[Shown in the photos above are the newest additions to our CLAN. From left to right: FRIA, who is  the second child of PINKY and IAN TUGAS (PINKY is WILSON’s daughter with MARLYN CASQUEJO as the doting wife, mom to PINKY and grandma to FRIA); RICO aka PEPITO who is cheerfully ensconced on a comfy chair  is the first son of PINKY and IAN; the 3rd photo shows the mother and son portrait of WINKLE cradling her first son HUGO with MIKE BRAVO as father (WINKLE is the eldest daughter of WINSTON and RALLY BELISARIO); and the last but certainly not the least photo (extreme right) displays the latest addition to the WINKLE-MIKE BRAVO household, and that baby boy is named TOBIAS aka TOBY.]




Daddy Max at 94, going on to 951 has NOW NINE (9) great GRANDKIDS,

That’s APO SA TUHOG2, in Tagalog3… as though one is counting some BEADS;

But as I was quickly corrected, it’s APO SA TUHOD4, in FACT…

Roughly  —-GREAT GRANDSON at one’s KNEES5, as though a bone-setting “CHIROPRACT”6!





Our nonagenarian DADDY MAX  does not need walking  AID,

He’s in fact nimbly erect and steady with his GAIT;

So those great grandkids who’re to sort of, support his KNEES,

Ought not to be literally taken…just tell it to the BEES!




Winchell who’s Wandra7’s daughter has FOUR,

Wilhelmina (that’s Pinky’s name) who’s Wilson’s daughter has brought a COUPLE;

Winkle who’s Winston’s daughter has TWO,

Wyona who’s Warren’s daughter has ONE TOO…




Among those KNEE-level grandkids, one has preserved the PRACTICE,

His name is WYOSEF8, that’s  using “W” as PREFIX;

But still the other great grandkids’ names appeared SYMBOLIC,

A link to the ascendants has cranked in some kind of seeming RHETORIC9



[Shown in the photo above is WYOSEF SAM CALLANTA YOUNG with his grandpa, WARREN YOUNG, the youngest in the brood of EIGHT (8) children]


Still the naming of WYOSEF seemed  patriarchally DOUBLY INTENT,

The “W” is in DADDY MAX’s honor, and it sounds JOSEPH, our Lord JESUS’ PARENT;

In fact, it would TRULY seem patriarchally TRIPLE,

For SAM which is WYOSEF’s other name is almost DADDY MAX’s palindromic TITLE10!




RICO who is Pinky’s first son, is FEDERICO,

Still that name is ALLIED to DADDY MAX’s MAXIMO;


Those two words are  truly revered by idyllic FATE11!


 [Shown in the photos above, from left to right: FRIA aka PIPAY is seemingly snapped in this shot trying to take a grab at the macaroons depicted at the foreground of the left photo; at right, PINKY and IAN are shown with RICO aka PEPITO during the BABY SHOWER party for FRIA aka PIPAY, complete with some kind of white-colored jerseys for the kids emblazoned with their respective names as printed on it: one for “PIPAY” with number 4 on it and another one for “PEPITO” with number 1 on it] 


And HUGO12 who is Winkle’s means –  “BRIGHT IN MIND AND SPIRIT”,

Still that’s  AKIN to the tenor of being GREAT;

For indeed MAXIMO is actually BRIGHT,  and truly even BRIGHTEST,

You only need to see the PROGENY, that’s the LITMUS TEST!


[A foursome photo of the family of WINKLE and MIKE BRAVO with HUGO at top center while the newest addition to their household, TOBIAS aka TOBY, at bottom center] 


And the newest additions to our dear CLAN,

Are FRIA13 and TOBIAS14, those names appear with much ELAN;

And truly indeed, there’s still that verbal linkage,

The naming has turned MATERNAL as though the practice has turned a PAGE!




FRIA means COLD, while NORMA connotes NORMAL —

NORMA is the matriarch and from that side called PARAPHERNAL15;

Mommy NORMA would indeed be so gleefully JOLLY—

Indeed– the naming now has seemingly turned to her NAME and FAMILY!





And now with respect to TOBIAS, that’s COOL!

It indeed is the surname of the GRAND MATRIARCH of ALL;


These kids are relatively the newest additions to our clan’s COMMUNITY!


