Group photo shows Mike Muller 3rd from left.
[Here’s a group photo taken during the 2016 KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE ANNIVERSARY held at the Seoul Olympic Auditorium on July 27, 2016. The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, Sir MIKE MULLER who was conferred an award on that date, is shown in the middle, 3rd from left.] 


You’ve been the source of inspiration for PEOPLE,

Please don’t argue with me as my source is GOOGLE;

It even said that you’ve provided much ILLUMINATION,

For you were once an envoy of your NATION!




You’re a CANCER person who’s

direct approach to life is CLEAR,

And you want a warm home for those to you are DEAR;

Your ambition in life is to have a LOVING FAMILY,

Cause you’re of a domestic nature, that’s a VERITY!



Though we just had a couple of days stay in SOKOR,

That was when you and my Dad were conferred an HONOR;

You really was so humble treating your war feat as ORDINARY,

You’ve shown that you’re so GENTLE and very ORDERLY!



Though you have a forceful PERSONALITY,

That force is covered with your calm PERIPHERY;

Being born in the Year of the Horse, you’re SO AMIABLE,

And that has made you popular—well, that’s so LAUDABLE!



And your having been so truly POPULAR,

Cause you’ve got a number of friends, vastly SEVERAL;

And I am truly honored to be your LOYAL PAL…

Meeting you once more would truly boost my own MORALE!




It’s your easy-going disposition in your YOUNGER YEARS,

And your good humor and geniality that brought much CHEERS;

I will plan to see and meet you with CHEERS and JEERS…

In your home country, where you’re deemed as one of its esteemed LEADERS! 




You’ve got the knack in putting people at EASE,

It’s perhaps your language which flows out like a cool BREEZE;


But don’t think that I just want to gain some COINS AND PENCE!





And on your NATAL DAY, Sir MIKE!

I hope that you’ll be AMAZING like a SPRITE—

Hope to see you next on KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE DAY,

Will aspire for that and I will so fervently PRAY!



[Birthday celebrant Sir MIKE MULLER is shown in  this photo with his gracious wife.]










 [Photo shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, ANASTACIO E. REVILLA, Jr. aka JUN REVILLA, at right, together with his youngest son Jomar, one of our paralegal assistants in our Law Office, at left. Photo was taken in front of the KA TUNYING’s CAFE along Visayas Avenue, with the standee of ANTHONY TABERNA , as backdrop.]




You’re  a CANCERIAN being born on JULY ONE,

That’s in 1953, birth of Ian Fleming’s JAMES BOND1;

You are a SNAKE person too — per the CHINESE ZODIAC,

You’re indeed an intellectual — a true-blue JACK2!



As a SNAKE3 person– you’re of the water snake KIND,

Just like Mao Ze Dong4 and Oprah Winfrey5 COMBINED;

You may have gotten the ADVENTUROUS trait of MAO,

Taking chances & so BRAVE, that’s HOW!




You may have gotten OPRAH’s BENEVOLENCE,

It’s a CANCERIAN trait too, in straight SENSE;

An air and style of being EASY-GOING,

That has in your college life been the proof of the PUDDING!





One time after a drinking SESSION,

Perhaps so drowsy, you slept at a BUS STATION6;

Waking up in the morning, finding yourself UNCLAD7

Your brand new boots, among others, got stolen by a STREET LAD!





At UP LAW8 you brought much fun &  CAMARADERIE,

You’re the leader of those who are fond of MERLOT & WINERY9;

But it is not just WINE that you ENJOY & QUAFF,

It’s REALLY BEER, and BRANDY as well as WHISKY with FOIE10!




But the trait that makes you DISTINCT and BEST,


You have the FIGHTING SPIRIT of a BULL,

A brand that actually was not learned in  SCHOOL!



Despite all the woes, aches and TORMENT—

You’re so STRONG as though plastered with hard CEMENT;

It’s a trait that is not seen among those who are WEAK,

You could surprise every one, even an Arab SHEIK11!




Per your HOROSCOPE, 2017 is a really GOOD YEAR12,

It even prognosticates an unexpected WINDFALL, ‘tis CLEAR;

Your long-time aspiration may now be COMING,

Let’s drink to that,  just JUICE, no BOOZING13!



