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 [His EXCELLENCY, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.In his STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS delivered on July 24, 2017, President Duterte scored numerous FIRSTS: First, Pres. Duterte openly warned  the MINING COMPANIES of the Philippines to be responsible in protecting the environment and to pay correct taxes due the government (if my memory serves me right, no other Philippine president has intrepidly attacked those rich MINING COMPANIES publicly and even warned their total closure]; Second, Pres. Duterte virtually allowed the police officers in the spirit of the MAXIMUM TOLERANCE policy to bear no arms (not even a BATUTA) during the SONA; Third, Pres. Duterte cordially conveyed the message to the JUDICIARY through CJ Maria Lourdes A. Sereno to be prudent in the issuance of TROs, as Pres. Duterte lamented the damage that it has usually wrought against government projects; Fourth, Pres. Duterte even confronted the protesters after his SONA and addressing the crowd on a makeshift stage, promised them all the liberty to yell, holler and shout in protest till kingdom come. Lastly, after assailing the disadvantages of the government’s STANDARD PROCUREMENT PROCESS, and citing an example as to how corruption works (using the LOWEST BIDDER route as device to short-change the government) and how the government ends up as loser to such LOWEST BID deals.] 



Ang ibig pong sabihin ng DESPACITO ay GANITO,

“SLOWLY DOES IT and WELL”, yan po ang TOTOO;

Kaya po dyan sa MARAWI CRISIS, na gawa-gawa ng ISIS —

Ang ating PANGULO’y nag-IIMIS-IMIS1!



Maraming mga TSISMOSANG na nag-gagaling-galingan,

Ang sabi ba naman…”ANG DALI-DALI NYAN…”2;


Ano daw ang dahilan…  “MERON BA DYANG SUSPENDER?”3



Pero ngayo’y pinagtapat na ng ating DIGONG,

Tatlong daan pala ang HOSTAGES DOON;

Kaya di sumusugod at di kumukubkob,

Ang MILITARY FORCE pause muna ang LUSOB!



Yan ang PANGULO may ramdam na MAKATAO,

At sa kaligtasan ng HOSTAGES, meron din syang RESPETO…

Sa kanyang SONA SPEECH mariin nyang pinarinig…

I value human life…”, yan ang kanyang TINIG!



Sa SONA ng Pangulo maraming naitalang FIRSTS4,

Sya ang unang PANGULO na binalaan ang MINING PITS5;

“Pay the right taxes, or I’ll close you DOWN!”,

Yan ang DIRECTIVE ng Pangulo ukol sa MINING LOW-DOWN6



Unang pagkakataong ding mga PULIS

ay walang BIGKIS7,

Ni wala ngang BATUTA, aba’y parang LIHIS…

Pero ang RESULTA8 ay napakaganda,

FIRST TIME na walang gulo sa Presidential SONA!



Isa pa ngang FIRST na dapat masambit,

FIRST TIME na hinarap ang animo’y nag-PI-PICKET9;





Ang tampok na FIRST na akin ding nakita,

Sinabihan ng magalang ang ating HUDIKATURA11;

Dapat na ngang maglimi-limi ang atin pong mga JUDGES…

Ang TRO12 ay dapat na pong malagay na sa SHELVES13!




Linsyak nga naman, eh parang DISGRASYA;

Imbes na makatulong ay lalong SAKUNA,

Airport na dapat, naging BASKETBALL Court na lang pala14!



Sa lahat na naging PANGULO ng atin pong BANSA,

Siya lamang ang bukod tanging pinuna ang PAKSA15;

LOWEST BIDDER ang halos syang ating BIDA,

Yaon pala’y lalabas namang talagang KONTRA-BIDA!



Isa pang rebelasyon na tunay na OKEY,

MIGHTY CORP16 case pala’y ngayon ay OKEY-DOKEY;

25 BILYONG PISO ang babayaran nilang MULTA,

Gugugulin ng gobyerno para sa kawawang mga MARALITA!



Totoong mahal ni DIGONG ang SUNDALO,

Kaya nga’t puspos at lubos ang ABONO17;

Equipment at arms ay pagbubutihin,

High-tech na DRONE18 ay kanyang AANGKATIN!



Kaya nga dapat ang mga KRITIKO’y humimpil MUNA,

Pabayaang mga layon ni DIGONG ay pailanglang na umalagwa,

SUABE, SUABE po muna sanang TALAGA…

POQUITO, POQUITO po muna ang inyong mga BANTA!



Kayong mga DILAWAN19 na ASAR na marahil…

Ihinto muna ang KANTYAW na nakaka-GIGIL;

Lalo na kung ang pagmumura ni DU30 ang siyang unang PUPUNAHIN,

Bulaklak lang po ng DILA, EVIL INTENT po ay DE-HIN20!


 [A more formal photo of His EXCELLENCY, the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.] 





