



Tapos ay ipapadala natin sa INTERNATIONAL CONTEST,

Ilalapat ang BANDILA natin sa kanilang CHEST;

Pakikitaan ang buong mundong TANAN,

Na ang PINOY ay tunay na NUMBER ONE9!




[Legend: 1 – OPERATION-PLAN TOKHANG or OPLAN TOKHANG is the government’s police force operation where police officers would knock on the doors of suspected drug-users with the intention to invite them to reform and commit themselves into a rehabilitation program.  There was an ensuing number of variants which were similarly launched such as ZUMBA DANCE sessions for those drug-offenders.
1a – NOTARYO would connote the standard process of committing a drug user or addict to a rehabilitation center via a court petition in cases where the drug user or addict does not want to be voluntarily committed to a rehabilitation center or a detention center.
2 – B.S.D.U. is a Filipino acronym which means BALIK SA DATING UGALI or of the recurrence of the drug addiction or any other forms of back-sliding.
3 – It is said that DANCE is an ART; and that the FLOOR is the canvass and that the DANCER is the brush; and whatever the DANCER creates comes from the HEART. Indeed, DANCE is truly a creative form. It allows people to express themselves.  Dance has no set rules. You don’t actually have to listen to any rules, the choreographer can have his or her dancers do whatever steps he or she would like to do. Indeed, DANCE is an ART.
4 – Nowadays, the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION that actually serves as the OLYMPICS of DANCE is the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. This 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (WHHI”) will be held at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7-12, 2017.
5 – MALILITRATO is actually a metaphorically expression which I have myself contrived to achieve a RHYME which would connote the fame and reputation that a win in the WHHI would result into, as surely the FILIPINO HIPHOP DANCERS would be considered as topnotch hiphop dancers in the whole world.
6 –  If eventually the DRUG MENACE would be substantially minimized if not totally eradicated, PEACE and ORDER will certainly improve and the country will have a corps of healthy and energetic and drug-free human resource that would create heightened work efficiency.
7 – KOMPETENSYA is used here to mean INTER-BARANGAY COMPETITION that is being aspired to be conducted nation-wide.
8 – It has been bruited about that there is a proposal which is supposed to be launched and being broached by the local government unit of Quezon City that would serve as model for an eventual nation-wide INTER-BARANGAY HIPHOP COMPETITION.
9 – Since the Philippines entered in the WHHI in 2006, the Philippine team has won the CHAMPIONSHIP  AWARD  for  SEVEN (7) times already.]
Notice: If you are interested to support the LEGIT STATUS TEAM and the ALLIANCE TEAM in their respective quest to bring HOME the GOLD, you may click the GENEROSITY.COM website on this hereunder POST which is GENEROSITY.COM’s link address:–2







 [Photo above shows the family of Brod GLENN aka GLENN UMALI GOLLA, his wife and the TROIKA of kids. From L-R: Jon, Brod Glenn, Marivic (Brod Glenn’s winsome wife), Glenn Jr., and Kym]


Thus, as my FRATERNITY BROTHER he’s a B.E.S.T.2

Found out that he was a CHEVRON3 SCIENTIST,

With his looks, he could pass for a movie ARTIST!



Though I have not been his school CONTEMPORARY4,

But OMIGOSH his bio-data5 is quite EXTRAORDINARY;

His secondary speaks of COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION6,

I deem it as involved with high-grade COGNITION!




He graduated from  UP7 in GEOLOGY,

And his FB8 “work & education” comes in sets of TRILOGY9;

He even sired kids with Marivic in TRINE10,

Indeed, your lucky numbers are 3, 7 and NINE11!




Per your HOROSCOPE Brother GLENN,

You’re  GENUINE and so POSITIVE like SEAN PENN12;

You’re described as OPTIMISTIC TOO,

And you bring much benefit to people AROUND YOU!




And as a PISCES person per the mystical ZODIAC,

You really could achieve much LUCK…

And as your LUCKY numbers are  3, 9 and SEVEN…

You could perhaps buy a quick LOTTO ticket at 7-11!



And as a resident of LA, CALIFORNIA,

My hunch persists that there’s still that POTENTIA12;

That you could win the JACKPOT in LOTTO,

Well, I’ll not ask for a BIG (perhaps just a trifle) “BALATO”!