[Family photo of the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, Jun Revilla, at extreme right (seated) taken at their Commonwealth Avenue home in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Standing from L-R: Jeq Ramos (Jun’s son-in-law), daughter Aimeebel, Jennifer Pingol Revilla (daughter-in-law), Javier Mateo (grandson), son John Joseph who is hubby to Jennifer Pingol and son Jomar. Seated from L-R: daughter Celestine who is married to Jeq Ramos, Alfonso Rafael (grandson), wife Tess Rejano Revilla and BIRTHDAY BOY, Jun Revilla.]




 1 – It was on April 13, 1953 when author Ian Fleming published/released his first book on the JAMES BOND spy-thriller series, the CASINO ROYALE.  
2 – The URBAN DICTIONARY meaning of JACK is  “a very intellectual, insightful man with the most honest heart”.
3 – As Jun was born on July 1, 1953, he is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of WATER SNAKE. It is said that persons under the WATER SNAKE CHINESE ZODIAC SIGN  have a vast range of interests in life as they enjoy studying all types of subjects and are capable of performing very in depth research.   
4 – The eminent Chinese revolutionary Mao Ze Dong aka Mao Tse Tung and the highest paid TV personality in the US, Oprah Winfrey, were both born under the WATER SNAKE ZODIAC SIGN. Mao Ze Dong aka Mao Tse Tung was born on December 26, 1893.
5 – Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954.
6 – It was actually in a bus-stop/waiting shed where Jun perhaps so drowsy and sleepy, decided to take a nap around midnight after a drinking spree following the culmination of one semestral final exams at the UP College of Law.
7 – UNCLAD is used to mean specifically Jun’s realization upon waking up in the early morning that he was shoe-less, sock-less and belt-less.
8 – UP LAW is the University of the Philippines, College of Law where I and Jun graduated. Jun was in the regular morning section which is a 4-year curriculum course while I was enrolled in the 5-year curriculum course of the evening section for working students like me.
9 – WINERY is used in the BLOG to refer to alcoholic drinks/beverage.
10 – FOIE is actually the  liver of a duck. The term ought to be correctly pronounced as “FWAH” with the distinct resonance of a French twang, just as to achieve the desired RHYMING with “QUAFF”. The term FOIE is used in this BLOG as a reference to various kinds of innards which usually serve as the favorite finger-food to go with beer, brandy, whisky and rhum during those typical boozing during our UP Law college days.
11 – The term ARAB SHEIK is used here to make a special reference to a tribe among the Arabs, actually the TUAREG tribe which is known for their capacity to remain in the desert without food and water for long periods of time; a trait that exemplifies durability and capacity to endure suffering, aches, hunger  and pain.
12 – Per an entry in the link address:, it is said that WATER SNAKE persons will have good fortune in 2017.
13 – BOOZING is used in this BLOG to mean drinking LIQUOR or any other alcoholic beverage.]






 [Photo above shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, BROD BERT G. SOMERA, sandwiched by Brod Jonah Salvosa at LEFT and myself at RIGHT taken during the wedding reception of my daughter’s (i.e. Winshayna) nuptial with Vimi Rivera at the ANGELFIELDS NATURE SANCTUARY on May 6, 2017 in Silang, Cavite.] 



He’s  the current President of the PIOIAA, Inc.1 ,

A much coveted position in our FRAT’s HIERARCHY2;

But it’s virtually reserved for the VALIANT and PASSIONATE,

Must also be INDUSTRIOUS and a virtual CARABAO’s COGNATE3!




He’s been the real RESURRECTOR4 and INSPIRATION,

Of lots of chapters of our FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION;

If not for him — and if not for his loyal CONTRIBUTION,

Much of us would be in sheer HIBERNATION!




As a GEMINI5 person that he is –a PLANNER  INDEED,

Fixed towards CONCEPTUALIZATION, that’s his CREED;

That’s why the FRATERNITY is going on STRONG,

He’s people-oriented plans that seem to have started with a GONG6!


gemini person-bert somera 


He evokes GENUINE CONCERN garnished with his sweet SMILE;

He’s a potential contributor to Philippine SOCIETY…

But FIRST — towards our venerable FRATERNITY!





That’s why perhaps the BRODS have become so DELIRIOUS8;


To summon cooperation among brods will be EASY AS PIE!


natcon-logo-PI OMICRON


And as he has in fact infected me with his VIRUS10,

Have obeyed his command just like a

brod so DESIROUS;

Wanting to make the NATCON11 a grand SUCCESS,

I pleaded unto a KUMPADRE12, Prexy Bert’s REQUEST!




