[Photos above show the personalities who engaged in some kind of a BADMINTON -“GAME PATIKIM” yesterday evening (April 6, 2017) at the BADMINTON HALL as a prelude to the ASPAC Badminton Tourney which I have proposed to the ASPAC Board to be held either on May 1, 2017 ( a holiday) or on May 13, 2017 ( as Saturday). In the doubles game last night, the team composed of EDNA NATIVIDAD and CINDY FRANCO slammed the tandem of myself with MARITESS CORDERO as my team-mate in the TWO (2) sets of play. The scores were-FIRST SET – 21-19 and 21-15, with the tandem of EDNA and CINDY as WINNER. Top left photo shows CINDY at extreme left seated at the front seat of the tourist bus which brought the ASPAC to a team-bonding session at the ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite on March 18, 2017. The other photos were similarly snapped during the team-bonding at ANGELFIELDS. Bottom-left photo shows myself with EDNA and CINDY; together with Atty. Marylou Castillo. Right photo shows the MVP of the “GAME PATIKIM” last night at the Badminton Hall, doing a jump with gay abandon at the ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary –   ASPAC Board Member EDNA NATIVIDAD. ASPAC is acronym for ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL, a parent organization for college students in ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY (ADMU)  which provides support to the ADMU towards excellently attaining that goal of providing the best education among all its collegiate students.]

Naka-SCHEDULE talagang mag-YOGA,

Pero nagdatingan sila nang MAAGA;

Nauna si CINDY1, maya-maya’y si EDNA2,

Kapagdaka’y naghamon ng PRACTICE SESSION3 daw muna!




Ako nama’y naging TRAINER at naghagilap ng mga PADDLE4,

PADDLE na syang gagamitin sa

napipintong BATTLE5;

Aba’y malakas palang humampas

itong si EDNANG pagaspas6,

Pero, kwidaw yaong LOLA7…parang ayaw mag-palampas!



Maya-maya’y dumating si TESS8 na

 “pleasing” na “pleasing”9,

Panay naman ang palo ko at si LOLA’y

   panay “RUNNING”;

Si EDNA namang na-bare-footed agad kinuha ang GOMA10,

Kaya tuloy na ang BATTLE, may QUORUM11 na pong talaga!



Katambal ko nga’y si MARITESS12,

Dahil gusto ring MAG-PRACTICE;

Tandem naman ang bibang-bibang13 DALAWA,14

Pero, “top-billing” ang maliksing si LOLA!



Ang ibig lang pong sabihin ng “TOP-BILLING”  na TERM,

Kapag aking binalik ang COCK15 sa kabilang TEAM16;

At napataas ang TIRA ko—halos 6 feet ang abutin,

Si LOLA’y di maka-abot; tumitira’y PABILING-BILING17!



Dahil itong si MARITESS ay tunay pong FRIENDLY’t PLEASING,

Naging FRIEND na rin po nya ang COCK na nag-pa-FLYING-FLYING;

Kaya parang ayaw  hampasin baka daw ang COCK ay may SOUL din,

Kaya natalo po kami, pati ako’y NABANO18 rin!



Pero ang HAMON ni LOLA, gusto nya’y maka-SINGLE nya,

Itong si RAUL19 na and RACKET20 , halos laki’y isang DIPA;

SURE daw na di mahahampas ang JUMBO RACKET ni RAUL,

Kaya sa TOURNEY natin po,  KAINAN ang syang WONDERFUL21!




 [Legend: 1 – Cindy is CINDY FRANCO, who is Year-Level Rep of ASPAC, acronym for ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL. Just recently, Cindy was appointed by Prexy Doc Andy Tan as Board Member of ASPAC.
2 – Edna is EDNA NATIVIDAD, who is Board Member of ASPAC.
3 – As there is a proposed holding of a BADMINTON TOURNEY among ASPAC officers and members, the duo of Cindy and Edna, requested for some training on how to play tournament-type of BADMINTON.
4 – PADDLE is another term for a BADMINTON RACKET.
5 – BATTLE – it was agreed upon that if no other participant will join the scheduled YOGA yesterday evening, we will just have a set of badminton play to test whether they are ready and good for the planned tourney.
6 – PAGASPAS is a Tagalog term which means swift or fast or quick.
7 – LOLA – I have endearingly referred to Cindy Franco as LOLA not because he is SENIOR CITIZEN already but because a HURRIED look upon her face sort of brings back a recollection of an old Hollywood actress by the name of GINA LOLABRUGIDA.
8 – Tess is MARITESS CORDERO, who is another Board Member of ASPAC.
9 – PLEASING is used in this BLOG as FRIENDLY, as TESS every time there is a YOGA session on THURSDAYS would invariably do the rounds of greeting those members of the regular group who plays BADMINTON at the HALL particularly the FISCALS and the MILITARY/POLICE OFFICERS.
10 – GOMA is a Tagalog slang for RUBBER SHOES.
11-  QUORUM – we played a DOUBLES game and in badminton, there must be two players for each of the TWO (2) teams or a total of FOUR (4).
12 – MARITESS is MARITESS CORDERO as indicated in Number 8. Maritess is so RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL, for which reason, the joke running around is that every time she would strike the SHUTTLECOCK, she would say a little prayer for the SHUTTLECOCK…he,he,he…
13 – BIBANG-BIBA is a Tagalog term which means  SO LIVELY.
14 – DALAWA is the team composed of EDNA and CINDY.
15 – COCK is another term for SHUTTLECOCK.
16 – Kabilang TEAM is the tandem of CINDY and EDNA.
17 –  PABILING-BILING is a Tagalog term which connotes tilted or skewed movement from left to right. Thus, CINDY or more endearingly LOLA, just as to sort of reach the COCK would try to jump with a left and right in a skewed and tilted manner.
18 – NABANO (pronounced with STRESS in the last syllable) is a Tagalog term which speaks of a condition wherein, if you play a game among beginners and/or novices, you would sort of be influenced by their play and movements and eventually play as though a novice too.
19 – RAUL is Attorney Raul Panlasiqui, Interim Past President of the ASPAC.
20 – RACKET is the badminton racket.
21 – WONDERFUL – It is planned too that the proposed BADMINTON TOURNEY will be capped by a LUNCH BUFFET-STYLE; and truly it will be a WONDERFUL time to bond and eat together after a sports-activity like a fun-filled BADMINTON TOURNEY.]





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