[The LEGIT STATUS HIPHOP DANCE Team is here shown, as they presented themselves on the WORLD STAGE at the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA in Phoenix, Arizona. During the ELIMINATION ROUND where at least 100 participating teams saw action, 25 teams moved up to the SEMI-FINAL ROUND. LEGIT STATUS ranked 2nd with a SCORE of 7.93 while ALLIANCE ranked 6th with a SCORE of 7.40! LET’S ALL CONTINUE PRAYING FOR THE PHILIPPINE TEAMS TO ENABLE THEM TO GRAB THE GOLD!!!!]


Our BELOVED Teams have shown the WAY;

LEGIT STATUS1 is second in PRELIMINARIES’ ranking…OLE!

ALLIANCE2 Team placed SIXTH, that’s still OKEY…

But this is just the ELIMS2a, we need to further PRAY!



[Here’s the FIRST PAGE (of NINE PAGES) of the SCORE SHEET during the 2017 WHHI-MEGACREW ELIMS showing LEGIT STATUS ranked as 2nd with a SCORE of 7.93 and ALLIANCE with rank as 6th with a score of 7.40. At least about ONE HUNDRED (100) TEAMS competed as each page contains at least 13 TEAMS. Being ranked among the TOP SIX (6) is achievement enough for our TEAMS.]    


And as they have UNRAVELED their STYLE and CHOREO3

We’ll have to pray with fervency and louder AUDIO…

So that the CHERUBS4 will hear them clearly,

Conveying it to GOD with CELERITY5!



And as the COMPETITION moves up near the FINALS…

It becomes more TOUGH, let’s forget the SOCIALS6

Focus must be on how to DANCE BEST,

The aim must be to achieve BEATINEST7!



Let’s PRAY that all of them stays HEALTHY,

Let’s pray too that they be not NAMBY-PAMBY8

Their endurance and strength must be TOPNOTCH…

So that they’ll look like a beast9 out to make a CATCH10!




Though the guys must appear FEARSOME11 so far,

As though TOUGHIES out to win in a GANG WAR;

The dames must be full of smile,

Well, at times their eyes must be filled with BEGUILE12!




It’s been my conundrum why they appear with a GRRR13!

To perhaps make a spiel  that the dance is some DANGER,

And their STUNTS really are so MENACING14

Just a slip or a wrong that’s EXCRUCIATING15!



But in all undertaking that really is HARD16

The sweetest will surely be its fruitful REWARD;

So, dear LEGIT and ALLIANCE prepare for the HARSHEST17

For the GOLD that will gleam will be ours and be BESTEST18!



[Legend: 1 – LEGIT STATUS HIPHOP Team ranked SECOND in the ELIMINATIONS/PRELIMINARIES at the 2017 WHHI in Phoenix, Arizona. LEGIT STATUS scored 7.93 while the leader of the pack, CANADA’s DM NATION scored 8.03. Though the ELIMS ranking is not much of a significant factor that would be reckoned in the FINALS, it augurs well still, for as long as they maintain it at that, they (both LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE) can be shoo-in for the FINALS as the FINALS would be a battle among the TOP (7) of all the participating teams.

2 – The ALLIANCE HIPHOP Team can make it too into the FINALS (as long as they maintain their momentum) as ALLIANCE ranked 6th in the PRELIMS/ELIMINATIONS. ALLIANCE scored 7.40 in the PRELIMINARIES.


3 – CHOREO is abbreviation for the dance choreography.

4 – CHERUBS would refer to the ANGELS in HEAVEN.

Following the ELIMINATIONS, the SEMI-FINALS is next where about 25 teams will compete against each other.


6 – Our dancers from both the LEGIT STATUS and the ALLIANCE Teams must stay their focus on WINNING THE GOLD and as much as possible stay away first from SOCIALIZING ventures which would usually be apt and suited for those who have been ELIMINATED. They can satiate themselves with the SOCIALS after winning the GOLD.

7 –  BEATINEST would mean the most unusual kind of excellence.

8 – NAMBY-PAMBY would mean lacking in strength and energy.

9 – The unusual observation that I’ve had is that when those HIPHOP dancers are presented and introduced on stage, they try to make an impression that they are TOUGHIES, almost with the ferocity of a beast. I have never asked any of my daughters as well as their dance mates for the RATIONALE. But in my honest assessment, they just want to make perhaps a statement that the HIPHOP dance is a kind of dance which courts dangers and that those who are not so courageous enough must not tread into the path of HIPHOP dancers. Also, HIPHOP originated from the ghetto communities of the BRONX in New York and that those places are dreaded as the home of the TOUGHIES, RASCALS BRUTES, BULLIES and HOODLUMS.

10 – CATCH is used here as the PREY of a ferocious beast.

11 – FEARSOME is used in this BLOG to denote MENACING.

12 –  BEGUILE would mean some kind of charm or enticement.

13 – GRRR is a word or some kind of interjection that denotes ANGER.

14 – MENACING would mean, as used here, as too DANGEROUS.

15 – EXCRUCIATING means PAINFUL. In one WHHI joust a couple of years back, a member of the LEGIT STATUS suffered a near fracture when he wrongly landed on the stage floor during the competition proper. The dancer however suffered a gash, a bloodied wound. Despite the injury, as the show must go on, he had to bear the pain and dance and dance and dance. Let’s pray that our dancers would not suffer such mishaps.

16 – HARD would mean something that would bring much suffering, sacrifice and pain.

17 –  Every dancer must prepare for the worst and must be brave enough to carry on with the dancing despite of an excruciating pain in case of a bearable mishap.

18 – BESTEST means the VERY BEST.]





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