Thus on this coming THIRD OF JULY we’ll trek to PAL13,

With the end in view of getting something COLOSSAL;

Perhaps a SPONSORSHIP that would be so AWESOME —

Let’s all fervently pray for a result so WHOLESOME!


[Brod Bert Somera is shown here with his gracious wife, LOVELY, in another wedding reception where the couple stood as principal sponsors.]




[Legend: 1 – PIOIAA, Inc. is acronym for Pi Omicron International Alumni Association, Inc. which is the INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the Pi Omicron Fraternity which has taken roots in UP Diliman and was organized in December 15, 1963.
2 – The Pi Omicron Fraternity boasts now of several chapters throughout the whole of the Philippine archipelago. It also has overseas chapters in the US, in Canada and other nations throughout the world. It has various alumni associations too; but the grandest alumni association of the Pi Omicron Fraternity is the Pi Omicron International Alumni Association, Inc. where Brod Bert Somera is the incumbent President.
3 – The Philippine CARABAO is undoubtedly the most hardworking animal in our agricultural nation. And analogically, Brod Bert Somera’s trait as a hard worker evokes the seemingly similar positive and wholesome traits of a carabao such as humility, perseverance, and a special ability to rise above all kinds of distractions while at work.
4 – Resurrector is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to connote the seeming magical way that Brod Bert Somera has utilized his charisma which indubitably has influenced other brods to help him in trying to revive and to have successfully revived various chapters of the Pi Omicron Fraternity.
5 – Being born on June 15, 1968, Brod Bert is guided by the zodiac sign of GEMINI.
6 – A GONG is a metal disk with a turned rim, giving a resonant note when struck. It usually is sounded to signal the start of something BIG or IMPORTANT.
7 – Being born on June 15, 1968, Brod Bert is guided by the CHINESE zodiac sign of EARTH MONKEY.
8 –  DELIRIOUS is used here to mean ECSTATIC.
9 – ALBAY is a province in the Philippine’s BICOL REGION where Legaspi City (the venue of the PIOIAA Third National Convention to be held on December 15-17, 2017) is located.
10- VIRUS is being used here to denote the INFECTIOUS and CONTAGIOUS trait of Brod Bert as a persevering and industrious hard worker.
11- NATCON is the PIOIAA, Inc.’s 3rd NATIONAL CONVENTION to be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi City, Albay.
12- KUMPADRE refers to my friend and compeer, Jimmy Bautista who is currently the President of Philippine Airlines. Kumpadreng Jimmy served as one of the principal sponsors to my eldest daughter’s wedding on May 6, 2017 at the Angelfields Nature Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite
13- PAL is the acronym for PHILIPPINE AIRLINES.]


[WILMA, my first sister in chronological order (as Wandra is my second sister), is shown here after dining at a restaurant with her friends. Wilma is presently managing a hardware store in Cubao, Quezon City.Her friends are all jestingly referring to her as a future hardware businesswoman tycoon. Well, for an apt FUN RHYME line: Wilma could be a future TYCOON, as her hardware business is best after a TYPHOON…he,he,he…]  


She could have been the WONDER WOMAN1 of MURPHY,

For as a toddler she tried to fly like a BIRDIE2;

But sans those helpful wings, she fell to the GROUND3

She stood up quick, NO KNOCK-OUT  like in a BOXING ROUND!




With that FALL she became much STRONGER,

She can OUT-TALK the late ALI4 who’s a BOXER;

After a tutoring stint in a fashion school  at CORA DELOROSO5,

She truly became quaint & decorous…MUCHO GRACIOSO!5a




And now after years of serving as NURSE6 in Qunfudah, K.S.A.7,

That’s an Arab county with a very large  QUAY8;

She met her DREAM BOAT who became her caring PAL9,

Thence, they became loving partners— MARITAL!




She cooks the best KARE-KARE10 in the whole WORLD,

She makes the OX TAIL dish as though it’s to be served to a LORD;

I gifted DOC ANDY TAN11 with a canister so FULL,

Doc ANDY said its luscious…’tis truly GREAT, so COOL!




My sister WILMA has now become PRAYERFUL,

A legacy from Mom NORMA12, who loves Malaysian mums colored PURPLE;

WILMA has since taken care of Mom’s DEVOTION,

The PASSION READING13 — that’s an old tradition in our NATION!



