[Here is ELLA (standing at extreme right) with her live-in partner JOSE ADONIS ALHAMBRA aka DON FACUNDO and their THREE (3) kids, namely: EBOY who is the eldest shown at the middle, ELOY, the second child who is shown at extreme left; and ALYSSA who is being lugged/carried by ELLA. Photo was taken during the birthday party of the couple’s ONLY daughter, ALYSSA. ]

Ikaw ay merong “INITIYATIBO” at masipag pang TUNAY,

Siguradong ang lahat ng BOSS mo’y ma-aaliw ng PANAY-PANAY;

Magaling kang DUMISKARTE’T gumawa ng PARAAN,

Kaya sa S.E.C1 napabilis ang  ISSUANCE…

May ngiti kang malamyos at sadyang MATAMIS,

Ngiting di magaya nitong si LITO2 na palaging INIS;

Kaya marahil dapat sa lakaran ay TANDEM kayo — DOON at DITO–

NGITI ikaw; tadyak naman sa PINTO itong  mainit na si LITO…

Napansin nga ni DONNA3 na itong si Lito’y KAKAIBA,


Mukhang gustong gayahin ni LITO ang DATING6,


Marami na ngang binara itong si Attorney JOVY,

Mga katunggali sa HUKUMAN na ‘di tunay na “READY”;

Isang PERSONALIDAD na mukhang kulang sa KAALAMAN,

BINOLDYAK ni JOVY; umiwas kapag KUWAN…

Balik tayo kay ELLA na COOL na  COOL PA,

Kaya tuloy si JOVY sa kanya’y UMAASA;

Nais marahil ni JOVY makamit ang COOLNESS ni ELLA,

Para kapag sa KORTE, si JOVY’y AALAGWA9!

Bilang GEMINI syang senyal mo’y– MALIKHAIN KA–

Yan ang sabi ng HOROSCOPE, huwag ka nang MAGTAKA;

Batikan ka rin sa GROUP WORK, swak na swak TALAGA!

MEMORYA mo daw ay tunay na PINAKAMATALAS PA!

Ako naman ay tunay ding kay ELLA’y UMAASA,

Dahil itong si ELLA ay punong-puno ng PAG-ASA;

Di nga ba’t hinulaan siya nitong si DOC ANDY10,

Na ang kanyang mga anak magdadala ng puspos na SWERTI11!

Pero, KWIDAW at PARA12 na; baka mag-anak PA—

SURE na ba yang LIGATION, talagang na-itali BA?

Baka yan ay makalas, naku DON FACUNDO13

Huwag sanang madagdagan pa, dapat yata’y I-KANDADO!


 Maligayang KAARAWAN ELLA!


  • (1) S.E.C is the Securities and Exchange Commission which is an agency of the government where certificates of registration of corporate entities are issued. Recently, with ELLA’s charm — LITO and ELLA were able to snag the SEC CERTIFICATE quick of a valued client, the following day when ELLA aided LITO in the quest.
  • (2) LITO aka Enreque D. Lutuc is our Paralegal Assistant who believes that getting what he wants or what he is required to get from government agencies could be expedited via some kind of mild bullying tactics and that “rushing up” an action from a government functionary could be attained by trying to convey some kind of irritation or a harried or famished look unto one’s face like not having eaten breakfast or lunch.
  • (3) DONNA is Ms. Donna Balagot, the OJT junior student of Law who is on an OJT engagement with our Law Office. Donna is the daughter of my Daddy Max’s driver (i.e. Ramil Balagot) and that Donna is actually schooling at the Don Mariano Marcos State University in San Fernando, La Union (but has decided to spend her summer vacation here in Metro-Manila; doubling up the usage of her time in Metro-Manila via the OJT with our Law Office).
  • (4) JOVY GAMBOL is Atty. Jovy Gambol who is a partner in our Law Office. Jovy has lots of clients and that with his lucrative law practice nowadays, as he is even appearing in court hearings in as far as Iloilo, Antique, Mindoro and Batangas City, he will be hosting a series of “blow-out lunches” equivalent to the number of losses that will be incurred by the CLEVELAND CAVS vs. the WARRIORS.
  • (5) UMA-ARIBA actually means going great or going up; and indeed Atty. Jovy Gambol’s law practice is gaining ground and shuttling up.
  • (6) DATING is a Tagalog slang which means the outward fascinating manifestations of a person or the seeming good opportunities going one’s way which prove to be the reason for Atty. Jovy Gambol’s lucrative law practice.
  • (7) Jovy Gambol is from Batangas and that a native of Batangas is called a Batangenyo.
  • (8) Nag-PANTING is a Tagalog term which means to be IRKED or VEXED or ANNOYED.
  • (9) AALAGWA is Tagalog slang which means to act amazingly apt and correct. Well, it is said that the best attitude or practice in lawyering is to speak with coolness in court and that it is best to never ever raise one’s voice so that the air of respect, dignified sway and tactfulness would create a good impression or image of an eloquent, refined and tactful lawyer.
  • (10) Doc Andy Tan is the incumbent President of the Ateneo Schools Parents Council and is a true friend. Doc Andy is not only a FENGSHUI Master but also a physiognomist, one who can read the fate and character of a person by merely looking at the face of the person. When Doc Andy Tan visited our Law Office, he had the occasion and opportunity to meet up and socialize with Ella and thus, gave Ella some helpful hints about her fate and character.
  • (11) SWERTI is a corruption of the Tagalog word SWERTE which means GOOD LUCK.
  • (12) PARA is a Tagalog word which means STOP. Though this word is actually derived from the Spanish word PARAR which means to STOP.
  • (13) DON FACUNDO is the endearing term which ELLA would use to refer to her live-in partner and soul-mate, JOSE ADONIS ALHAMBRA. Their marital cohabitation has produced 3 kids, IN SO QUICK SUCCESSION MODE.]

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