[Topnotch teaching coach of the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO, VICENTE MIGUEL RIVERA aka VIMI is shown in this photo with my daughter WINSHAYNA aka SHAYNA with the EIFFEL TOWER in PARIS, FRANCE as backdrop. This was snapped in September 2016 after they, together with select members of the UP STREET ALUMNI DANCE TEAM  went on performing a series of dance exhibitions at the INTERNATIONAL FRANKFURT TOURISM FAIR in Frankfurt, Germany to promote Philippine tourism.]



He’s a PASSIONATE advocate of DANCE,

And it seems his dream destination is FRANCE;

For which reason his busy FB account,

Featured the EIFFEL TOWER for once, at its PHOTO MOUNT!




‘Twas an engagement to promote R.P. tourism1,

Thus in August last year with his dance-friends2;

They delighted those Europeans at FRANKFURT3,

PINAY OFWs gaily danced with their CONSORT!




Since 2009 VIM’s LEGIT STATUS Dance Team4,

Been tending a seemingly ELUSIVE DREAM;

To bag the CHAMP AWARD with DASH & FLAIR,

At the WHHI5 as endorsed by PAUL MITCHELL6 !





In August 20157… almost reached that ELUSIVE DREAM,

As it seemed to have been dangled like ICE CREAM;

And it came up like inside a shiny POT,

Thus, the SILVER AWARD just served as initial LOT8 !





Since 2015 VIM has been WOD’s9 franchisee,

VIM has raised the bar of dance contests in R.P.10

WOD has indeed united more, the dance community;

It propped the celebration of dance in elegant luxury 11!





He’s the topnotch teaching coach with lots of FANS;

For years now, his classes are always FULL,

It’d seem that there’s need to enlarge the DANCE HALL!




VIM indeed is a religious12 dance teacher,

He could even become a pious preacher;

He’s well-respected by each and every  student,

VIM actually serves as their surrogate parent!




For this year’s WHHI competition,

Let’s all pray for RP’s host of delegation;

I’d pray most especially with fervor & piety,

So, LEGIT STATUS could join & bring home the GOLDEN BOUNTY!




unto the




[Legend: 1 – On August 26 to September 1, 2016; the UP STREET DANCE TEAM who was then headed/skippered by Coach VON ASILO was invited to do a DANCE EXHIBITION at the INTERNATIONAL FRANKFURT TOURISM FAIR in Germany. Coach VON enlisted Vimi and my daughters Shayna and Cheska to be part of the UP STREET DANCE TEAM delegation, as they are all in fact UP STREET DANCE ALUMNI MEMBERS.
2 – The group that went to FRANKFURT are VON’s friends who were by then actually alumni members of the UP STREET.
3 – It was the INTERNATIONAL FRANKFURT TOURISM FAIR which ran from August 26, 2016 up to September 1, 2016.
4 – Legit Status Dance Team is a group composed of highly skillful and devoted young individuals bound together through one passion—dance. It is headed by Coach Vimi Rivera. The team has for countless times been designated as among the official representatives of the Philippines to the Varsity and Megacrew divisions of the annual World Hip Hop Dance Championships held in the U.S.A.
5 – WHHI is acronym for World Hiphop International. The WHHI is the yearly organizer of the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, which is an international hip-hop dance competition created in 2002 by Hip Hop International. Countries that have participated in the past are Dominican Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Chile, Italy, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland, Morocco, Philippines, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, India, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Uruguay, Thailand and the United States of America. There are four sections of competition: hip-hop for adult, varsity (ages 12–17), and junior (ages 7–12) crews, popping for solo dancers, locking for solo dancers, and breaking for adult crews.
6 – Paul Mitchell is the majority owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems (Paul Mitchell) which is the American company known for Paul Mitchell hair care products and styling tools. Paul Mitchell has emerged as the annual  major sponsor of the WHHI dance contest.
7 – On August 9, 2015 Legit Status won 2nd place in the Varsity division of the WHHI competition. Legit Status has been the official Philippine representative for the World Hip Hop Championship every year since they started in 2009.
8 – LOT is used here to mean a person’s or a group’s luck.
9 – WOD is acronym for World of Dance. World of Dance is a Fullerton, California based dance lifestyle brand founded by David Gonzalez and Myron Marten in 2008. Since then, World of Dance has then become an international urban dance competition that attracted more than 100,000 dancers and enthusiasts in more than 25 countries, spanning the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and Canada. World of Dance has united the dance community to celebrate the lifestyle and culture of urban dance, art, and music.
10 – R.P. is acronym for the Republic of the Philippines.
11- LUXURY is used in the context of wondrous ENJOYMENT particularly in DANCE.
12 – The term RELIGIOUS is used here in the context of being so COMMITTED.]







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