And as WILMA has loomed as our BEST COOK,

She prepares the FOOD for our leisure at our WEEKLY NOOK14;

It’s sort of a regular reunion of the CLAN,

It’s MAHJONG15 that’s a firm part of the weekly PLAN!




And as WILMA plays MAHJONG well too,

She sometimes WINS and sometimes LOSES too;

But it’s the weekly BONDING and the family SHARING,

For this! WILMA needs to be gifted with a PIN EARRING16!




Thus, on this — your precious NATAL DAY,

I’ll try to score a PIN EARRING for you with less PAY;

I’ll connect with ARCHIE17 who’s OUR AMAZING NEPHEW,

And ask him to buy the TRINKET…well just a FEW!

wilma-family-photo[WILMA, the birthday celebrant, is shown here in this group photo taken during Shayna’s wedding; with members of her family (except for Wiena who was busy at school)-From L-R: Ronnie (Wilma’s hubby, Wilma, Ella and the couple’s only son, Rommel.]  






[1 – WONDER WOMAN  is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics who possesses  extraordinary powers just like the power of FLIGHT which my sister WILMA seemingly tried to mimic as a toddler. And that seeming “flight” of WILMA happened many years ago, in the early 1960s, at our ancestral home located at 19th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.

2 – BIRDIE is used here to refer to a BIRD and not to the GOLF term of making a hole with a stroke which is one under par.

 3 – When we were young and WILMA and WINSTON were still toddlers; there was a time (as Mommy Norma goes regularly to Divisoria) when WINSTON was pleading to Mommy Norma to allow him to join in Mommy Norma’s trip to Divisoria. However, Mommy Norma said NO and Winston tried to get Mommy Norma’s sympathy and a possible  YES by WEEPING and CRYING out loud. At that time, we have a long sofa which adjoins the large but un-grilled window (it can be opened and closed via the window sills made of capiz shells by sliding it to and fro along the chiseled funnel on the lower horizontal wood window jamb) in our ancestral home located along 19th Avenue in Murphy, Cubao. And Winston, perhaps to attract Mommy Norma’s attention who started  her journey to Divisoria  by intending to just walk up to 15th avenue to take a JD Bus ride to Divisoria (instead of taking a taxi as a taxi ride then was not only scarce but expensive).  And as Mommy Norma walked away, Winston’s crying went louder and louder while I served my role as some kind of “police” to thwart any attempt on the part of Winston to run out of the house and join Mommy Norma. So, feeling that he cannot run out of the house as I was a strict “enforcer’, Winston continued to shriek, weep and cry all the louder. Wilma then was about 2 or 3 years old. And as Wilma was so innocent and naïve, Wilma walked up the sofa where Winston was then prancing while weeping, after her curiosity was aroused as to why Winston was crying, weeping and shrieking so loud looking out of the window while crying. Upon coming atop the sofa and  holding on to the shoulder of Winston to sort of balance her as the sofa was made of a cushioned topping, Wilma eventually clung to Winston’s shoulder.  But Winston’s gaze was much focused at the far left horizon where Mommy Norma had walked away and gone along 19th Avenue towards maneuvering a short-cut through an alley into 18th Avenue and eventually the Main Road (now, Justice Lourdes Paredes San Diego Avenue). So, due perhaps to Winston’s anger for not having successfully swayed Mommy Norma to return back home and to fetch him and allow him to join in the Divisoria trip,  he eventually nudged Wilma forcefully as though as in a seeming jiu-jit-su move. As Wilma had earlier clung so tightly unto Winston to maintain her balance atop the cushioned sofa; Wilma like a ball, suddenly went out of the huge open window. Wilma thereafter  dropped upon the roofing of the window eaves and rolled down unto the muddy ground fronting our house (back then as our ancestral’s house’s frontage is uncemented; when it rains— the ground would turn so muddy). We all rushed downstairs together with Winston, and as Wilma rose up with splotches of mud all over her face; I heard Winston weepingly shouting: “HINDI PA PATAY; HINDI PA PATAY!” [English translation: “SHE’S NOT DEAD; SHE”S NOT YET DEAD!”]. That indeed, was truly  a WONDER WOMAN caper! DIVISORIA is actually a shopper’s paradise located in western Manila almost near the North Harbor and items and products are sold there at really reduced  bargain prices.

4 – ALI is Muhammad Ali and the former Cassius Clay who is acknowledged as the greatest boxer of all times. And like our WILMA, Muhammad Ali is loquacious too.

