[Left photo shows the ALPHA PHI  OMEGA logo circumscribed by the phrases: “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” on top and “67 YEARS OF SERVICE EXCELLENCE – ALPHA PHI OMEGA – PHILIPPINES” at the bottom. Right photo was snapped during the 67th FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY celebration of the ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRATERNITY – ALPHA CHAPTER which is based at the Far Eastern University in Manila. The celebration was on the night of March 2, 2017 at the BADMINTON HALL located at No. 6 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila. At the request of my youngest brother, WARREN T. YOUNG who hosted the affair and who was a former Grand Chancellor of the APO-Alpha Chapter during his college years, I wrote this English version of the earlier FUN-RHYME BLOG in Tagalog…Happy Anniversary APO-Alpha Chapter!] 


The ALPHA PHI OMEGA Fraternity was organized in March in R.P.,

That was on March 2, in the year NINETEEN FIFTY;

R.P. is acronym for the Philippine country,

Thus — this year it’s their 67th year ANNIVERSARY!





My brother  WARREN1 hosted a truly

joyous party,

For he was Grand Chancellor2 sometime in Year 1983;

That was at the F.E.U.3, a prestigious university…

His BRODS and SISSES started coming  in the afternoon at around 6:30!





As they reminisced and recalled the past,

Their memory about SOL GEORGE LEVY3 would surely last;

For it was this American LEVY who touched base with LIBRADO,

The latter’s one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of APO!



And it got documented at Room 214 at  Nicanor Reyes Hall,

That was the  first meeting which ushered the APO protocol;

‘Twas good that LIBRADO I. URETA though taking up a MASTERAL4,

Still, he clearly felt that the matter was so SPECIAL!



Thence, interest in the APO Frat spread like wild fire,

For on its 3rd year the Frat seemed like ascending on a SPIRE5;

It then became a FULLY national organization,

With various chapters chartered in almost   the whole nation!




And the cynosure of the occasion,

Were not the pretty SISSES who looked so Caucasian;

But it was the large and yummy roasted pig,

It really turned out as the CROWD’s favorite DIG!



The list of NOTABLE members of APO ‘tis like a WHO’s WHO!

For it has produced a V.P.6, that’s their Brod Jojo7, whom they truly know;

And a fiercely independent JURIST,




In the legislature, the APO also scored;

With a bunch of truly daring deputies on board,

There’s that funny Manuel Zamora9 of Compostela,

And Cong. Antonio Cerilles10 of ZAMBOANGA!



Well — at the ANNIVERSARY party, there were NOTABLES too,

One is FROILAN BONIFACIO11,  a general at the PNP but he’s now through;

He even tried some YOGA postures at the Hall12,

As there was a YOGA session, and it seems he liked the call13



But the real main attraction were the PRETTY sisses of YORE,

Even though they have aged, still they’re filled with much ARDOR;


As she still truly carried that ZEST!



But MADEL KHO who was Past President of the association,

Sashayed and swung in her locomotion;

She truly displayed much elegance and verve,

She was pretty and cool, and seemed so never unnerved!




In the medical profession, APO is TOPS too,

For it has been their advocacy to hold medical missions, so true;

And ONE among those doctors arrived to bond with his BRODS,

‘Tis BROD JOSEPH ASILO, whose face would truly be loved by BROADS14!


And the feasting was done via CONTRIBUTING,

There were those who just gave — sort of FARTHING;

But atop of the list is a proud APO and PAST PREXY,

That’s Brod DANTON PAJARILLAGA; he’s some kind of a TECHIE!


But the V.I.P. of that starry  night,

Is none other but a true APO KNIGHT;

He’s ANDRE PORLAS15 of ALPHA Batch 64,

A bright engineer who’s an APO up to his very CORE!




– Brod Warren T. Young –


[Legend: 1 – Warren Young, my youngest brother actually was an APO-Alpha chapter member when he matriculated at the F.E.U pursuing a course in Business Administration in  1981.
2 – Warren got elected as Grand Chancellor (equivalent to the President of an organization) of the APO-Alpha Chapter in 1983. 
3 – SOL GEORGE LEVY is an Alpha Phi Omega-Gamma Alpha chapter member in the United States of America. In January 1950, being a professional Scouter, he went to the Philippines to generate interest among Scouts here in the Philippines.
4 – LIBRADO INOCENCIO URETA was then pursuing a course in Masters of Arts in Education at the Far Eastern University (“FEU”)  when he met SOL GEORGE LEVY in early 1950s. Thereafter, on March 2, 1950 at Room 214 at the Nicanor Reyes Hall at the Far Eastern University in Manila; they together with a group of former Scouts founded the Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines.
5 – SPIRE means the SUMMIT or a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on top of a building.
6 –  V.P. is acronym for Vice-President.
7 – JOJO BINAY is APO-Eta Chapter member and was the past Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines
8 –Justice Alicia Austria-Martinez is a former Supreme Court justice. She served as such magistrate from 2002 up to 2009.
9 – MANUEL ZAMORA is Congressman Manuel Zamora of the APO-PHI BETA Chapter who served as Member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines representing the 1st District of Compostela Valley. He was a FUNNY legislator and sports the name WAY KURAT as his sobriquet/nick name.  
10 – Congressman ANTONIO H. CERILLES is an Honorary member of the APO and he served as member of the House of Representatives of Zamboanga del Sur of its 2nd district.
11 – Gen. FROILAN BONIFACIO served as Police Director in Makati City. He has retired from the service in 2012.
12 – The BADMINTON HALL which is located at No. 6 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City has invariably been the venue of parties and celebrations. Recently, in the evening of March 2, 2017; the APO-Alpha Chapter held their 67th Founding Anniversary thereat.
13 – The CALL refers to the usual commands barked out by an instructor in a YOGA session which happened to be ongoing at the inner side of the Badminton Hall when the APO-Alpha Chapter held their 67th Founding Anniversary celebration.
14 – BROADS is slang term for WOMEN.
15 – ANDRE PORLAS was the oldest among those APO Fraternity brods who attended the 67th Anniversary celebration at the Badminton Hall. Andre is APO-Alpha Chapter member circa 1964.]

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