Thank you13 ONCE again my debonair BROD,

I hope someday we’ll have our elbows RUBBED;

I hope to meet you ANEW in the FLESH,

And your wifey MARIVIC14 too, I’m so much  IMPRESSED!






[Photos above show the LOVEY-DOVEY couple – at right, while lounging languidly at the Newport Beach in California; while at left is a pretty framable photo of Brod Glenn and his wife Marivic.] 




[Legend: 1 – G.E.T. is acronym for GEOTHERMAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY and Brod Glenn  aka Glenn Umali Golla earned a POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA in G.E.T. at the University of Auckland in New Zealand in 1993.
2 – B.E.S.T. is another acronym which I myself crafted and which stands for: BROD EDUCATED IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, and it surely also means BEST which denotes being MOST EXCELLENT.
3 – Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation. One of the successor companies of Standard Oil, it is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries. Chevron is engaged in every aspect of the oil, natural gas, and geothermal energy industries, including hydrocarbon exploration and production; refining, marketing and transport; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation.
4 – Brod Glenn and I did not actually become contemporaries in UP as when I graduated from UP Law in 1980 at Malcolm Hall which is too distantly far from the Arts & Sciences Bldg. known as PALMA Hall where the first 2 years of college work is done; it was I believe his sophomore year then in pursuit of a course at UP-Diliman in BS Geology.
5 – I actually did not see his actual bio-data but that as inputs in this FUN RHYME BLOG, I resorted to and checked/verified his entries at Facebook particularly about his “work & education”.
6 – Brod Glenn’s entry in FB page about his secondary education is that he graduated from the “MORONG NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL – CLASS OF 1979”.
7 – UP is University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.
8 – FB refers to Brod Golla’s Facebook page.
9 – As presented in Brod Glenn’s FB page, his work history is as follows: (1) Former Sr. Earth Scientis at CHEVRON, Geothermal Indonesia, Ltd., (2) Geologist Advisor – CHEVRON Geothermal Indonesia; and, (3) Earth Scientist – CHEVRON, Bakersfield, USA. On the other hand, Brod Glenn’s education is presented thus: (1) UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND – Post Graduate in Geothermal Energy Technology, Auckland, New Zealand – Class of 1993, (2) UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES – DILIMAN – BS Geology – Class of 1983; and, (3) MORONG NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL – MORONG, RIZAL – Class of 1979.
11 – The numbers 7 and 9, as Brod Glenn’s lucky numbers are based from my GOOGLE-RESEARCH at “Pisces February 25 – Birthday Horoscope Personality Traits Sun Signs. However, the following link address:, added “3” as Brod Glenn’s another LUCKY NUMBER.
12 – Sean Penn is a famous Hollywood actor who is considered as powerhouse film performer capable of intensely moving work, who has gone from strength to strength during a colorful film career, and who has drawn much media attention for his stormy private life and political viewpoints. The 1990s was the decade in which Sean really got noticed by critics as a mature, versatile and accomplished actor, with a string of dynamic performances in first-class films despite past failures by reason of his POSITIVE outlook. Certainly, Sean Penn is one of Hollywood’s most controversial, progressive and gifted actors.
13 – The word POTENTIA actually should be spelled POTENTIAL. But just as to achieve a RHYME, it was truncated to read “POTENTIA”.
14 – Brod Glenn and his wife Marivic sent their donation through XOOM instead of the GENEROSITY.COM FUNDRAISER which was launched by my youngest daughter Alee and her team mates quest in the LEGIT STATUS to bag the GOLD in this 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST.
15 – Marivic is Brod Glenn’s gracious, pretty, charming and demure wife.]




























FUN RHYME SERIES 154 – THANK YOU BROD MONCHING RAMOS aka RAMON RAMOS of GPSI aka GEOspatial Professional Solutions, Inc.  


[Brod Monching Ramos and his gracious and pretty wife Alice, are shown in this photo with their equally gracious and pretty daughters Elaine and  Dianne Ramos.]


who sports a contagious SMILE,

And when he helps, he always offers an EXTRA MILE;

I have experienced his HELPFUL SPIRIT,

On campus1a as well as in places as though with no LIMIT2!



