[This is the team-tandem of the RED TEAM’s high-skilled players in the persons of Ms. KATTIE SY, Immediate Past President of ASPAC, and my youngest brother WARREN T. YOUNG. The RED Team placed 1st Runner-Up which our team, the YELLOW Team placed 2nd Runner-Up.  This RED Team won over the THREE (3) other teams including our YELLOW Team.]


Napasarap ang naging LABANAN,

Ng apat na  kulay na KOPONAN1;

Mayroong DILAW, at may BUGHAW…

Lahat ng magtutunggali, halos ay UHAW!




UHAW na makamit ang KAMPEONATO…

Syempre may DATONG2 ito at cute na TROPEO,

Meron ding malaking KALABASA,

Pero lahat syempre 1st PRIZE ang PAGASA!





Umpisa palang ay nanunukso NA;

Ang sabi ay yong DILAW na TEAM YELLOW…

Sigurado na daw ang syang PAGKATALO!






Siya ang nag-DONATE ng KALABASA…

Sa huli’y, sa kanila din pala ito MAIPAPASA!




Aba’y ganadong maglaro ang LAHAT,

At halos ay ayaw nang MAG-PAAWAT5


“It really made them LOVE the SPORT”!




Ang galing kasi pati ng COORDINATOR6,

Professionally-crafted parang PINTOR7;

Maayos din ang naging TAMBALAN,

Pero si DINO8 may ANGAL DYAN!





Dahil ‘di ayos ang PAG-URONG SULONG;

Dapat ay GUM-SOLED10 ang rubber SHOES,

Kelangan yon ang suot, “as it’s customarily USED”!




Pero ang pagkakatumba ni TESS CORDERO11

Parang bumagsak na KALDERO;

Tumapon man daw ang SABAW12,

Pero walang halos ALINGAWNGAW13!




Napabilib ako kay SALLIE LIM14

Ang galing pumalo’t bola’y TUMULIN,


Kaya’t napamangha kanyang KALARO!





Naging paksa ng HUNTAHAN16

Pinagbigyan mga kalaban daw KAYA?

Dahil ang RED TEAM nya’y NAKATAYA!




Kaya’t sa eksena’y pumasok si KATTIE SY17

Ang sabi ay: “HEY! JOMAR CAN’T YOU SEE!”…

“We’ll lose if you stay GOODY-GOODY and PRETTY…”

Kaya’t sa mga request, JOMAR was placed in QUANDARY18!





Syempre ang pinamahalagang KABANATA…

Ay ang kainan na  ‘di MASAWATA19;

Syempre BOODLE-FIGHT20 style ang KAINAN,

Yan kasi ang PROPOSAL ng aking IGAN21!




Salamat sa lahat ng mga LUMAHOK,

Salamat din  kay FE22 na syang aming COOK…

Salamat kay TINA23 na syang TOURNEY COORDINATOR;

Salamat kay Prexy DWIGHT24 na syang BIG-TIME DONOR!






[Legend: 1 – KOPONAN  is the Tagalog term for TEAM. There were FOUR (4) teams that competed in the 3rd ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL (ASPAC) Badminton Tournament, namely: the BLUE Team, the RED Team, the YELLOW Team and the ORANGE Team.

2 –  DATONG  is Tagalog slang for MONEY. ASPAC President Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos donated a total of Php 15,000.00 which was supplemented by another Php 3,000.00 cash donation from ASPAC COMELEC member, Ms. Isabel Sanchez; and which eventually formed part of the CASH PRIZE, a total of Php 18,000.00 (i.e. Php 10,000.00 for the Champion; Php 5,000.00 for the 1st Runner-Up and Php 3,000.00 for the 2nd Runner-Up).

3 – KOPONANG PULA is RED TEAM, which ranked 1st Runner-Up in the TOURNEY.

4 – LITO REYES is Engr. Joselito Reyes, an active ASPAC parent-volunteer, and who is the incumbent Municipal Engineer of Binangonan, Rizal. LITO brought with him a HUGE CALABASA which was intended to be awarded to the tail-ender team in the Badminton Tournament. It turned out unfortunately that LITO’s Team, the ORANGE Team landed as the TAIL-ENDER and the recipient of the CALABASA/KALABASA Award.

