[Bashers at FaceBook are so many nowadays. But they are purportedly advocating their right to criticize and their right to freedom of expression. But ooops, they are also luring the military into a mutiny, a putsch, a coup d’etat…WOW, amidst this corona virus pandemic, they are sowing divisiveness and civil strife. ARE THESE POLITICAL ANIMALS, FILIPINOS?]



Let’s not be undisciplined and most of all, of being “PASAWAY”…

If you want to really raise our FLAG “at IWAGAYWAY”;

Walang maitutulong yang “hate campaign” ninyo laban sa ating PRESIDENTE – –

Matagal-tagal na rin naman at mukhang wala naman sa inyo’y tunay na KUMAKAMPI!

Dapat nating ipagdasal ang atin pong PANGULO…

Dahil wala naman iba pa na sa ating bansa’y NANGUNGULO;

Umusal tayo ng dasal at hindi po sana BATIKOS  – –

Ang hirap nga kasi, kayo’y puro KUSKOS-BALUNGOS!

Iinit lang ang ulo at pakiramdam NINYO…

Sasabog pati ang mga butse ninyo at pusong pang-KARINYO;

Maghunos dili na nga, mga uslak KAYO – –

Hindi naman talaga ninyo makukumbinsi, ang ARMY, ang PNP at si Secretary AÑO!

Nanunulsol pa nga kayo, mag-KUDETA sa GOBYERNO…

Para kayong banyaga, hindi ba kayo FILIPINO?;

Akala ko’y PINILI na at PININO pa KAYO – –

Mukhang magaspang pa rin ang mga mukha at diskarte  NINYO!

Hindi naman kasi kayo si Cardinal SIN, si CORY, RAMOS at ENRILE…

Sobra naman kayong ambisyoso kung ang isip nyo nga ay GANIRE;

Huwag nyo ring isiping ang “majority” ay panig sa INYO – –

Kung majority talaga kayo eh di dapat KUDETA na ngayon TAYO!

Ipinaglalaban ninyo nang sukdulan, wika ay FREEDOM…

Naku eh giyera na nga ang ating KINALALAGYAN;

Isantabi po muna natin yang mga FREEDOM, FREEDOM – –

Mga buhay po ng mga tao ang siya nating munang PANGALAGAAN!

Mistulang giyera ang nangyayari po sa ating bansang GILIW…

Kalaba’y lulan sa hangin , na may hihip at ALIWIW;

Ituon natin ang labanang ito against the corona VIRUS, ‘IGAN – –

Para kahit na paano’y masabi na kayo naman pala’y puro GENIUS NAMAN!





[We have religiously observed social distancing in our diminished badminton plays (from the usual 3 times a week,to just a mere Sunday play). Just as has been advised by medical experts, we have to do exercise to keep us all fit and covid-free.]


BATTLEDORE was the original name of this cock and racquet GAME…

And as we’re now all involved in a war, it’s just almost the SAME;

In badminton we’re focused on hitting a thing that’s FLYING- –

Now, scientists are immersed at “hitting” a cure on a virus that’s RAMPAGING!

In our quorum of four, and who all know how to SCORE…

We’ve someone from the health sector, police sector and much MORE- –

The health rep though not on infectious DISEASE-

Gives out however sort of medical bulletins that surely would not CEASE!

And just seeing the police officer in our QUORUM…

Will quickly remind us, though we’re in a playing FORUM;

That we still have to observe all those quarantine  PROTOCOL- –

Or else, we might get it with a “YANTOK” that will bring us much “BUKOL”!

BADMINTON is the second most played sports in the WORLD…

It’s being played by 220 million aficionados regularly, since it was UNFURLED;

It was invented in India, 2000 years AGO- –

Modern badminton burst out in UK plugged by the Duke of Beaufort who has an intriguing MOTTO!

And the Duke’s motto is: “Mutare vel timere SPERNO”…

Which appears timely in our present covid “INFERNO”;

It means among others ,NOT TO FEAR- –

Indeed, this bitchy virus must be hit and roasted on a SPEAR!

The covid scourge is not only UNPRECEDENTED…

It’s unforeseen, unimaginable and has rattled every nation’s PRESIDENT;

But as in badminton and in tennis, when the score is NAUGHT- –

It marks the period of fun and of LOVE, as it would bring about the news that the virus has been CAUGHT…

For with ZERO (aka LOVE ) infections therefore, it would mean that our prayers have all been answered by Our LORD up ABOVE and we’ll all be protected from this scourge FOREVER and EVER MORE!!!!