Fun Rhyme Message of APOLOGY unto Atty. VICTORIA V. LOANZON



[My dear KUMADRE, ATTY. VICTORIA V. LOANZON, is deemed as the GRAND DAME of the INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILIPPINES, QUEZON CITY CHAPTER (IBPQC), having  been  elected  TWICE  as President of  the IBPQC and is considered as the ETIQUETTE  MISTRESS  in  the  IBPQC  Viber Chat group.  Accordingly, she would quickly call the attention of anyone who would upload a post that would not be in keeping with her GOOD MANNERS and RIGHT CONDUCT CODE.  I failed ONCE (as I uploaded a seemingly ribald post) and I have  been  chastised  and berated  with  some  sort  of  a  failing  mark,  as  she  is a strict and a competent and a topnotch law professor too. My dear KUMADRE was instrumental in making one of the 2019 bar examinees snatch a notch in the TOP TEN list and that was  because  of  the  guidance,  and  caring  tutelage  by  my  KUMADRE  upon  this topnotch new lawyer. And now, I also want my paralegal (who’d take the BAR next year) to  be  accorded  the  same  personal  guidance  and  tutelage that would serve as my paralegal’s inspiration towards a successful passing of the BAR next year.]



I am profoundly sorry my dear KUMADRE…

I will confess this sin to a Claretian PADRE;

Claretian Fr. BERNARDO BLANCO, will also scold and chastise ME- –

O thanks, for detecting my sin and calling my attention, my sweet MARE!

When I took a leak at almost 3:00 this morning and was still so DROWSY…

Was not in fact aware that it’s a SUNDAY ALREADY;

My cell sounded and knowing that Papang Rey and Jack will be TITILLATED- –

I languidly forwarded the video post, and fell asleep once more as though I’m SEDATED!



So please be FORGIVING, my dear KUMADRE…

I’ll bring you a peace offering, but not a VERSACE;

Just a round of a cake 🍰 that’s not much SUGARY- –

Still, with bits of sugar, and just treat me as your DADDY!


Treat me as your DADDY, as I’ll bring a lollipop TOO…

Could even bring a balloon 🎈, and some popcorn ALSO;

I’ll do this as though I’m sort of courting YOU- –

As I have a paralegal who’ll take the next BAR, and the saviour will SURELY be YOU!



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