[The LOVEY-DOVEY twosome of JIMMY and BENG ZAMBRANO in one of their HOLIDAY trips to ENGLAND particularly in LONDON with the famous TOWER BRIDGE as backdrop.]



Magsisimula na ang PAGLALAKBAY1 ng mga mahal ko sa BUHAY,


Syempre kasama din si VIMI5 na ESPOSO6,




Salamat sa DONASYON7 na inyong PINAABOT,

Dagdagan po sana ng PANALANGIN na walang KIBOT;

Ang sabi’y  PANALANGIN mula sa PUSO’y LUBOS,

Yan ay WALANG KIBOT, subalit tunay na PUSPOS!



Bilang syang aming KAPITBAHAY na TAPATAN8,

Halos harapan ang bintana’t PINTUAN;

Magiging malawig at ating sabayang DASALAN,

Malamang makuha din sa SANTONG PASPASAN9!



Santong PASPASAN marahil ang kumpas ng SAYAWAN,

Dahil nga sa HIPHOP, masarap ma-PAWISAN;

Gustong-gusto ni ALEE ang sumayaw,

Malamang makuha ang GINTONG mapusyaw10!



Aba’y nagulat nga ako ng ako’y


Meron palang sobre sakin IIWAN;

DOLYARES pa pala ang syang LAMAN,

Si CHESKA halos nagulumihanan!



Sandigan ng maraming nais MANALANGIN11,

Kaya itong TULONG ni JIMMY’t ni BENG;

Siguradong may kasamang DASAL at DALANGIN,

Na sana’y ma-SWAK ang GINTONG mithiin12!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER13 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong po ito… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Pagdarasal ng taimtim at tunay na MARUBDOB,

Siguradong makakauwi ng MEDAL na GOLD14!


Salamat JIM at BENG ZAMBRANO!!!!



[Legend: 1 – My daughters Alee, Cheska and Shayna have now started with their trip to the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) in support of their quest to bag the GOLD in either the ADULT, or VARSITY or MEGACREW Division. The 2017 WHHI is to be held at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017.

 2 – ALEE is my youngest daughter aka Ma. Winnalee Evangelista Young, who is member of the compete team of the LEGIT STATUS Megacrew Division.

3 – CHESKA is my middle daughter aka Ma. Wincheska  Evangelista Young, who is member of the compete team of the ALLIANCE Megacrew Division, and also the Team Manager thereof.

4 – SHAYNA is my eldest daughter aka Winshayna  Young-Rivera, who is member of the  LEGIT STATUS Team, and also the Team Manager thereof.

5 – VIMI is Vicente Miguel Rivera, who is Shayna’s husband and the HEAD COACH of the LEGIT STATUS Team.

6 –  ESPOSO is the Tagalized Spanish word for SPOUSE which in this BLOG actually means HUSBAND.

7 – DONASYON is the cash donation pitched in into the FUNDRAISER put up by my daughters in support of their respective teams’ quest to bag the GOLD in the 2017 WHHI.

8 – The residential units where we live in relation to that of the ZAMBRANO  household are FRONTING each other as one is just directly across the other unit.

9 – There is a Filipino saying which has been crafted in a very FUNNY manner which speaks of trying to reach a goal through prayer and another route through sheer efforts (i.e. SANTONG DASALAN o SANTONG PASPASAN) which EFFORTS have been dubbed/labeled as PASPASAN, and which literally means to achieve a goal through sheer efforts and trying to be QUICK about it.

10 – Mapusyaw is a Tagalog term which means GLITTERING or GLEAMING.

11 – The ZAMBRANOs actually BENG particularly when she was the President of the K-Ville Townhomes Association was very much engrossed in coming up with community projects and one of which was the PASSION READING during the Lenten Season. This is referred then to as one to where residents of K-Ville have shown oneness under the guidance and auspices of Ms. Beng Zambrano, being an affair akin to a religious activity such as a prayer-gathering.

12 – MITIHIIN is a Tagalog word which means GOAL or AIM or OBJECTIVE.

13  – My daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER in support of the Philippine hiphop teams’ quest to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) via the website GENEROSITY.COM.

14 – GOLD is the GOLD MEDAL that goes with the CHAMPION AWARD in the 2017 WHHI.]

















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