[Legend: 1- Daddy Max will actually be celebrating his 95th year on July 30, 2017; the reckoning seems to be ONE (1) great grandkid per decade…HMMM…Actually Daddy Max has 26 grandchildren in all, as of this FUN-RHYMING.
2- APO SA TUHOG; tuhog would mean the way how necklaces made of beads are made. Tuhog actually means to penetrate, as in penetrate with a strand into the middle of a bead through its small opening. Well, just say its POETIC LICENSE, just as to achieve the FUN-RHYMING…
3- Tagalog is the widely spoken dialect in the Philippines. It actually is the FILIPINO language.
4- APO SA TUHOD   would actually roughly   translate into:  “GRANDKID AT THE LEVEL OF THE KNEES”. I learned too that if it’s a GREAT GREAT GRANDKID it would be “APO SA TALAMPAKAN” that would roughly translate to “GRANDKID AT THE LEVEL OF THE SOLES OF THE FEET”.
5- KNEES actually refer to the joint between the thigh and the lower leg in humans. It is bruited about and talked about among folks in the Philippine setting, that when one grows old, the KNEES are the first to be affected, as in: “MAHINA NA ANG TUHOD”. Well, just a wild guess… perhaps APO SA TUHOD would connote a grandkid supporting the grandpa while walking by standing near and supporting the grandpa’s KNEES. Just joking….as this does not pertain to DADDY MAX…
6 – The use of the term CHIROPRACT is for poetic license once again, to achieve the FUN-RHYMING. Well, it has a linkage however with one’s KNEES getting weak (while getting older) and the need for a CHIROPRACT might be urgently needed to do some bone-setting in that joint, the KNEES. 
7 – Wandra is our youngest sister and she gave birth to Winchell during her previous marital union, who (i.e. Winchell)  has on her own given birth to 4 children:  Kiara Andrea, Isaac Andrews, Angeline and Gerico.
8-  Wyosef is Warren’s (our youngest brother) grandson, being the son of Wyona. Warren has sustained the practice of naming his descendants with “W” as first letter of the given name. This practice was begun by Daddy Max as he named me WALTER and DADDY MAX said that the “W” is the inverted form of the first letter of his given name “M” for MAXIMO.
9- RHETORIC is persuasive speech and it would mean that the naming among the grandkids as well as the great grandkids though not uniformly made with “W” as sort of prefix to the first name, in keeping with the practice begun by Daddy Max, still is observed with some linkage, verbal or otherwise, with our ascendants. Indeed, as with respect to FRIA and TOBIAS aka TOBY, it would still show, by sheer persuasion perhaps; that those names still are verbally linked to our ascendants one way or the other, wittingly or unwittingly…he,he,he…
10- PALINDROME is  a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward. Well, the  name “SAM” in reverse would read as “MAS”, almost near the name Daddy “MAX”…he,he,he…
11 – FATE is destiny; and it would seem that in this world of ours, getting RICH translates to becoming GREAT. And IDYLLIC, as this turn of events in many instances (i.e. the RICH becoming GREAT) are usually journalized/memorialized in most movies, stories and legends.
12 – HUGO per a peek at the INTERNET is the Latin form of Hugh. HUGO, as a name, seems to have more heft and energy than the original HUGH — and of course people love names that end (or begin) with an “O”.  HUGO appears too, to be especially appealing because it is backed up by lots of solid history in a European setting.
13- FRIA is PINKY and IAN TUGAS’ second CHILD. FEDERICO aka RICO  is the first child of the TUGAS couple. FEDERICO actually is an Italian name and actually means “PEACEFUL RULER”. With that denotation (i.e. PEACEFUL RULER), FEDERICO  still is allied to MAXIMO, as RULERS are usually GREAT, which is the denotation of MAXIMO.
14- TOBIAS is WINKLE and MIKE BRAVO’s second child. HUGO is the first child of the BRAVO couple. TOBIAS (Τοβίας) is actually a Greek version of the Hebrew biblical name “Toviyah” (טוביה),meaning “The goodness of God”. It is a popular male given name in Germany, Scandinavia, the United States and amongst the Jewish people. In English-speaking countries it is often shortened to TOBY.
15 – PARAPHERNAL means SIDE OF THE WIFE or WIFE’s SIDE in relation to kinship. Actually, Mommy NORMA (whose full maiden name is NORMA RIVERA TOBIAS) being our MATRIARCH and DADDY MAX’s first wife, makes the new naming TREND among our 4th level descendants (i.e. the great grandkids), not only MATRIARCHAL but truly PARAPHERNAL, as it would seemingly appear that NOW in the giving of names, the WIVES’ choice are accorded more weight and priority.


[With the coming elections of the new set of officers on February 12, 2017 of  the K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION (“KVTHA”)  and the quest for fresh faces/new blood to fill up NINE (9) director posts in the KVTHA board; it would be most apt to remind as well as apprise those who may have not learned of a crucial episode in the history of K-VILLE (the facade of K-VILLE’s entrance gate is shown at left of the photo on top) which happened in mid-2011. At that time, the community was overwhelmed with much trepidation when letters from the Quezon City Assessor’s Office were received by K-VILLE unit-owners. The individual letters carried a notice that the respective townhomes unit’s tax declaration of each unit owner was at risk of being cancelled. The foregoing was purportedly in view of the issuance of a new transfer certificate of title covering the whole of K-VILLE (actually even beyond K-VILLE to the tune of 24.7 hectares of the Project 6-Tandang Sora area) in the name of a certain WILFREDO SUMULONG TORRES (seen at right at the photo on top). This realty scam was carried almost daily in mid-September 2011 in the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is best to document and journalize this historic episode in the life of K-VILLE this early, as it graphically depicted “COMMUNITY COOPERATION AT WORK”   in resolving a horrendous and humongous problem which truly  perturbed the whole of the K-VILLE community. New officers for the incoming term, could perhaps draw inspiration from these accounts. Also, the earlier FUN RHYME blogs which chronicled the “heroic” sacrifices and offerings   of our past exemplary leaders/officers in K-VILLE would be helpful aid too for our incoming FRESH FACES and NEW BLOOD officers of K-VILLE.]

