[ANGELO FALCONI, is without doubt, the best HAIRSTYLIST/TONSORIAL ARTIST in the Philippines nowadays. ANGELO was once the HAIRSTYLIST of virtual First Lady HONEYLET AVANCEÑA and also the TONSORIAL ARTIST of President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.  In May of 2011, together with other top hairdressers, Angelo was chosen by MATRIX to represent the Philippines for the Best in Asia, in Bali, Indonesia.]



One will surely be glad and would be swayed to DANCE,

When ANGELO’S magic hands transform the LOCKS into LOOKERS…

Any guest will, am sure, go happily into BONKERS!


ANGELO’s motto is plainly SIMPLE…

Preserve your hair when ‘tis still a CRUMPLE,

But when your PATE has gone BALD,

It’s GONE and LOST as though a NASTY SCALD!


Be moderate in SHAMPOOING one’s HAIR…

Cause it would truly be unjust and UNFAIR,

For one’s scalp will be PARCHED and DRY…

Those bristles/whiskers will then be not SPRY!


Truly indeed,  ANGELO is not a mere HAIRSTYLIST…

Cause he even is a topnotch TONSORIAL ARTIST,

While a HAIRSTYLIST beautifies WOMEN…

ANGELO  makes HANDSOME beings from usual MEN!


ANGELO is also a hands-on EXPERT in COLOR…

Thru COLOR, one can project one’s ID and POWER!

ANGELO can upgrade one’s PERSONA a great leap YONDER…

You start as though a PAUPER and then be a gracious DEBONAIR!


Though ANGELO’s price is somewhat DEAR…

Don’t be BEFUDDLED and please never have FEAR,

For ANGELO is possessed with a generous and tender CHARACTER,

He acts with kindness  & reason and could just bill you next QUARTER!


[Legend: (1)* – ANGELO FALCONI’s main salon is located within the premises of the SHELL ALMANZA GASOLINE STATION        along the Alabang-Zapote Road in Las Piñas City, Metro-Manila. It has other branches in Molino and Bacoor, Cavite.]








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