I got actually amazed when I googled his NAME,

It has turned out that he’s OWNER of a US firm with FAME3;

And I said to myself, this BROD has made IT,

He truly has progressed because of pure and clear MERIT4!



Indeed as one born under the SCORPIO sign,

You’re described as one with a VIBRANT and AGGRESSIVE design;

You are even labeled as EXTREMELY PASSIONATE,

You’re even EXTREMELY DEVOTED, that’s not a JAPE5!



I know too that you are extremely SYMPATHETIC,

That’s another of your trait as shown in the HOROSCOPE kit;

Although, you may at times be so truly SERIOUS—

You’ve a lighter side that’s witty, for that I’m AMUSED!



I wish  now to thank you for your  DONATION,

As again my daughters are preparing for a COMPETITION;

It’s once more, the WORLD HIPHOP CONTEST,

That would showcase the world’s dancers at their BEST!



In fact I still can recall that in 20066, you gave tremendous HELP—

Though at that time they all really FELT,

That as tyros7 in the INTERNATIONAL ARENA,

They would not be a threat to the “FRONTRUNNA8”!



With the experiences that they have GAINED,

Our Philippine teams, I’m sure will pass the LANE9;

And the GOLD MEDAL would not be so ELUSIVE,

I’d feel our teams will become the DEFENDING CHAMPS’ pet peeve10!


[Despite Brod Monching Ramos’ tight and hectic schedule, photo above would show how Brod Monching values family and relationship. Here in this photo, Brod Monching shares his time and bonding escapade with his sister Francis Mazie Bondoc. Indeed, a truly caring and endearing blood brother to his kin and to his fraternity brethren.]





[Legend: 1 – Ramon Ramos aka Monching Ramos is my fraternity brother in the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY, a university fraternity organized by students of the University of the Philippines better known with its acronym UP, particularly in the Diliman campus (the main campus of UP) in December 1963.
1a – Brod Monching was a helpful fraternity brother as he would always be available if a brod would need an additional hand in cases where there are projects of the fraternity in UP. But even in times of personal need, Brod Monching Ramos was never stingy in giving his time, attention and presence as well as financial help, at times.
2 –  There indeed was no LIMIT in Brod Monching Ramos’ propensity to help and I experienced that when in 2006, my eldest daughter Shayna [who is now Team Manager of the LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Team (one of only THREE teams which prequalified to the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST)] together with her UP STREET DANCE team mates first participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. It was Brod Monching Ramos and his wife Alice who orchestrated, coordinated and insured that the needed help and aid are accorded my daughter Shayna and her ELEVEN (11) other team mates of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM. For this, I will truly be forever grateful to Brod Monching and his wife Alice.
3 – I just learned after surfing through/searching in the INTERNET, that Brod Monching and his wife Alice are the prime movers and owners of a company known as the  GEOspatial Professional Solutions Inc. (GPSi) which traces its roots back to the 1970s. It is described as a company pedigreed by a lineage of photogrammetric expertise, as they trumpet the clarion call that GPSi features the next generation of geospatial solutions that encompass photogrammetry, remote sensing and geographic information systems. GPSi is proud to announce too as the first mapping company in North America to offer the UltraCam Falcon prime, the digital aerial mapping camera tailored for high accuracy, design grade engineering mapping. The said facility features like 196 megapixel image format, a 1:2.2 pan sharpen ratio that collects PAN, RGB and NIR in parallel, and forward motion compensation by TDI, and that said camera delivers the same technical capabilities of larger models. The facility also has the ability to deliver true-color and color-infrared (CIR) image quality with unmatched radiometric range, and it makes it ideal for  smaller large-scale and photogrammetric projects, high-resolution orthophoto production, precision photogrammetry, corridor mapping, and LiDAR integration.  GPSi is also the first company in the West Coast of NORTH AMERICA to own RIEGL’s LMS-Q780 aerial LiDAR sensor. With this exciting purchase of this full waveform airborne laser scanner, GPSi now offers full LiDAR services including data aquisition, post-processing, filtering, and classification.
4 – I truly believe that this stature that Brod Monching and his wife has now attained is actually bY reason of the tandem’s plain and simple merit. I have learned that Brod Monching and his wife compose a team of hardworking and vision-oriented personalities who are not only focused on the commercial aspect of their business but also their social responsibility in their own work-community.
5 – JAPE means a JEST or a JOKE.
6 –   As earlier said, in July 2006, my eldest daughter Shayna, together with her UP STREET DANCE team mates first participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST which was held in Los Angeles, California. It was Brod Monching Ramos and his wife Alice who orchestrated, coordinated and insured that the needed help and aid are accorded my daughter Shayna and her 11 other team mates of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM.
7 – TYROS would mean beginners or novices. Indeed, in 2006, that was the very first  time my daughter Shayna and the UP STREET DANCE Team entered/participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. Now, our PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS (i.e. LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE) are aspiring to be declared CHAMPIONS and to bring home the GOLD. LEGIT STATUS will enter in both the MEGACREW and the VARSITY DIVISION COMPETITIONS; while ALLIANCE will only enter in the MEGACREW DIVISION COMPETITION.
8 – To achieve a RHYME, “FRONTRUNNER” is here spelled as “FRONTRUNNA”.
9 – LANE would actually mean the process from ELIMINATION, the  SEMI-FINALS and finally the FINAL ROUND where ONLY FIVE (5) teams will compete for the much-coveted GOLD.
10 – PET PEEVE is something that would be annoying or the cause of annoyance as our Philippine teams would be a sure threat to the DEFENDING CHAMPS as well as the FRONTRUNNERS. ]




