[Photo above shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, BROD BERT G. SOMERA, sandwiched by Brod Jonah Salvosa at LEFT and myself at RIGHT taken during the wedding reception of my daughter’s (i.e. Winshayna) nuptial with Vimi Rivera at the ANGELFIELDS NATURE SANCTUARY on May 6, 2017 in Silang, Cavite.] 



He’s  the current President of the PIOIAA, Inc.1 ,

A much coveted position in our FRAT’s HIERARCHY2;

But it’s virtually reserved for the VALIANT and PASSIONATE,

Must also be INDUSTRIOUS and a virtual CARABAO’s COGNATE3!




He’s been the real RESURRECTOR4 and INSPIRATION,

Of lots of chapters of our FRATERNAL ORGANIZATION;

If not for him — and if not for his loyal CONTRIBUTION,

Much of us would be in sheer HIBERNATION!




As a GEMINI5 person that he is –a PLANNER  INDEED,

Fixed towards CONCEPTUALIZATION, that’s his CREED;

That’s why the FRATERNITY is going on STRONG,

He’s people-oriented plans that seem to have started with a GONG6!




He evokes GENUINE CONCERN garnished with his sweet SMILE;

He’s a potential contributor to Philippine SOCIETY…

But FIRST — towards our venerable FRATERNITY!





That’s why perhaps the BRODS have become so DELIRIOUS8;


To summon cooperation among brods will be EASY AS PIE!




And as he has in fact infected me with his VIRUS10,

Have obeyed his command just like a

brod so DESIROUS;

Wanting to make the NATCON11 a grand SUCCESS,

I pleaded unto a KUMPADRE12, Prexy Bert’s REQUEST!




Thus on this coming THIRD OF JULY we’ll trek to PAL13,

With the end in view of getting something COLOSSAL;

Perhaps a SPONSORSHIP that would be so AWESOME —

Let’s all fervently pray for a result so WHOLESOME!


[Brod Bert Somera is shown here with his gracious wife, LOVELY, in another wedding reception where the couple stood as principal sponsors.]





[Legend: 1 – PIOIAA, Inc. is acronym for Pi Omicron International Alumni Association, Inc. which is the INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the Pi Omicron Fraternity which has taken roots in UP Diliman and was organized in December 15, 1963.
2 – The Pi Omicron Fraternity boasts now of several chapters throughout the whole of the Philippine archipelago. It also has overseas chapters in the US, in Canada and other nations throughout the world. It has various alumni associations too; but the grandest alumni association of the Pi Omicron Fraternity is the Pi Omicron International Alumni Association, Inc. where Brod Bert Somera is the incumbent President.
3 – The Philippine CARABAO is undoubtedly the most hardworking animal in our agricultural nation. And analogically, Brod Bert Somera’s trait as a hard worker evokes the seemingly similar positive and wholesome traits of a carabao such as humility, perseverance, and a special ability to rise above all kinds of distractions while at work.
4 – Resurrector is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to connote the seeming magical way that Brod Bert Somera has utilized his charisma which indubitably has influenced other brods to help him in trying to revive and to have successfully revived various chapters of the Pi Omicron Fraternity.
5 – Being born on June 15, 1968, Brod Bert is guided by the zodiac sign of GEMINI.
6 – A GONG is a metal disk with a turned rim, giving a resonant note when struck. It usually is sounded to signal the start of something BIG or IMPORTANT.
7 – Being born on June 15, 1968, Brod Bert is guided by the CHINESE zodiac sign of EARTH MONKEY.
8 –  DELIRIOUS is used here to mean ECSTATIC.
9 – ALBAY is a province in the Philippine’s BICOL REGION where Legaspi City (the venue of the PIOIAA Third National Convention to be held on December 15-17, 2017) is located.
10- VIRUS is being used here to denote the INFECTIOUS and CONTAGIOUS trait of Brod Bert as a persevering and industrious hard worker.
11- NATCON is the PIOIAA, Inc.’s 3rd NATIONAL CONVENTION to be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi City, Albay.
12- PAL is the acronym for PHILIPPINE AIRLINES.
13- KUMPADRE refers to my friend and compeer, Jimmy Bautista who is currently the President of Philippine Airlines. Kumpadreng Jimmy served as one of the principal sponsors to my eldest daughter’s wedding on May 6, 2017 at the Angelfields Nature Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite.]



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