[Despite the government’s efforts to stem the tide of  a seeming continuing spike in the number of COVID infections, the surge has seemingly persisted. Focus must now be made into other details that may have been ignored by many. I just learned that every time one speaks, about 50 to 90 saliva droplets are spewed into the air and those speech droplets would remain floating therein for at least 9 minutes.  Indeed, it is not yet advisable to dine in public places as while eating, those face masks  will surely be removed and an assortment of speech droplets floating in the air, will be gliding and sashaying.]





And the death toll indeed is CLIMBING;

We ought to be more strict in our PROTOCOLS – –

To avoid the spikes in all those SICK CALLS!




I just got so astonished and so SHOCKED…

To learn that in mere talking sans MASKS, that’s our mouth’s FROCK;

We usually spew saliva droplets into the AIR – –

Numbering about 50 to 90, and that’s a lot of SCARE!



But what is more so scary and HORRIBLE…

Each droplet floats in the surrounding air, like BUBBLE;

And those droplets can remain suspended and FLOATING- –

Those speech droplets can float for 9 minutes GLIDING!

So if an asymptomatic person would SNEEZE or COUGH…

Without covering his mouth with a mask or a FROCK;

About 1,000 droplets will be zooming into the AIR, FAIR and SQUARE- –

Let’s all be conscious of this, and let’s all be conscious and all BEWARE!

doctor holding a butterfly net try to catch virus , COVID-19 outbreak medical vector illustration EPS10


So when we do our DINING and GROUP EATING…

Let’s cover the dishes of food after each SERVING;

And if it would really be possible to OBSERVE – –

Let’s refrain from talking after we’ve been served the HORS D’OEUVRE!

hors d'ouevre

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