FUN RHYME SERIES 154 – THANK YOU BROD MONCHING RAMOS aka RAMON RAMOS of GPSI aka GEOspatial Professional Solutions, Inc.  


[Brod Monching Ramos and his gracious and pretty wife Alice, are shown in this photo with their equally gracious and pretty daughters Elaine and  Dianne Ramos.]


who sports a contagious SMILE,

And when he helps, he always offers an EXTRA MILE;

I have experienced his HELPFUL SPIRIT,

On campus1a as well as in places as though with no LIMIT2!



I got actually amazed when I googled his NAME,

It has turned out that he’s OWNER of a US firm with FAME3;

And I said to myself, this BROD has made IT,

He truly has progressed because of pure and clear MERIT4!



Indeed as one born under the SCORPIO sign,

You’re described as one with a VIBRANT and AGGRESSIVE design;

You are even labeled as EXTREMELY PASSIONATE,

You’re even EXTREMELY DEVOTED, that’s not a JAPE5!



I know too that you are extremely SYMPATHETIC,

That’s another of your trait as shown in the HOROSCOPE kit;

Although, you may at times be so truly SERIOUS—

You’ve a lighter side that’s witty, for that I’m AMUSED!



I wish  now to thank you for your  DONATION,

As again my daughters are preparing for a COMPETITION;

It’s once more, the WORLD HIPHOP CONTEST,

That would showcase the world’s dancers at their BEST!



In fact I still can recall that in 20066, you gave tremendous HELP—

Though at that time they all really FELT,

That as tyros7 in the INTERNATIONAL ARENA,

They would not be a threat to the “FRONTRUNNA8”!



With the experiences that they have GAINED,

Our Philippine teams, I’m sure will pass the LANE9;

And the GOLD MEDAL would not be so ELUSIVE,

I’d feel our teams will become the DEFENDING CHAMPS’ pet peeve10!


[Despite Brod Monching Ramos’ tight and hectic schedule, photo above would show how Brod Monching values family and relationship. Here in this photo, Brod Monching shares his time and bonding escapade with his sister Francis Mazie Bondoc. Indeed, a truly caring and endearing blood brother to his kin and to his fraternity brethren.]





[Legend: 1 – Ramon Ramos aka Monching Ramos is my fraternity brother in the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY, a university fraternity organized by students of the University of the Philippines better known with its acronym UP, particularly in the Diliman campus (the main campus of UP) in December 1963.
1a – Brod Monching was a helpful fraternity brother as he would always be available if a brod would need an additional hand in cases where there are projects of the fraternity in UP. But even in times of personal need, Brod Monching Ramos was never stingy in giving his time, attention and presence as well as financial help, at times.
2 –  There indeed was no LIMIT in Brod Monching Ramos’ propensity to help and I experienced that when in 2006, my eldest daughter Shayna [who is now Team Manager of the LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Team (one of only THREE teams which prequalified to the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST)] together with her UP STREET DANCE team mates first participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. It was Brod Monching Ramos and his wife Alice who orchestrated, coordinated and insured that the needed help and aid are accorded my daughter Shayna and her ELEVEN (11) other team mates of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM. For this, I will truly be forever grateful to Brod Monching and his wife Alice.
3 – I just learned after surfing through/searching in the INTERNET, that Brod Monching and his wife Alice are the prime movers and owners of a company known as the  GEOspatial Professional Solutions Inc. (GPSi) which traces its roots back to the 1970s. It is described as a company pedigreed by a lineage of photogrammetric expertise, as they trumpet the clarion call that GPSi features the next generation of geospatial solutions that encompass photogrammetry, remote sensing and geographic information systems. GPSi is proud to announce too as the first mapping company in North America to offer the UltraCam Falcon prime, the digital aerial mapping camera tailored for high accuracy, design grade engineering mapping. The said facility features like 196 megapixel image format, a 1:2.2 pan sharpen ratio that collects PAN, RGB and NIR in parallel, and forward motion compensation by TDI, and that said camera delivers the same technical capabilities of larger models. The facility also has the ability to deliver true-color and color-infrared (CIR) image quality with unmatched radiometric range, and it makes it ideal for  smaller large-scale and photogrammetric projects, high-resolution orthophoto production, precision photogrammetry, corridor mapping, and LiDAR integration.  GPSi is also the first company in the West Coast of NORTH AMERICA to own RIEGL’s LMS-Q780 aerial LiDAR sensor. With this exciting purchase of this full waveform airborne laser scanner, GPSi now offers full LiDAR services including data aquisition, post-processing, filtering, and classification.
4 – I truly believe that this stature that Brod Monching and his wife has now attained is actually bY reason of the tandem’s plain and simple merit. I have learned that Brod Monching and his wife compose a team of hardworking and vision-oriented personalities who are not only focused on the commercial aspect of their business but also their social responsibility in their own work-community.
5 – JAPE means a JEST or a JOKE.
6 –   As earlier said, in July 2006, my eldest daughter Shayna, together with her UP STREET DANCE team mates first participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST which was held in Los Angeles, California. It was Brod Monching Ramos and his wife Alice who orchestrated, coordinated and insured that the needed help and aid are accorded my daughter Shayna and her 11 other team mates of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM.
7 – TYROS would mean beginners or novices. Indeed, in 2006, that was the very first  time my daughter Shayna and the UP STREET DANCE Team entered/participated in the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. Now, our PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS (i.e. LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE) are aspiring to be declared CHAMPIONS and to bring home the GOLD. LEGIT STATUS will enter in both the MEGACREW and the VARSITY DIVISION COMPETITIONS; while ALLIANCE will only enter in the MEGACREW DIVISION COMPETITION.
8 – To achieve a RHYME, “FRONTRUNNER” is here spelled as “FRONTRUNNA”.
9 – LANE would actually mean the process from ELIMINATION, the  SEMI-FINALS and finally the FINAL ROUND where ONLY FIVE (5) teams will compete for the much-coveted GOLD.
10 – PET PEEVE is something that would be annoying or the cause of annoyance as our Philippine teams would be a sure threat to the DEFENDING CHAMPS as well as the FRONTRUNNERS. ]

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