[The photo above shows a number of my PI OMICRON brods who are all based in Canada. I am not so sure if all of them though have already embraced Canadian citizenship. I know however that Brod Roman Dinglasan is now a card-carrying Canadian citizen.  I remember Brod Roman telling me that he first learned of the existence of Canada through the balladeer PAUL ANKA, who is a Canadian. Brod Roman was so mesmerized about PAUL ANKA’s  songs for which reason, he researched on PAUL ANKA’s whereabouts and thereafter migrated to the GREAT WHITE NORTH. My CANADIAN and/or CANADIAN-based PI OMICRON BRODS are as follows: (From L-R) – Brod Freddie Mabayyad, Brod Enrico Torres, Brod Edu Mendoza, Brod Abe Torrijos, Brod Roman Dinglasan and Brod Oscar Zabala. PUSH ONWARD MY DEAR BRODS!] 



I am proud indeed and so HAPPY,

And I feel a bit truly DANDY;

My frat brods who are based in CANADA,

Have passed the hat for that joust in ARIZONA1!



It was Brod Roman DINGLASAN2,

Who initiated the move for an “ABULUYAN3”;

The donation was transmitted indeed, so very PERSONAL…

Brod ABE4 came to RP5 for an affair that’s so MATERNAL…





Brod Roman6, Brod Teory7 & Brod JUN8

Even though they’re all in their SWOON9;

They donated still as though ORDINARY,

It was not through my prodding, ‘twas VOLUNTARY10!




Brod ROMAN and his brother JIM have been my HOST in 2006,

When I attended the ILA Convention11 with lots of CLIQUES12;

We were billeted at the FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK HOTEL,

‘Twas stately and majestic  but was haunted STILL13!



But now the number of Charter MEMBERS…


Still the hearts of those who’ve REMAINED,

Has really swelled a lot, ‘tis our GAIN!



And the principle of BROTHERHOOD,

Has reigned as though in HOLLYWOOD;

For the NEW HOLLYWOOD has indeed FOCUSED,

Upon the YOUTH with not much RUCKUS15!




Thus, in the SAME vein and much AKIN,

The donation done for my daughters, my KIN16;

It’s actually for the YOUTH of our FATHERLAND,

A nice support for their advocacy at HAND17!



Thank you so MUCH, my dear BRODS;

You’ve done enough for our FRAT and the FLAGS18;

Still you have shown your GENEROSITY19,

Not only for the FRATERNITY but for POSTERITY20!







[Legend: 1 – ARIZONA is the venue of the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST particularly the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona.
2 – Brod Roman Dinglasan has been in Canada, particularly in Toronto, Ontario since the 1980s. Brod Roman is a Charter Member of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY which was organized by University of the Philippines – Diliman students on December 15, 1963.
3 – ABULUYAN is Filipino term for a fundraising venture or effort.
4 – Brod ABE is Abe Torrijos who is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but who had to do a quick trip to the Philippines to attend the 90th birthday celebration of Brod Abe’s mother.
5 – RP is Republic of the Philippines.
6 – ROMAN is Brod Roman Dinglasan.
7 – TEORY is Brod Teofilo Martinez who is himself a Charter Member of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
8 – JUN is Brod Narciso Cosio who is himself not only a Charter Member of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY (“PI OMICRON”), but also one of the FOUNDERS of the PI OMICRON. The other FOUNDERS are: Brod Jesus Calimlim Reyna, who is now deceased; and Brod Alfonso Soriano, who was the former Mayor of Malasiqui, Pangasinan.
9 – SWOON would denote RETIREMENT as all of the aforementioned brods have all retired from work.
10 – The donation from my CHARTER MEMBER brods which even included a FOUNDER of the PI OMICRON in the person of Brod Narciso “Jun” Cosio was the very first donation that I received even though I have not actually started this last-ditched effort for a FUNDRAISER. Brod Roman knows that every year, my daughters would always compete in the WHHI. And after hearing that the number of the members of the compete teams (i.e.  Legit Status and Alliance) has swelled to 89; Brod Roman felt it best to ask voluntary donations from Brods Teory Martinez and Jun Cosio, who are both based now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
11 – The ILA Convention was the convention of the INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS’ ASSOCIATION where I am a member in its Philippine chapter. It was then headed by the late Gen. Guillermo Picache, who is also a lawyer, as its President, of the ILA-Philippine Chapter.
12 – There were about 30 delegates from the Philippines who attended the ILA Convention at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And the delegates came from different branches of the Philippine government (i.e. judiciary and executive) and varied sectors of the  Philippine society (i.e. private practitioners/lawyers and lawyers in the government service). There were naturally various cliques and the clique to where I belong was the clique of judges. Eventually, after the ILA convention, with 2 judges and myself, we did a sidetrip to Niagara Falls courtesy of Brod Roman Dinglasan and his gracious wife, Ate Hilda.
13 – The FAIRMONT ROYAL YORK HOTEL is a stately hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, rumors have persisted about the presence of ghosts in the hotel’s premises particularly at its 8th Floor. The hotel is listed as one of the ten most haunted places in Canada.
14 – PALLBEARERS metaphorically refer to deaths among the charter members of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
15 – It is said that there was a shift between the HOLLYWOOD of OLD and the NEW HOLLYWOOD, with the New Hollywood’s cinematic products to be catering to the youth instead of the oldies. This transpired after there came a shift too with respect to film directors who were formally educated as against those directors of old who did not receive formal education.
16 – My KIN refers to my THREE (3) daughters: Shayna, who is Team Manager and member of the Legit Status Team; Cheska, who is Team Manager and member of the Alliance Team and Alee, my youngest, who is team member of the Legit Status Team.
17 –  The advocacy being nurtured by my daughters is to propagate the HIPHOP culture particular its DANCE and to eventually conduct grass-roots level competitions to lure the youth to avoid drugs and do HIPHOP.
18 – The FLAGS would refer to the pennant of the University of the Philippines and the flag of the Republic of the Philippines.
19 – Generosity is a quality — like honesty and patience — that we all probably wish we had more of. When you show generosity, even if one is RETIRED (like Brods Roman, Teory and Jun) and/or out of WORK (just like Brod Glenn Golla), one enjoys the feeling of giving away things or money or to put others before oneself. But generosity is about more than cash and stuff. When you’re forgiving and gentle to people, you show generosity of spirit too.
20 – It is believed, a belief which I share with my daughters; that if HIPHOP would be efficiently propagated, it could lead to a substantial of the diminution of the number of drug-dependents and/or drug-addicts. ]





























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