One time in ROCKWELL Center, I crossed paths with MYLENE;

She was gallivanting with joy, among her close FRIENDS—

As can be plainly seen from her skin’s SHEEN—

And always smiling, with her hair as though just DRENCHED.

Rockwell Center


MHYEI is comically naughty but is a true loyal FRIEND,

That’s the mark and character of those    born under LEO’s BLEND;

And the most that keeps MHYEI truly UNIQUE,

Is her dedication at work, as she performs it with effective CHIC…





I made a promise to MYLENE in that ROCKWELL encounter,

She just read then a BLOG I wrote

    in mid-NOVEMBER;

‘Twas about a former colleague whose name was RONIE,

MHYEI asked in playful jest if she’s worth a DITHY*…




I asked her for data, some kind of BROUHAHA;

As I felt she was still attune to most celebrity gossip, OOH LA LA…

She always seems to be

  much current with EVENTS…

Which actress is dating and who’s at loose ENDS. 




And now I have to comply with that vow I PROMISED;

And this ELEGY,  I hope would not be deemed a DIS**—

For MHYEI has always been jovial and playful TOO…

This poem which ought to be serious, can be fun-filled ALSO.




As MHYEI would now be reunited with OUR LORD,

I still think MHYEI would not want us to be ABSURD…

A lot of things could make us happy though MHYEI has gone her WAY…

Still, I’m sure, she wants us all to be always happy and GAY.





That’s the legacy I am sure which MHYEI wanted to BEQUEATH…

Not to be depressed with worry, let’s wear our heart on a SLEEVE…

Instead of bitter weeping, let’s try some kind of YELLING…

By reminiscing those jokes that MHYEI with poise, has been TELLING!



Let’s offer a little prayer for a true friend INDEED,

To make her trip to HEAVEN with much amazing SPEED…

And if she gets a traffic ticket for such OVERSPEEDING…

Let’s pray to ST. PETER and say — MHYEI was actually just JOKING.






 [*-“Dithy” is abbreviation for DITHYRAMB, some kind of a piece of writing. ]
[**-“DIS” is an abbreviation  of “DISSING” which means some kind of disrespectful speech.]


  1. I think, 3 years ago I went back to Manila and living here in U.S. for 3 decades and I was surprised to see Mylene and her hubby for a little reunion. What was very remarkable with her is her contagious laughter. Very humble and real. She made me happy and from then we became closer friends. I am sad to hear this news, and there’s not much else to say but to thank her , to do not take life seeiously. That a good laugh and sense of humor goes a long way. May you rest in peace Mylene.

  2. “Mhei” I will always be grateful for the friendship and always making sure to be around every time we do an impromptu get together when I am in town. Your death is a shock for everyone and certainly a reminder that we should always be grateful of everything and live life as if its your last everyday. You have touched so many people and certainly distance never define any great friendships especially with our PCU batch. You and your family will always be in my prayers. Rest in Peace my angel !
    I LOVE YOU !

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