5 – MAG-PAAWAT is Tagalog term which means cannot be prevented or cannot be restrained. Those who got so mesmerized by the exquisiteness and attraction of the brand-new badminton court got so addicted into playing the game. Even after the FOOD was served BOODLE-FIGHT style, those who got so attracted to the new badminton court stayed on playing till 2 PM.

6 –  COORDINATOR is the Tournament Coordinator in the person of Ms. Cristina Bigornia Andaya aka Tina. Tina is a skilled badminton player who opted to just serve as the TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR as the team to where Tina will be lined up as member will be a sure winner. Thus, to equalize the chances of all to win, Tina opted not to play anymore and just focused on serving as Tournament Coordinator.

7 – PINTOR is Tagalog term for PAINTER, which was derived from the same Spanish term. I used the term PINTOR to denote the wisdom on how Tina combined and grouped the players into some kind of equal level of winning opportunities, as though putting in harmony in a jargon of colors. Tina even came up with a multi-colored (i.e. color-coded) line up of the teams.

8 – DINO is Dino Palomar who is a skilled badminton player from the Court of Appeals in Manila. Dino was reportedly not satisfied with the team-up of the players. I told him however that his level was that of a tandem of a skilled and a beginner-player.

9 – TUMUMBALELONG is a Tagalog slang-term which means to fall down.

10 – GUM-SOLED is the description of the rubber shoes that is suitable for badminton as it has a better grip and/or traction and could avert possible falls or tripping while at play.

11 – TESS CORDERO has been an active ASPAC parent-volunteer and who was the Chairman of the committee which brought about the publication of the first ASPAC coffee-table book. Tess has announced that she will train hard in badminton as she aspires to be the female LIN DAN of badminton in the Philippines. LIN DAN is a highly skilled male Chinese badminton player.

12 – SABAW  is actually the broth of soup of a dish; but the term is used to refer to one’s perspiration when indulging in sports like badminton.  Though TESS CORDERO fell down, no untoward aftermath incident ensued as there was no substantial injury or pain which was experienced by those who accidentally fell like Tess Cordero in the heat of the exciting badminton game.

13 – ALINGAWNGAW is a Tagalog term which connotes some kind of adverse or unwanted publicity or news. The falls experienced however by some of the players did not result into some kind of worse or even bad aftermath.

14 –  SALLIE LIM  is an ASPAC parent-volunteer who now serves a board member of the ASPAC. It was amazing to see SALLIE playing badminton so passionately as though she has been playing the game already for years. It turned out that she just started playing the game on Friday, November 30, 2018 on very BADMINTON TOURNAMENT date.

15 – JOMAR REVILLA  is one of the Paralegal Assistants of the YOUNG GAMBOL & MAGAT Law Firm. Jomar was member of the RED TEAM with Ms. Kattie Sy, ASPAC’s Immediate Past President, as the RED Team Captain.

16 – HUNTAHAN is Tagalog slang-term which means TALK or CONVERSATION, in general.

17 – KATTIE SY is as earlier discussed, the Team Captain of the RED TEAM.

18 –  QUANDARY – Jomar was placed in a quandary as Jomar was deluged by ASPAC parents-volunteers’s requests, especially those who are personally known to Jomar and eventual opponents during the Tournament; for him to take it easy on the play  and not to score high and to hit the shuttlecock with a relatively soft touch and not a hard smash.

19 – MASAWATA is a Tagalog term which means to pacify or to limit especially with respect to eating food.

20 – BOODLE-FIGHT is “a military style of eating,” in which food, piled on top of banana leaves laid out on long tables, is to be taken with bare hands washed with water from jugs prepared on the side, which “eating combat” begins when the signal is given.

21 – IGAN is Tagalog slang-term for FRIEND.

22 FE is FE TOBIAS who is our efficient and innovative cook in our Law Office.

23 – TINA is the 3rd ASPAC BADMINTON Tournament Coodinator.

24 – PREXY DWIGHT is ASPAC’s incumbent President for School Year 2018-2019. Prexy Dwight donated a total of Php 15,000.00 as part of the CASH prize. Ms. Isabel Sanchez donated another Php 3,000.00 making thereby the total pot at Php 18,000.00]


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