[Legend: 1 – Nag-iimis-imis is a Tagalog term which means “taking one’s time” and/or “contemplating” and/or “planning”.
 2 – A lot of tongues are wagging as to why the AFP with all the military might that has been transferred/relocated to Marawi could not easily overtake the stragglers left behind by the rebellious Maute group. Per the revelation made by Pres. Duterte, the Maute group has really planned for so long time this uprising and that they have really put up a stockpile of ammunition and explosives via the series of underground TUNNELS in the whole of the Marawi’s Maute-controlled enclaves.
2a – The MAUTE Group is some kind of the progenitor of the ISIS-inspired group which intends to install a caliphate in Marawi City under the auspices and the control of ISIS.
3 – I have heard from reliable sources and this was personally confirmed to me by my fraternity brod, Jamel Lucman who sported the nom-de-guerre Commander Junglefox of the infamous Blackshirts of the 1970s, that during the height of the 1970 Moro Rebellion there were times that his rebel troops were literally cornered and overwhelmed. But, surprisingly the assault will be suspended as though giving them the chance to escape. The suspicion then was there were generals in the military then who wanted to sustain the rebellion. This was supposedly the case just like what happened in the 1950s where suspected efforts to maintain in the national budget, an appropriation for the fight against the HUKS (i.e. Hukbong Magpapalaya ng Bayan or HMB which is the progenitor of the NPA), the so-called entry maliciously labeled as “budgetary HUKS”.
4 – In my more than 60 years of life in the Philippines and having watched the STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESSES of a number of Presidents of the Republic, this was the first time I have seen and heard novel ideas, suggestions  and obsessions on the part of the sitting President during the SONA.
5 – MINING PITS would refer to the mining companies especially the irresponsible ones who have caused much peril, prejudice and damage to the environment.
6 –  LOW DOWN would mean the true and despicable facts or relevant information about something, in this case about the MINING INDUSTRY in the Philippines.
7 – BIGKIS would refer to the belt together with the HOLSTER which usually have a gun tucked inside it. But for the first time in the history of SONA of these past decades, the police officers did not have guns, truncheons and shields.
8 – The result of the deployment of those gun-less police officers was TERRIFIC, a no-spat, no-quarrel confrontation between the protesters and the police officers.
9 – PICKET, every year those protesters particularly those from the LEFT would line up in a seeming PICKET and would holler a lot of slogans and fiery yells to sort of create trouble and disorder. But at this (i.e. July 24, 2017)  SONA, no such spat, quarrel and/or commotion happened.
10 – President Duterte faced the PROTESTERS and a makeshift stage and told them that they can holler, yell and shout till kingdom come and even challenged who ever wants to kill him to unlatch the lever in the supposed grenade and throw it at him. No one moved, no one threw even a piece of boiled egg.
11 – President Duterte conveyed a very reverential message actually an SOS from the rostrum during the SONA asking the JUDICIARY’s help to be prudent in the issuance of TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDERS with regard to government projects. Pres. Duterte gave as example the REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH LAW against which a TRO was issued by the Supreme Court, two (2) years ago and for such an issuance, about Php 360 Million worth of medicines would be laid to waste (as the meds will expire next month).
13 – SHELVES with denote the need for the courts to think twice or thrice or seven times seven, as the issuance of TROs against government projects has truly impeded our country’s progress.
14 –   In another swipe in the inefficient and corrupt-ridden BIDDING PROCEDURE where favor is accorded the lowest bidder, Pres. Duterte cited as an example a project for the construction of an airport which due to the slicing up of the total project funds as bribe-money (and ending up with just half of the total funds for the project), led to the usage of the supposed airport as a mere basketball court instead of an airport.
15 – PAKSA means subject and the subject of the discussion pertains to the government’s BIDDING PROCEDURE.
16 –  MIGHTY CORP is MIGHTY CORPORATION which refers to a cigarette factory which was imposed a FINE of almost Php 40 Billion for allegedly tampering BIR stamps affixed on their cigarette boxes.
17 –  ABONO is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to refer to some kind of  booster to enhance the morale and the fighting capability(ies) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
18 – President Duterte committed to cause the purchase/importation of HIGH-TECH DRONES which would reconnoiter and undertake surveillance of areas suspected as being lairs of rebels such as the communists-reds as well as maverick Moro rebels.
19 – DILAWAN refers to the YELLOW group or the supporters of the AQUINOs.VIMI is Vicente Miguel Rivera, my son-in-law and husband of Shayna and who is the Team Coach of the LEGIT STATUS.
20 – President DUTERTE attuned to his populist-style of leadership and speech would garnish his speeches with curses and jokes just as to entertain the people as the HOI POLLOI would be very much entertained those antics and language of our playful and at times, FRIVOLOUS PRESIDENT.]


















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