Serving as KVTHA1  Director seemed not so ENTICING,

It’s not because it isn’t materially REWARDING;

But indeed the directorial posting is truly time-CONSUMING,

Attending board meetings is at times tediously BORING.



But it should and must  be REMEMBERED,

It is the future of our loved ones, our KINDRED;

 It’s all that matters and what is at STAKE,

For which reason, we got rescued from the evils of a criminal SYNDICATE2




We ought to fully REMEMBER,

That in 2011, that’s in early SEPTEMBER;

We filed at the appeals’ court a PETITION,

To prevent a harsh and wicked writ EXECUTION!




The court-movant’s name was Wilfredo TORRES3,

And almost all of us got perturbed from our REST;

We needed to put up a nightly “RONDA4”

till early MORNING,

For there were talks Torres’ group will furtively be INTRUDING!




But ALAS and AHOY… It gave us much JOY,

We got a TRO5 from a lady justice who’s indeed so COY;

The lady justice’s name is AMELIA TOLENTINO6,

Thus –Wilfredo Torres sort of got a BIG NO!




Our  CA7 petition was eventually GRANTED,

Thus, the RTC8 decision got totally INVALIDATED;

It was truly exhilarating and fully REWARDING,

The K-VILLE community regained its former ZING!




With the coming polls and the eventual new KVTHA OFFICERS,

They ought to focus work and efforts in filling up K-VILLE’s COFFERS;

For without the needed WHEREWITHAL,

K-VILLE’s maintenance would be mere SUPERFICIAL.





Joint efforts must now be urgently WAGED,

In putting up order and rationalizing parking spaces with a SPADE;

For if no planning will be done in the OFFING,

Virtual gridlock will in K-VILLE, be the THING!




Let’s vote therefore for FRESH FACES,

With NEW BLOOD who’d be our ACES;


And a solitary lady, PAM LENDIO12 as ROSE among the thorns, of COURSE!


2- In 2011, K-VILLE was rocked by a realty scam where a supposed criminal syndicate came up with a fictitious court complaint which led to the issuance of a writ of execution that virtually handed over to Mr. Wilfredo Torres, the plaintiff in the  complaint, about 24.7 hectares of land in the Project 6-Tandang Sora area which comprehended the whole of K-VILLE. It actually disenfranchised about 116 realty title holders in the K-VILLE community.
3- Wilfredo Torres was the plaintiff in the court case in representation of her mother named DOMINGA SUMULONG-TORRES, which led to the issuance of the writ of execution that almost disenfranchised 116 realty title holders in K-VILLE.
4- Ronda is a term used for the night vigil that the able-bodied men of K-VILLE formed and undertook to insure that the threatened nocturnal intrusion into the K-VILLE area (which was then abuzz in the grapevine) by the Torres camp would not be successfully done.
5 – TRO is acronym of court writ which stands for TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER and which was issued by the Court of Appeals to stop the implementation of the writ of execution that could have ejected all of the families from the K-VILLE community. The issuance of the TRO benefitted not only K-VILLE but all of the other residents and commercial establishments and institutions within that vast expanse of 24.7 hectares in the Project 6-Tandang Sora area.
6- Court of Appeals Justice Amelia Tolentino was the ponente of the TRO issued by the division of the Court of Appeals to where K-VILLE’s petition was raffled off. Justice Tolentino has since retired from the judiciary in January 2015.
7- CA is acronym for the COURT OF APPEALS.
8- RTC is acronym for the Regional Trial Court.
9- Mr. CARLO CARLOS is actually the son of one of one of our more illustrious past directors, Dr. Renato Carlos. Carlos is now the household head of his family residing at Unit D-85 of K-VILLE.
10 – Mr. LESTER IBABAO is the household head of a relatively recent addition of a  family with residence at Unit C-91 of K-VILLE.
11 – Mr. BOBBY JAVIER  is the son of the late Dolores Javier, who upon my recollection was an active member of the K-VILLE community. Bobby is now the household head of his own family with residence at Unit C-43 of K-VILLE.
12- Ms. PAM LENDIO is the half-sister of the late Attorney Soriano, who was residing at Unit C-8. PAM, on the other hand, attends to her own household at Unit B-34 of K-VILLE. Our reigning “QUEEN”, the hard-working and incumbent Vice-Prexy , Madame BENG ZAMBRANO, swears with all sincerity that PAM will be a good pick as DIRECTOR and eventual AUDITOR of the KVTHA.] 



