[My  brother  WILBERT  aka  BERT  is  shown  here  blowing  the  lit  candles  atop a birthday cake.  This  photo  was  snapped during his natal day celebration last year following  a  brief  respite  while  playing  the  usual  weekend  mahjong sessions at Daddy  Max’s  home’s  premises.  BERT  is  surrounded  by  some of our nieces and nephew: (From L-R: Winna, Ella, Rommel and Bambi)]


Happy happy birthday to you, my brother BERT…

As a VIRGO, we’ve the same zodiac sign per month of BIRTH;

Being born on September 2, you nurture the need to be in control of all aspects in LIFE – –

As you are  very practical, serene, and so truly  ORGANIZED!


You’ve a good leadership POTENTIAL as evidenced by your work JOURNAL…

You’re so devoted to your loved ones, but  somewhat UNEMOTIONAL;

VIRGOS like you are always paying attention to the smallest DETAILS – –

As you’ve a deep sense of humanity, you’re most careful motto is aspiring for “NO-FAILS”!


You’ve a methodical approach that ensures nothing is left to CHANCE…

But you’re also comical at times, and would sometime PRANCE and DANCE;

And when the PRANCING and DANCING begins, the merriment goes BOLDER – –

And then and there, we’ll customarily hear your resounding signature HOLLER!



As you’re born in 1958, the EARTH DOG  is your Chinese zodiac SIGN…

DOG persons are faithful, courageous, agile, smart and so very KIND;

Due therefore, for your having a strong sense of loyalty and SINCERITY – –

You’ll do everything for your significant other, as it’s your PROCLIVITY!

As a VIRGO person, you have a great understanding of human BEINGS…

You really know how human dynamics work, and all of their ON-GOINGS;

While others are often clueless regarding people’s ulterior MOTIVES – –

You’ve an instinct for seeing through  and their hidden agenda  would burst like EXPLOSIVES!


On this your natal day, this WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY, and a truly lovely DAY…

I wish to do a toast, a ringing and a loud HURRAY…

Your  hidden talent of seeing through,  an example of  KEEN DISCERNMENT – –

Try it with MEGALOTTO, so AMY will win with  the  lottery’s recent COMMENCEMENT!



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