[Photo above shows our BIRTHDAY BOY, and much ballyhooed barrister, a flamboyant and much publicized lawyer, my friend ATTORNEY  REDEMBERTO R VILLANUEVA. Atty. DEM exceedingly shone in the limelight when he lawyered for one of the AMPATUAN brothers in the notorious 2009 MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE which filled the headlines of both broadsheets and tabloids of the Philippine metropolis then.]

Happy happy birthday my fabulous friend DEM…

He is one among AQUILA LEGIS’ superb lawyers and PAPANG REY is also one of THEM;

BIBOY MALAYA is in effect marvelously on this first-rate league TOO- –

Better to list others,  all lassiters indeed, so that I won’t get a BOO!


As a GEMINI person born on June SIX…

He’s so focused on lawyering, not much time to deal with the opposite SEX;

As he really is so nobly passionate in his advocacies  and WORK- –

Would not even dare to dance the alluring and sensuous TWERK!


As Managing Partner of his own lavish Law FIRM…

He has enhanced its fame through his avant-garde style of LAWYERING;

DEM is filled to the brim with unconventional IDEAS- –

Would be so courageous indeed to apply them in all legal practitioners’ ARENAS!



DEM is a very vivacious and versatile PERSON…

Dreaming dreams and of putting it into REALITY SOON;

Has been DEM’s usual and structured venture towards REALIZATION- –

And now it seems that it has turned automatic and has become an avowed FASHION!



DEM has even become an idealistic LOVER…

That’s why perhaps from pretty dames he would often seem to COWER;

DEM’s horoscope says that June 6 birthboys are suited for jobs involving EXPLORATION- –

DEM has turned lawyering into some “mining exploration”, which has reached bombastic boom and fantastic FRUITION!



On this your natal day, my dear FRIEND….

I hope and pray that you’ll find your true LOVE just around the BEND;

For true lovers indeed are willing to SACRIFICE- –

Just love and love and love; and few of them would perhaps SUFFICE!






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