[Dr. NOEL “BIBS” CARILO is shown in this photo together with his gracious wife, VERONICA “VEE” CARILO, taken in one of the many out-of-the-country trips that BIBS has to take as a topnotch orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon. BIBS would almost always be jet-setting around the globe attending medical conventions, delivering lectures, etc. BIBS has been President of the K-Ville Townhomes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. (“KVTHA”) for THREE (3) TERMS, for sheer lack of willing and competent residents who would want to be involved in the nitty-gritty of managing/administering the affairs of the K-VILLE TOWNHOMES community. BIBS served too as President of the PHILIPPINE ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION, INC., an association of Filipino topnotch orthopedist/orthopedic surgeons practicing their specialty medical profession in the whole of the Philippine archipelago.]

 From my honest recollection BIBS1 has been PREXY for THRICE,

And in fact, I’ve been PREXY for TWICE;

And BENG2 also for TWICE — it looks “NOT NICE”,

Thus, we need new faces to add variety for some SPICE!



But BIBS has set the record of serving LONGEST,

It is a true show of his UNSELFISHNESS;

For though a topnotch ORTHOPEDIST,

He has lent his precious time; that’s CARE —so SWEETEST.



What I distinctly can truly REMEMBER,

Was when K-VILLE turned water-less once in NOVEMBER;

The water-system abruptly just conked OUT,

And fetching water turned into a BOUT.



But what has truly touched and swept ME,

Seeing BIBS manning the queue, so busy as a BEE;

Rationing such precious water from the truck-CONVEYOR,

Filling up those pails; piled up in seeming lazy LAYER.



‘Twas the first term of BIBS as PREXY,

And he showed real and true HUMILITY;

Though patients at St. Luke’s may have been WAITING,

He manned the queue as water from the truck’s spout kept POURING!



And BIBS really is a true MEDIATOR,

He conciliates those grievances just like a TUTOR;

BIBS would spell out some kind ADVICE,

Those contending parties will then feel so NICE.



And those voters of K-VILLE, I IMPLORE;

If we really need a paternal guide to feel so SECURE;

BIBS will serve to keep as sure in our  MOORINGS;

And make us safe to greet our early MORNINGS!




In fact, he’s a surgeon so precise like a CLOCK;

He’s even entertaining, as he knows a lot of STARS…

He can perhaps even write some of actresses’ MEMOIRS!




 [Legend: 1 – BIBS is the nickname of my KUMPADRE and FRIEND, Dr. Noel B. Carilo, a BICOLANO, truly ORAGON! BIBS earned his medical degree from the UE Ramon Magsaysay Medical Institute; while he took up his pre-medicine education at the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro-Manila.



[My KUMPADRENG JOEY TIROL SOLIDUM is shown in this photo with her comely wife, KUMADRENG LYD; with rows of fresh plants as backdrop (some kind of a presentiment if JOEY accepts a new mandate as Treasurer anew of the KVTHA). JOEY will indeed be among FRESH and NEW BLOOD of diligent directors of the KVTHA board if those new faces would eventually be elected as DIRECTORS of the KVTHA Board. Election of the new set of officers  of the KVTHA Board, KVTHA is acronym for K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., is set on February 12, 2017.]



As election in K-VILLE1 is FORTHCOMING,

It would be nice to first examine the BOOKING;

The booking which is actually the REGISTER,

The list of candidates… for a useful STARTER.



But as a rule has since been ADOPTED,

All voters are deemed candidates to be ELECTED; 

So, through this FUN RHYME blog as a quick AID,

I wish to make suggestions for a voting UPGRADE.




He has been the K-VILLE’s TREASURER, truly UPENDING;

For when he started serving K-VILLE as a BURSAR3,

The funds have been managed as though by a CZAR.




Under his diligent watch, JOEY was INNOVATIVE—

He put up a good system, truly CREATIVE;

And during his term, JOEY INITIATED —

An advance payment scheme, ‘twas EFFECTIVE!




JOEY was even one who would be LENDING,

Their household funds, it’s quite EMBARRASSING;

For a lot of residents have been rudely EVADING,

Prompt/full payments of the dues, ‘tis quite DISTRESSING.




Stressful indeed for K-VILLE needs to be MAINTAINED,

But if funds are scarce, this thrust could be DETAINED;

Our streets will thus be cluttered with RUBBISH,

And our helpful guards will surely grow FAMISHED.



At times when payments have come OUTSTANDING,

K-VILLE’s credit balance at times goes DRAINING;

So, poor JOEY has to put up some FUNDS;

It feels as though they’re paying for additional LUNCH!



So, let’s all be prompt in paying and CARING,

It’s for our community, it brings much ZING!

Full responsibility really has to be continuously FOSTERED,

For K-VILLE has raised us all, even has MOTHERED!





Let’s all sway those who have been acting like LOCO;

Expecting as though their stay in K-VILLE—

…It’s as though all for FREE– and no need to receive a  BILL.




My wish and supplication for my KUMPADRE, via this blog a-QUICKIE!

Let’s continue helping our COMMUNITY;

Perhaps, with the new blood who’ll get


Will raise dues-collection and K-VILLE’s funds kitty  be EXPANDED!



