[Photo shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, ANASTACIO E. REVILLA, Jr. aka JUN REVILLA, at right, together with his youngest son Jomar, one of our paralegal assistants in our Law Office, at left. Photo was taken in front of the KA TUNYING’s CAFE along Visayas Avenue, with the standee of ANTHONY TABERNA , as backdrop.]




You’re  a CANCERIAN being born on JULY ONE,

That’s in 1953, birth of Ian Fleming’s JAMES BOND1;

You are a SNAKE person too — per the CHINESE ZODIAC,

You’re indeed an intellectual — a true-blue JACK2!



As a SNAKE3 person– you’re of the water snake KIND,

Just like Mao Ze Dong4 and Oprah Winfrey5 COMBINED;

You may have gotten the ADVENTUROUS trait of MAO,

Taking chances & so BRAVE, that’s HOW!




You may have gotten OPRAH’s BENEVOLENCE,

It’s a CANCERIAN trait too, in straight SENSE;

An air and style of being EASY-GOING,

That has in your college life been the proof of the PUDDING!





One time after a drinking SESSION,

Perhaps so drowsy, you slept at a BUS STATION6;

Waking up in the morning, finding yourself UNCLAD7

Your brand new boots, among others, got stolen by a STREET LAD!





At UP LAW8 you brought much fun &  CAMARADERIE,

You’re the leader of those who are fond of MERLOT & WINERY9;

But it is not just WINE that you ENJOY & QUAFF,

It’s REALLY BEER, and BRANDY as well as WHISKY with FOIE10!




But the trait that makes you DISTINCT and BEST,


You have the FIGHTING SPIRIT of a BULL,

A brand that actually was not learned in  SCHOOL!



Despite all the woes, aches and TORMENT—

You’re so STRONG as though plastered with hard CEMENT;

It’s a trait that is not seen among those who are WEAK,

You could surprise every one, even an Arab SHEIK11!




Per your HOROSCOPE, 2017 is a really GOOD YEAR12,

It even prognosticates an unexpected WINDFALL, ‘tis CLEAR;

Your long-time aspiration may now be COMING,

Let’s drink to that,  just JUICE, no BOOZING13!



[Family photo of the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, Jun Revilla, at extreme right (seated) taken at their Commonwealth Avenue home in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Standing from L-R: Jeq Ramos (Jun’s son-in-law), daughter Aimeebel, Jennifer Pingol Revilla (daughter-in-law), Javier Mateo (grandson), son John Joseph who is hubby to Jennifer Pingol and son Jomar. Seated from L-R: daughter Celestine who is married to Jeq Ramos, Alfonso Rafael (grandson), wife Tess Rejano Revilla and BIRTHDAY BOY, Jun Revilla.]




 1 – It was on April 13, 1953 when author Ian Fleming published/released his first book on the JAMES BOND spy-thriller series, the CASINO ROYALE.  
2 – The URBAN DICTIONARY meaning of JACK is  “a very intellectual, insightful man with the most honest heart”.
3 – As Jun was born on July 1, 1953, he is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of WATER SNAKE. It is said that persons under the WATER SNAKE CHINESE ZODIAC SIGN  have a vast range of interests in life as they enjoy studying all types of subjects and are capable of performing very in depth research.   
4 – The eminent Chinese revolutionary Mao Ze Dong aka Mao Tse Tung and the highest paid TV personality in the US, Oprah Winfrey, were both born under the WATER SNAKE ZODIAC SIGN. Mao Ze Dong aka Mao Tse Tung was born on December 26, 1893.
5 – Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954.
6 – It was actually in a bus-stop/waiting shed where Jun perhaps so drowsy and sleepy, decided to take a nap around midnight after a drinking spree following the culmination of one semestral final exams at the UP College of Law.
7 – UNCLAD is used to mean specifically Jun’s realization upon waking up in the early morning that he was shoe-less, sock-less and belt-less.
8 – UP LAW is the University of the Philippines, College of Law where I and Jun graduated. Jun was in the regular morning section which is a 4-year curriculum course while I was enrolled in the 5-year curriculum course of the evening section for working students like me.
9 – WINERY is used in the BLOG to refer to alcoholic drinks/beverage.
10 – FOIE is actually the  liver of a duck. The term ought to be correctly pronounced as “FWAH” with the distinct resonance of a French twang, just as to achieve the desired RHYMING with “QUAFF”. The term FOIE is used in this BLOG as a reference to various kinds of innards which usually serve as the favorite finger-food to go with beer, brandy, whisky and rhum during those typical boozing during our UP Law college days.
11 – The term ARAB SHEIK is used here to make a special reference to a tribe among the Arabs, actually the TUAREG tribe which is known for their capacity to remain in the desert without food and water for long periods of time; a trait that exemplifies durability and capacity to endure suffering, aches, hunger  and pain.
12 – Per an entry in the link address:, it is said that WATER SNAKE persons will have good fortune in 2017.
13 – BOOZING is used in this BLOG to mean drinking LIQUOR or any other alcoholic beverage.]




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