Fun Rhyme Birthday Greetings:  Atty. Frances Mae Cherryl Ontalan


[Birthday   GIRL,   Atty.  CHERRYL   FRANCES   MAE  ONTALAN was TREASURER of the INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILIPPINES, QUEZON CITY Chapter. She is shown in this photo holding on to a crucifix while her head is bowed down in deep and fervent prayer for the continued safety of HEALTHCARE WORKERS, the FRONTLINERS in our nation’s fight against the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic.]

Gemini looks1-ontalan

Happy happy birthday Frances Mae CHERRYL…

As a GEMINI person, you’re imaginative, perceptive and bright; but not SURREAL;

You’re soft-hearted too, and can effectively express yourself but not with respect to EMOTIONS- –

Perhaps, you may have fears for the possible emergence of some kind of inner SANCTIONS!


Your greatest challenge is conforming to your high STANDARDS…

But your best traits are of being concerned, warm-hearted and DECENT as though always with ethical CARDS;

You have the potential of rising to positions of LEADERSHIP- –

And the ability  to impart your strong views through inspiring words just as to enhance your COMPANIONSHIP!


Indeed, you are persuasive and terribly ELOQUENT…

And you’re cerebral, charming and flexible too, making you thereby ELEGANT ;

You are usually YOUTHFUL too being the center of SCRUTINY- –

But you are charitable and emphatic to your peers, a paragon of SIMPLICITY!


Your first name FRANCES, means “FREE ONE”…

And MAE denotes the picture of a pearl as though appearing atop a magician’s WAND;


And your lucky saint could be Saint Patrick aka PATRICIUS!


On this your natal day, I wish you much more SUCCESS…

Being a Thomasian (prior years’ BAR topnotchers), you could be among its BEST;

Push onward and make your dream come TRUE- –

You can reach your star, as it’s not too far from VIEW!

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