[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG, is shown here posing like an actress of the vaunted PINILAKANG-TABING (i.e. SILVER SCREEN) of  yesteryears (as though a look-alike of LOLITA RODRIGUEZ or perhaps the hybrid of LORNA TOLENTINO and ALMA MORENO) amidst the lush natural greenery full of leafy foliage while evoking much apt adages such as: “SARIWANG HANGIN, MASARAP LANGHAPIN”, “LAGASLAS NA DAHON NG PALMERA, BUMABANDERA”, “DAHONG TALAHIB, UMAALIGID-ALIGID”, “ANG NAKAHAWAK SA PUNO, NAGHAHANAP NG PAMALO”, etc. And the most fitting adage that is seemingly being proffered and suggested by the photograph perceived as a whole is: “MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN SA HIPAG KONG MAHILIG SA HALAMAN AT KALIKASAN; AT MAYROONG  ITINATAGONG KAGANDAHAN!]



You’re a true-blooded ABRA1 folk,

‘Tis a province that has been  subject of lots of TALK;

A lot of election-related episodes,

It’s the dyeing capital as it produces much INDIGOES1a!



It’s a colorful province of the ITNEG2 lore,

Known for BAMBOO CRAFTS3 which many ADORE;

Just like how JING4 courted you BEFORE,

‘Twas full of color and much GALORE!




As a CANCER5 person you are ENERGETIC,

And you easily detect who’s not a TRUTH EPIC;

Lying is one trait that you really DISDAIN,

You can easily catch one as if you can read one’s BRAIN!




As a MONKEY6 person per the CHINESE ZODIAC,

You bring warmth like the undershirt of a LUMBERJACK;

For you’re sociable and OPTIMISTIC,

Your agile and truly bright as a stylish CHIC!




The name RALITA7 evokes sensitiveness and CREATIVENESS,

But IDEALISM appears to be also in your PSYCHE’s NEST;

BELISARIO8 on the other hand denotes of a SWORDSMAN,

‘Tis a Spanish term with GREEK as its PROVENANCE9




Merging therefore the qualities of your NAMES,

You’re a gracious lady, who could get angered into FLAMES;

In the vernacular, you are what they call… IS IT?





That’s why perhaps during the weekly MAHJONG SESSION,

When it’s your turn to play, there is QUICK CESSATION;

On the part of your loving HUSBAND, the SWANK WINSTON…

Hurriedly, you’ll be mixing the TILES while on your THRONE11.



[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG, sitting on her THRONE (seen at extreme right)  in one of those happy MAHJONG sessions.]





  • (1) My sister-in-law RALLY aka RALITA BELISARIO-YOUNG hails from ABRA, a province within the ILOCOS REGION which is located up north in Luzon, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago.
(1a)  ABRA is known as the DYEING CAPITAL of the PHILIPPINES [bizarrely termed too as DYING capital (in such a strange and abjectly funny way) as there has been a spate of seemingly politically-motivated assassinations lately], as the folks in ABRA know how to derive natural dye from plants which are much abundant in their area.
  • (2) ITNEG is the other term used years ago to refer to the aborigines and/or the town folks from ABRA.
  • (3) ABRA is also known for a thriving cottage industry which churns out nice and fantastic bamboo crafts.
  • (4) JING is the nickname of my brother WINSTON WINIFREDO T. YOUNG.
  • (5) Being born on June 22, Rally is guided by the ZODIAC sign of CANCER.
  • (6) Being born on June 22, 1956, Rally is guided by the CHINESE sign of the MONKEY.
  • (7) A research in the INTERNET, through GOOGLE would show that the name RALITA connotes sensitiveness, creativeness and IDEALISM too.
  • (8) A research too in the INTERNET, through GOOGLE would disclose that the term/name BELISARIO is a Spanish term which was derived from GREEK. In its Spanish meaning, BELISARIO denotes of a SWORDSMAN; in Greek, BELISARIO means an ARCHER or one who could shoot arrows so skillfully.
  • (9) PROVENANCE means ORIGIN as used in this BLOG.
  • (10) “MABAIT NGUNIT MABAGSIK KUNG MAGALIT.”, is a Tagalog saying which literally means “GOOD BUT HARSH WHEN ANGERED.”
  • (11) THRONE is used in this BLOG to mean one of the desired seats, actually FOUR (4) of them, surrounding the MAHJONG TABLE.


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