[Photos of my Kumpareng BIBS and Kumareng VEE while sojourning in ONTARIO, CANADA. At right photo. Kumareng VEE is seen sitting beside one of their APOs (i.e. GRANDKIDS…HAPPY TRIP AND THANK YOU BIBS AND VEE!]


Salamat sa mag-SING-IROG na ngayo’y NAGLALAKBAY,

Upang makaniig anak na dati nilang KABAHAY;

Mayakap man din ng mahigpit ang mga APONG pogi’t maganda—

Saan pa nga ba? Kundi doon sa ONTARIO CANADA!


Talagang Kumpare at Kumareng tunay,

Kahit na sila’y aligaga sa  kanilang planong mag-LAKBAY…

Hindi pa rin nakaligtaang iwanan ang DONASYON,

Personal pang inihatid yaon nitong si SALVACION1!


Itong aking Kumpareng BIBS, halos kami’y MAGSING-UTOL…

Noong ako’y COLOMBO SCHOLAR2 at sa Singapore’y NAPUKOL3;

Naging FOSTER PARENT ko, mag-asawang Mr. LOW4

Na naging FOSTER PARENT din pala nitong si Bibs na ngayo’y LOLO5!


Kaya noong kami’y magkakilala,

Meron kaming “KOMUN”6 na ISTORYA;

Mga gimik at mga kwento nitong si Mr. LOW,

Animo’y mga kwentong ala Fernando POE!


Si Mr. LOW kasi nama’y PULIS na RETIRADO na,

Aba syempre’y nagpasikat at may kwentong  ala-ala;

Bida syempre at AMAZING ang papel po nyang talaga,

Yao’y hindi naman mukhang naging ‘sang papel na de liha!


Sandigan ng maraming nais pong mag-PAGALING7,

Kaya itong TULONG ni Bibs, HIPHOP Teams nati’y GAGALING8;

Aba naku itong TULONG ay may swerte po pala,

Kaya sana ay masungkit yaong GINTO pong MEDALYA9!


[A group selfie of the whole CARILO caboodle with Pareng BIBS and VEE and their kin aboard of what looks like an open trolley bus or a tram.]

Salamat Pareng BIBS at Mareng VEE!!!!



[Legend: 1 – For lack of a better name to make out a RHYME, I have opted to choose SALVACION as the name of the maid of the Carilo household who personally brought to our residential unit their donation to my daughters’ quest to BAG THE GOLD in this 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”)  to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7 to 12, 2017.

 2 – When I was working as an Estate Management Officer at the National Housing Authority (“NHA”) in the early 1980s, I was sent to Singapore to study Singapore’s AMAZING HOUSING PROGRAM. It was under the COLOMBO PLAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM and I was assigned as foster parents, Mr. & Mrs. Low, who were living in a high-rise condominium housing project known as the OUTRAM Park.

3 – NAPUKOL is Tagalog word for THROWN…Well, it was not actually a THROW… perhaps, the better termis PROPEL. This was so, as after my stint under the COLOMBO PLAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, I was promoted to the rank of a Department Manager.

4 – Mr. LOW was my garrulous foster father while Mrs. LOW was so reserved and reticent.

5 – Pareng Bibs who is now a true-blue LOLO (i.e. GRANDPA) turned out as an earlier foster child and/or ward of the LOW household during a scholarship program which Pareng Bibs undertook also In Singapore in the field of ORTHPEDIC medical science.

6 –  KOMUN is a Tagalized spelling of the English word “COMMON”.

7 – Pareng BIBS is an orthopedic surgeon and that as such doctor of medicine, Pareng BIBS is much more focused on healing and/or curing his patients at the  National Orthopedic Institute.

8 – Pareng BIBs’ luck in his almost 100 per cent surgical performances, is very much entitled to an EXCELLENT rating which could perhaps rub off unto both the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Hiphop Teams of my daughters.

9 – This reference to the GOLD MEDAL pertains once more to my daughters’ quest to BAG THE GOLD in this 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7 to 12, 2017. MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT!]






















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