[At right photo is the HIRSUTE WILLIAM, with much hair and so truly enticing and attractive from the perception of those DAMSELS in his midst and  ken of yesteryears. Left photo is a recent  version of WILLIAM with less of the HAIR…correction,  no HAIR on top at all…] 

He is the acknowledged CASANOVA1 in our CASA2

That’s why perhaps his CABEZA  is sort of CALVA3;

And I’m reminded of the ribald talk on being BALD4– –

But I’ll keep it to myself as YAM might get MAD!




As of now his score on the broad BOARD…

He has tallied THREE (3) sons in his FIRST CAVORT;

On the SECOND of his wily CONQUEST – –

He has sired a pretty child named WHUILETTE!




Well, as regards this next TRYSTING…

He has produced his DOUBLE as though MIMICKING;

And the name that he used is actually the SAME – –

He has named him WILLIAM to breed his FAME!




YAM is the second son of Mom NORMA and Dad MAX…

During his teens, he wants his khaki pants starched to the MAX;

That’s why our laundress then who was named KLARING – –

Saved on HANGERS, as YAM’s pants were piled on their own… STANDING5!




YAM graduated with a degree in MARINE ENGINEERING6

That’s sort of apt, as MARINES are fond of DIVING;

And DIVERS are considered truly  GRACEFUL – –

That’s perhaps a lot of women found YAM as DELIGHTFUL!




He has gone around the world as a SEAMAN…

But one time he got irked and punched his ship-CHUM7;

Well, Dad MAX thus decided to stop YAM’s sea-TRIP- –

For his CHUM might conduct a gorier REPEAT!





He has turned into POLITICS, some kind of EPIC…

He has been elected as KAGAWAD8 in our DISTRICT;

And he has been tapped to help in the TOKHANG9 – –

That’s a revived practice, and now with  the aid of a CLERGYMAN10!





He’s being PUSHED to become Barangay Chairman11

And I supposed if he’s elected I’ll be his LAW MAN12;

That’s another burden on my part, another PRO BONO13 ROLE – –

For I’m sure I won’t be part of the Barangay PAYROLL, AS IT COULD BE QUESTIONED!






[Family photo of WILLIAM during the nuptial of our nephew WOODROW with PAM UNITE. Shown standing from left to right: WILLIAM Jr., WHUILETTE, WILLIAM Sr., and TERRY, WILLIAM’s wife.] 





[Legend: 1 – CASANOVA is described as a man who is amorously and gallantly attentive to women. Well, another apt definition goes — a smooth-talking charmer who has mastered the art of finding, meeting, attracting and seducing women into his world.
2 – CASA is Spanish term for HOUSE; but is used in this BLOG to mean CLAN.
3 – CALVA is BALD; but is actually the feminine form. For poetic license, I used the feminine form not only to insure the RHYME but also because YAM loves WOMEN.
4 – There is that RIBALD talk about being BALD which goes as follows: “If you are BALD at the front part of your head, you are a THINKER; while if BALD at the back of one’s head, you are a LOVER. But, if one is both BALD up front and at the back…that guy THINKS he is a LOVER”…
5 – STANDING – Yam’s khaki pants were all HEAVILY STARCHED and you can actually leave it standing leaning on a corner on its own as though a very STIFF BRANCH of a tree.
6 –  Yam graduated with a degree in Marine Engineering at the then Philippine College of Arts and Trades, now the TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY of the PHILIPPINES located at the corner of san marcelino street and  Ayala Boulevard in Ermita, Manila.
7 – Yam got involved in a quarrel with a fellow seaman and in the altercation, YAM had to defend himself and punched his co-seaman resulting in a bloodied nose.
8 – KAGAWAD is actually a councilman in the Barangay, which is the Philippines’ smallest political unit.
9 – TOKHANG is actually a compound word, sort of a PORTMANTEAU, which is a combination of TWO (2) Filipino words which are the Tagalog word “TOKTOK” meaning to KNOCK ON THE DOOR and “HANGYO”, which is a Visayan word (actually CEBUANO) meaning to make a fervent request. Thus, TOKHANG as a police practice to eradicate the DRUG menace is done by visiting a supposed drug-user at his home, to knock on the door and to fervently request the drug-user to do away with DRUGS.
10 – CLERGYMAN is a PRIEST. The JOKE going around is that the PRIEST is needed to deliver the final rites of EXTREME UNCTION unto the drug personality involved.
11 – Barangay Chairman is the head of the Barangay, the smallest political unit in the country today. YAM is being pushed to run as Barangay Chairman in our domicile’s Barangay, our domicile of origin, Barangay San Roque which is within the 3rd District of Quezon City, Metro-Manila. Presently, aside from being a Barangay KAGAWAD of Barangay San Roque, Yam is employed as WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR of the DIMAX DISTRIBUTION ENTERPRISE (DIMAX). DIMAX IS a business outfit named after DADDY MAX and is engaged in commodities/condiments marketing and distribution in the whole of the metropolis. 

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