[Photo above shows the VENUE of the ASPAC BADMINTON TOURNEY to be held on May 1, 2017 (Monday, a public holiday) which has been dubbed as HATAW SA TAG-ARAW and/or DOC ANDY’S BADMINTON CUP  as it underwent its yearly repainting job in December of last year.   The gleam and the polish of the BADMINTON HALL floors seem to be so inviting as though telling the ASPAC Badminton Tourney competitors to play as excellently and competitively as possible. MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!!!!]




Marami’y matindi ang COMMITMENT;

Pero dahil kaakit-akit naman ang PA-PREMYO,

Marami-rami din naman ang DADALO1!




Meron pang libreng playing T-SHIRT2,

May dibuho pang tunay na PANG-EXPERT;

Pagkatapos pa ng masayang LABANAN,

Mas mahaba-haba po naman ang KAINAN!



Up to POINT 25 lang ang bawat SET3,

Change court pagdating ng PUNTOS TWELFT4;

KNOCK-OUT system5 nga po ITO,

Yon lang lalamang sa POINTS ang MANANALO!



Importanteng sa SERVICE6 po ng COCK,7

Umabot sa FIRST LINE pero dapat wag LALAMPAS;8

DIAGONAL po palagi ang SERVICE play9,

WRONG COURT po ang tawag pag-SUMABLEY!10



BEGINNERS’y dapat mag-practice ng SERVICE,

Dahil puntos agad kalaban pag-nag-MINTIS;

EYES ON THE BALL, ang guiding RULE,




Hawak na RACKET12 dapat palaging nakataas,

Facing the opponent, so you can do a forward THRUST13;

Kaya’t pagdating sayo ng SHUTTLECOCK na pataas,

Hatawin mo habang ika’y UMAATRAS!14



Movements mo’y dapat VERY QUICK,

GLIDING MOVES15 lang dapat — yan ang TIP;

Dapat ay naka-TIP-TOE stance kang PALAGI,

Para placement mo pwedeng change DALI-DALI16



Always stay back at the MIDDLE,

Pagkatapos makahataw ang iyong PADDLE;

Para you’ll have the access to all the POINTS17,

In your own quarter, para di sumakit ang iyong JOINTS18



Uyy! may PREMYO nga din pala,

Yong SIGNATURE YELL ng bawat tropa;

Dapat may OOMPH at saka may ATTRACTION,

Pwedeng may-sayaw ala MICHAEL JACKSON!



Pero ang syang pinakahihintay ng LAHAT,

Ang PRAYERS ni TESS na sadyang MABIGAT;

Kaya’t pag nag-CHAMPION ang tandem na ito19,

AAWIT ng PURIHIN ang madlang PUBLIKO20!


[Legend: 1 – During the April 8, 2017 ASPAC Board meeting, a division of the house was called by Prexy Doc Andy as there was a group which was urgently requesting that the date set for the tourney (i.e. May 1, 2017) would conflict with their priorly scheduled commitments as in fact, one aired his problem on how to get his better-half’s OKEY as May 1 is their wedding anniversary date. But, the May 1 sked won over the alternate date of May 20, 2017. However, the one whose wedding anniversary coincides with our TOURNEY sked promised to convince his spouse to join the morning sked at the TOURNEY and just celebrate their anniversary at dinner time of May 1, 2017. During the same ASPAC Board meeting, Doc Andy announced that the CHAMPION tandem will receive Php 10,000.00 as CASH PRIZE; the RUNNER-UP, Php 5,000.00, and the 2nd RUNNER-UP – Php 2,000.00. On top of the team-tandem cash prizes, TROPHIES will be awarded the winning TEAMs. Each team  is composed of FIVE (5) team-tandems. The following are the TEAMS – YELLOW TEAM to be skippered by Doc Andy and Kattie Sy,  BLUE TEAM by Robert Tan and Lourdes Ozaeta, GREEN TEAM by Warren Young and Cindy Franco and RED TEAM by Roque Andaya and Michel Rubina.
2 – Playing T-shirts will be distributed on TOURNAMENT date, the colors of which will coincide with the team color. There will be 4 teams: YELLOW,  BLUE, GREEN and RED.  
3 – To abbreviate the TOURNAMENT, each set-play will be scored up to 25 POINTs ONLY (i.e. the tandem-team that reaches 25 points first shall be declared WINNER).
4 –  Change court will be upon reaching POINT 12 or 13, I think.
5 – KNOCK OUT system would mean that ONLY those who are WINNERS who will ascend to the FINALS and CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDs. The teams that would lose a set-play will be automatically DISQUALIFIED for the succeeding plays.
6 – A SERVICE starts the game with the player tossing and bringing the shuttlecock diagonally unto the quarter of their opponent by hitting the cock with his paddle.
7 – COCK refers to the SHUTTLECOCK which is the BALL in this badminton play that players would hit and smash back and forth from one court to the other.
8 – Upon the SERVICE of the COCK, it must go beyond the FIRST line at the foreground of the opponent’s court’s QUARTER but must not fall beyond the SECOND LINE of the said QUARTER.  
9 – The DIAGONAL SERVICE play is done by tossing the BALL unto the opponent’s court into the quarter of the opponent of the one doing the SERVICE.
10 – SUMABLEY  was intentionally misspelled from the correct term “SUMABLAY” (which means to commit a mistake) just as to achieve a FUN-RHYME with the word “PLAY”.
11-  The objective is to have the SHUTTLECOCK hit by the RACKET at it’s SWEET SPOT, meaning at the very center of the RACKET.
12 – In holding on to the RACKET, while at PLAY, the RACKET must be facing the opponent’s side and raised above one’s head to insure that upon the COCK’s arrival at the player’s very own COURT, he/she can easily strike or slam it hard.
13 – FORWARD THRUST could be either a hit, a slam or juts even a nudge with the objective of bringing the ball back to the serving court. A slam could make out a smash HIT while a nudge, a mere DROP SHOT just very near the net.
14 – UMAATRAS – the usual technique to bring back the ball to the opponent’s court when the COCK is high up, is to move backward in a gliding manner and as the COCK drops unto a lower altitude, you can reach it and smash it then HARD.
15 – The GLIDING MOVE is done by using the RIGHT FOOT to lead your GLIDE towards the RIGHT SIDE of the COURT or your LEFT FOOT to lead your GLIDE towards the LEFT SIDE of the COURT, in a hopping fashion.
16 – DALI-DALI is a Tagalog term which means “READILY” or “QUICKLY”.
17 –  When at the MIDDLE of your QUARTER in your own COURT, you can easily gain access to the front part as well as the rear part of the quarter. It would be hard to get to the FRONT quickly if you are at the REAR portion. So, the RUEL is GET BACK AT THE CENTER QUICK!
18 – You’ll easily have JOINT PAINS if you will always be running trying to gain access on all points if you are not at CENTER most of the time.
19 – The much vaunted tandem of TESS CORDERO and ANDREW PUEN (or POON) is bruited about to be vying for the CHAMPIONSHIP PRIZE, as they surely will be BLEST fully…one is CORDERO and the other is POON…that’s per IPP Raul’s prognostication.
20 – I am sure that all those in attendance at the TOURNEY on May 1, 2017, the PUBLIC, so to speak; will surely be enticed to sing PURIHIN…in the event that the prayerful TEAM of Tess and Andrew grabs the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE.]





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