[Photo above shows the stage at the ATENEO’s IRWIN Theater during a rehearsal done by the LEGIT STATUS HIPHOP Team members in preparation for their dance fund-raising concerts held in July 2017. The image of LEGIT STATUS Head Coach, VIcente Miguel Rivera, is superimposed in the center portion of the photo.]


Laking GULAT talaga ni Coach VIMI1,

Buong akala niya’y mistula syang magiging PIPI2;

Dahil sa ang ranking ng LEGIT VARSITY sa ELIMs3

Pang 22nd place4 doon nga sa PRELIMS!



Nang matapos na ang DANCE NUMBER nila,

Wika ni Coach VIMI sa LEGIT Group…TARA NA5!

Buong akala niya’ hindi PAPASOK…

Naku…laking himala’t LUMUSOT!



Ang balak nila’y bumalik na lang afterwards sa VENUE,

Dahil ang SEMIFINALS ay  8 PM6 para sa MEGACREW;

Ngunit dahil napakiusapang mag-STAY ni SHAY7

It turned out too as a very LOVELY DAY!



So ang MORAL LESSON dito kuno,

Hindi porke nag-top sa ranking kahit UNO8;

Bilog pa rin talaga ang BOLA, di ba?

Pero teka nga pala, ang HIPHOP…no BALL …NADA!



Wait a minute…..sabi nung MAKULIT kong ESEP9!

Eh hindi ba’t ang word na “BALL” sa


Dahil INGLES ang salita dun, ay DANCE din…

“BALLARE”11 kasi, na derivation ng BALL ay DANCE sa LATIN!



Subalit ang dapat nating pagtuunan,

Masungkit ang GOLD sa ganitong LARANGAN;

Kapag sumikat ng lalo ang HIPHOP sa PINAS…

Marahil ang kabataan sa DROGA’y IIWAS!



Babanderang muli ang ating KOPONAN,

8 PM12 daw doon; dito ay 11 AM yan—Patuloy po natin ang PAGDADASAL…



[The whole CABOODLE of the LEGIT STATUS-VARSITY Team which made it to the SEMIFINAL ROUND.] 



[Legend: 1 – COACH VIMI aka Vicente Miguelvera is my son-in-law and hubby of my daughter Winshayna aka SHAYNA. Vimi thought that as LEGIT STATUS HIPHOP Megacrew Team ranked SECOND in the ELIMINATIONS/PRELIMINARIES; the LEGIT VARSITY who placed in the bottom rank during the ELIMS would not make it to the FINALS as only 15 teams will move up to the FINALS. It was some kind of a MIRACLE, LEGIT VARSITY jumped from 22nd to 8th.
2 – PIPI is Filipino word which connotes being MUTE. I felt that if the LEGIT VARSITY did not make it…they including Vimi will all be MUTE about it and will not surely talk about it.
3 – ELIMS is abbreviation for the ELIMINATION ROUND.
4 – Indeed, it was some kind of a MIRACLE, LEGIT VARSITY jumped from 22nd to 8th .
5 – TARA NA is Tagalog slang which means LET’s GO.
6 – 8 PM Phoenix time; will be 11 AM Philippine time except that it is August 11 here in PH while still August 10 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
7 –  SHAY is my daughter SHAYNA and wife of Coach VIMI.
8 – Though DM Nation which is the HIPHOP Team from Canada placed FIRST in the ELIMINATIONS ranking with LEGIT STATUS –MEGACREW placing 2nd; the rankings in the SEMIS could be altered drastically depending on the perception by the judges and the excellence shown by the dancers the 2nd time around for the SEMIS.
9 – ESEP is Tagalog slang with a jocular tenor for MIND which is correctly spelled as ISIP.
10 – PHOENIX is Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., the venue of the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST.
11 – The word “BALL” derives from the Latin word ballare, meaning “to dance”; the Latin word also developed into French baller—from where it swapped into languages like English or German—, and bailar, the Spanish and Portuguese verbs for “to dance” (although all three Romance languages also know danser, danzar and dançar respectively). Catalan uses the same word, ball, for the dance event.
12 –  8 PM Phoenix time; will be 11 AM Philippine time except that it is August 11 here in PH while still August 10 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.]














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