[Finally, Brod JEFFREY FERRER  RA showed his COUNTENANCE and PHYSIOGNOMY. Not bad, my daughter ALEE said. He truly looks as EXECUTIVE as the business magnate RICHARD BRANSON but less of the hirsute and the beard. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROD JEFFREY!!!!]


Itong si Brod JEFFREY mukhang mahilig sa SPY-THRILLER,

Aba eh wala ngang PHOTO sa kanyang FB Filler;

Mukhang gusto nyang tunay na maging MISTERYOSO,

Aba syempre ako’y mistulang naging USYOSERO!


Ang aming naging DEAL ay gawan ko sya ng BLOG,

Pero dapat naman hindi sya PAPALAG;

Na ang dapat na mangyari, mula ngayon KASI,

Dapat magkaroon ng PHOTO, for all the BRODS to SEE!


Brod JEFFREY is a Sales Executive in SINGAPORE1,

Mukhang ASENSO na’t hindi na sya POOR;

Pero namomroblema sya sa KASO2 niya,

And sabi ko just relaxed, yan ay kayang-kaya…3


Siya ay pinanunutbayan ng LEO SIGN4,

Pero pag di sya sumunod meron syang FINE5;

Dahil sa sya ay WELL-DISCIPLINED, okey YAN…

That’s the trait of LEO persons…kahit yan ay SAAN!



And that would mean that he’s HONEST, that’s not FALSE;

Siya ay tunay na isang FRIENDLY PERSON,

Para tuloy syang isang CLERIC o isang RELIGIOUS PARSON!


Naging PI O Brod sya noong 19957 ng Hulyo,

Aba meron palang LCBA Chapter8  tayo;

Graduate siya ng COMPUTER SCIENCE,

Yong daw PROPERTY  nyang nabili ay SAYANGS9



Wika ko nga kay JEFFREY, basta FAMILY ay OKEY…

You don’t have to be TROUBLED and to WORRY;

You have a gracious wife in the person of JACKLYN10,

And THREE (3) vibrant kids11 which I hope is the END!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER12 ng anak kong si ALEE,

Maraming tulong yan Brod… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y ipagdasal mo din nang  tunay na MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang MEDAL na GOLD13!






[Brod JEFFREY FERRER RA with FAMILY and with JOLLIBEE mascot as backdrop.]


[Legend: 1 – Brod Jose Jeffrey Ferrer Ra is presently employed as Sales Executive in a TELECOM company in Singapore.

2 – Brod Jeffrey consulted me about the seemingly snail-paced process of a civil complaint which he has filed against a defendant who made a double sale of the property earlier sold to him be a supposed friend. I told Brod Jeffrey that it is the customary pace in all court cases as we have to acknowledge that we still have an imperfect justice system.

3 – As earlier said, I told Brod Jeffrey to stay relaxed and to  just grin and bear the usual delays that he will continuously be confronted with as his case is being litigated in court.

4 – Being born on August 3, 1978; Brod Jeffrey is guided by the LEO ZODIAC sign.

5 – Our deal is that Brod Jeffrey has to post a photo on his PROFILE page in his FB account. If no photo yet, I will sanction him with a FINE which is double the amount of what  he donated to my daughter Alee’s FUNDRAISER.

6 –  Being born on August 3, 1978; Brod Jeffrey is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the HORSE.

7 – Brod Jeffrey joined the PI OMICRON Fraternity in the Laguna College of Business and Arts Chapter in July 1995.

8 – LCBA Chapter is the Laguna College of Business and Arts Chapter of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.

9 – SAYANG is a Tagalog word which means roughly in ENGLISH as : “WHAT A LOSS.” To come up with some kind of FUN, I made out a plural form of the word SAYANG to SAYANGS, with an S; to make it appear that the potential loss that Brod Jeffrey would suffer is “PLURAL” or roughly “VALUABLE” because of the supposed value of the property.

 10 – Jacklyn is Brod Jeffrey’s gracious wife.

11 – The marital consortium that Brod Jeffrey and Jacklyn have put up, has produced THREE (3) lovely kids; namely: Patrick Zeus, Ishi and Poyie. I hope that with “POYIE”, the youngest; this will be the END of Brod Jeffrey’s population contribution.

10 – My daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER in support of the Philippine hiphop teams’ quest to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) via the website GENEROSITY.COM.

11 – GOLD is the GOLD MEDAL that goes with the CHAMPION AWARD in the 2017 WHHI.]















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