Let’s all be grateful to KUMPADRENG JOEY,

He has served the community like truly like a PONY4;

As a friend, admirer and KUMPADRE; wishing he’ll CONTINUE…

And let’s  all sustain K-VILLE as a SAFE and GRAND VENUE!

[Legend: 1 – K-VILLE is the name of a townhomes community located within the Sanville Subdivision in Barangay Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City where I and my family have been living since 1989. It houses about 116 townhomes units in a vast expanse of 1.5 hectares of land along Cenacle Drive corner Renowned Lane just about a stone’s throw from the Claret Seminary.
2 – Kumpadre is a Spanish term which means COMPEER or companion. In the Philippine setting, it means the godfather of a child who serves as principal sponsor in the baptismal rites of the child.
3 – BURSAR is another term for TREASURER.
4 – The use of the term PONY is ambivalent; it could connote the meaning of “working hard” as in the idiomatic expression “working like a horse”. But the term PONY has another meaning as an idiomatic expression—it refers to an EXTRAVAGANT GIFT. Thus, my KUMPADRENG JOEY is not only a HARD WORKER but he virtually is a GIFT to the K-VILLE community; for all the sacrifices and for all those ABONO  (i.e. to pay in advance using his own funds to pay off K-VILLE community’s recurring expenses)  in times when the  KVTHA funds is a little bit short.] 








[My KUMPADRE, bosom friend and UP Law batch mate, Atty. Cecilio “Cel” Gellada is shown in this photo taken during the celebration of his 65th birthday with his pretty wife, Kumadreng Beth Gaddi. My good friend Cel and his soul-mate and partner Beth, have been blessed with THREE (3) brilliant boys, namely: Enrico, Lorenzo and Alejandro.]

CEL is my KUMPADRE1  being  NINONG2  of  my daughter SHANE,

He is so HUMBLE as a pie; for that’s a feature of his NAME—

For CECILIO really means: “extremely adorable,  generous and caring”…

That’s GOOGLE’s result — as I did a quick searching.


If you’re indeed a fellow who’s CARING,

And even GENEROUS and so ADORABLE; that’s SOMETHING—

You’ll automatically be truly HUMBLE,

For care and generosity is HUMILITY’s CALL.


But when we were UP Law students then,

That’s about 4 decades and 2 years hence;

CEL did the most reciting and it was quite exacting,

For those UP Law profs, they really were amazing.


I really got surprised then, for CEL seemed BRAGGADOCIO,

For as he did his COOL recitation, it’s as if he’s reading it from a FOLIO;

And every time CEL would recite, it’s always at the start of the class;

Thus, all eyes and ears were focused,  and CEL would look like some top brass.



Alas…ahoy! we learned thereafter,

The unraveling of CECILIO’s style brought lots of  laughter;

For that Law prof observed that strange protocol,

To call those studes who’re late, spying like a mole.



For CEL indeed did some spying,

Intentionally doing late his entry at the classroom; procrastinating…

And as our Law prof has made a vow,

He’ll call for recitation those seemingly late season cow!



Thus… CEL ultimately revealed his strategy,

He’ll just read and review those top topics… GEE!

And those on the lower part of the assignment list,

He’ll never even daub a check, cause he’ll just avoid and miss.


And CEL’s BRAGGODOCIO air was all for show,

As his knees like ours, were crumbling too;

For we were then just docile freshmen,

Afraid of UP Law profs who seemed like cruel henchmen.



But now after the years have passed,

My HUMBLE CEL has peaked at last;

He’s now General Counsel and VP3 of PSALM4,

That’s an accomplishment and a sure pride of his clan!



And to you my bosom friend and batch MATE,

Receive my greetings as though in a PLATE;

It’s not something that can be EATEN,

It’s a BLOG that’s in vogue and is now the TREND.



[Legend: 1-KUMPADRE is actually a Spanish term which would be an exact translation of the English word- COMPEER, meaning a companion. But in the Philippine setting, KUMPADRE means more than a companion. It would actually mean a bosom friend and the godfather of a child, who served as principal sponsor at the baptismal rites of the child.
 [2- NINONG is a Tagalog term which refers to a godfather.]
[3 – VP is acronym for Vice-President.]
[4- PSALM is acronym for POWER SECTOR ASSETS AND LIABILITIES MANAGEMENT CORPORATION. PSALM is actually a government-owned and controlled corporation tasked to undertake the privatization of the assets of the National Power Corporation (NPC) and the National Transmission Corporation (Transco) as well as the privatization of the management of NPC’s IPP (Independent Power Producer) contracts.]


