SC Justice R zalameda


Happy  birthday to you JUSTICE RODIL ZALAMEDA…

A personality best described with the state called RHATHYMIA;

It’s a feeling of continued CHEERFULNESS and COPIOUS OPTIMISM – –

Indeed, I’ve never seen the Honorable JUSTICE, gloom in sordid PESSIMISM!

A cartoon illustration of a judge holding a gavel.
A cartoon illustration of a judge holding a gavel.

That’s perhaps why the good JUSTICE zoomed into PROMOTION…

On his first shot, he beat the odds, the first SC JUSTICE who took decision-writing EXAMINATION;

Bypassed long-time applicants for the SC post, ‘twas such a REVELATION—

Older applicants indeed got BURKED, it’s due perchance, to his JESUIT EDUCATION!




A graduate of the ATENEO, where he,  as a stude served as  associate editor of its LAW JOURNAL…

That’s where he honed best  his writing skills, as he wrote a decision at the SC exam which proved STELLAR;

His HUMILITY is much apparent, molded through his public school EDUCATION – –

‘Twas during the primary and secondary levels,

which goaded him into GRANDER ASPIRATION!

As a LEO person born on August 2, you’re BIG-HEARTED and GENEROUS with PRAISE…

You’re loyal and faithful to your WIFE, and could even be deemed as CHASTE;

You’re empowering and friendly and is a great motivator for those AROUND YOU- –

That’s perhaps you’ve got the most efficient staff, that keeps you FAIR and JUST sans bias or SKEW!



You indeed have an inborn sense of PUBLICITY…

The old saying of “never a dull moment” definitely, is your CUP OF TEA;

Regardless of where you find yourself in, there will always be drama,  chills and THRILLS – –

That’s because in all honesty, you’re an entertaining person teeming with humorous SPIELS!

On your natal day, this SACRED SUNDAY, with greetings from a crude BARD…

In addition to your ULIRANG MANDALEÑO AWARD, this amateurish poet  prays that you’d reap more awards as REWARD;

I hope and pray too that you’d continue to have precious  GOOD HEALTH – –

And become  our THIRD youngest SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE, as you’re the best, with brains and a heart that’s large in BREADTH!

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte administers the oath to newly appointed Associate Justice Rodil Zalameda during a ceremony at the Malacañan Palace on August 5, 2019. ALBERT ALCAIN/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO


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