5 – Daddy Max was able to enroll both  my sisters Wilma and Wandra to a summer class at the CORA DELOROSO Fashion School.

5a – To achieve RHYME, the male variant of GRACIOSA is used here in this FUN RHYME BLOG, thus; MUCHO GRACIOSO which actually means CUTE and ATTRACTIVE. But as WILMA has mellowed and aged; she is not much of CUTE nowadays, perhaps the better term is “PA-CUTE” na lang…

6 – Wilma took up NURSING in FEU and eventually she worked as an OFW from 1985 to 1997 in a hospital in Qunfudah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

7 – K.S.A. is acronym for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

8 – QUAY means a pier or a seaport. Though KSA is partially landlocked, Qunfudah lies in the  Tihamah region on the coast of the Red Sea. Its population is the fourth largest in Makkah Province, and it is one of the large sea ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea.

9 – Wilma became friends with her former boyfriend and her present husband and marital partner, Ronaldo F. Reyes.

10 – Kare-kare is a Philippine stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce. It is made from a base of stewed oxtail, pork hocks, calves feet, pig feet, beef stew meat, and occasionally offal or tripe.

11 – Doc Andy Tan who is my friend and who loves KARE-KARE; is the incumbent President of the Ateneo Schools Parents Council aka ASPAC.

12 – Mom Norma is our late mother Norma Tobias Young.

13 – Mommy Norma has made her devotion sometime in the mid-1950s, to conduct an annual PASSION READING during the season of Lent in our house which is a practice known in the vernacular as PABASA.

14 – Every SUNDAY, our ancestral home and the present home of our Daddy Max at the upper floor (while Wilma’s family makes home at the ground floor); serves as a weekly place of recreation and leisurely rest (just like a NOOK which is a place of shelter and rest). This recreation is achieved via the playing of MAHJONG thereat, a game which they all relish and play among all of my siblings (except me who up to now does not know the intricacies of MAHJONG) and Daddy Max.

15 – MAHJONG  is a tile-based game that originated in China during the Qing dynasty. It is commonly played by four players (with some three-player variations found in South Korea and Japan). The game and its regional variants are widely played throughout Eastern and South Eastern Asia and have a small following in Western countries. Similar to the Western card game rummy, MAHJONG is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves some degree of chance.

16 – PIN EARRINGs have now become a fad and a trend in the US after the assumption of President Donald Trump to power. It actually is an earring in the form/design of a SAFETY PIN which sorts of convey the message that they are SAFE INHABITANTS of the U.S.A and are not UNSAFE like the terrorists to which Pres. Trump has focused his attention particularly of banning  mostly Muslim immigrants. I intend to buy this trinket as a gift for Wilma as Wilma and my other sister Wandra are the known and acknowledged trendsetters in our family. This will surely keep Wilma much more SAFE from another try to mimic WONDER WOMAN…he,he,he…

17 – Archie is our nephew on the maternal side whose full name is ARCHIBALD G. LLORCA; the grandson of my aunt TEODORA TOBIAS and uncle GENEROSO LLORCA.]



[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG, is shown here posing like an actress of the vaunted PINILAKANG-TABING (i.e. SILVER SCREEN) of  yesteryears (as though a look-alike of LOLITA RODRIGUEZ or perhaps the hybrid of LORNA TOLENTINO and ALMA MORENO) amidst the lush natural greenery full of leafy foliage while evoking much apt adages such as: “SARIWANG HANGIN, MASARAP LANGHAPIN”, “LAGASLAS NA DAHON NG PALMERA, BUMABANDERA”, “DAHONG TALAHIB, UMAALIGID-ALIGID”, “ANG NAKAHAWAK SA PUNO, NAGHAHANAP NG PAMALO”, etc. And the most fitting adage that is seemingly being proffered and suggested by the photograph perceived as a whole is: “MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN SA HIPAG KONG MAHILIG SA HALAMAN AT KALIKASAN; AT MAYROONG  ITINATAGONG KAGANDAHAN!]



You’re a true-blooded ABRA1 folk,

‘Tis a province that has been  subject of lots of TALK;

A lot of election-related episodes,

It’s the dyeing capital as it produces much INDIGOES1a!



It’s a colorful province of the ITNEG2 lore,

Known for BAMBOO CRAFTS3 which many ADORE;

Just like how JING4 courted you BEFORE,

‘Twas full of color and much GALORE!




