[BIRTHDAY BOY WESLEY is shown in this photo with his usual humorous and comic pose. He is the acknowledged COMEDIAN of our CLAN. Every time he would be asked to speak in our usual gatherings, it is always anticipated that he will crack a joke or make us all laugh. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESLEY!]




Happy happy birthday to you, WISECRACKER WESLEY…

You are the acclaimed comedian in our FAMILY;

Being a LEO person  born on July 29, you’re open-minded, at least on the SURFACE – –

But you’re rigid in your thinking deep inside, like the leading man in SCARFACE!




You should be joyful as you’ve been likened to SCARFACE…

Who’s AL PACINO in the film, and was lauded by SCORSESE;

And it turned out as a slam-bang  movie TOP GROSSER  – –

Making you perhaps thereby, in the future, some kind of MONEY-MAKER!




Lovers born on the 29th of July are very loyal and romantic PARTNERS…

They really are hard to shake off, as they seemed as though pierced and stuck like DEER ANTLERS;

Indeed, when people normally think of loyalty, they think it’s a good THING – –

But there’s such a thing as SUPER-OVER loyalty, and that’s not good for your DARLING!


For no one wants to be with somebody that basically says “YES”,  all the TIME…

What if you were about to jump to fall off a ledge, on a steep CLIMB;

What if you were about to step into a large pit, with SNAKES in IT – –

The last thing that you want is for your DARLING to say, it’s okey: “YOU CAN DO IT”!


Those with birthdays on July 29 would be best suited for careers involving MOTIVATION…

Well, perhaps with you as a RIGID THINKER, you can also go into EXCAVATION;

But, you indeed could make for a great motivational SPEAKER – –

You’d truly become a MONEY-MAKER, and a virtual EXCHEQUER!



People born on July 29th don’t REALLY believe in LIMITS…

They believe that regardless of whatever is holding or dragging, they can reach SUCCESS, high in GOOD SPIRITS;

Your optimism is very infectious, so very INFECTIOUS like COVID – –

But never ever embrace CORONA, as we need it ERADICATED, until its FACE gets RID!


On your natal day, this WONDROUS WEDNESDAY, with greetings from a crude BARD…

In addition to your SUPER LOYALTY MEDAL AWARD,

which your UNCLE WALTER has put FORWARD; 

I hope and pray that you’d continue to have precious  GOOD HEALTH – –

As well as emotional, physical WELL-BEING and SO MANY MANY WEALTH,




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