‘Twas good that it was REVEALED,

On the 50th  anniversary which got FULFILLED1

By MON’s friend who’s the only SURVIVOR2,

And he recounted the story with much FERVOR!





Per the account which was NARRATED,

MON felt that BECKY’s  U.S. trip was STAGED3;

Ostensibly, it was for supposed FURTHER STUDY for BECKY…

But, it turned out, ‘twas a STRATEGY!





A strategy to send BECKY AWAY,

From the amorous wooing of my KUMPADRE4;

Thus an ELOPEMENT was PLANNED…     

But there is risk of being CANNED5!






And so after a date at the CINEMA in CUBAO,

MON, started to implement his SOLEMN VOW6;

That he will place BECKY on a embellished PEDESTAL7

As his lifetime partner, as MON broods too of a BRIDAL8!




And so they hied off to BAGUIO9, in a JIFFY!

As they were romantically ensconced on a seat in a TROLLEY10

And they were so much in LOVE with each OTHER…

As though their lips were soaked with HONEY and NECTAR!




And  the parents of BECKY got so CONCERNED and HORRIFIED…

They too learned BECKY’s CHAPERONE got BRIBED11,

They thought the CHAPERONE would serve as WATCHMAN…

The WATCHMAN however turned into a PACMAN12!




[Legend: 1 – FULFILLED – My Kumpadreng Mon aka Ramon M. Maronilla recounted during their 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY celebration at the Manila Polo Club on November 20, 2018 that the first time he proposed the celebration to BECKY aka Rebecca Fong-Maronilla, BECKY said NO. BECKY even jocularly uttered as some kind of a side remark when MON persisted in his plea for a celebration: “WHAT IS THERE TO CELEBRATE?” And the declination on the part of BECKY to celebrate persisted, for which reason MON said that it was the reason why he did not send out invitation cards to the celebration, as the 50th WEDDING CELEBRATION might not push through. But, eventually, the celebration got FULFILLED.

2 –  SURVIVOR – When Congressman Jerome Paras narrated the saga of MON and BECKY’s elopement which culminated in the couple’s marriage, Cong. Paras said that he is the only survivor among the supposed triumvirate of MON’s fraternity  brothers in the Upsilon Sigma Phi who planned with MON the elopement  except that they did not actually know when MON was supposed to implement it.

3 – STAGED –  The plan to send BECKY to the U.S.A. by her parents ostensibly to  FURTHER STUDY, was obviously staged for the principal purpose of sending her away from the view, reach and amorous tentacles of MON.

4 – KUMPADRE – Mon is the godfather of my youngest daughter, Ma. Winnalee E. Young aka ALEE.

5 – CANNED – being arrested and/or imprisoned. It turned out however that what was eventually filed then by BECKY’s parents was a mere petition for the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus and not a criminal complaint for ABDUCTION. Still however, in a habeas corpus proceedings, there is still the risk of being detained in case of a contemptuous act such as the failure to present the body of the subject of the habeas corpus proceedings in court.

6 –  VOW – Mon’s commitment and pledge to have BECKY as his wife.

7 – PEDESTAL – MON’s aspiration is to have BECKY as his wife whom MON adored and love so passionately and dearly to the extent of entertaining that aspiration to put BECKY on a pedestal to allow him to continuously adore, love, care and nurture BECKY.

8 – BRIDAL means wedding.

9 – BAGUIO is the Philippines’ summer capital as it boasts of a cool temperature and a somewhat rustic setting then. What is more BAGUIO is the place where MON’s eldest sister resides.

10 – TROLLEY is a slang term for a BUS. Mon and Becky actually rode a provincial bus bound for BAGUIO.

11 – BRIBED – As a chaperone was assigned by BECKY’s parents to watch and actually guard BECKY, just as to insure that BECKY would return home after that date in a Cubao cinema  with MON, MON was truly street-smart. MON gave the chaperone a thick wad of paper bills (i.e. money) and told the chaperone to loiter around the Araneta Center’s premises, window-shop and buy what would be nice and to take snacks as MON reportedly uttered: “MAGPAKABUSOG KA!”.

12 – PACMAN – is a character in a computer game which is pictured as one which devours and/or eats up anything along his path, and the chaperone was obedient as the eating complied with MON’s “MAGPAKABUSOG KA” edict.]



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