[Madame BENG ZAMBRANO, despite her polite declination to continue serving as K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. (“KVTHAI”) President, is still considered as the authority within K-VILLE. this is so as official letters from City Hall would invariably be delivered still at their unit’s doorsteps from time to time. Indeed, BENG is still sought for advice and motherly counseling by residents who have admired her style of tactful,efficient and fair governance during her term as Prexy.  BENG is shown at left photo clutching a bouquet of roses taken inside their K-VILLE home. At  top right  photo is a SELFIE taken by BENG’s daughter CHIARA. With BENG in the said photo are her husband JIMMY F. ZAMBRANO and their son, MARK ZAMBRANO. At right bottom photo is a tarpaulin which was used as backdrop during the surprise birthday celebration staged by the K-VILLE community, a couple of years back,  in BENG’s honor.]



When she came to K-VILLE not very long AGO,

She really was so MOTHERLY; a woman on the GO!

She was so CREATIVE and even WORK-ADDICTED,

Particularly when K-VILLE needs to be fully DECORATED.



It was she who daintily RECOLLECTED,

The country’s good customs and old TRADITIONS;

Thus, the festive SANTACRUZAN2  was HELD,

And the MAHAL NA PASYON3 — in seeming continuing SESSIONS.



For her endearing and warm SOLICITUDE,

The community saw her potential and kind work ATTITUDE;

Thus—because of this , she got TWICE ELECTED,

As PREXY of the Association, she proved SO truly DEDICATED!



If not perhaps for her plain REFUSAL,

She’d stay as long, sans swift INTERVAL;

But JIMMY4 would continuously be FROWNING,

As he has already allowed BENG’s 2-year dogged5 PRESIDING.



If every territory would have a ROYALTY,

I’d be swayed to move that BENG be made our “QUEEN”;

For BENG’s contribution to K-VILLE is no PALTRY,

It was she who fostered PEACE, CAMARADERIE; even  JOLLITY…SO KEEN! 



Despite her various domestic duties; nay FULL RESPONSIBILITY,

BENG has remained to be part of K-VILLE’s AUTHORITY;


BENG has continued HELPING as though SERVING our LORD!


And as our ELECTION 6  will be in the OFFING,

Please do not ever think that I’m CAMPAIGNING;

It’s just actually, my FINE ASPIRATION,

That BENG be still part of KVTHAI’s7 ADMINISTRATION!




LEGEND: *-BENG ZAMBRANO is CRISANTA G. ZAMBRANO who for TWO (2) terms of TWO (2) years each served as the President of the K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC. (“KVTHAI”) from 2011 up to 2015. BENG has however remained to be part of the KVTHAI Board as she in fact is the incumbent Vice-President of the KVTHAI whose term ends this February 2017. There has been moves to campaign for and to elect fresh blood and new faces in the KVTHAI, to sort of pass the baton of leadership and governance to the younger members of the K-VILLE community which is truly commendable.But, my silent aspiration is to have BENG retained at the KVTHAI  as K-VILLE’s moving spirit and maternal as well compassionate conscience thereat. In 2011, when K-VILLE was rocked with the WILLY TORRES’ court case scam with its attendant brouhaha, BENG served as the matriarchal leader who incessantly showed solicitude and concern unto all of the K-VILLE residents, which  sort of alleviated and lightened up the burden and the worrisome effects of the scandal.
  1. SANTACRUZAN is religious-historical beauty pageant cum festival which sorts of celebrates the discovery of the HOLY CROSS by St. Elena of Constantinople. It is celebrated in the Philippines through a procession of elegantly-dressed ladies with full of flowers and buntings in the month of May. Santacruzan in Spanish means SACRED CROSS.
  2. MAHAL NA PASYON is the practice of passion-reading which is observed in the Philippines during the HOLY WEEK. Instead of merely reading the verses of a Tagalog-written book entitled PASYON, the verses are actually sung.
  3. JIMMY is JAIME ZAMBRANO, the better half and husband of BENG ZAMBRANO.
  4. DOGGED – The term is used as BENG ZAMBRANO, when she was Prexy of KVTHAI was truly a hard worker and she literally worked hard in the fashion of the idiomatic expression of WORKING LIKE A DOG.
  5. ELECTION – The K-Ville Townhomes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. has set the election of a new set of officers on February 12, 2017.
  6. KVTHAI is acronym for K-VILLE TOWNHOMES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., the homeowners’ association in the K-Ville Townhomes community located at the Sanville Subdivision, Barangay Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.


[The top left photo captured the OPPA GANGNAM STYLE dance which we (myself, my brother Warren, Jun Revilla and Jovy Gambol as well as Mamang Haide’s son Joey) scandalously performed. It was danced  during the 90th birthday celebration of Mamang Haide at the ONE ESPLANADE Events Place within the SM MOA Complex in Pasay City, Metro-Manila in 2013. Bottom left photo shows Mamang Haide clutching a bouquet of pink roses taken during the simple 94th birthday celebration on January 14, 2017 among her close kin. But the GRAND BIRTHDAY BASH in honor of Mamang Haide will still be held at the Manila Yacht Club on February 25, 2017.  Left photo shows Mamang Haide  in all her splendor during her younger years; truly queenly, so noble, so alluring and so majestic!]



The name HAIDE is of Spanish ORIGIN,

It actually means – “OF NOBLE KIN”;

Mamang Haide is truly a mother for ALL,

She’s so QUEENLY and loving, so sweet at the BALL.



