Happy birthday to you, well and winsome WILHELMINA…

This birthday greeting extends to iconic IAN, your hubby and your virtual  MISTAH;

This extends too to your neat kids, RICO and FRIA – –

A happy family, a bodacious bunch of OH LA LA,

Let’s sing to that with joy, even with a mere “TRA LA LA”!!

April 1 gals are sunny and enthusiastic about their RELATIONSHIP…

They’ve a magnetic charisma –  people around them feel as though they’re part of the KINSHIP;

 Their romantic relationship would at times, be sort of INTRICATE – –

But as they’re very friendly, especially with those who are sympathetic, it easily turns  DELICATE,

And as they’ve a lively character, they’d be a bit emotional, but so very ACCURATE!

You’re actually clad in an aura of quiet confidence and HONESTY…

Being garbed by such traits that have embraced you, so FITTINGLY;

Makes you so capable of inspiring enormous faith and trust in OTHERS – –

 Those traits and proclivity shared by ARIANS, like you, make you one among excellent LEADERS,

Sans any motive or desire for self-aggrandizement, as simplicity is your chosen DRUTHERS!

You’ve shown your creativity, and you’re truly WITTY…

The design and decor guru of our clan and FAMILY;

Hope you’d design a final cure AGAINST this still raging, though EBBING, corona VIRUS – –

With the help of your sister ANNE, who’s a doctor, so ASSIDUOUS,

Let’s take out its spite and venom, with a motif that’s truly GORGEOUS!

As we sing, the healing happy birthday SONG…

While we wash our hands, let’s all sing ALONG;

Let’s bash and trash-talk this corona VIRUS – –

Though, we’ve attained HERD IMMUNITY, that’s truly JOYOUS,

With a prayer that’s uttered like a song, so that it’d go away, as it gets FURIOUS!

As we make it furious and stressfully SORRY…

Not able to hop anymore into us, ‘cause we’re all clean and TIDY;

The virus will be swayed to freak out FAST – –

It will pass away and would surely PERISH AT LAST,

But let’s continue to be wary and safe, so that OUR CLAN won’t be doing another REPAST!

Mukhang talagang pasaway pa rin itong si CORONA…

Gabaan kani ng Dios, ani a karong AGA;

Return home ka na Miss VIRUS sa Wuhan, CHINA – –

Para naman si PINKY at si YAM at si JING ay makapag-birthday party ng ganap, mamaya sa 1120 HOUSE,


Maligayang kaarawan sayo PINKY!