[Health workers in the Philippines have virtually pleaded for a “TIME-OUT”. This plea ensued,  as these front liners have been so TIRED, WEARIED, STRESSED and STRAINED for almost the whole duration of this PANDEMIC. And they raised this plea after a SPIKE in the COVID infection rate SURGED to unprecedented levels. At 12:01 this morning (August 4), 2020, MEGA-MANILA and some outlying provinces were returned into an MECQ aka MODIFIED ENHANCE COMMUNITY QUARANTINE status. With the MECQ in effect, only essential industries will be allowed to operate and public transport has been banned. Liquor has also been banned in some cities. It would seem indeed that the the war against COVID can now be truly likened to an UPHILL battle. DISCIPLINE and COURTESY as well as a more STERN, SOLID, STRICT and STRINGENT of health protocols must now be enforced. ]


The COVID-19 virus spread is becoming really  FRIGHTENING…

For we’ve even surpassed the number of CHINA, and that’s INTRIGUING;

Some sources said CHINA might have deflated its NUMBERS – –

It’s typical they say among CHINA’s communist party MEMBERS!



But what is the real cause of this seeming unstoppable SURGE…

Some are rooting for the DOH Secretary’s ousting, as though some kind of a PURGE;

It’s not I think the governance of our nation’s leaders, which needs to be UPBRAIDED!

It’s a matter of our people’s DISCIPLINE which has seemingly CASCADED!


In some market places, I’ve actually SEEN and WITNESSED…

A handful of people, as though they’re IMPERVIOUS to SICKNESS;

Nonchalantly removing their FACE MASKS, as though reeling to do a GASP – –

But that’s not well and fine, as though they’ve lost much of the protocols’ GRASP!


Methinks that the desired cut in the COVID infection rate would partly be  DEPENDENT…

Upon this recent MECQ re-adoption, through the government’s style of LAW  ENFORCEMENT;

It really must now be truly more STERN, SOLID, STRICT and STRINGENT- –

But the COOPERATION of all would be the most essential INGREDIENT!

 It’s the DISCIPLINE of our people that will prove as KEY…

And all of us, will in the end be HAPPY and LUCKY;

To have survived this scourge of a COVID PANDEMIC – –

Let’s also observe COURTESY and let’s not PANIC!

don't panic


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