[BIRTHDAY BOY REY is shown in this photo at CHINA’s TIANANMEN SQUARE with MAO  ZE  DONG’s  Mausoleum  as  background  during  a  pleasure  trip  to  CHINA together with his partners at the RANADA MALAYA SANCHEZ & SIMPAO Law Firm IN 2009.]

Happy happy birthday to my IDOL, ATTORNEY REY…

VIRGOS born on September 4 most often display extraordinary BRAVERY;

Though they’ve lots of common sense, they’re still natural RISK-TAKERS – –

Independent-thinking too, and with much CHARISMA… ERGO, they’ve lots of affable ADMIRERS!



Being born on September 4, you’ve great deal of strong will, and TACTFULNESS…

You’re a natural problem-solver and a born leader, as you handle situations with much FINESSE;

You understand people, but more importantly, you know how to gently encourage OTHERS – –

To do what really is best, as it is indeed the proper and logical DRUTHERS!


Papang REY went schooling at the pontifical institute, the U.S.T…

Pursued therein a course which led to an AB English DEGREE;

Being townmates – – thru his MOM, Fr. DE LA COSTA’s DAD, endorsed him unto ATENEO, ‘twas a sweet SAGA! 



You’re easy to talk to as you enjoy the exchange of thoughts and IDEAS…

And you’re sharp-witted, who can challenge anyone in intellectual ARENAS;

Practical and hard working whose creed, is that it takes money to LIVE – –

But you’re kind and sympathetic too, as you would rather GIVE than RECEIVE!



Papang REY is a partner of the RANADA  MALAYA SANCHEZ & SIMPAO Law FIRM…

He’s an esteemed partner therein, as his equally prize colleagues would AFFIRM;

His being an achiever and  a considerate and patient COLLEAGUE – –

Has brought much synergy and prosperity unto their LEAGUE!



On this you natal day, this FANTASTIC FRIDAY, with greetings from a crude BARD…

I wish and pray that you’d be given an AWARD;

A prize perhaps that would extol you for your TACTFULNESS and KINDNESS – –

Or perhaps, to match you  with a dainty lady who may be, bereft of caring, even perhaps LOVE-LESS!



Happy happy BIRTHDAY my IDOL, who in terms of FRIENDSHIP is one of the BEST!

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