[On ANC TV, in the PRIME TIME program hosted by Migs Bustos; my daughter Shayna and her husband Vimi Rivera (Team Manager and Team Coach, respectively of the LEGIT STATUS Hiphop Dance Team) voiced out their call for support and help in their team’s quest to WIN and BAG the GOLD in the upcoming 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST to be held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7-12, 2017.LET’S SUPPORT OUR PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS IN THEIR QUEST  TO BRING HOME THE GOLD.]

[ * – HIPHOP MILLS would metaphorically refer to DANCE STUDIOS.]

Noong magsimula ang OPLAN TOKHANG,1

Maraming DRUG ADDICT ang naisalansan;

Merong sumuko ng BOLUNTARYO,

Meron din naman nangailangan ng NOTARYO1a!



Maraming BARANGAY ang gumawa ng PLANO,

Para mga DRUG DEPENDENTS ay di mag-BSDU2;

Kaya  halos ng mga plaza sa mga Barangay,




Malamang nga ay SAYAW ang dapat iwagayway,

Ito po’y isang sangay ng “ART”3 na tunay;

Maganda din po ito sa KALUSUGAN,

Magiging physically FIT at ang galaw ay GAGAAN!



Kaya nga po aking ipinagbabando,

Dapat mga HIPHOP contests suportahan ng TODO;

Lalo na nga po kung INTERNATIONAL4 ito,

Ang GALING ng PINOY tunay na ma-LILITRATO5!



Kapag tuwinang mag-CHAMPION ang ating KOPONAN,

Siguradong maeenganyo ang mga KABATAAN;

Mawalala na ang ATRAKSYON ng DROGA at SHABU…

Bansang PILIPINAS uunlad ng TODO-TODO6!



Ang akin nga pong ADBOKASIYA…

Magkaroon ng GRASS-ROOT level na KOMPETENSYA7;

Inter-barangay HIPHOP CONTEST8,

Siyempre ang magwawagi ay truly the BEST!



Tapos ay ipapadala natin sa INTERNATIONAL CONTEST,

Ilalapat ang BANDILA natin sa kanilang CHEST;

Pakikitaan ang buong mundong TANAN,

Na ang PINOY ay tunay na NUMBER ONE9!




[Legend: 1 – OPERATION-PLAN TOKHANG or OPLAN TOKHANG is the government’s police force operation where police officers would knock on the doors of suspected drug-users with the intention to invite them to reform and commit themselves into a rehabilitation program.  There was an ensuing number of variants which were similarly launched such as ZUMBA DANCE sessions for those drug-offenders.
1a – NOTARYO would connote the standard process of committing a drug user or addict to a rehabilitation center via a court petition in cases where the drug user or addict does not want to be voluntarily committed to a rehabilitation center or a detention center.
2 – B.S.D.U. is a Filipino acronym which means BALIK SA DATING UGALI or of the recurrence of the drug addiction or any other forms of back-sliding.
3 – It is said that DANCE is an ART; and that the FLOOR is the canvass and that the DANCER is the brush; and whatever the DANCER creates comes from the HEART. Indeed, DANCE is truly a creative form. It allows people to express themselves.  Dance has no set rules. You don’t actually have to listen to any rules, the choreographer can have his or her dancers do whatever steps he or she would like to do. Indeed, DANCE is an ART.
4 – Nowadays, the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION that actually serves as the OLYMPICS of DANCE is the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. This 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (WHHI”) will be held at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7-12, 2017.
5 – MALILITRATO is actually a metaphorically expression which I have myself contrived to achieve a RHYME which would connote the fame and reputation that a win in the WHHI would result into, as surely the FILIPINO HIPHOP DANCERS would be considered as topnotch hiphop dancers in the whole world.
6 –  If eventually the DRUG MENACE would be substantially minimized if not totally eradicated, PEACE and ORDER will certainly improve and the country will have a corps of healthy and energetic and drug-free human resource that would create heightened work efficiency.
7 – KOMPETENSYA is used here to mean INTER-BARANGAY COMPETITION that is being aspired to be conducted nation-wide.
8 – It has been bruited about that there is a proposal which is supposed to be launched and being broached by the local government unit of Quezon City that would serve as model for an eventual nation-wide INTER-BARANGAY HIPHOP COMPETITION.
9 – Since the Philippines entered in the WHHI in 2006, the Philippine team has won the CHAMPIONSHIP  AWARD  for  SEVEN (7) times already.]
Notice: If you are interested to support the LEGIT STATUS TEAM and the ALLIANCE TEAM in their respective quest to bring HOME the GOLD, you may click the GENEROSITY.COM website on this hereunder POST which is GENEROSITY.COM’s link address:–2




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