 [Janet is shown here in the photo snapped using as backdrop a Biblical quote which only shows the God-fearing and God-loving nature of Janet. Indeed, this wholesome trait on the part of Janet has brought upon her and her family a shower of blessings and graces.]


Salamat sayo JANET1 pero sa FB ang name mo ay JEANETTE,

Mukhang pinaganda, humaba, at mukhang ayaw ng maliit;

Subalit kung tutuusin hindi dapat PALITAN,




Batay sa RESEARCH ko sa GOOGLE,

And I am sure you’ll be happy with a GIGGLE;


Ke yan ay JANE o JEANETTE, dahil that’s the RULE…



But I am sure that you will REALIZE,

That GOD indeed has given you a PRIZE;

A happy family, good kids and a faithful HUBBY,

And you seem to be so engrossed in a useful HOBBY!



A HOBBY which is aiding and helping people,

Of allowing them a place which is truly STAPLE4;

Though it is for RENT the purpose is to AUGMENT,

Instead of a HUT, they live in a house of CEMENT!



Once again..THANK YOU sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER5 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong YAN… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y patuloy mong ipagdasal  nang  MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang MEDAL na GOLD6!



Huwag mong kalimutang magdasal,

At sana’y maisama mo ang sa ami’y INUUSAL;

Magwagi sana ang koponang PILIPINO,

Karangalan na bayan ang hatid nitong TOTOO!


[Janet is shown here at center at the front row with the whole caboodle of her family. This was taken in December 2015 during the Yuletide season.]



[Legend: 1 – Janet Praile was our Law Office’s Secretary since 1999 until 2010 and that was how I knew her by name; until I found in her FACEBOOK account that she now uses a prettier and longer first name as JEANETTE.

2 –  It would appear that the names Jan, Janet, Janit, Janneth, Jannetta, Janot, Jenetta, Jenette, Jennet, Jennette, Jinnet, Jinnett, and Jeannette, all derive from the name JANE, and that it carries the same meaning.

3 – Janet is a medieval diminutive of Jane. Jane originates in Hebrew language and means “God is merciful”. It is ultimately derived from the Hebrew masculine name Yochanan, thus it has the same origin as many other names, including Joan and Hannah. Jane has always been one of the most popular names.

4 – STAPLE means BASIC and a HOME or a DWELLING PLACE is one of man’s basic needs.

5 – My youngest daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER via the website entitled GENEROSITY.COM. Those interested to donate may just access the POST which I shared unto Janet’s TIMELINE (or perhaps better, JEANETTE’s TIMELINE)  entitled LEGIT STATUS & ALLIANCE – PHILIPPINE DANCE TEAMS. Then, just click on the end line rubric of the statement which reads: “Support LEGIT STATUS & ALLIANCE – PHILIPPINE DANCE TEAMS by donating and sharing today” which on the other hand reads: “GENEROSITY.COM”. And that’s EASY! The LEGIT STATUS Team placed SECOND in the 2015 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) while ALLIANCE placed THIRD in the 2016 WHHI.

