[Photo above shows the youthful JOSE MARI R. REVILLA aka JOMAR, in a serious and pensive mood. JOMAR is one of our Paralegal  Assistants at the Law Office. Among the other paralegal assistants in our Law Office JOMAR carries that distinction of having attended the FIRST PARALEGAL ASSISTANT TRAINING held in March 2014 at the  UP LAW CENTER. Hopefully, a couple of years or so from now, JOMAR will become a full-fledged lawyer.]


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That’s my alma mater – my SCUOLA SECONDARIA1;

He is now pursuing a course in LAW,

He’ll surely become an ATTORNEY-AT-LAW2!





He’s a diligent student with zing and ZEST,

He would at times talk serious-sometimes with JEST;

But in his Law studies, he’s truly so SERIOUS,




And as a GEMINI person he truly IS,

So caring and kindhearted like MANZANO LUIS3;

He could even pass as a matinee ACTOR,

He’ll make himself up with items from MAX FACTOR4!






Truly aspiring and desirous to have his FUTURE FORETOLD;

With Law professors who are varied and DIVERSE,

He now cranks up court pleadings—a virtual study in REVERSE6!


Arellano University - Wikipedia


He is the youngest son of  the LATE ANASTACIO “JUN” REVILLA,

My school mate in UP Law– those olden days FULL of MEMORABILIA;

But now as he ventures to step into the shoes of his DAD,

Am sure that all of his CLAN will be happy and GLAD!




 With the training that he’s receiving from our LAW FIRM,

I  guess  JOMAR will someday do heartily AFFIRM;

The Lawyer’s OATH and the Lawyer’s MANTRA,






JOMAR studying habits is truly so EFFECTIVE,

Staying alone at OFFICE8, that’s a nice PERSPECTIVE;

Won’t be having any undue DISTRACTION —

That’s BIG help for MEMORIZATION!




And JOMAR’s apt advantage INDEED,

Are his trips to the COURTs, in times of NEED9;

Though he would be also doing some FILING10,

His FORTE for now, is actually for POSTPONING11!


[The BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, JOMAR R. REVILLA, at the piano at the HOTEL SOFITEL’s lobby taken in September 2016 during a birthday party of a kin.] 



[Legend: 1 – SCUOLA SECONDARIA is Italian phrase which means SECONDARY SCHOOL.
2 – Attorney-at-Law is the customary appellation accorded to a lawyer here in the Philippines.
3 – Luis Manzano is a Filipino matinee actor who is the son of VILMA SANTOS and EDU MANZANO.
4 – MAX FACTOR is actually a line of make-up products which started out as the usual make-up line in the movie industry.
5 – ARELLANO UNIVERSITY is the university situated in Pasay City where JOMAR is pursuing a degree in LAW.
6 – STUDY IN REVERSE would refer to the acquisition of knowledge that JOMAR has gone into by working at our Law Firm as usually, in Law School, the last thing that you would learn in your SENIOR YEAR would be the drafting of court pleadings. But in our Law Firm, JOMAR is actually into a fast learning process, on how to write court pleadings.
7 – CHHATRA is a Sanskrit word meaning UMBRELLA; thus, using the MANTRA “DO THE RIGHT THING” is a good motto to keep a lawyer away from harm, so to speak.
8 – JOMAR, in times when he has no classes at ARELLANO LAW would stay behind at the Law Office after office hours as he would savor the quietness and absence of any distraction that would be good for his memorization.
9 – At times, when there is need to postpone a court hearing, JOMAR would be the best bet to send to plead for a resetting/postponement, as he could actually dress up like a young lawyer (but still disclosing that he’s actually just a PARALEGAL still taking up Law).
10- JOMAR is, at times when LITO LUTUC (our regular court pleading filer) is overloaded with lots of court filing errands, also assigned to do filing of court pleadings at the Manila and Pasay areas as he could do the filing before entering/attending classes at his Law School at the ARELLANO UNIVERSITY LAW which is located in Pasay City, Metro-Manila.
11- As earlier said, JOMAR’s expertise for now is sounding off the Law Office’s pleas for cancellation and postponement of court hearings in times when there is indisposition on the part of a handling lawyer, conflict of schedule and the rest of the many reasons that could be trumped up to have a court hearing canceled and reset, most often with a penalty in the form of FINES.]


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