[BIRTHDAY BOY ATTORNEY FERDINAND “DING” CORPUZ (a proud member of UP Law 79) is shown in this photo comfortably ensconced on a CHESTERFIELD CHAIR wearing some sort of a mischievous smile. The usual smile purportedly sported by GIGOLOS of yesteryears.]


Happy happy birthday to you ATTORNEY DING…

Not much I know about you, but you really walk with ZING;

A log in our 2004 souvenir program, narrates about you lawyering career PATH- –

Your variegated lawyering  is amazing, it actually deserves a laud, INDEED, a pat on the BACK …

You really went through a SMORGASBORD of  career as though lined up in a RACK!

After passing the BAR, you joined a MAKATI-BASED LAW FIRM…

That’s the usual resort to quick SUCCESS, Makati-based attorneys would surely CONFIRM;

Thence, a long stint ensued of lawyering work with the BANKING SECTOR – –

Those who’ve raised much DOUGH, would need the help of banks as funds’ MANAGER…

As the funds would then, I am sure , would need to be transported by a ‘COPTER!


Being a CANCER person born on July 15, your persona is dominated by EMPATHY…

You’re in tune with your emotions as well as of others, so GREATLY;

You’re possessed too with an INTUITIVE and OPTIMISTIC NATURE – –

And you proudly have a POSITIVE outlook in life, that’s an asset for SURE…

But not the POSITIVE sign of COVID, which still as yet, has no CURE!



WATER is CANCER’s paired element, and a July 15 born is fundamentally linked with this elemental MATTER…

Similar to rocky ocean waters,  CANCERIANs  often experience emotions in waves like  undulating TETHER;

They use these experiences to understand  complexities of EMOTIONS – –

And they apply those knowledge, unto oneself and into the feelings of others, enriching thereby their winsome NOTIONS!


As CANCERIANs continue to embrace those qualities of WATER…

They’ll grow into an even more compassionate husband, friend, brother and FATHER;

But be aware too of the negative influence of WATER – –

As becoming fully submerged could bring INSTABILITY, and you might even blame this WRITER named WALTER!


July 15 CANCERIANs understand better than most people, just what harmonics do to LIFE…

Thus, you’re really much skilled in sparking up harmony especially with your WIFE;

You’re sensitive, yet strong; and you’ve a powerful attraction to beauty in all its ASPECTS- –

And you’re a genius in attracting people to teach you life lessons, inclusive of all its PRECEPTS!


After another 10-year stint serving as country manager in direct selling INDUSTRY…

DING returned to law practice, as it’s his real CUP OF TEA;

Being a highly romantic and culturally INCLINED INDIVIDUAL – –

Your great excitement to the novelty of romance,

could allow you to reap a LOVE GOLD MEDAL!

On your natal day, this WONDROUS WEDNESDAY, with greetings from a crude BARD…

In addition to the LOVE GOLD MEDAL AWARD,

which this WRITER has put FORWARD;

I hope and pray that you’d continue to have precious  GOOD HEALTH – –

Thus, employ self-discipline where good things in life are concerned, and enjoy much EXERCISE to the HILT!



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