[Birthday BOY RONIE ABING is pictured in this photo with the LOVE of his LIFE, LELILA aka LILA. Their love story is truly FASCINATING and TOUCHING, as narrated in another BLOG which I wrote a couple of years back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONIE!]




Happy happy birthday to you, RELIABLE and RESOURCEFUL RONIE…

You’re acclaimed as a successful migrant to the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY;

Being a LEO born on July 30th, you have a charming and lively PERSONALITY – –

You are loyal to those close to you, but you want them to act so MODESTLY!



You have lots of energy and the enthusiasm can motivate yourself so EASILY…

You should now practice thinking towards the future more OFTENLY;

‘Cos people born on July 30 are affectionate with those close to THEM – –

And this COVID PANDEMIC has hit hard your loved ones in RP, as it truly brought them much MAYHEM!



Those born in July 30 support their life principles so FIERCELY…

And can turn a friend into a worst enemy, if there is a principled DISPARITY;

You fervently believe in your LIFE PRINCIPLES and your set GOALS – –

You always think of your loved ones, your whole family, their BODIES and even their SOULS!

Being a LEO person born on July 30, you’re empowering and AMICABLE…

And you often function as a great man of action for those whom you love with FERVOR;

You don’t let yourself sidetracked by words or details as you always chase the big PICTURE – –

As for you, things are either white or black, never grey, cause that’s your true NATURE!



ORANGE is the representative color for those born under the July 30 SIGN…

It’s a hue that indicates enthusiasm and vitality mixed with much ENDURANCE;

For your luck, this color is advised to be used in your accessories and items of CLOTHING – –

People with orange as sign color, usually are always interested in ADVENTURE and lots of EXPLORING!


On your natal day, this TERRIFIC THURSDAY, with greetings from an aspiring POET…

I hope you could find some rest and do leisure, indeed so QUIET;

Please do not labor and tax yourself too much and make  out a DAILY ROUTINE or PLAN – –

Some time must be devoted to EXERCISE, REST and FUN, but most of the FUN must be with LILA STRAND!



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