It was FOUR years ago; that’s in 2013,

When Joey* and I thought of dancing like TEENS;

It was to surprise Mamang Haide on her 90th BIRTHDAY,

‘Twas colorful, exciting and a DANCE seemed OKEY.



We had to do some REHEARSALS,

And engaged true PROFESSIONALS;

For we had to show off & dance OPPA GANGNAM STYLE,

…As we didn’t want to court the ire of South Korea’s PSY!



The BALL was fantastic; Mamang Haide was in RED,

And the festive atmosphere, so majestic INDEED;

And the improvised DAIS where we did the DANCING,

Mamang Haide sat on a throne, so nobly BEFITTING!



Indeed, Mamang’s full name is MONARCHIAL, OFFHAND;

For TIROL connotes actually a CROWN LAND —

While SOLIDUM denotes part of a PEDESTAL,

A podium where ROYALTY stands– so EXCEPTIONAL!



Indeed, at the 90th birthday BALL,

Mamang Haide traipsed like a queen within the  HALL;

But when she witnessed her son Joey’s DANCING,

Her traipsing ended up in some sort of LEAPING!


Antique humor cartoon illustration: Dancing couple
Antique humor cartoon illustration: Dancing couple

Mamang’s heart leapt indeed as Joey pranced and GAMBOLED,

Mimicking PSY with fervor and with true gay ABANDON;

For Mamang got so impressed and she   was bent to call an ENCORE,

Their CLAN not only is NOBLE but is proud to be with a TERPSICHORE!




It seems an ENCORE is truly in the OFFING;

The venue appears to be at the YACHT CLUB,

We’ll  wine us up; as though we’re in a PUB.




Indeed, we dancers need some perking up,

And wine is just alright — but in cup;

So those noble guests would truly feel assured,

We’ll not act like “DRUNKEN MASTERS”** as though detoured.


And all our aspirations would truly BE,

To make Mamang Haide as HAPPY as a BEE;

That would be on her coming GRAND BIRTHDAY BASH!

Which would happen in February’s Saturday’s LAST.



Here is a VIDEO of the DANCE:


[Our twice-a-week YOGA sessions at the Badminton Hall went into some kind of hibernation following the renovation/repair of the Badminton Hall as well as due to the diminishing number of attendees with the advent of the Yuletide season last year. YOGA resumption will start on Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 6:30 PM sharp (initially on a once-a-week sked). It is felt that for being FREE, there is no urgent compulsion created to attend. I wrote this BLOG as some kind of enticement to lure back those who have been regular attendees of the FREE YOGA sessions, but now with a unique RIDER…FINES for those who will be TARDY and/or ABSENT. This BLOG is aimed too at promoting SPORTS and to make an impression that indulging in such ENDORPHIN-GENERATING activity knows no age limit. I actually plucked a photo of DESHUN WANG, the famed Chinese Hottest Grandpa (as shown in the bottom right photo),  to stress that even at age 80 one can still do weights and look fit, slim and dandy. But the BADMINTON sked will continue unaltered, TTH at 6:00 PM and 7:30 AM on Sundays. ] 

When one reaches seniority age,

It is as though one has turned  a page;

‘Tis has indeed turned into attending sad funerals instead of jolly baptismals,

And of reading obituaries in those crisp periodicals.



And people would be wont to say,

If you’d become sedentary as a lazy prey;

You’ll be noosed and eventually would feel to have gone BOOZED…

As though seeing a vision of  nirvana; you’ve VAMOOSED1!  



But DEATH is something that’s certain,

Though it’s best to prolong life in this terrain;

And as health gurus would repeatedly prescribe,

Indulge in SPORTS, do EXERCISE… to survive!



Dad Max embraced BADMINTON at FORTY;

Well, I did the same choice at FIFTY;

But what has surprised me , as I thought it so RISKY,

My DAD-IN-LAW2 did weights at SEVENTY.



So, there never indeed is a LATE START,

For those who want to have a nice LIFE-CHART;

Let’s imitate the Chinese DESHUN WANG3,

Worked his abs at 70; walked the ramp at 80 — like the model NESSMAN4.



So, if you truly love your child and your APO5,

Indulge in SPORTS and do EXERCISE, con TODO6!

For it’s the way to bring out the ENDORPHINS’ OPIOIDS,

It’s that thing that brings EUPHORIA and makes lighter LIFE’s POIDS7!


And I’ve loved and played the SHUTTLECOCK ride,

And practiced YOGA on the side;

For BATTLEDORE8  enhances one’s reflexes and AGILITY,

While YOGA is said to increase BONE DENSITY!



ENDORPHINS are released during those strenuous exercise,

It’s ENDOGENOUS and not available at those health shops;

With the ensuing EUPHORIA, you’d  really feel TOPS!

It’s actually referred to as the sportsman’s or RUNNER’s HIGHS,



But as has been oftenly said,

Life on EARTH would seem as though a FUSILLADE;

A barrage of problems that causes STRESS,

For which cause… SPORTS or EXERCISE is the way to DE-STRESS!