As a CANCER5 person you are ENERGETIC,

And you easily detect who’s not a TRUTH EPIC;

Lying is one trait that you really DISDAIN,

You can easily catch one as if you can read one’s BRAIN!




As a MONKEY6 person per the CHINESE ZODIAC,

You bring warmth like the undershirt of a LUMBERJACK;

For you’re sociable and OPTIMISTIC,

Your agile and truly bright as a stylish CHIC!




The name RALITA7 evokes sensitiveness and CREATIVENESS,

But IDEALISM appears to be also in your PSYCHE’s NEST;

BELISARIO8 on the other hand denotes of a SWORDSMAN,

‘Tis a Spanish term with GREEK as its PROVENANCE9




Merging therefore the qualities of your NAMES,

You’re a gracious lady, who could get angered into FLAMES;

In the vernacular, you are what they call… IS IT?





That’s why perhaps during the weekly MAHJONG SESSION,

When it’s your turn to play, there is QUICK CESSATION;

On the part of your loving HUSBAND, the SWANK WINSTON…

Hurriedly, you’ll be mixing the TILES while on your THRONE11.



[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG, sitting on her THRONE (seen at extreme right)  in one of those happy MAHJONG sessions.]





  • (1) My sister-in-law RALLY aka RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG hails from ABRA, a province within the ILOCOS REGION which is located up north in Luzon, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago.
(1a)  ABRA is known as the DYEING CAPITAL of the PHILIPPINES [bizarrely termed too as DYING capital (in such a strange and abjectly funny way) as there has been a spate of seemingly politically-motivated assassinations lately], as the folks in ABRA know how to derive natural dye from plants which are much abundant in their area.
  • (2) ITNEG is the other term used years ago to refer to the aborigines and/or the town folks from ABRA.
  • (3) ABRA is also known for a thriving cottage industry which churns out nice and fantastic bamboo crafts.
  • (4) JING is the nickname of my brother WINSTON WINIFREDO T. YOUNG.
  • (5) Being born on June 22, Rally is guided by the ZODIAC sign of CANCER.
  • (6) Being born on June 22, 1956, Rally is guided by the CHINESE sign of the MONKEY.
  • (7) A research in the INTERNET, through GOOGLE would show that the name RALITA connotes sensitiveness, creativeness and IDEALISM too.
  • (8) A research too in the INTERNET, through GOOGLE would disclose that the term/name BELISARIO is a Spanish term which was derived from GREEK. In its Spanish meaning, BELISARIO denotes of a SWORDSMAN; in Greek, BELISARIO means an ARCHER or one who could shoot arrows so skillfully.
  • (9) PROVENANCE means ORIGIN as used in this BLOG.
  • (10) “MABAIT NGUNIT MABAGSIK KUNG MAGALIT.”, is a Tagalog saying which literally means “GOOD BUT HARSH WHEN ANGERED.”
  • (11) THRONE is used in this BLOG to mean one of the desired seats, actually FOUR (4) of them, surrounding the MAHJONG TABLE.



[Here is ELLA (standing at extreme right) with her live-in partner JOSE ADONIS ALHAMBRA aka DON FACUNDO and their THREE (3) kids, namely: EBOY who is the eldest shown at the middle, ELOY, the second child who is shown at extreme left; and ALYSSA who is being lugged/carried by ELLA. Photo was taken during the birthday party of the couple’s ONLY daughter, ALYSSA. ]

Ikaw ay merong “INITIYATIBO” at masipag pang TUNAY,

Siguradong ang lahat ng BOSS mo’y ma-aaliw ng PANAY-PANAY;

Magaling kang DUMISKARTE’T gumawa ng PARAAN,

Kaya sa S.E.C1 napabilis ang  ISSUANCE…

May ngiti kang malamyos at sadyang MATAMIS,

Ngiting di magaya nitong si LITO2 na palaging INIS;

Kaya marahil dapat sa lakaran ay TANDEM kayo — DOON at DITO–

NGITI ikaw; tadyak naman sa PINTO itong  mainit na si LITO…

Napansin nga ni DONNA3 na itong si Lito’y KAKAIBA,


Mukhang gustong gayahin ni LITO ang DATING6,


Marami na ngang binara itong si Attorney JOVY,

Mga katunggali sa HUKUMAN na ‘di tunay na “READY”;

Isang PERSONALIDAD na mukhang kulang sa KAALAMAN,

BINOLDYAK ni JOVY; umiwas kapag KUWAN…

Balik tayo kay ELLA na COOL na  COOL PA,

Kaya tuloy si JOVY sa kanya’y UMAASA;

Nais marahil ni JOVY makamit ang COOLNESS ni ELLA,

Para kapag sa KORTE, si JOVY’y AALAGWA9!