6 – Now, these PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS are aspiring to be declared CHAMPIONS and to bring home the GOLD. LEGIT STATUS will enter in both the MEGACREW and the VARSITY DIVISION COMPETITIONS; while ALLIANCE will only enter in the MEGACREW DIVISION COMPETITION.]



























maricel-bowood-cascade [Maricel Winter’s undying love for nature could be seen/deciphered from this photo taken in the United Kingdom with the BOWOOD CASCADE located particularly at Route A4 | Derry Hill VillageDerry Hill, Chippenham SN11 0LZ, England; as backdrop.]




Salamat sayo MARICEL pati na sayong MISTER,

Bagamat nakaligtaan ko ang FIRST NAME — am sure it is not WALTER…

Subalit pareho kaming HANDSOME na; POGI pa —

Kaya alam kong ikaw ay siguradong palagiang nagpapa-GUAPA!



Maganda’t maayos sigurado ang inyong LAGAY,

Dahil nakikita sa kislap ng mata mong MAPUNGAY;

Pagbutihin mo ang panunungkulan mo,

Marahil ikaw sa kinabukasa’y magiging MILYONARYO!



Malamang nakakatulong ka na rin sayong magulang,

That’s the best and that should be your PLAN;

Alam ko namang ikaw ay MATULUNGIN,

Katulad ng pagtulong mo na naiambag mo sa AMIN!



Huwag mong kalimutang magdasal,

At sana’y maisama mo ang sa ami’y INUUSAL;

Magwagi sana ang koponang PILIPINO,

Karangalan na naman ang hatid nitong TOTOO!



Once again..THANK YOU sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER1 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong YAN… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y patuloy mong ipagdasal  nang  MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang MEDAL na GOLD2!


maricel (2)[Another photo of the nature-loving trait in the person of Maricel Winter at the BOWOOD House and Gardens in Derry Hill, England.] 







[Legend: 1 – My youngest daughter ALLE put up a FUNDRAISER via the website entitled GENEROSITY.COM. Those interested to donate may just access the POST I shared unto Maricel’s TIMELINE entitled LEGIT STATUS & ALLIANCE – PHILIPPINE DANCE TEAMS. Then, just click on the end line rubric of the statement which reads: “Support LEGIT STATUS & ALLIANCE – PHILIPPINE DANCE TEAMS by donating and sharing today” which on the other hand reads: “GENEROSITY.COM”. And that’s EASY! The LEGIT STATUS Team placed SECOND in the 2015 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) while ALLIANCE placed THIRD in the 2016 WHHI.
2 – Now, these PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS are aspiring to be declared CHAMPIONS and to bring home the GOLD. LEGIT STATUS will enter in both the MEGACREW and the VARSITY DIVISION COMPETITIONS; while ALLIANCE will only enter in the MEGACREW DIVISION COMPETITION.]





























President-Duterte (1)

 [His EXCELLENCY, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.In his STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS delivered on July 24, 2017, President Duterte scored numerous FIRSTS: First, Pres. Duterte openly warned  the MINING COMPANIES of the Philippines to be responsible in protecting the environment and to pay correct taxes due the government (if my memory serves me right, no other Philippine president has intrepidly attacked those rich MINING COMPANIES publicly and even warned their total closure]; Second, Pres. Duterte virtually allowed the police officers in the spirit of the MAXIMUM TOLERANCE policy to bear no arms (not even a BATUTA) during the SONA; Third, Pres. Duterte cordially conveyed the message to the JUDICIARY through CJ Maria Lourdes A. Sereno to be prudent in the issuance of TROs, as Pres. Duterte lamented the damage that it has usually wrought against government projects; Fourth, Pres. Duterte even confronted the protesters after his SONA and addressing the crowd on a makeshift stage, promised them all the liberty to yell, holler and shout in protest till kingdom come. Lastly, after assailing the disadvantages of the government’s STANDARD PROCUREMENT PROCESS, and citing an example as to how corruption works (using the LOWEST BIDDER route as device to short-change the government) and how the government ends up as loser to such LOWEST BID deals.] 



