[President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has passionately championed his advocacy particularly his fight against drugs, criminality and corruption with no let-up from day ONE of his administration, through the FIRST 100 DAYS up to and until NOW. Perhaps, it can be said that it is only under his administration that top officials in government are being detected, uncovered, exposed and revealed; nay caught red-handed, even with their pants down, so to speak. This changed atmosphere may have been perhaps transformed by reason of the repeated reminders made by Pres. Duterte, even seeking the populace’s active cooperation on how to really put a stop to petty graft as well as those big-time scams and fraudulent antics. Remember Pres. Duterte’s “SAMPALIN MO SPIEL”, wherein he enticed the ordinary people to create a scene even to the extent of slapping mischievous government functionaries who may have been accustomed or even addicted to panhandle for “grease money”  especially in the airports, custom houses or even at those  permit-dishing government offices.]

With the FIRING of the TWO (2) BI* Deputy Commissioners,

DU30’s election & his anti-corruption spiel proved to be “NO BONERS”!

Even though they were DU30’s SBC** Law fraternity brothers,

Those frat brods got  the  AXE  with  NO DRUTHERS!



And at the LTFRB***, for 3 admins it seem,

The erring officers kept the vile payola scheme;

And it was only in DUTERTE’s regime,

That this addiction got blotted out like nicotine!


At the BIR**** even, Commissioner Billy Dulay decreed,

No gifts—neither pastry food nor bread;

Could pass through the guards at entrance gate,

Even if it’s delivered by a beauty ala Winslet Kate!



And when a BIR officer, at the start of Dulay’s  stint,

Sort of brought in a welcome gift– luscious fruits in various tint;

The officer got sanctioned, ‘twas even relieved;

‘Tis served as exemplar of Billy Dulay’s creed!


And now at the imposing BIR Head office,

All walls are plastered with an ubiquitous notice;

“GIFTS ARE FORBIDDEN!”, it sort of says,

And I’m sure all will comply from here till those still to come days!  


And the ambience and aura in government offices,

Nowadays have seemed like a sparkling edifice;

Clerks are overly helpful—even eagerly useful,

And the smiles on their faces, so brilliantly full!


And that’s the change that we’ve all been waiting,

It’s to cleanse— even drench those bureaucratic fat’s oiling;

For it indeed is clear as day that no one will bribe and pay,

If the office front liners will always be courteous, helpful and gay!


And as in all institutions and even a nation,

When the HEAD has disdained all corruption;

Every one will obey the instruction,

To be open and straight & be one with DU30’s “NO-GRAFT” affirmation!


Legend: * – BI is acronym for Bureau of Immigration.
                **- SBC is acronym for San Beda College, the Benedictine-run college where President Duterte took his law course.
               ***- LTFRB is acronym for Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.
               **** – BIR is the acronym for Bureau of Internal Revenue.

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