But LIFE must always be continuously GUIDED,

By YAHWEH or ALLAH or a by a supreme GODHEAD;

For LIFE indeed is just a borrowed thing,

We never even paid for it, not even a farthing!



So let’s savor LIFE and take care of it,

Attaining RUNNER’S HIGH is truly narcotic;

So, if all will become addicted to SPORTS,

Our nation would turn out as a MODEL, of sorts.



If you feel afraid of a SPORTS hustle, bustle and jostle,

Pick an activity that’s not much of a HASSLE;

YOGA stands out as there’s no jumping & running,

It is actually just a lot of bending & stretching!



And all the EJK9 will be a thing of the past,

DRUGS will lose the lure, SPORTS will be the nation’s repast;

And pretty soon, our country would fare best at OLYMPICS,

A resounding SUCCESS, even perhaps in PARALYMPICS!




So make time for SPORTS and EXERCISE,

It’s an obligation and a chance to EXORCISE;

Those ailments and pains and such little aching…

For if you’re fit and slim, you’d feel like a KING!



[1- Vamoose actually means to depart hurriedly. Used here to inoffensively mean “to die”]
[2- My Dad-in-Law, Antonio Evangelista, actually started to do WEIGHTS  at age 70 and he indeed  turned up with nice-looking pectorals, biceps and triceps.]
[3-Mr. DESHUN WANG, the octogenarian Chinese from Beijing, who really was so determined at  avoiding mental and physical stagnation, explored new skills and ideas while devoting ample time to daily exercise. At age 80, he walked the runway for the first time, and his physique caused a  national sensation. He takes obvious joy in subverting China’s image of what it means to be old.]
[4- Simon NESSMAN, a 27 year old Canadian, is currently one among the top world’s male model.]
[5-APO is a Tagalog word which means a GRANDCHILD.]
[6-CON TODO is a Spanish phrase which means WITH  EVERYTHING or  TOTALLY.]
[7-POIDS is a French word which means BURDENS.]
[8-BATTLEDORE is the Medieval name for the game we know now as BADMINTON.]


[As it was still dark when the NOVENA started at 5:30 AM this morning, the hordes of the Catholic faithful who attended could not be so appreciated and discerned as shown in the left photo. But comparing it with the right photo (which is also a usual NOVENA day but taken when the sunlight has already illuminated the interior of the BACLARAN Shrine), the aisle is totally occupied at the left photo. Today, January 4, 2017, is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of 2017; and the reason perhaps why the atmosphere was festive though still solemn at the BACLARAN Shrine, could be the merriment that most experienced on CHRISTMAS DAY and NEW YEAR’S EVE- a truly unique day of jubilation for the Filipinos. Let us all fervently pray for a PROSPEROUS 2017 and a MERRIER 2017 CHRISTMAS.]

Tuwing Miyerkoles – alas-kuatro ng umaga,

Talagang ako’y halos di magkandaugaga;

Kasi mula noong ako’y nag-review sa BAR,

Naging debosyon ko na, at patuloy SO FAR

 Umulan ma’t bumagyo, basta kaya ko;

Ako’y gigising ng alas-tres menos quarto–

Dahil kapag ako’y nahuli ng ilang minuto,

Dating ko sa dambana’y punong-puno na ng tao!

Nobena sa Baclaran naging takbuhan ng bayan,

Mayaman at pobre man, sabay-sabay sa lakaran;

Ako’y nag-pa-park ng halos ang layo’y isang kilometro,

Kaya parang may “walking exercise” na rin otro

Sasalubungin ako ni Manang na syang parking attendant,

Pagdating sa GATE, yaong mga sampaguita vendors naman;

May limang vendors ang tawag ay SUKI ako,

Tatlong sampaguita garland na pang-alay, dalawa’y pauwing, bitbit ko!

Kaninang pagdating ko sa Dambana,

Nailang ako dahil halos nakangiti ang madla;

Wala akong nakitang  naglalakad ng paluhod,

Tuloy pa rin ang pag-halik sa Kristong nakapako, sa aba nyang tuhod…

Wala ring nanananangis, at yaong kunot… sa noo’y may pileges,

Maganda marahil ang kanilang PASKO pati na ang New Year’s eve;

Napagandang pangitain ito, senyal ng kasayahang puspos at tigib!

Talagang aking inaagahan ang dating para sa unang NOVENA ng 5:30,

Dahil kapag nahuli, ay wala ng upuan, at di

na din makadaan sa may SACRISTY;

Dahil yaong mga taimtim na nananalangin,

Sa TABERNAKULO umuusal, halos sa SACRISTY ay maringgin!

 Ang aking tangi at taimtim na panalangin,

Ang bayang PILIPINAS sana’y magkaisa na rin;

Magtagumpay ng husto ang kasalukuyang GOBYERNO,

Para lahat  ng PINOY, ay mag-ENJOY, at mabuhay nang taas noo!