Bilang GEMINI syang senyal mo’y– MALIKHAIN KA–

Yan ang sabi ng HOROSCOPE, huwag ka nang MAGTAKA;

Batikan ka rin sa GROUP WORK, swak na swak TALAGA!

MEMORYA mo daw ay tunay na PINAKAMATALAS PA!

Ako naman ay tunay ding kay ELLA’y UMAASA,

Dahil itong si ELLA ay punong-puno ng PAG-ASA;

Di nga ba’t hinulaan siya nitong si DOC ANDY10,

Na ang kanyang mga anak magdadala ng puspos na SWERTI11!

Pero, KWIDAW at PARA12 na; baka mag-anak PA—

SURE na ba yang LIGATION, talagang na-itali BA?

Baka yan ay makalas, naku DON FACUNDO13

Huwag sanang madagdagan pa, dapat yata’y I-KANDADO!


 Maligayang KAARAWAN ELLA!


  • (1) S.E.C is the Securities and Exchange Commission which is an agency of the government where certificates of registration of corporate entities are issued. Recently, with ELLA’s charm — LITO and ELLA were able to snag the SEC CERTIFICATE quick of a valued client, the following day when ELLA aided LITO in the quest.
  • (2) LITO aka Enreque D. Lutuc is our Paralegal Assistant who believes that getting what he wants or what he is required to get from government agencies could be expedited via some kind of mild bullying tactics and that “rushing up” an action from a government functionary could be attained by trying to convey some kind of irritation or a harried or famished look unto one’s face like not having eaten breakfast or lunch.
  • (3) DONNA is Ms. Donna Balagot, the OJT junior student of Law who is on an OJT engagement with our Law Office. Donna is the daughter of my Daddy Max’s driver (i.e. Ramil Balagot) and that Donna is actually schooling at the Don Mariano Marcos State University in San Fernando, La Union (but has decided to spend her summer vacation here in Metro-Manila; doubling up the usage of her time in Metro-Manila via the OJT with our Law Office).
  • (4) JOVY GAMBOL is Atty. Jovy Gambol who is a partner in our Law Office. Jovy has lots of clients and that with his lucrative law practice nowadays, as he is even appearing in court hearings in as far as Iloilo, Antique, Mindoro and Batangas City, he will be hosting a series of “blow-out lunches” equivalent to the number of losses that will be incurred by the CLEVELAND CAVS vs. the WARRIORS.
  • (5) UMA-ARIBA actually means going great or going up; and indeed Atty. Jovy Gambol’s law practice is gaining ground and shuttling up.
  • (6) DATING is a Tagalog slang which means the outward fascinating manifestations of a person or the seeming good opportunities going one’s way which prove to be the reason for Atty. Jovy Gambol’s lucrative law practice.
  • (7) Jovy Gambol is from Batangas and that a native of Batangas is called a Batangenyo.
  • (8) Nag-PANTING is a Tagalog term which means to be IRKED or VEXED or ANNOYED.
  • (9) AALAGWA is Tagalog slang which means to act amazingly apt and correct. Well, it is said that the best attitude or practice in lawyering is to speak with coolness in court and that it is best to never ever raise one’s voice so that the air of respect, dignified sway and tactfulness would create a good impression or image of an eloquent, refined and tactful lawyer.
  • (10) Doc Andy Tan is the incumbent President of the Ateneo Schools Parents Council and is a true friend. Doc Andy is not only a FENGSHUI Master but also a physiognomist, one who can read the fate and character of a person by merely looking at the face of the person. When Doc Andy Tan visited our Law Office, he had the occasion and opportunity to meet up and socialize with Ella and thus, gave Ella some helpful hints about her fate and character.
  • (11) SWERTI is a corruption of the Tagalog word SWERTE which means GOOD LUCK.
  • (12) PARA is a Tagalog word which means STOP. Though this word is actually derived from the Spanish word PARAR which means to STOP.
  • (13) DON FACUNDO is the endearing term which ELLA would use to refer to her live-in partner and soul-mate, JOSE ADONIS ALHAMBRA. Their marital cohabitation has produced 3 kids, IN SO QUICK SUCCESSION MODE.]