Ang ibig pong sabihin ng DESPACITO ay GANITO,

“SLOWLY DOES IT and WELL”, yan po ang TOTOO;

Kaya po dyan sa MARAWI CRISIS, na gawa-gawa ng ISIS —

Ang ating PANGULO’y nag-IIMIS-IMIS1!



Maraming mga TSISMOSANG na nag-gagaling-galingan,

Ang sabi ba naman…”ANG DALI-DALI NYAN…”2;


Ano daw ang dahilan…  “MERON BA DYANG SUSPENDER?”3



Pero ngayo’y pinagtapat na ng ating DIGONG,

Tatlong daan pala ang HOSTAGES DOON;

Kaya di sumusugod at di kumukubkob,

Ang MILITARY FORCE pause muna ang LUSOB!



Yan ang PANGULO may ramdam na MAKATAO,

At sa kaligtasan ng HOSTAGES, meron din syang RESPETO…

Sa kanyang SONA SPEECH mariin nyang pinarinig…

I value human life…”, yan ang kanyang TINIG!



Sa SONA ng Pangulo maraming naitalang FIRSTS4,

Sya ang unang PANGULO na binalaan ang MINING PITS5;

“Pay the right taxes, or I’ll close you DOWN!”,

Yan ang DIRECTIVE ng Pangulo ukol sa MINING LOW-DOWN6



Unang pagkakataong ding mga PULIS

ay walang BIGKIS7,

Ni wala ngang BATUTA, aba’y parang LIHIS…

Pero ang RESULTA8 ay napakaganda,

FIRST TIME na walang gulo sa Presidential SONA!



Isa pa ngang FIRST na dapat masambit,

FIRST TIME na hinarap ang animo’y nag-PI-PICKET9;





Ang tampok na FIRST na akin ding nakita,

Sinabihan ng magalang ang ating HUDIKATURA11;

Dapat na ngang maglimi-limi ang atin pong mga JUDGES…

Ang TRO12 ay dapat na pong malagay na sa SHELVES13!




Linsyak nga naman, eh parang DISGRASYA;

Imbes na makatulong ay lalong SAKUNA,

Airport na dapat, naging BASKETBALL Court na lang pala14!



Sa lahat na naging PANGULO ng atin pong BANSA,

Siya lamang ang bukod tanging pinuna ang PAKSA15;

LOWEST BIDDER ang halos syang ating BIDA,

Yaon pala’y lalabas namang talagang KONTRA-BIDA!



Isa pang rebelasyon na tunay na OKEY,

MIGHTY CORP16 case pala’y ngayon ay OKEY-DOKEY;

25 BILYONG PISO ang babayaran nilang MULTA,

Gugugulin ng gobyerno para sa kawawang mga MARALITA!



Totoong mahal ni DIGONG ang SUNDALO,

Kaya nga’t puspos at lubos ang ABONO17;

Equipment at arms ay pagbubutihin,

High-tech na DRONE18 ay kanyang AANGKATIN!



Kaya nga dapat ang mga KRITIKO’y humimpil MUNA,

Pabayaang mga layon ni DIGONG ay pailanglang na umalagwa,

SUABE, SUABE po muna sanang TALAGA…

POQUITO, POQUITO po muna ang inyong mga BANTA!



Kayong mga DILAWAN19 na ASAR na marahil…

Ihinto muna ang KANTYAW na nakaka-GIGIL;

Lalo na kung ang pagmumura ni DU30 ang siyang unang PUPUNAHIN,

Bulaklak lang po ng DILA, EVIL INTENT po ay DE-HIN20!


 [A more formal photo of His EXCELLENCY, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.] 