[Photo above shows the youthful JOSE MARI R. REVILLA aka JOMAR, in a serious and pensive mood. JOMAR is one of our Paralegal  Assistants at the Law Office. Among the other paralegal assistants in our Law Office JOMAR carries that distinction of having attended the FIRST PARALEGAL ASSISTANT TRAINING held in March 2014 at the  UP LAW CENTER. Hopefully, a couple of years or so from now, JOMAR will become a full-fledged lawyer.]


 No photo description available.

That’s my alma mater – my SCUOLA SECONDARIA1;

He is now pursuing a course in LAW,

He’ll surely become an ATTORNEY-AT-LAW2!





He’s a diligent student with zing and ZEST,

He would at times talk serious-sometimes with JEST;

But in his Law studies, he’s truly so SERIOUS,




And as a GEMINI person he truly IS,

So caring and kindhearted like MANZANO LUIS3;

He could even pass as a matinee ACTOR,

He’ll make himself up with items from MAX FACTOR4!






Truly aspiring and desirous to have his FUTURE FORETOLD;

With Law professors who are varied and DIVERSE,

He now cranks up court pleadings—a virtual study in REVERSE6!


Arellano University - Wikipedia


He is the youngest son of  the LATE ANASTACIO “JUN” REVILLA,

My school mate in UP Law– those olden days FULL of MEMORABILIA;

But now as he ventures to step into the shoes of his DAD,

Am sure that all of his CLAN will be happy and GLAD!




 With the training that he’s receiving from our LAW FIRM,

I  guess  JOMAR will someday do heartily AFFIRM;

The Lawyer’s OATH and the Lawyer’s MANTRA,






JOMAR studying habits is truly so EFFECTIVE,

Staying alone at OFFICE8, that’s a nice PERSPECTIVE;

Won’t be having any undue DISTRACTION —

That’s BIG help for MEMORIZATION!




And JOMAR’s apt advantage INDEED,

Are his trips to the COURTs, in times of NEED9;

Though he would be also doing some FILING10,

His FORTE for now, is actually for POSTPONING11!


[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, JOMAR R. REVILLA, at the piano at the HOTEL SOFITEL’s lobby taken in September 2016 during a birthday party of a kin.] 



[Legend: 1 – SCUOLA SECONDARIA is Italian phrase which means SECONDARY SCHOOL.
2 – Attorney-at-Law is the customary appellation accorded to a lawyer here in the Philippines.
3 – Luis Manzano is a Filipino matinee actor who is the son of VILMA SANTOS and EDU MANZANO.
4 – MAX FACTOR is actually a line of make-up products which started out as the usual make-up line in the movie industry.
5 – ARELLANO UNIVERSITY is the university situated in Pasay City where JOMAR is pursuing a degree in LAW.
6 – STUDY IN REVERSE would refer to the acquisition of knowledge that JOMAR has gone into by working at our Law Firm as usually, in Law School, the last thing that you would learn in your SENIOR YEAR would be the drafting of court pleadings. But in our Law Firm, JOMAR is actually into a fast learning process, on how to write court pleadings.
7 – CHHATRA is a Sanskrit word meaning UMBRELLA; thus, using the MANTRA “DO THE RIGHT THING” is a good motto to keep a lawyer away from harm, so to speak.
8 – JOMAR, in times when he has no classes at ARELLANO LAW would stay behind at the Law Office after office hours as he would savor the quietness and absence of any distraction that would be good for his memorization.
9 – At times, when there is need to postpone a court hearing, JOMAR would be the best bet to send to plead for a resetting/postponement, as he could actually dress up like a young lawyer (but still disclosing that he’s actually just a PARALEGAL still taking up Law).
10- JOMAR is, at times when LITO LUTUC (our regular court pleading filer) is overloaded with lots of court filing errands, also assigned to do filing of court pleadings at the Manila and Pasay areas as he could do the filing before entering/attending classes at his Law School at the ARELLANO UNIVERSITY LAW which is located in Pasay City, Metro-Manila.
11- As earlier said, JOMAR’s expertise for now is sounding off the Law Office’s pleas for cancellation and postponement of court hearings in times when there is indisposition on the part of a handling lawyer, conflict of schedule and the rest of the many reasons that could be trumped up to have a court hearing canceled and reset, most often with a penalty in the form of FINES.]