[Legend: 1 – Nag-iimis-imis is a Tagalog term which means “taking one’s time” and/or “contemplating” and/or “planning”.
 2 – A lot of tongues are wagging as to why the AFP with all the military might that has been transferred/relocated to Marawi could not easily overtake the stragglers left behind by the rebellious Maute group. Per the revelation made by Pres. Duterte, the Maute group has really planned for so long time this uprising and that they have really put up a stockpile of ammunition and explosives via the series of underground TUNNELS in the whole of the Marawi’s Maute-controlled enclaves.
2a – The MAUTE Group is some kind of the progenitor of the ISIS-inspired group which intends to install a caliphate in Marawi City under the auspices and the control of ISIS.
3 – I have heard from reliable sources and this was personally confirmed to me by my fraternity brod, Jamel Lucman who sported the nom-de-guerre Commander Junglefox of the infamous Blackshirts of the 1970s, that during the height of the 1970 Moro Rebellion there were times that his rebel troops were literally cornered and overwhelmed. But, surprisingly the assault will be suspended as though giving them the chance to escape. The suspicion then was there were generals in the military then who wanted to sustain the rebellion. This was supposedly the case just like what happened in the 1950s where suspected efforts to maintain in the national budget, an appropriation for the fight against the HUKS (i.e. Hukbong Magpapalaya ng Bayan or HMB which is the progenitor of the NPA), the so-called entry maliciously labeled as “budgetary HUKS”.
4 – In my more than 60 years of life in the Philippines and having watched the STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESSES of a number of Presidents of the Republic, this was the first time I have seen and heard novel ideas, suggestions  and obsessions on the part of the sitting President during the SONA.
5 – MINING PITS would refer to the mining companies especially the irresponsible ones who have caused much peril, prejudice and damage to the environment.
6 –  LOW DOWN would mean the true and despicable facts or relevant information about something, in this case about the MINING INDUSTRY in the Philippines.
7 – BIGKIS would refer to the belt together with the HOLSTER which usually have a gun tucked inside it. But for the first time in the history of SONA of these past decades, the police officers did not have guns, truncheons and shields.
8 – The result of the deployment of those gun-less police officers was TERRIFIC, a no-spat, no-quarrel confrontation between the protesters and the police officers.
9 – PICKET, every year those protesters particularly those from the LEFT would line up in a seeming PICKET and would holler a lot of slogans and fiery yells to sort of create trouble and disorder. But at this (i.e. July 24, 2017)  SONA, no such spat, quarrel and/or commotion happened.
10 – President Duterte faced the PROTESTERS and a makeshift stage and told them that they can holler, yell and shout till kingdom come and even challenged who ever wants to kill him to unlatch the lever in the supposed grenade and throw it at him. No one moved, no one threw even a piece of boiled egg.
11 – President Duterte conveyed a very reverential message actually an SOS from the rostrum during the SONA asking the JUDICIARY’s help to be prudent in the issuance of TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS with regard to government projects. Pres. Duterte gave as example the REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH LAW against which a TRO was issued by the Supreme Court, two (2) years ago and for such an issuance, about Php 360 Million worth of medicines would be laid to waste (as the meds will expire next month).
13 – SHELVES with denote the need for the courts to think twice or thrice or seven times seven, as the issuance of TROs against government projects has truly impeded our country’s progress.
14 –   In another swipe in the inefficient and corrupt-ridden BIDDING PROCEDURE where favor is accorded the lowest bidder, Pres. Duterte cited as an example a project for the construction of an airport which due to the slicing up of the total project funds as bribe-money (and ending up with just half of the total funds for the project), led to the usage of the supposed airport as a mere basketball court instead of an airport.
15 – PAKSA means subject and the subject of the discussion pertains to the government’s BIDDING PROCEDURE.
16 –  MIGHTY CORP is MIGHTY CORPORATION which refers to a cigarette factory which was imposed a FINE of almost Php 40 Billion for allegedly tampering BIR stamps affixed on their cigarette boxes.
17 –  ABONO is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to refer to some kind of  booster to enhance the morale and the fighting capability(ies) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
18 – President Duterte committed to cause the purchase/importation of HIGH-TECH DRONES which would reconnoiter and undertake surveillance of areas suspected as being lairs of rebels such as the communists-reds as well as maverick Moro rebels.
19 – DILAWAN refers to the YELLOW group or the supporters of the AQUINOs.VIMI is Vicente Miguel Rivera, my son-in-law and husband of Shayna and who is the Team Coach of the LEGIT STATUS.
20 – President DUTERTE attuned to his populist-style of leadership and speech would garnish his speeches with curses and jokes just as to entertain the people as the HOI POLLOI would be very much entertained those antics and language of our playful and at times, FRIVOLOUS PRESIDENT.]